Mar. 25th, 2009

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Slept for 12 hours again last night.  I think I should feel more refreshed after that much sleep.  It's raining today so no laundry.  I'll have to do it tomorrow and hang it up before I leave.  Today I really should clean.  The bathrom needs it and the floors need it desperately.  And the dishes and kitchen.  Ugh.  I'm only one person!  How does this place get so dirty.  I guess I haven't given it a good clean since Kohei came over and that was... the beginning of last month. 

I watched Jun and Gakki on their Ousama Brunch interview.  I am very attracted to him there.  He looks... normal.  And kind of flirty with his co-star.  Damn she is young!  And at this point in the calendar, he's only one year older than I am. XD  Anyway, I don't really know what to expect from this drama but I am interested to see how Jun plays a halfy.  He needs to get a tan if he's supposed to be half Filipino, I think.  Although, Justin isn't that dark.  Only in the summer when he goes out in the sun lots.  

Andrew sent me this link this morning.  He's trying to say I'm cranky. ):  You would be too if you had to clean and woke up to rain and hadn't had coffee yet.  I'm going to play some Animal Crossing and check the mail.

Contacts arrived!

Edit:  Fuck I have totally lost all sense of time since school's been over.  I missed Jikken & Shukudai-kun SP last night.  Bah.

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