Apr. 6th, 2009

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Yesterday we had another Hanami in Chidori ka Fuchi, which is the park surrounding Budoukan. I've been to Budoukan now! haha and you know the first thing that came to mind: Arashi was here! -_- I'm so lame. Good times, lots of gorgeous blossoms. I brought my camera but didn't take that many pictures. Actually, that park is right across the street from Yasukuni Shrine. I knew about the shrine, but not exactly where it is. I kind of want to go check it out, but it kind of gives me the creeps, like Catholic churches. Or just churches in general. I love the architecture and think they are really beautiful but I'm afraid if I step inside the minister/priest will walk up to me and look me straight in the say and say, "You don't belong here." Or I'll burst into flames or something. I don't know. But Yasukuni kind of makes me feel that way too, a little bit.

I feel groggy from drinking all day. At one point (after finishing a whole bottle of wine pretty much to myself) I thought I'd gone over the edge but I was okay. Obviously I was drunk enough to undertake making a spoof of the ANA Okinawa ad. Oh yes. I will post when it's done.

My Roswell boxed set was delivered today. That's one thing that will get me out of bed. I'm surprised how quickly it came. Now I have the whole first season. I don't know why they can't make 1 season 1 box like they do in Canada. Obviously it's to get more money from people, even though they cost about the same in the end. Oh well.

I have 4 rented DVDs I haven't watched yet. They are due back on Wednesday. I really should clean up (I still haven't fully unpacked or put stuff away) and put my laundry away and do the dishes that have been in the sink since Thursday. I think my cleanliness reflects my emotionl health, so obviously I'm not doing too well these days.

I still don't have Shukudai-kun and Door to Door yet from last week. I'm so behind. I will get stuff downloading and then tidy up. Then sit my fat ass down in front of the TV all day.
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It's only been 8 minutes of Door to Door and I feel like crying already. I don't know if it's because of the content or just because it's Nino. It's already hard to watch. Haha. I almost feel like I'm cheating him by watching it without subtitles because I won't (already don't) understand everything being said. I'll watch it again later, when it's subbed, since it will probably been another month or something, I bet. I'll need a refresher by then anyway.

I needed a break from Korean Hanadan. I'm on episode 9 now and it's dragging on so slow. Either the Japanese version cut a whole lot from the manga, or the Koreans have gone off on a completely seperate story line. That's what makes me want to read the manga--to see what Kamio Yoko originally wrote and intended.

Not again.

Apr. 6th, 2009 11:44 pm
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Just went to check the Shukudai-kun site to see what time broadcast is tonight and they posted this message. Again:


"Any mail saying they are a project from "Shukudai-kun" were sent as a prank, there is no such project being run by this show.  As this has inconvenienced many poeple, please do not send this mail to other people."

Around the same time last year there was an email floating around that was supposedly from Jun and they were doing an experiment on Shukudai-kun about how many times an email would go around the world or something.  I guess someone started another one.  It amazes me how freaking guilable people can be sometimes. 

Door to Door was good.  Heart-warming in the end but I cried lots as I thought I would.  Nino did a really great job on this; he should be proud of it.  I wonder what his next challenge will be.  I'm still rooting for a more adult, romantic role.  But I doubt that won't ever happen.

On a completely yet not so totally unrelated note: I am one degree of seperation from Shingo Mama.  My new friend Anna teaches him English at ECC.  She tells him he needs to shave because he'd look better but he says he won't because he's lazy. XD  I'm also one degree away from Tanimura Nana; she's friends with Blake (or at least wants to sleep with him--which isn't going to happen anytime soon).  Oh, small world.  When am I going to meet my celebrity?

I think I am getting seasonal allergies.  I'm sneezy and my eyes are itchy.  Of course I can't find my eye drops when I want them. :/

JUN GOT TANNED.  HE LOOKS SO GOOD.  And could maybe pass as a halfy.  Although, according to the synops, his char's dad was Filipino and his mom was Japanese... so why does his character have a Japanese last name?  Sho did something to his hair and he got thinner.  And paler?  If that is even possible.  Maybe he just looks super white cuz he's sitting beside Ohno.  Who's obviously been fishing lately. XD

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