Feb. 11th, 2009

So I took my bed apart (on the off chance that, provided K stays over, he doesn't want to share) and found that my pink futon is not so pink on the bottom anymore. :/  It's not moldy, I think.  It's not the black spotty stuff that shows up on the bottom of matteresses... maybe just water stains?  I have no idea.  I sprayed it with Febreeze and am airing it out a bit outside before it starts raining. 

I found a few recipes for brown sugar mushi pan.  I want to try making it!  But I don't think I have the right pan for it?  I don't think you're supposed to have the cups sitting directly in water so I might have to invest in a new pan for that.  And then I could try making chawan mushi and Sho's green pea custard. :D  I have most of the ingredients for this so maybe I'll pick the rest up tonight.  I'm suppsed to bring a "present" or something to Tomoko's on Saturday.  Some homemade sweets that aren't so sweet or typical?  No hearts here.  Maybe I'll try adding chocolate chips to it.  I'll post about it and how it goes with pictures.

I've more or less straighted up my room... now to move on to the bathroom and kitchen.  The kitchen is alright, I just have to do the floor and I should wipe down the counter.  I did the dishes this morning.  But the bathroom.... I thought I just cleaned it.  Well, like... less than a month ago?  I guess I didn't do such a good job.  >_>  I've got my list together for shopping as well so I can do that before picking K up at the staton.

I bought running shoes yesterday.  If I want to get fit I need them since I know my ankles aren't so great (from those basketball days) and my gran has knee problems so I probably will too.  They were only 6800 yen for Nike so I went for it.  However, now my bank balance is below my float which freaks me out.  It's not like I'm broke but it makes me nervous to have so little now.  I told myself I can't take out more money until payday which is this weekend, thankfully.  If I have to eat soba for the next few days, so be it.  

I need an upbeat playlist to clean to. 

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I got curious as to how my expenses change from month to month so I made a chart.  This reminds me of computer class in middle school. XD  I'm sorry it isn't very pretty.  I'm out of practice.  It wasn't so fuzzy before I pasted it into Photoshop.  And I thought I changed the colours.  Oh well.  If you were wondering what a single woman in a 16.35m2 place spends monthly, here you go.

I wonder why my electric and gas bills are inversely related.

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He didn't stay but it was a good date anyway. :D  Though now I feel like it was kind of a waste to clean up so thoroughly.  But it had to be done, I suppose.  I even went and bought condoms!  Well, it's good to have them in the house anyway, just in case.  Don't want to end up like Miharu.  There was some minor league cuddling(?) while we watched TV so I'm happy with that.  Haha.  His English has gotten really good!  Though I don't really remember from a year ago how it was... but we didn't have any problems communicating (with the help of a dictionary :P). 

K's email: "I'm sorry to go back home...  Because our leader suddenly decided to hold a meeting. :(  That's too bad.  But I was really happy to see you.  Thank you for your dish.  It's very delicious.  I wish I could eat your dish again." 

What a sweet boy!  I told him I want to cook for him again too and to send me mail when he has time.  Too bad he can't come to Andrew's party, or mine if I decide to do something for my birthday.  I feel like going bowling.  

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