Oct. 10th, 2009

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And faster than ever! The NTT guy came early and it took about twenty minutes for him to install the internet. It's through the phone line so when J:Com comes tomorrow, I can get rid of that ugly plastecine crap covering the hole where the cable internet wire goes outside. But setting up the internet took about an hour. Because the CD they give you isn't compatible with an English operating system. Of course! And it's too much to expect that a huge corporate entity like NTT would have enough foresight to tell me that. So I had to do it manually and anyway, now it works. :D

God, I'm afraid to go back and see what I've missed this past week and a half... I heard about Nino's movie and watched My Girl last night (hearts) but that's about it. I've been watching a lot of news on TV actually! I have gotten into the habit of watching Zoom In in the morning when I'm getting ready for work. I feel more informed about the world than I have in a long time!

But I didn't get any more writing done this week. I can't say I'm not surprised. I don't do any work if I'm not under pressure. I watched all of House season 2 instead. And played more Chocobo. I finally got to the boss of the water dungeon but I died the first time and I didn't have enough energy to go back and try a second time.

I booked my flight home for Christmas. As expected, York won't make any exceptions for anyone. But I'm oddly looking forward to it. Not the fact that I get to see my family because I could really care less. Well, I'm excited to see my parents but I'm really rather dreading seeing my grandma and aunt's family. They only seem to give a crap about what I'm doing when I visit. But I'll be able to pack up a bunch of stuff and cart it home so I can save on shipping things later.

No other plans today, but I should do a load of laundry. After the J:Com guy comes tomorrow, I'm heading to Baba and Andrew and I will do the rest of the shopping and start cooking for Thanksgiving on Monday!

Now, the question of the day is: to renew or not to renew my paid LJ account? Can I handle only having 15 icons again?

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