Feb. 17th, 2009

aide: (翔 → WTF)
So I can sit and sift through my flist and read entries before work because the goddamn fucking server won't let me sign in or see anything marked 14+. D< 

Aiba looks amazingly feminine is his Frau shoot.  It's the eyes.  I had to zoom in to see if he was wearing guyliner or not. 

I've got at least 4 lessons today, I think, starting with second year right off the bat.  Yay.  I am.  So.  Excited.  (SHOOT MENOWPLSS.)  I can't even remember what they did yesterday.  Dude, the exams are fucking next week and this class was only just starting Program 10.  It's only reading so it is just review but still.  Most of the first year classes finished last week and third have been done for a month.  They are going to be so fucked for the entrance exams next year. 

If you like me at all, please send things to keep me from getting grumpy at work.  I probably won't have any marking today (since I had so much yesterday). 

I had a point but it seems to have gone on a wee walk.  I'm going to email K today and say hi.  He didn't reply about my birthday last night though.  It's one thing to need to make time to see people, but firing back an email does not take that much effort.  He could even write it in Japanese if he was pressed for time; it's not like I won't be able to understand it.  My Japanese is better than his English, possibly.  Or comparable at least.  But I can definitely code switch faster than he can.  I'm not obsessing.

This is why I either need to stop crushing on people, or get into an established relationship where I know exactly where I stand with him.  That's what feeds the crazy, because I don't know.  GKludfakjdf.  Okay.  No more on this subject.  At least today.

I want more Voice.  Eita's hair bugs me (get a fucking brush, dude!) but Toma looks foxy.  I like dark hair on him best.  :D  The girl bothers me.  It's her lips.  Looks like she OD'd on the collagen a little. 

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