May. 17th, 2009

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Congratulations to Yuka and Yuto! I wish you health and happiness for your new life together.

What a night. Wow...

I'm kind of reeling. It wasn't even my wedding. Haha. It's just a huge shock because this is proof that I'm really an adult and at that age where my friends are going to start getting married and buying houses and making babies.

I don't even know what there is to say that will be of any interest to anyone here... Haha. It wasn't what I thought it would be like, for one thing. Maybe it's a Japanese thing? I thought it would be more like the wedding receptions you see in the movies: a sit-down dinner with speeches and stories from the wedding party and then dancing afterwards. Not even close.

They had the ceremony and small reception earlier that day (they played the video of it at the party, so I got to see it even if I wasn't there) with family and close friends. There were only about 50 guests. This party had at least 100 guests, all friends from work and school of the bride and groom. There were a dozen tables set out in the hall with food and drinks and a few chairs lined up against the walls. There was a table at the front of the room for the bride and groom and screens on either side where they had a slide show of pictures.

The happy couple arrived at 5:15 and there was a big toast and then a slide show about each of them: when they were born, where they grew up, etc. But not really about how they met or their relationship, which is what I expected. Even though they got married, it was still like they were two seperate people. Yuka sang a few songs, there were a couple games, there were a shitton of photos taken and then by 7:30 it was over. The bride and groom said good-bye to everyone as they left, thanking them for coming, and gave us a small gift of candy. Short and sweet and simple.

The only people I knew there were Aya and Yuito, Yuka's brother. They only knew me so we stuck together the whole night. I hardly got to talk to Yuka at all--only for a couple of minutes and there were other friends around too but that's how I found out she's pregnant! All these girls were touching her stomach and she was like, "I'm 5 months, but you can't hardly tell right?" That's how I found out. I didn't even meet her husband until I was leaving.

I have my own opinions about this whole situation... not all of which are positive. Yuka looked gorgeous and really happy and she's a strong woman and wouldn't (I don't think) do anything in her life that she didn't want to. But all the circumstances and just the rush of it all--I don't think they'd even been dating for a year yet and the fact that she's 5 months pregnant--makes me think it was a shotgun wedding. You can't help but think that way. When I talked to her at New Year, she sounded like she just wanted to get married, needed to get married, not necessarily that she wanted to get married to him. I don't know. Maybe she was just being modest about her relationship and didn't want to gush about it.

Anyway, I really hope they'll be happy together. She's due in October and I'll still be here so I'll get to meet the baby. :D I'll be an auntie! And now for some pictures:

Afterwards, Aya and I left and ended up running into one of her aquaintances at the station. Chinese guy from Richmond! We chatted for about half an hour and exchanged numbers. I'm all about making new friends these days. Then went to Nichome and met up with Andrew and Ben for drinks. It all went downhill from there... too much too fast. But they said I looked pretty. :)


May. 17th, 2009 11:58 pm
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I have been feeling terrible and funky all day.  I am still feeling nauseated and I should have gotten over that ages ago.  I got home and read fic all day.  Reading about intense human relationships in the aftermath of my friend's wedding might not have been such a good idea.  I wonder what love is really like. 

I still haven't heard from my mom or brother, who I sent a couple MSN messages to asking him to give me an update.  JC said he would stop by and check up on my mom and bring my dad some donuts.  I can't believe he still remembers that my dad's favourite is sour cream glazed.  If only I had stayed in Ontario... maybe we would have ended up together in the end.  Well, it's not the end yet, but our paths are no where near coming together and there are many other factors... I won't dwell.  But I think there's a reason why every time I see him, we ended up talking about the what ifs.  It's always bad timing.  I don't want to stay in Toronto and he doesn't feel the urge to leave.

I'm still waiting.

The is a storm raging in Kashiwa tonight.  It's rainy and windy, whipping the trees around like rags.  I hate when it gets like this because the wind gets caught in the pockets of my building's architecture--the balconys, the hallway outside, between my room and the house next door--and it just howls.  It makes sleep very hard to find.  I feel exhausted so it shouldn't be hard but it is.  Thank god I only have to teach Araragi tomorrow.  It's pretty much a waste for me to go in; I almost wish I didn't have to.  Or that they would let me leave.  There isn't a point in me sitting at my desk doing nothing.  I'll write some letters or scribble some ideas down for some stories.  I really am just not getting inspired these days.  Maybe I should start something for the book I keep saying I'm going to write.

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