Mar. 24th, 2009

Japan Post

Mar. 24th, 2009 02:42 pm
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Why must you be so freaking efficient and bound so tightly in red tape sometimes? I just want my freaking mail. It's not like you've never delivered mail to previous tenents before. (Okay, it was just once.) Why does it matter what name is on the mailbox? Maybe I should just take the name off. Half of the boxes are labelless anyway.

One more thing that I have to do today... I can't stay home and be a total bum.
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I need to buy this DVD when I get back to real life.

The big faggy 'BYE' is the running joke of the moment in my gay posse. I laughed out loud in class yesterday cuz one of the boys in first year said 'bye' just like her. Oh the irony! It's around 3:50. Poo shitty video quality.
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Decided not to get groceries. I'll be eating out/at Andrew's tomorrow night anyway and will only be around for lunch on Thursday. I'll just have to make due with what I've got in my kitchen. I've got 1 carrot, half a dozen potatos, some pasta, soba. I'll make it work.

Computer says I'm low on disk space?! Gotta move some stuff to the external then.

Did 1 load of laundry today but didn't clean anything. I'm too lazy.

Is it because it's the spring season? Why are all the dramas only 8 or 9 episodes? I think Mei-chan and Voice are the longest at 10. This is quite strange.  Mei-chan had 10 but Voice had 11.  That makes me excited!  2 more episodes to look forward to.
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Utada's "Come Back to Me" and "Apple And Cinnamon" are inspiring. You can just imagine what kind of fic I would write to those. I can feel some angsty Ohmiya wanting to come out. Angry!Ohno. I don't think that's been written, at least not for a while. Lydia wants me to write humor but I do the angst so well~

On that note, it's so nice to hear English being sung properly. Enunciated properly. You never realize how much you missed hearing final d's and t's in songs until you hear them again.

Voice episode 9!

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