Jan. 23rd, 2009


Jan. 23rd, 2009 09:08 pm
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I ate too much dinner now my stomach hurts and I'm bloated.

I finally exchanged that frame I bought for one that fits my Shichi Fukujin picture though it took me fucking 10 minutes to find one because the paper isn't a standard size at all.  But it works and you can hardly see the 1cm gap on either side between the edge of the paper and the mat.  It's hanging in my kitchen now. :D

And I bought a new camera.  There goes 25,000 yen!  But it was 15% more (or something) points and if I didn't buy it now, I never would.  I'm happy (though sad about the money).  I should throw up an add on Craigslist to see if I can sell my old on for a few bucks.  Would you pay 100$ for a model from 2 years ago that's in good condition?  With an extra battery!  Or is that asking too much?  Hm.

The meeting was kind of stupid but not completely useless.  I already know about the new textbook next year but we got to see the fancy digital version and really cool hardware to play with it.  Interactive!  But it really wasn't anything I didn't already know.  But only an hour and not as painful as the last time Tatsuya talked to us.  I noticed that on the entire staff of ALTs at IES, there are only 3 women (probably soon to be 2 because one is preggers).  Wow.  I wonder if that's indicitive of the field in general or just conincidental.

Finished watching Bloody Monday and dfkjdfdd.  I totally didn't anticipate that ending!  I'm not a fan of such unresolved endings that obviously lead to a possible sequel but this was okay.  I'm glad Otoya was safe in the end (even if he only got like 1 line in the finale episode).  :D  I really, really enjoyed this drama.  So many twists that I did not expect and really great acting.  I will recommend this to anyone looking for something good to watch.  Not to mention the hotness. X3

I'm going to try and write

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