Apr. 30th, 2009


Apr. 30th, 2009 07:08 am
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I've gotten my sleep schedule back on track!  I get sleepy around 10 and I am in bed by 11 nearly every night and I don't have any problems waking up at 6 (even though I did hit snooze til 6:25).  I wish I had procured a hot water bottle ages ago.  Sticking it between the sheets before crawling into bed is lovely!  And its nice to kick down and warm up my feet.  I just could never find one like we have at home -- an ugly red soft plastic one.  All the ones I'd seen until recently in Japan are a hard plastic disc.  They all come with cute covers but I didn't want a hard one.  Anyway, I managed to find one on clearance at Ito Yokado last month and I finally got to use it.  Boo to cramps.

So I wasn't as productive yesterday as I should have been.  I vacuumed and did laundry.  The kitchen and bathroom as still undone and I should wash the floor too.  I guess I'll be waking up early on Saturday to do it. 

I am not looking forward to today.  I can't even think of what the kids are doing... something about the alphabet.  I didn't really read through the next hour's teaching plan.  Whatever it is, it's going to be painfully boring for me after the 3rd time. 

I have nothing else to say.  Maybe I post too much.  I should split my postings between journals so I give the family/friends something to read.  I think I wants new icons.  There are too many people on my flist feed that I don't read; I think it's time to do a cut.  I feel bad since we once had a connection but I don't feel like we do anymore.

BAH why does it feel so cold to me right now?
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The not-so-little bastard couldn't get out so I had to tip over the glass. D:  Casualty!

I sprayed the fucker with roach spray and now he's dead.  There better not be a nest of babies in my house somewhere.  Shit, now I'm all jumpy.
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This guy just came knocking on my door trying to sell me a mansion unit and we ended up exchanging numbers.  He's the second one to ask to be friends, with the same line of "I don't have that many foreign friends so yokkatara let's exchange mail."  And I don't know how to say no.  I deleted the last guy who wanted my address after a month because he didn't have the balls to mail me and I couldn't care less.  This guy today was pretty cute (oh, how shallow I am) and the same age as me.  I don't see what's the difference between this guy and the dudes who picked us up in Ueno Park a few weeks ago.  Nothing ended up happening with the guy I gave my number to there either; I mailed him middle of last week asking if he was free on the weekend but he was busy.   The ball's in his court and I'm pretty sure he won't return it. 

We'll see what happens here.  I do need more friends in Chiba/Kashiwa to hang out with.  If nothing else, I'll see if he wants to go drinking one night but he'll probably be busy anyway.  End of story.  I guess they don't mail you because they think it might be creepy/stalkery?  Well, how does a girl know if you're interested if you don't call her?  Whatever.  I'll probably end up deleting the number in the end.

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