Mar. 14th, 2009

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Why am I up at 730am?  Ugh.  Damn you internal clock.  At least I don't have to worry about sleeping in.  I would go back to bed except we're having a fucking storm.  I don't think it's strong enough to call a typhoon but the wind is whipping the trees around like ribbons.  Yahoo Japan weather says the wind is 5 m/s.  How fucking useless is that?  I want KM you fuckers.  I can't remember the formula to change it.  Ugh whatever.  It sucks and I can tell that much just by looking.  My ears even feel funny because of the low pressure zone. 

I hope that it tapers off in a few hours!  I don't want to have to go out in this.  :(  But is it dumb to post-pone a date because of the weather when you weren't doing anything outdoorsy?
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Every time I talk to Blake, he's either with a cocktail, drunk or hungover with a story about being drunk.  He called me and bitched me out for not coming to Andrew's party tonight.  I already decided I wasn't going to Tokyo this weekend regardless of a party, which was only decided upon yesterday so he can fuck off.  I really should calculate how much money I have spent to go into Tokyo in the last 3 months just to see. It would be scary, I'm sure.  Since I spent about 10,000 in the last month alone, or damn close to it and those fuckers never come here.  What do we do in Tokyo?  Fucking hang out at Andrew's house.  Or go to restaurants/bars which we have in Kashiwa.  I already made up my mind and I'm not in the mood to drink.  I don't want to go at 630 just to leave at 1130.  If I lived even in Kita Senju, it would be fine.  I wouldn't mind. And I know I'll end up sleeping over because I'll be having a good time and then I won't get home until late Sunday and then my whole weekend will be fucked.  Blake can think I'm boring or lame or whatever, I don't care.  I want to stay home.  I'm gonna.

But I can't win.  I feel like I'm being siderailed when I hear stories about what Blake and Andrew or Andrew and Ariel or Blake and Ariel did since I don't get called or whatever to go out.  Justin doesn't have the same problem I do, it's closer for him to get home and cheaper because he's in Saitama.  It only costs him 210 each way; I pay 690.  And then when they pull shit like this... as if they don't have a party every weekend anyway... and want me to go, I don't want to. 

But I love how it's not even Andrew whining at me to come. 

Whatever.  I'm over it.

Lunch date went well.  :)  We had Thai for lunch and then went to this little Hawaiian cafe for coffee.  He starts school again next week so... I don't know what's going to happen.  I'm not going to worry about it... just see how things go.  And not send inappropriate drunken emails like I did to Kohei who is probably never going to talk to me again.  Oh well, he obviously wasn't that interested.  

No I'm not over it.  kjgadf I'm kind of pissed off now.  And feeling guilty?  Why should I feel guilty for wanting to spend time at home in my apartment and sleeping in my bed that I work hard (well, not really) to pay for.  Why should I always have to go to Tokyo?  You fuckers can't come to Chiba once in a while?  tkyjedaff  FUCKERS.  I'm going to start keeping track of how much I spend to go to Tokyo.  It would make more sense to move closer but I don't want to spend the time/money/effort moving for only 1 year.  It would probably cost me even more to do that than I would be saving in train fare.  I should have fucking looked at Senju to begin with but I'm stupid.

I'm still full from lunch so dinner will probably not happen until 8.  I'm going to try steaming pork.  I wanted to try making cinnamon mushi pan but I couldn't find cinnamon at the store and didn't want to go all the way to the real/better grocery.  I'll pick some up tomorrow when I go to meet Tomoko at noon.

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