Apr. 22nd, 2009

aide: (大野 ・相葉 → Bitch slapped)
I don't even do anything at work and I'm fucking exhausted. Although, as proven during my Swiss Chalet days, standing around in itself is tiring work and that's really all I do. By the 4th period straight, my lower back is aching from standing. Fuck me, I'm such an old lady! I suppose walking around the room would help but I'm lazy. Well, it's something I'm "supposed" to be doing anyway... I got to teach the a couple 3rd year classes today and wow, they aren't as dumb as I thought! It really was their teacher holding them back. I think 3-1 is going to be my favourite class. :D

Tonight's menu: (leftover) curry, asparagus, macaroni salad. I should get the salad going at least so that it's got a chance to cool off. I need to get out my Ryouri Navi and check the recipe. Maybe I can find something to do with my aspara in there.

Elementary school tomorrow. I probably won't be doing anything but going over the new materials and meeting classes. I don't have anything to teach them so they better not expect much from me.

Last episode of Entourage just finished! I get so wrapped up in it, it's terrible. I wanted to watch Hamonep (Hamony Nepleague) last night but I totally spaced and missed it. It looked really good! I wonder if there are videos on Youtube. And where's my new ep of Top Model?

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