Apr. 18th, 2009

aide: (翔 → Bros before Hoes)
Ariel's recital was amazing. I regret not having my camera to video tape her. Just amazing. She's a pro. Not that I know dick about playing the violin but she was the best performer there, even better than a violin instructor. Her pianist was really cute too. XD I hope she has another recital so I can go and tape her playing.

We went to visit Anna in the hospital afterwards. She's staying at St. Luke's International Hospital in Tsukiji. It's kind of trippy because in Sujata Massey's Shimura Rei series, the protagonist's cousin works at St. Luke's. So I've know about it for a few years and now I finally went. She was so happy to see us! Apparently no one else has come to visit, except for her mom who flew in from Dubai (where she lives?). The diagnosis is an e. coli infection of the kidneys. From sex. She passed out at work and was running a fever and has been for the last three days or so and she has to stay until Thursday. We brought her like 10 books to read and I gave her the moogle I made, which she loved. :) Fingers crossed that I never have to be hospitalized because she has to pay 30% of everything, I think. Which is like 250$ a day, just on the room. Insurance, what a joke. Anyway, hope she gets well soon!

Tomorrow I might go to Zara to look for a dress for Yuka's wedding. Or a nice top but I kind of want a dress. I don't have any dresses that I can wear everyday. Justin wants me to go to Laketown, since he doesn't want to come down here but maybe I can talk him into it. Although, it is only 290 yen and 30 minutes to get there.

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