Apr. 1st, 2009

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I can't go through flist anymore. Sorry guys. It's been 45 minutes, filtered to real people only, and I'm only back as far as Sunday. I am really looking forward to watching (and buying!) the AAA DVD. What I've seen so far makes me feel tingly. Which is what Arashi was made to do. Maybe it's just [livejournal.com profile] waxrose's selective screen caps but I can see so much love going on. I'm anticipating it highly! Luckily I didn't spend so much in Korea so I won't feel guilty about buying the DVD when I get off my ass. I said I would buy one DVD before leaving Japan because it would be insane not to and this looks like the winner. ♥

I may have screwed myself in a not-so-good way.  I planned to nap for a couple of hours because I couldn't think coherently at all and ended up sleeping until midnight.  10 hours!  That just goes to show how deprived I've been.  Short recap:

Thursday: We landed at 10pm and got to our hostel at about 11:30pm.  We dumped our stuff in our room and then went to get some eats and went to the jimjilbang (sento) for a soak.  Went to bed around 3am.

Friday: Met Semi for lunch at 12 and went to Changdeokgung Palace and walked around the Northern Village in Seoul.  Went to Hongdae for some drinking and dancing and made out with some Korean boy. ♥  Got to bed around 3:30am.

Saturday: Took a tour of the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea.  Had to get up at 8am. ;_;  Really awesome.  I learned so much about North Korea and the tension and stuff that still exists.  Went to Itaewon and Homo Hill for some gay clubbing at night.  Justin made out with a Korean boy and Andrew gave his contact to one of the bartenders.  Got home around 3.

Sunday: Took it easy, got up around noon and went shopping in Yongsan (electronics market; totally reminded me of Sim Lim Square), Myeongdong (like Harajuku/Shibuya) and Dongdaemun (night market).  Shopped until 2:30am.  Finished the night with a trip to another jimjilbang.  Got home around 4.

Monday: Andrew went on a brunch date with the bartender while the rest of us met with Semi and went souvenir shopping in Insadong.  We slept in til noon by accident (we were supposed to meet at 12:30) but no worries.  Met up with Andrew in the afternoon and went to Chonggye River and Sinchon for dinner.  Finish the night at a norebang (karaoke) and then got back around midnight to pack and get ready.  Got into bed around 2 but I couldn't sleep.  Maybe got 1 hour before waking up at 4:45 to get ready to leave for the airport.

Tuesday: Up and out at 5:15am to take the train to the airport.  No problems.  Arrived in Haneda at 10:30am, got home at 1:30pm. 

I've got to download the episodes of Himitsu and Shukudai-kun that I missed.  I'll just wait for Door to Door to get subbed before downloading.  Was there any excellent fic posted while I was away? 

I think I'll 我慢 until 3am before getting back into bed though I don't think I will be able to sleep again so easily.  I kind of feel like I could right now but how much sleep can your body actually take at once?  My suitcase is looming in the corner.  I should at least take the kimchi and sweets out and put them into the fridge.

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For some good heterosexual romance.  I am out-gayed.  Spending 5 days straight with my gay posse proved to, indeed, be too much for me.  I want to read something romantic and sappy (and a bit sexual?).  Too bad those kind of things aren't really written in this fandom.  I guess I'll have to search outside the box.  Maybe I should go to Book Off and see if I can find something for cheap.  Though I think the best they would have is shit herlequin romances and those are never, ever satisfying in the way I wish they were.  And I don't know if I can find any dramas that fit that description either.
Cut for your pleasure. )

That's just Day 1.  I'm putting off Day 2 since that took so freaking long to edit.  I should pilfer Justin's pictures too because he took a shitton more than I did.  I slept for another 5 hours this morning and got up when some ladies rang my bell at 10am trying to convert me to Jesus.  It's been a year since they've come around but I didn't answer the door this time.  I learned my lesson.  Watched the first episode of Korean Hanadan and it's interesting.  They've gone through like the first 2 episodes of the Japanese one already so I wonder what they're going to do to make it stretch on for another 24 episodes.


Apr. 1st, 2009 08:39 pm
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No AAA DVD for me.  Yet.  Went to Tower and Shinseido and neither had any on the shelves.  Whatever.  I'll wait a couple weeks (ie after pay day) and go back.  I'll check Tsutaya's delivery and payment policy; I know Tower charges extra for COD.  What's a couple weeks anyway?  

Thunder is rollin' tonight!  I'm excited for the storm.  Except that means all the sakura will probably die. :(  And lightning!

Rented some movies for the night.  Am in the middle of cooking nikujaga and a new kind of fish to try.  It'll be like 930 by the time my dinner is cooked though.  Boo.

Maybe I'll work on the fic I started before Korea.  Or maybe write Arashi traveling together since the experience is still fresh in my mind.  If they weren't famous, that is.  

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