Mar. 5th, 2009

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I'm still kind of sleepy but I fucking slept for 11 hours last night.  I was reading IWGP and then got sleepy and just rested my eyes... I think I drifted off for about half an hour so I said fuck it and just got into bed.  I thought I would wake up in 5 hours (like the last time I napped in the evening) but I slept right through til morning.  It was kind of refreshing!  Using my time for something important like sleeping instead of farting around on the computer doing nothing.  Though I have been good and working on Equilibrium the last couple days.  

I finally remembered one of my dreams.  I was with a friend and we were running around trying to find Destini because I was supposed to help her with some interview project.  We were in this giant mall type place (that looked like Ito Yokado) and then came to the TBS studio on the top floor.  We saw some people in the lobby -- Sho and some random production people -- and no one was wearing their shoes.  They disapated as we got close and then we had trouble finding the door to Destini's office but when we got there she opened it and had this wicked weave going on that looked kind of like Oprah.  And some funky silver suit thing.  We sat down at her desk and she started to ask us questions... and then I woke up.

The first time I dreamed about Arashi... that I remember at least.  And he only made a cameo.  Haha. 

The Send-Off yesterday was great.  I took some video and pictures.  The brass band played and the drama club did a perfromance, then each grade and the student council did a little presentation.  They each sang a song and there was a slide show of pictures and some video messages from past teachers.  The guy who taught Araragi the year before I got there was hot!  And when they went to try and open the kusudama it wouldn't, and they pulled so hard it fell from the ceiling. XD  It went on til 4pm so the day seemed really short.

I've got 3 lessons today - 2 second years and 1 first.  I have to get right to work first thing which does not please me since it's with Kaneko.  They're just doing past exams.  Boringgg.  

My cold has turned into this heinous cough.  :(

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