Jan. 17th, 2009

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I napped for two hours semi-unintentially before UtaOni.  I'm going to enjoy this show.  I understand about 75% of the dialogue but it's not crazy technical medical/lawyer lingo and they don't talk a mile a minute either.  And the theme song fits the drama for once.  It's totally not Satoshi-like as far as solos go but he's not "Ohno Satoshi" singing it so I guess it doesn't matter.  So much for wanting to translate his mail since I've seen at least 2 other people do it.  It was strange that I was the only (I think?) who did his Maou mail.  I am scared to think of my flist tomorrow; it's going to be like UtaOni shat all over the internet.  Well, I guess it's fair since we haven't heard much from it in terms of promotions before now.

There's a show on TV about being a train driver on the Joban line on the special service train. O_o  Random.  LOL  It's strange to hear them talking about Kashiwa on TV.  Oh it was just that one part. 

Anyway.  I'm going to enjoy this show.  And I've caught a couple other dramas that I am going to enjoy watching.  I just really hope that they will be subbed!  But they've got some hot ikemen in them so I'm sure they will.

Posted Chapter Ten. :)  And embedded a counter in the page because I'm curious.  I wonder what kind of results I'm going to get.  Anyway.  It's done and I can concentrate on my kanji study for the next two weeks. 

I'm meeting Leigh tomorrow for lunch/coffee.  She picked up me up some more Oil of Olay at the base in Aomori.  I got her some omiyage from Hiroshima too.  I wonder if I'll be able to get to sleep again easily.

I suddenly want to write Will Smith and KAT-TUN fic.  It really struck me how expressive Will is.  He (probably) figures they don't speak English--hence the translator--except for Jin.  I don't know if that was the reason or if he's like that normally but he talks with his hands and gestures to emphasize his meaning.  It was really good.  It makes me want to rent Hancock even though I heard it was crap.  I always enjoy Will Smith movies.


Jan. 17th, 2009 10:33 am
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Chapter Ten posted @ 19:20:00  There were four comments before I installed the counter around 8 or 9.  As of right now:
  • 99 page loads
  • 88 unique visitors (whatever that actually means)
  • 5 returning visitors
  • 12 comments (excluding my own)
It's not a perfect tally since some of those page views are my own but there is definitely a tip in the balance.  But then, on the other hand, it makes me happy to know that it's been read (or at least visited) so many times. :)  I guess?  It's a good thing in any case. 

Joined [livejournal.com profile] utaoni today for Utaoni updates but I have a feeling I'm going to leave it quite soon, since it's probably going to be the same shit as in about three other communities on my list.  I felt like a bit of a douche for x-posting my fic... I should stop posting in and leave  [livejournal.com profile] arashirabu but it does have the larger readership.  It doesn't have anything decent that isn't already posted to [livejournal.com profile] kotobayori and if it's any good, someone else will tell me about it, I'm sure.  Hardly anything is flocked in the comm, so I can always check back when I'm bored.

Should text Leigh and make a plan for today. 

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I need to stop spending.  I met Leigh in Funabashi for lunch/coffee/shopping today.  It was fun.  We need to make a point of hanging out more. :)

We went to Uniqlo and I bought new slippers (purple and so comfy! Y1,000), a new button-down (Y2,990) and a new green jacket (!! Y4,990).  I only planned on getting the slippers since mine are pretty dead but the shirt and especially the jacket were too good to pass up.  I am getting rid of my old spring jacket anyway so I needed to replace it.  And collared shirts are always good to have in the wardrobe.  White with pink stripe. :D 

Then we saw a kimono shop in Ito Yokado and had to stop... I was talking about the few pieces I need to get so I can wear my kimono and the girl spoke English (it was the day of English speakers, I swear) and I ended up finding some tabi in my size so I had to buy them.  It's extremely hard to find any over 24 cm so I impulse shopped.  She even gave us her name card so I think I'll go back there one day.  It wasn't terribly expensive.  Maybe I'll make a new girl friend.  She lives in Matsudo.

Then we went to Daiso which is always dangerous.  I did find stamps for work, however, which I have been looking for for a long time.  And a new desk calendar since I don't know when I'm going to get the JET one from Yvonne.  And a cute sheep plushie.  It was too cute to pass up. :) 

Andrew talked about going to Korea in March.  If that's going to take place, I need to stem my superfluous spending.  Even though it will probably be cheaper than my trip to Hiroshima.  I should also get around to getting my re-entry stamp on my visa.  Maybe I'll plan to do that on graduation day since they'll probably send me home early since there are no classes that day.  Or I'll tell them I am going to immigration.  They're pretty chill with that.  At least by that point, I'll know if I am going or not. 

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