May. 10th, 2009

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So I'm updating OT5.  I think I should just make a note on there that says "will updating once a month" kind of thing.  Because I'm really bad about updating.  It really depends on how much fic is being written.  Anyway.  So, I've read some great pimp posts that extole the glitter and sequins of Johnny's and I thought I read a good "bio" about Arashi recently but maybe I didn't.  Anyway, I want one!  Someone write one for me?  Oh, I think it might have been when [personal profile] vintage_belle and I were talking when she visited.  I want it to be humorous and kind of retarded because fic isn't supposed to be taken seriously.  I don't know, it was just a fleeting idea.

I think I've got like 20 fics to add...  Shower first, HTML later.

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I just got an email from Sachiyo, bailing out on our girly date.  Of course.  I don't think I should be surprised because it feels like she's bailed on me before.  When I make a date with someone, I don't bail.  If it's a group party thing, I might.  If it's the day of--I'll go.  I will turn down invites but I try not to bail on the day of.  I have, I won't lie.  But not when it's a one-on-one date.  Sigh.  I suppose I should be thankful because then I can go to this place that I got a 50% off coupon for and save some money.  Fuck, I would have gone out last night with Ariel and Anna if I had known this was going to happen.  Fuck.

I'm hungry.  That's probably adding to my irritation.
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I got my nails done! I was a little bit thrown because it's in this swanky apartment over a Mos Burger. I called to make sure they were open because I was so confused and she was like "Oh, what time is good?" She wasn't busy so I didn't have to wait long but she's rented out a 1K apartment that she turned into her salon. It's very... gyaru. There's Laura Ashley and flowers and girly shit everywhere but she was really nice. I only had to pay 3800 or so and she said they'd last 2-3 weeks and then I should come back to get them filled or I can take them off. I'll see what they look like when they grow out a bit. They are subtle and girly and pink!

So I was trying to take a picture of my hair to document what it looks like right now and what I can do to make it better and whatever. And I went a bit mental... You can see the progression into retardation. I didn't end up taking a decent picture to see what my hair really looks like but... oh well.

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I went to buy a hair magazine to see what styles are trendy now and what I want to get done next time and was looking for Freecell with Sho making soba in it. I couldn't find it (probably have to go to Kinokuniya for that) but I did pick up Wink Up. I don't usually bother with the idol magazines because I don't read them and the photo shoots are shit and boring. BUT. The June issue has Sho-chan on the cover and an individual photo shoot. WITH CHILDREN! It's so worth it. Even if he does look so totally airbrushed.

Toma is looking super buff in his clothes, even though I totally did not recognize him with his new hair. Is anyone watching his drama this season?

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