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I changed my layout, and I think I'll be able to stick with this one for a while. It kind of matches my Vichy moisturizer bottle actually.

I've decided to do a friend cut. I've got so many people on my flist that I have drifted out of touch with and I feel bad skipping over entries that I don't read. No hard feelings, it was nice knowing you. This is the first time I've made an announcement of any kind about cutting people. It feels like of pompousy but I see people doing it all the time. If we never talk, there shouldn't be any hard feelings, right?
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The last 100Q! The set is complete~ After this I might translate some of the other things in the pamphlets, like the cross-talks or random articles. All in good time.

Sho-chan's answers actually feel serious. )

Nino's 100Q / Aiba's 100Q / Matsujun's 100Q / Ohno's 100Q

+ I've turned off emailing of comments, so my inbox doesn't get spammed. 
++ If you want to translate this into another language, you don't have to ask. Just credit properly and send me a PM with the link when you're done.

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This is awesome.

Nakamaru could take some lessons from this kid. I love how much he's getting into it.


Mar. 26th, 2010 12:22 pm
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Just sent my first and last email to JOE24. Tonight is the last show and that makes me sad. I was all set to be listening from my computer via Keyhole every Thursday morning at 10am. Now I won't have to.

They're going to stream the show tonight online so I will see if he reads my letter. [ profile] aeslis! You can watch on Ustream at midnight Tokyo time if you're up. ;)

Now it's time to take my sheets out of the dryer. Damn, where did the sun go?
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The guy dresses like an actual straight boy in his off-time. Baggy jeans, skater shoes and a backwards cap.

I fucking love it.

What am I talking about? Rehersal footage. Also known as pure gold. The only good thing to come out of the recent hate meme.

What else can we glean from these clips? Ohno is a lazy mother fucker and I love that too. And I am going to rip the audio of Aiba's solo from the DVD when I get it.
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Okay, I really like this song now. It's going to be fun to sing at karaoke. :D

I love the video. It's nice to see them branching out and doing something different for a change. My Girl was nice too, with the story incorporated into the video, rather than an abstract setting and them just standing/sitting around doing nothing interspersed with singing close-up shots. I'm a slut for stop animation and orchestra interludes. It makes me want to make my own stop animation video. Maybe I'll try something tomorrow at Anna's. ...I really just want to immitate their goofy poses, that's all.

I'm definitely going to start taking my camera with me all over and properly documenting Japan. I feel like I take living here for granted and haven't really recorded the experience. I wish I had a lot more pictures of Vancouver. That's why I was such a shutterbug in Singapore. I might invest in a second/bigger card for my camera so I can take more videos, especially when Lydia is here. :3
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I'm watching the opening ceremony in full. I downloaded the NBC broadcast. Couldn't see Ashley, but I saw her on TV last night. I have cried so much watching this, and I feel so silly but I love it. Shane Koyczan performed slam poetry at the ceremony and it resonates so much with me. I want to use this when I finally become an English teacher.

We Are More by Shane Koyczan

When defining Canada
you might list some statistics
you might mention our tallest building
or biggest lake
you might shake a tree in the fall
and call a red leaf Canada
you might rattle off some celebrities
might mention Buffy Sainte-Marie
might even mention the fact that we've got a few
Barenaked Ladies
or that we made these crazy things
like zippers
electric cars
and washing machines
when defining Canada
it seems the world's anthem has been
"been there done that"
and maybe that's where we used to be at
it's true
we've done and we've been
we've seen
all the great themes get swallowed up by the machine
and turned into theme parks
but when defining Canada
don't forget to mention that we have set sparks
we are not just fishing stories
about the one that got away
we do more than sit around and say "eh?"
and yes
we are the home of the Rocket and the Great One
who inspired little number nines
and little number ninety-nines
but we're more than just hockey and fishing lines
off of the rocky coast of the Maritimes
and some say what defines us
is something as simple as please and thank you
and as for you're welcome
well we say that too
but we are more
than genteel or civilized
we are an idea in the process
of being realized
we are young
we are cultures strung together
then woven into a tapestry
and the design
is what makes us more
than the sum total of our history
we are an experiment going right for a change
with influences that range from a to zed
and yes we say zed instead of zee
we are the colours of Chinatown and the coffee of Little Italy
we dream so big that there are those
who would call our ambition an industry
because we are more than sticky maple syrup and clean snow
we do more than grow wheat and brew beer
we are vineyards of good year after good year
we reforest what we clear
because we believe in generations beyond our own
knowing now that so many of us
have grown past what used to be
we can stand here today
filled with all the hope people have
when they say things like "someday"
someday we'll be great
someday we'll be this
or that
someday we'll be at a point
when someday was yesterday
and all of our aspirations will pay the way
for those who on that day
look towards tomorrow
and still they say someday
we will reach the goals we set
and we will get interest on our inspiration
because we are more than a nation of whale watchers and lumberjacks
more than backpacks and hiking trails
we are hammers and nails building bridges
towards those who are willing to walk across
we are the lost-and-found for all those who might find themselves at a loss
we are not the see-through gloss or glamour
of those who clamour for the failings of others
we are fathers brothers sisters and mothers
uncles and nephews aunts and nieces
we are cousins
we are found missing puzzle pieces
we are families with room at the table for newcomers
we are more than summers and winters
more than on and off seasons
we are the reasons people have for wanting to stay
because we are more than what we say or do
we live to get past what we go through
and learn who we are
we are students
students who study the studiousness of studying
so we know what as well as why
we don't have all the answers
but we try
and the effort is what makes us more
we don't all know what it is in life we're looking for
so keep exploring
go far and wide
or go inside but go deep
go deep
as if James Cameron was filming a sequel to The Abyss
and suddenly there was this location scout
trying to figure some way out
to get inside you
because you've been through hell and high water
and you went deep
keep exploring
because we are more
than a laundry list of things to do and places to see
we are more than hills to ski
or countryside ponds to skate
we are the abandoned hesitation of all those who can't wait
we are first-rate greasy-spoon diners and healthy-living cafes
a country that is all the ways you choose to live
a land that can give you variety
because we are choices
we are millions upon millions of voices shouting
"keep exploring... we are more"
we are the surprise the world has in store for you
it's true
Canada is the "what" in "what's new?"
so don't say "been there done that"
unless you've sat on the sidewalk
while chalk artists draw still lifes
on the concrete of a kid in the street
beatboxing to Neil Young for fun
don't say you've been there done that
unless you've been here doing it
let this country be your first-aid kit
for all the times you get sick of the same old same old
let us be the story told to your friends
and when that story ends
leave chapters for the next time you'll come back
next time pack for all the things
you didn't pack for the first time
but don't let your luggage define your travels
each life unravels differently
and experiences are what make up
the colours of our tapestry
we are the true north
strong and free
and what's more
is that we didn't just say it
we made it be.
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It shocks me sometimes how much fandom freaks out about little things. No matter how good a driver you are, as soon as you get behind the wheel, you risk getting into an accident.

I, on the other hand, am just laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

Let's remember that this is Matsujun's 2nd accident (that we know of). Though, that was just a scrape (and it wasn't even his car) but that's 2 more accidents than I've ever been in. Though, he has probably clocked more driving hours than I have. To me, this is just more evidence that Japanese people are poor drivers (need a recall the day a taxi nearly clipped me while I was in the zebra crossing?). Not only that, they are so ill-prepared for bad weather. Hello, this isn't Okinawa; Kanto does get snow, however infrequently. Thank you, global warming. That shouldn't be an excuse for accidents. And fuck, it was only 1cm! It's winter—rain + cold = black ice. You should have snow tires on your car regardless.

Maybe it's because I'm Canadian and snowy winters are a given. It snowed nearly every day I was home this past X'mas. Vancouver is exactly the same: if they get more than 3cm on the ground, the busses grind to a halt and city goes into shock. I can forgive that because the GTA is mountainous. I'm sorry but Tokyo is flat as a board.


Jan. 20th, 2010 05:54 pm
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So I mentioned that I chatted with Joe at the show last week right? (Still dying forever.) We had some laughs about incorrect racial profiling and mistaken identities. When he's in LA, people think he's Chinese just because he's Asian; in Japan, so many people assume we (Aes and I) can't speak Japanese because we're white. He mentioned that his song "Hannah" is about that in the music industry. I didn't really get it before, I thought the title was kind of strange because it wasn't a song about a girl (named Hannah) but now that I know, it makes so much sense.


He's got a point about Japanese songs, I think. How many times have you read the translation of some love song and gone, What the fuck does that even mean? But you gotta love a guy who wrote a song using almost nothing but girl's names. LOL Maybe I'll post that one day. I should embed songs too. OMG AND I NEED TO MAKE A JOE ICON.
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There was a million and one downloads for Saigo no Yakusoku and every promo spot for Tokujo Kabachi.

Where's all the stuff for Kobe Shinbun no Nanokakan? It got 19.3% in the ratings that night. Why haven't I heard anything about it? :( I really want to watch it. A) I really think Sho would be able to carry off the seriousness of the drama, B) I'm a sucker for natural disaster movies. Anyone seen links?

I watched Kabachi... I wasn't floored. I knew it would over-the-top acting but it's like they're just trying too hard. It's like The Quiz Show's and Ryuusei no Kizuna's cracky bastard child. Minus all the revenge and murders. If they didn't have all the stupid special effects and random quizzes throughout Kabachi, I might like it better... but I think a lot of the legalese goes over my head. I wasn't really paying attention either which didn't help. I could look at Sho in his v-neck sweater/blazer combo all day, but I don't buy Maki's character. And you can totally tell she's no smoker.

Maybe I'll be more into it when I understand what's going on.

And has anyone else noticed that Utaban got moved back to a mid-week slot? I guess they weren't doing so well on Sunday nights.
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Time for another 100Q! I guess I'll have to renew my subscription to get Sho's. Unless they start sending them every 2 months... we'll see. My new subscription is supposed to start in March anyway so we'll watch the post and see what happens.

Just like Ohno. )

Nino's 100Q / Aiba's 100Q / Matsujun's 100Q

+ I've turned off emailing of comments, so my inbox doesn't get spammed. 
++ If you want to translate this into another language, you don't have to ask. Just credit properly and send me a PM with the link when you're done.

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The JE Fanfiction Feedback & Concrit Meme
Tell me what YOU think of my writing here!

Haha, yes, I'm totally reposting this. Why not? After my last work, I want to improve even more! I should post some more snippets from On Writing Well... except that I can't because I took it back to Canada. *headdesk*
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Let's try this again and do it right. Coding shamelessly snagged from [ profile] honeypuffed because she is so amazing. ♥

scrapbook 2010 )


Jan. 4th, 2010 09:07 pm
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I have my 7級 test on February 7th. I want to go through all the kanji and write the English definitions in my book so I can use my flight to study.  I won't be able to take any more tests before I leave Japan, but I have looked up JLPT testing sites in Toronto so I can take that this year when I'm home.  I will look for some Japanese classes or some language exchange or something to keep myself brushed up.  I've already lost one language; I won't lose another!  It doesn't seem like it's a very big goal to have, but it's something I've put off.  And it's time consuming and I don't put as much effort in as I should.  It's something I want to focus on this year and maybe I can find an outlet that will actually let me use what I've got.


I spend so much money eating out/eating prepared food and after watching House Poor the other day, I realized I could be saving so much more for seeing my friends or traveling (or school) if I made a point of cooking more and with fresh food.  At the very least, I should be eating cereal for breakfast instead of picking stuff up at the conbini every day. I usually get some fiber cracker/cookie things I can't remember the name of or a small Calorie Mate and a can of coffee; that adds up to about 1500 yen a week! Or more if I decide to go to 7-11 instead and get some breads. And it's also not healthy: a bad habit I need to break.
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2009: End of Year Fic Meme 

I did this last year and it's nice to go back and take a look at all the work I did. Definitely didn't write as much this year as last year; I was still new to the game in 2008. I did less this year, but it was definitely better quality. I'll have to go back and edit this once reveals for Jhols are up.

Equilibrium - Completed
Sho/Aiba, Ohno/Nino - Edo-period/Samurai AU - 38,000+ words - R
A reluctant samurai fights for love and home as life teeters on the brink of a civil war.

Nino/Miharu (OC of Lydia's) - Great Big Arashi Family AU - 2,147 words - R
Nino and Miharu's first time. The scene from Six Months to Glory that deserved to be written.

Ohno/Nino - 1,123 words - PG
Nino makes a mistake and it costs him everything.

Just Do It
Aiba/Nino - 721 words - R
Nino just wants Aiba to do it.

One of Those Days
Jun/Nino - 1,375 words - R
Jun's having one of those days and has needs.

Sho/Ohno/Nino - for [ profile] sei_shoku's June contest - ~1000 words - R
Nino has a surprise waiting for him at home and it's just what he wanted.

Jun/Nino - for [ profile] jentfic_remix - ~3,500 words - PG
Nino takes Jun on one last trip to Hong Kong.

Life & Coffee Spoons
Ohno/Nino, Gene - for [ profile] je_holiday 2009 - ~15,000 words - PG
A story of five guys, self-realization, determination, love and caffeine.

Hands On Experimentation
Nino's innocent obsession.
In which Sho loses a bet.

my favorite story this year (of my own): I'd have to say Life & Coffee Spoons. I spent so much time on this (arrr 3 months) and it really paid off. [ profile] primroseshows absolutely loved it and I've gotten so much great feedback from readers. I've set a new bar for myself.

my best story this year: Again, Life & Coffee Spoons. Three months of hard work and it shows. The other one is Self-Preservation. I had this grandiose idea of what I wanted to do and somehow managed to pull it off. The original author loved my spin on her work so that made it all worth it.

story most tragically underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Like I said last year, Equilibrium. I'm a history nerd and love period work but it's a hard thing to do well. It needs a lot of work still, and I do want to go back and add to it and make it better.

most fun story: Just Do It because never have I seen anyone work the word "urology" into a fic.

most sexy story: One of Those Days. I guess this wins by default because I didn't write much porn this year. More than a few flail-comments about how dirty it was; I think the fact that I didn't soak it in euphemism was the reason for that. And it's written from a personal experience so that helps too.

story with single sexiest moment: Again, One of Those Days. Best blowjob I've ever written.

most unintentionally *telling* story: Simplicity. I wanted to make it into sexy times and it would have been wonderful but I couldn't bring myself to do it. That's the kind of relationship I want.

"holy crap, that's *wrong*, even for you" story: None this year. Tragedy.

story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: JE Holiday fic. I talked and brainstormed for ages and ages with [ profile] aeslis about it. I am so sick of the stereotypes that have become so ingrained in Arashi fandom and I wanted to break out of the habits I know I have. I wanted something more dynamic and realistic. I know one person said she felt my Nino was a little out of character, but I have to disagree. I've taken the time to read more articles and watch interviews more closely and that helped a lot.

hardest story to write: Brilliance. I wrote this for Lydia because I knew she never would. I know what she will and won't read and so I had to walk a very fine line with this one. I knew I wanted to keep it tasteful and sweet because I didn't want to offend Lydia; I was borrowing her OC, something I've never done before. Essentially I was writing in her AU and didn't want to fuck it up.

worst story: Simplicity. Totally not what I set out to do but I couldn't bring myself to scrap it. It's okay, but I could have done more.

easiest story to write: Life & Coffee Spoons. There were some parts that I got stuck, but overall it was a breeze. Everything came together so effortlessly. I had to stop checking the word count because I couldn't believe how fast it was growing and there was still so much left to write. It helped that I had a great brainstorm beforehand and wrote out a plan.

story i'd like to revise: Equilibrium. Make it less history textbooky and melodramatic.

story i didn't write but will at some point, i swear: Oh god, where do I start this list? The one on the top of my head is the Amazing Survivor AU collabo with [ profile] littlealex.

first story you wrote this year: Since Equilibrium was already a WIP, it was Brilliance.

last story you wrote this year: JE holiday! I have wrote nothing but that since September. And honestly, I'm not really itching to do anything else--though I do have a dreamy Ohmiya AU WIP thing I should get back to. Maybe that'll be my first fic of 2010.
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So [ profile] iaoiua did this and I thought it was interesting (and I'm almost there at remembering which order all the vowels of your username go in, Jenny!). My history with music is wide and varied and I'm kind of shocked how late Arashi came into the mix. I thought it was a lot earlier than it was but upon some googling today, apparently not.

It really makes me wonder when people really start getting into music. I saw so many kids at the Arashi concert and don't think I really got into a group until middle school.

A long trip down memory lane. )

I wonder how things are going to change when I move back to Canada? I don't listen to the radio anymore and I hardly listen to (new) English music. Luckily I can still get my Jpop fix from halfway across the world. :D And by my calculations, I've only been an Arashi fan for almost 3 years. I feels like it's been so much longer than that...
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I need to write this otherwise I never will, well more than my existential post talking about feelings and crap. Alex and Jenny have already written theirs and there are other reports floating... I don't even know what I'm going to write but I feel like I should recap the experience for my own memorial purposes. Now that there are paparazzi pictures out, I am feeling refreshed.

So, let's start at the start.

Omg so tl;dr it's not even funny. )

On Sunday I lead everyone on a tour of Tokyo, we walked through Nihonbashi and Ginza, went for a little ride on the Yurikamome, stalked around NTV, visited a temple and enjoyed the Tokyo Tower-ed skyline. I'm sorry Jenny that we couldn't go up. :( Or make it to Keio. I didn't think it would be that busy and we made some detours to the agenda. You'll just have to come back another time. Maybe by then, the new Sky Tree will be finished.
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I would have posted sooner but I was so tired yesterday and LJ is being a bitch this morning.

This was it. There was so much to love and I had such a good time. The production quality was amazing, the VTRs on the big screens, our seats, the stage, the energy, the company: it was all perfect. There were so many good things that I can't just choose one or two as favourites and of course, now my memory of it are starting to blur a bit from being overwhelmed and excited and just plain exhausted.

There were no low points, no things I wish they had done better, no heinous costume accidents, no gross vocal mishaps. And even though I know logically that they are a little older than I am, but I don't feel like they are sometimes when I see them making complete asses off themselves on TV but last night, I really saw them as adults, as people my own age. I really feel like they have grown up a lot this year and that was definitely a recurring theme last night.

And I admit, I did get misty towards the end of 5x10. I didn't think I would cry at all. But (and now this is going to sound really sappy) if I didn't have Arashi, my time in Japan would have been drastically different, I'm sure. I was feeling kind of emotional at the end of the last encore. The lyrics of My Girl really hit me, about spending a season together but now it's over.

They weren't by any means perfect either: flubbed lyrics, missed lyrics, improvised lyrics, trips on the stage, jolts on the carts, trains of thought going too fast to keep up with mouths. Solid evidence in front of my face that they are human too.

Wow, this came out really existential and I didn't really mean for it to, but there you go. I can't fangirl about this with keymashing and babbling about how so-and-so was so hot (though at the time, I did, and if in my wettest, wildest dreams, if the 5 of them ever wanted to have an orgy with me, OH HELL YES) because I respect them too much. It seems like a very Japanese thing to me to be so thankful for ten long years; I can't think of the same thing happening with any artist/group in the English music scene.

Ah, it was just. Just.

And I'm pretty sure that they saw my flag because it was kind of hard not to. If this the 5x10 tour gets put out on DVD, and I don't see why it wouldn't, I'll be watching for it in the audience.

Now, if only my body would right itself, that would be great.
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Are singing someone else's songs. They're doing part of some hit medley by some other guy (I missed the name but that song sounded familiar) and looking super hot. :D

Jun has some kind of... dirty thing with his hair going on that is really hot. But they went over board on the gel with Sho's. Everyone looks good in their grey jackets but I still prefer the black blazers & jeans.

And they sound really good. I can't say the same thing for Smap, Girl Next Door or Big Bang. :X

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