Apr. 27th, 2009

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I want to write.  Prompt me.  I will make a pouty post on my comm.  I went to see if anyone wrote anything for the Anonymeme and I found this: Sho/Shige math!sex.  The nerd in me is regailing even though Math was my worst subject by far

I watched the Utaban performance last night.  I really hate how they do filmings and then chop the shit out of them for broadcast.  But Nino's dumbstruck face was priceless.  Holy shit, they need a new choreographer.  I've seen those moves before.  Ohno looked bored and underchallenged as usual and Nino looked like he was doing the Chicken Dance on speed.

Today was another full day.  I'm kind of glad my first class got cancelled but that still meant I had 4.  I come back down from 3rd to change my textbooks and Kameyama-san is waiting for me in the hallway.  "You can speak Chinese, can't you?" she asks me and when I say yes, takes me into the principal's office.  There's a boy and his mom and sister there who is transferring in to our school from China and they want me to talk to him.  They don't really need me there since the mom and sister speak (enough) Japanese but I guess maybe they wanted someone who can speak to them in their own language?  I don't know.  But oh my god, I've forgotten everything.  I couldn't even remember the word "when".  Fuck.  He's 3rd year age, but can't speak, write, read or understand Japanese.  At all.  And they want him to be able to go to high school next year...  I wonder what's going to happen... he said he could speak a bit of English but he's not good (haha as if Japanese kids are good, and especially not our 3rd years this year).  They want him to just communicate anyway he can.  I hope he can make some friends.  This kid Kobayashi's mom is Chinese apparently and there are a couple Mongolian kids but I don't think that's going to help at all.  

He's starting on Thursday and the year just started so he'll have the whole year to get up to speed.  I think he should be fine.  I recommended going to check out the Kashiwa Interantional Relations Association because they've got free Japanese classes for foreigners.  Look how far I've come in a year without any particular studying.  If he studies and is surrounded by it constantly, he should be able to become at least conversational by year end.  He won't have a huge problem with kanji and reading comprehension but it's still worrying.  I just feel really bad that I can't speak Chinese anymore so I'm no help to him.  Well, if he writes it down I can read it and look it up and I will study a bit.  I should let the teachers know to tell him if he needs something... he can ask me.  Even though I won't be able to do much.  Kyoto-sensei contacted the BOE today and asked them to send a helper/tutor who speaks Chinese to help him catch up a few days a week. 


Apr. 27th, 2009 08:39 pm
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Ohno Dai Sempai took Shige fishing. :DDD 

That just made my night.

I loved all the fangirls who know the fucking dance to 恋のABO already.  That's a whole new level of pathetic I haven't even seen in Arashi fans.  I bet some of the girls at school know it already.  I love the shoutout to Johnny-san with the intro.  


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