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I got the official announcement email from Johnny's web today. I haven't even looked at the comms but this is more for my information than anyone else's. Apologies to anyone for reading this for the sixty-second time.

◇Tokyo-National Kasumigaoka Stadium
8/28(金)17:30, 29(土)17:30, 30(日)17:30

Ballot deadline: 7/13
1 ballot 4 tickets max

◆Fukuoka Dome
9/18(金)18:00, 19(土)18:00

◆Kyosera Dome Osaka
9/25(金)18:00, 26(土)18:00, 27(日)16:00

◆Sapporo Dome
11/14(土)18:00, 15(日)16:00

◆Tokyo Dome
12/4(金)18:00, 5(土)18:00, 6(日)18:00

◆Nagoya Dome
2010/1/16(土)18:00, 17(日)16:00

Ballot deadline: TBA, end of July
1 ballot, 4 tickets max

Fanclub ticket price: 7,000 yen

◇Frequently Asked Questions◇
Q1. I want to go to the Stadium and Tokyo Dome shows!
⇒A1. You can ballot for 1 date of the Stadium shows and 1 of the Dome dates. You have to submit two of the blue forms at the post office. You need to ballot for the Stadium by July 13. The Dome tour ballot date will come after; when the deadline is confirmed, choose one of the dates for Tokyo Dome.

Q2. I want to ballot for two of the Stadium shows!
⇒A2. NG. You can choose 1 performance.

Q3. I want to ballot for both Osaka Dome and Fukuoka Dome!
⇒A3. NG. You need to choose one or the other.

Release Info:
New album: "All the BEST! 1999-2009"
8/19(水) on sale

26 released A-side singles from 1999 to 2009, a total of 31 songs in this best album.
● First press limited edition (3 discs)
4,200 yen * Special booklet included, special packaging
● Normal edition (2 discs)
3,200 yen

Well, the fact of the matter is I can't afford to go to the stadium show. If tickets were only 5,000 yen, like they were last time, maybe. But 7,000 is a lot and I'm going to Singapore. I would love to go to Tokyo Dome. It's close to home and I sure that it would just be fantastic show. Lydia will also probably be here! I wouldn't mind go to Nagoya. I've been there once, I know my way arond and what's the best way to get there and back. Tokyo is the most balloted venue, I think so I think there's a better shot at winning Nagoya, but it's the last venue. And the last shows are always the best.

I've got til the end of July to figure this out. I think I have more friends who want to go than tickets available. And I wouldn't want people to make plans to come all the way here from overseas especially for the concert and then have no tickets.

Now that it's official, I really want to go!
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