Feb. 23rd, 2009

aide: (翔 → Roadtrip)
Higaisha - victim
Mokugeki jouhou - (eye) witness statement

The things you learn reading manga. I'm kind of uneasy about reading IWGP
at work because of the nakid ladies in it. Maybe I should have brought my
book cover. XD That I bought for 1000 yen and haven't used because it
doesn't fit North American books. One thing can be said for Japanese
publishers: there are only about 4 standard sized so you know that your
cover will fit when you buy it at least. I should get a little notebook to
write down words I don't know while I'm reading to keep them all together,
rather than scrap paper. It'll be more work trying to find the words since
there aren't any furigana in adult comics. But more learning for me!

Kids have exams this week so we'll be wrapping up. Well, 1st year will be
wrapping up, I should say. I don't know what Kaneko has planned. He seems
to think he is a geography teacher these days. I've got to make my last
lesson plan of the year for grade 4 this week. I've only got one class and
then club because they are having their Okuru Kai for grade 6.

I should be using my free time to write since I won't have any frees
tomorrow. Tajima-sensei moved her class to 5th period tomorrow and unless
Kaneko cancels his two I'm going to have a fully stacked day. I am losing
my drive to write though! That's bad. Especially now that I'm at the end.


Feb. 23rd, 2009 04:45 pm
aide: (斗真 → OH CRAP)
Trouble on the home front!!

Ben and Takeshi broke up. D: Apparently Andrew says they have been broken up for a while in all but name. Since before he and Ben went to Thailand. I kind of had a feeling... but I didn't really think it would happen.

I'm pissed that my computer keeps freezing up if I pause video. I'm watching America's Best Dance Crew since Nep League isn't on tonight. Quest Crew! ♥

I will transcribe my Eq notes tonight. I will, I swear. It will make me feel better if i get it done.

Just finished the first volume of IWGP! I am getting pretty good at reading~ And remembering a few kanji that I have never been able to remember. It helps that I know the story already~

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