Apr. 19th, 2009

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Justin's got a sudden lunch date so I'm on my own for shopping. But that means I can stay close to home and go to Ootakanomori instead of trekking out to Koshigaya. Not as big but really, that mall is too big. I am going to make a day of it and go take in a movie tonight too. Yatterman is still playing but only twice a day and no late show. I don't want to pay 1,800 for it, even if it is that good. If it's still in theatres next week, I could go on Wednesday. But I think I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD and rent it for 350. Slumdog Millionaire just opened so I think I'll go watch that. Or Twilight, even though I know that's a renter. I asked Ariel if she wants to come but she'll probably say no.

I think I am going to end up missing The Quiz Show a lot. I usually am out Saturday nights. And I don't have TiVo or something to record it. I guess I'll just be downloading it. Smile was more interesting than I thought it would be, surprisingly. When they say, "It's a human love story," that doesn't really tell you anything at all, and what the hell is a "human love story" anyway? I will be interested to see how things develop. I loved Shun's 3 lines. LOL

Now that I don't have to meet anyone, I can have a "my pace" kind of day. I just woke up (after having a really weird dream and about shopping for bras and then having the store run over with roaches and they wouldn't get out of my shoes) and if I'm going to have to stick around until 8.50 for the movie, I don't have to go mid-afternoon. I can do my shopping, get coffee and then get dinner. Bonus: I can watch more Entourage before I have to leave. :D
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Well, I didn't find a dress but I did find a really gorgeous turqoise knit top for the wedding reception. I was going to shell out up to 10,000 at Zara for a dress but they had nothing! I think there were four in the entire fucking store. One was alright but it was one of those sack dresses that have elastic on the bottom which only look good on skinny people. I am starting to hate shopping because nothing in this country looks good on me. That should be enough motivation to start working out but... I kind of like my size. I'm not grossly overweight but it feels a lot worse than it is when I live in a country where the average person is still a size 2. And they have no boobs so everything fits weirdly and makes me look huge. It's really annoying to shop here because every store carries the exact same stuff. All the same colours, all the same patterns, all the same styles. Fuck. I can't wait to get back to Canada so I can go to RW&Co and Jacob. Shit.

The knit was only 3,990 and I will be more likely to wear it again than a dress, in all honesty. That with a white tank and my black pencil skirt will look really good. Got a necklace to dress it up. I will try to wear my stilletos but... probably won't. I have black flats that will work just fine.

Didn't end up going to the movie. I was done a lot earlier than I thought and didn't want to hang around that much. I'll go watch something on Wednesday after work for Ladies Day. I should try to do some writing while I've got the itch. Get something out while I wait for more Entourage to finish downloading.

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