Feb. 15th, 2009

aide: (大野 → Ohno Approved!)
今夜は朋子ちゃんのVdayパーティでした。 すごく楽しかった! 
たくさん面白い人出会った。 よかったなと思ってさ。 
翔ちゃんと私は超上手いコンビでしたよ。 ビデオを撮れたら良かったな。 残念。 今度是非、ピエロカラオケで!
今、眠くない。。。 もう2時だけど。
明日は日曜日~ 休日! 良かったね!



Feb. 15th, 2009 07:49 pm
aide: (斗真 → Pose :D)
Something is wrong with my DVD player.  Or the cables.  The sound is all fuzzy and it's really hard to understand what they are saying (and of course there are only subtitles in Japanese).  I forgot to pick up cables before coming home.  I'll have to go tomorrow when I go to return my DVDs.  I can't afford to get late fees.  Not for 3 DVDs at 150yen a disc.  I've still got 5 episodes of CSI: Miami to watch. 

Went to Monzennakacho with Andrew and Justin today.  One of the oldest Hachiman temples in Tokyo is there and they have flea markets twice a month.  I found a nice cream coloured obi for 1000 yen!  I'm going to see about getting it dry cleaned and then figure out how to wear it. :/  I wonder what larger ladies have to do with kimono because even though they are supposedly "one size", they don't exactly fit if you are fuller figured.  The pattern that's supposed to go in the center doesn't line up if you try and tie it the way I found online.  I've still got to get a few more ties before I can wear my kimono properly.  And an occasion to wear it! 

Tomoko's party was really fun last night.  I met a lot of really interesting people and even got the number of some guy.  He goes to Reitaku University and looks like a cuter version of Atsushi from Exile. XD  He said I should go to his university and meet people.  Haha.  Really nice, I hope we'll hang out again.  I also met the infamous Haruhisa who Tomoko told me about but... he didn't do anything for me.  Really good cook, though.  Her friend Sho was hilarious.  He's a grade 6 teacher in Kamagaya and we talked about elementary school English and I told him if he gets excited about English, the kids will follow suit.  There were so many good moments.  I really wish there had been some video.  Haha.

I would rather be watching Voice (Eita!  Toma!) but I paid for these DVDs. :/  Gotta watch them.

No new emails from K.  He said he liked the picture I sent of the chocolate and that staying at my place isn't hard but he's really busy these days.  Understandable.  I put the ball in his court for that reason but it still makes me feel uneasy.  Sigh.

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