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Here's the cross-talk from the FC bulletin this month. I'm going to do last month's one next.

Family Club Bulletin #45: Late Summer Issue

The ARS Times: volume.02
Today’s Arashi Free Talk about…

—First off, let’s talk about the best album, “All the BEST! 1999-2009.”
N: Well, in a word, it’s gorgeous. It really is a commemoration.
M: Even though it’s all collected as a single album, I think there are a lot of catchy and bright songs. I felt like these ten years had passed all over again.
S: There’s also a feeling of a reunion after a long time, from the time of the song’s release to doing it at concerts to listening to it now.
A: When I’m listening to the songs, I still remember lots of things.
O: There are lots of different songs included and the voices are different from ours now. (LOL)
N: That’s true; it has been 10 years, after all. We did so many things. Like, “Jan baru jan!” I miss that one.
M: No, it’s not “Jan baru jan!” It’s “Ganbaru sa!” (“Kimi no tame ni Boku ga Iru” lyrics).
N: Aah… is it “Gabaru sa!”?

—Please do tell us about the new song “5x10”. For this song, Sho-kun was in charge of the rap while Nino took over the singing parts; with “Lyrics: Arashi”, it’s a 10th anniversary song.
S: It was like, we got the words and phrases we wanted to fit into the melody from everyone, then Nino and I took those and put them in order and those became the rap and the song.
N: As expected, the things everyone was saying went in different directions, yet were completely the same. So, while it sounds strange that it was easy to fit together, you could say that it was that polarity which allowed us to do it.
M: There are so many episodes packed into the rap section, so I like the chorus where Sho-kun’s thankful rap and Nino’s song overlap each other.
A: It’s so deep… You remember so many things when you sing, so those feelings are included.
O: And the melody really matches… When you listen to it, it’ll touch your heart.
S: After “5x10”, there’s actually another song that put in as a secret.
N: That was, seriously… is that seriously secret?
M: The director said, “I listened to “5x10” and thought it was good but… put this (the secret song) in after 10 seconds.”
S: I was harangued countless times. “Those 10 seconds are the focus!” he said.
A & O: Is that so! (LOL)
S: “When you’re finished listening to “5x10” and you go to stop the CD… that time will be spent!” he said. “That’s what 10 seconds is.” That may be true, but when Matsujun said, “Well then, if they take the remote control and, beep!, turn it off, they probably won’t even realize it’s there,” he went, “Ah… aah!!”
N: …… That’s a secret, I guess. Those people who don’t notice it will never notice it in their whole life.

—Now, as for the anniversary tour in the midst of all the meetings, what’s kind of situation is right now?
M: The meetings are… really troubling. This is the most difficult it’s ever been. It’s like, everyone has their own thoughts but the one thing we all agree on is that there’s a special place in our all of our hearts, so now the five of us are groping about for the contents of the tour which we can all agree on.
N: Of course, we’re having trouble with the set list. What kind of things to do, what kind of songs to do, everything holds meaning, I think. And if that is the case, we should not only do things that hold meaning but we want to make “10 years” into something tangible.
S: Our gratitude to the fans is the main premise. We’re worried because we desire to make this concert leave a deep impression on both the fans and Arashi.
N: But, okay, if you say that… between the summer of our 10th year and the 11th, we have to pass through winter, so the years just spread themselves out. That kind of tour itself is a first, and so is our 10th anniversary. I’m so happy that there are still new things happening. From now on, I think it feels like Arashi is going to keep rolling on, and on, and on. This tour is totally going to be fun, eh?
A: Yeah. I’m looking forward to it. We’re really grateful to everyone for coming to the same kind of concerts for the last 10 years, so we thought it would be nice to convey that gratitude. Not only that, it’s a tour to tell everyone, “Keep supporting us!” And just like the next one after this, we can only put on a fun concert!
S: Yeah~ well, you know, on one pretext or another, it’s a “festival”! There are various memories, of course, but I think it would be great for everyone to have a great time and enjoy this 10th anniversary concert. And if we can put on a concert that will make everyone look forward to next year’s tour, that’d be the best.
M: That’s right. This is only one stop; it’s not a farewell concert. (LOL) By first saying, “Thank you,” it’s only “one more step” to conveying “Let’s go and have fun together!”
O: Yeah. Its like, don’t exert yourself too much, let’s enjoy this unchanging feeling! Without injury…
AMNS: Oh~! There it is: Leader’s never-changing thank-you phrase!
O: I want to say it! It’s for us as well but, if the fans got hurt too, they’d lose their fun… And that’d be sad. Safely, without injury, okay!
AMNOS: Yeah. Really, no injuries! Let’s have a good tour this year, too!

—Now, lastly, everyone’s plans from the end of August. In October, Aiba-san’s serial drama starts!
M: Aiba-chan, you’re doing a short story aren’t you?
A: It’s not a short story! Um… It’s very serious, alright? The drama…
N: Ah, is it a radio drama?
A: It’s not a radio drama! Um… The picture kind.
M: TV? A TV drama?
N: Ehh~ an animated video.
S: Our final weapon makes his serial-drama debut. Come on, let’s have some enthusiasm please!
N: How long has it been since your last serial drama?
M: Since “Yankee Boukou ni Kaeru”?
A: That’s right. Anyway, it’s been quite a long time. Even I’m really looking forward to it!
S: Yea, so am I. All of us are.
M: I can’t wait to see it. I’m definitely going to watch it.
A: I’m so glad~
N: Are you going to watch too, Leader?
O: Yes, I am!
S: Reruns?
O: Yes, yes. You know, rerun ratings are quite high.
S: Rerun ratings! But thinking about rerun ratings right now… you’re cutting to the end.
M: Yeah, he is just a little bit.
A: I’m going to work hard so Leader can watch it on rerun!
M: Also, starting in September, “VS Ararshi” is advancing to Golden Time! We were only on local TV until now. So there are a lot of people who weren’t able to watch it.
S: So this is the first time we’ll be part of Fuji TV’s nation-wide broadcast. Since the time of “Nama Arashi”, we’ve always been on their station, but this time, it’s finally the nation-wide broadcast! That means, people who haven’t been able to watch it are now able to, and makes us the happiest.
M: And the look of some things is going to change a little bit from the way it is now but… I think it’s great that the anticipation of it is part of the fun of the show.
AMNOS: Please watch it~!

PS: Yuckie-chan has scanned this so if you want to see what it looks like, look for it on her community (if you're a member).
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