Mar. 19th, 2009

What a day

Mar. 19th, 2009 06:22 pm
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I feel exhausted.  And I didn't even really do anything today.  I had 2 classes with Kaneko and it was just kgjadsfffffff.  I can't believe how fucking disorganized that man is.  He said to me in 2nd period, "I am mentally and physically exhausted."  HOW?  What is it that is so tough and draining that you are doing that all the other teachers aren't?  Nothing as far as I can tell.  I ended up ranting a little bit to Imai-sensei about it when I had class with her.  His lessons are pointless.  It's supposed to be English class, not fucking Social Studies.  I'm all for contextualizing stuff: give them a short passage about WW2 to set the scene for Sound of Music--in Japanese, if you must--and they can read it in their spare time.  It would also help if you brought you fucking shit to class.  He wasted 20 minutes today because he had to go back downstairs twice.  Imai-sensei was like... well, then who's going to teach 3rd year next year?  I don't care.  Anyone but him. /rant

Doctor says the toe is looking better slightly but he's still worried about the redness.  Finish the antibiotics and keep doing what I'm doing with it.  Go back if it gets worse.  Thankfully I didn't have to wait that long to hear him tell me that.

Got the rest of the things I need to wear my kimono!  For 9000 yen. T_______T  Ugh my life.  Thankfully I won't have to buy those things again (and if I think about it, I didn't pay for 1 obi and got the other for 1000 yen at a flea market).  The most expensive thing was the obijime, the braided cord that goes over the top of the obi.  I went with the longer size because I am bigger than the average Japanese lady and it cost 5000 yen alone.  Makes me cry.  But the lady was really nice when I asked her which colours I should get.  I will try it on after dinner and do a test run before Saturday.  I'm excited to help Ariel tomorrow! :D

Speaking of which, my sleeping arrangements for tomorrow are still up in the air.  I really don't want to go home after shopping just to go back out to Yoyogi (well, Roppongi, then Yoyogi) the next day.  It's all Dan's fault.  

Need angry idol icon.

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They're doing a live broadcast of Himitsu this week, it's a World Baseball Classic special.  Nino looks like he's explaining things to Sho and Sho keeps saying "Sugoi" and looking amazed in the little screen up top.  I don't know where the other three are.  The commentors keep stalking about "Samurai Japan", whatever that is.  I can't understand most of it.  They're replaying the game that was on earlier, only because Japan won.  Japan v Cuba and Japan is up by 2 runs right now after the 4th inning.  They're playing in Petco Field.  Where is that?  (Makes me want to watch KCE again!)


I put on my kimono. :D  It looks good.  Except I need the proper undergarment with the collar.  It looks strange without.  Needs more structure.  The colours I picked for the obiage and obijime look really pretty.  The ones with flash look too shiny but you can't really see without flash.  Damn this fucking light in my room, makes everything look crappy.  I'll have to watch some YouTube videos while I'm putting it on tomorrow so I tie things properly.  And tie the back part higher (I have a cheater than Yuka's grandma made and her mom gave me. :D)  Can you guess how many layers and ties it takes to wear a kimono?  Ugh.  Yukata's are so much easier.


Nice play, Ichiro! 

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