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The new issue of the fan club pamphlete came in the mail today. I bring you Aiba's 100Q! It was so much faster than last time since I already had the questions translated. Does anyone know where I can find AU/Docomo emoji gifs? Much appreciated. I also made some edits to Nino's 100Q and fixed some mistakes I found. Aiba's interview was at times more enjoyable than Ninos. I definitely had some laughs.

Translation notes at the end.

Family Club Bulletin #45: Late Summer Issue

Aiba Masaki: 100 Questions & 100 Answers
  1. Full name: Aiba Masaki
  2. Occupation: Super idol or Arashi
  3. Date of birth: 24 December, Showa 571
  4. Height as of August 2009: 175~176cm
  5. Weight as of August 2009: 58.8kg
  6. Eyesight as of August 2009: Probably 1.0 on both sides.2
  7. Handedness as of August 2009: Right
  8. An ability you think it’d be good to have as of August 2009: Palm reading or tarot reading
  9. Please tell us your blood type with an adjective: Obviously an AB-type.
  10. Your birthplace and one thing you'd boast about that place: Chiba prefecture. It’s got great waves.
  11. Please tell us three skills: 50m dash, Momotaro Dentetsu3, breast stroke.
  12. Please tell us two strong points of your personality: Open-minded!! I give it my all.
  13. Please tell us one weak point of your personality: There are none!! But if I had to say, I’m fickle.
  14. What is the charm point of your outward appearance? None
  15. An unconscious habit? Saying “Ehehe”. (LOL)
  16. An unconsciously used phrase? Ah!? Crap.4
  17. Something you can’t calm down without? Willingness
  18. What colour is your cell phone? Shocking pink
  19. Your ideal time to get out of bed? 7
  20. Your ideal time to go to sleep? 9
  21. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Check the weather.
  22. What do you do before sleeping at night? Check the alarm. Three times.
  23. On a scale from 1 to 5, your ability to wake up is? 5. By the way, the quality of my sleep is also 5.
  24. What’s your ideal way to spend a day off? Being really active, eating lots.
  25. Average bath time? 15 minutes is my limit.
  26. In my room, here is comfortable!: The veranda?
  27. Please tell us your ideal breakfast: Bread
  28. Do you have a specialty dish that you cook? Curry
  29. What’s moment you are most likely to laze around in a day? When I get into the bath. I feel all tingly.5
  30. If you have something you’re obsessed with, please tell us: Mandarin orange ice cream.
  31. A treat that perks you up? Eggs
  32. Food that brings you down? Umeboshi (sour things).
  33. What’s a delicious food you've discovered as an adult? Short-necked clams
  34. What (clothing) style have you recently gotten into? Rough
  35. Do you have a fashion item you buy unconsciously? Sandals
  36. What makes you think, “Wow, my stress is gone~”? Going to my parent’s house once.
  37. What's the thing you are weakest at in the whole world? Fighting
  38. Please tell us your special skill: Positive thinking
  39. What’s your small daily happiness? When the digital clock shows all the same numbers.
  40. Something you keep in mind in your job: Desire to improve myself
  41. Something you’d like to try in your job: Line 26
  42. The greatest joy in your job: It’s everyone’s smiles.
  43. Something you think is tough in your job: None
  44. Something you think you’ve grown in: I’ve started thinking about what is being told to only me.
  45. A skill you’d like to develop in your job: Given the chance, I want to get stronger.
  46. What’s your field of expertise? Actually, I was really good at math.
  47. What’s your area of weakness? English….
  48. What is work to you? I’ve never thought of it as work. (LOL)
  49. What is Arashi to you? A dream
  50. I like this about Arashi!: It’s not this or that. I love Arashi.
  51. Sum up the charm of Aiba Masaki in one word: Free
  52. Sum up the charm of Matsumoto Jun in one word: Cool7
  53. Sum up the charm of Ninomiya Kazunari in one word: Cute
  54. Sum up the charm of Ohno Satoshi in one word: Mysterious
  55. Sum up the charm of Sakurai Sho in one word: Good-looking8
  56. Actually, this part of Arashi is weak!: The forward-moving spirit.
  57. When do you think, “I’m glad to be in Arashi”? Always ♡
  58. Until now, what kind of Arashi has it been? Natural
  59. From now on, what kind of Arashi are you aiming for? Continuing on as we have been until now, without rushing, one by one...
  60. Something that’s made you happy recently: I found a delicious monjayaki shop.
  61. Something that was fun recently: Shopping at an outlet store.
  62. Something that was upsetting recently: Michael’s death.
  63. Something that’s been on your mind lately: I paid someone else’s fee at the coin parking lot by mistake.
  64. Something you’re wondering about now: Solar eclipses
  65. Do you have a jinx? No, I don’t.
  66. What’s your favourite word? Internal organs9
  67. Please tell us your favourite motto: Get rich quick. (LOL)
  68. What’s your creed: Creed??? The end??
  69. What’s the source of your smile? Meat
  70. What has someone said to you that made you happy? I’m the type that grows with praise.
  71. When have you thought, “This person is really great~”? When they’ve got a lonely profile.
  72. There is this kind of privilege for being my friend!: It’s fun~~
  73. There is this kind of privilege for being my girlfriend!: What should I say~! I’ll make coffee for you every day.
  74. What’s your ideal male image? Adam
  75. What’s your ideal female image? Eve
  76. Please tell us one of your specialty date plans: Odaiba, isn’t it?
  77. Something you want to try and give as a present to the person you like: Something you desire.
  78. Words you’d like to try saying: It’s got to be love… Love!!
  79. A place you’d like to go once: Vanuatu
  80. Something you’d like to try once: Spraying beer10
  81. One day, you suddenly turn into Matsumoto-kun! What do you want to try? Picking up girls.11
  82. One day, you suddenly turn into Ninomiya-kun! What do you want to try? Dragon Quest
  83. One day, you suddenly turn into Ohno-kun! What do you want to try? Fishing endurance race
  84. One day, you suddenly turn into Sakurai-kun! What do you want to try? Knowledge test
  85. What Arashi song exactly fits your mood right now? Te Agero
  86. What Arashi single has left a deep impression? A.RA.SHI
  87. What Arashi album has left a deep impression? All the Best
  88. What Arashi concert tour has left a deep impression? 2008, National Stadium concert.
  89. If there were 5 hours added to a day, what would you do? Study English.
  90. If you weren’t in Arashi, what kind of job would you have settled into? A cook
  91. Please tell us your biggest past crisis: When I had a problem with my lung.
  92. Please tell us how you get out of a pinch: Even though it isn’t alright, I’ll say that it is.
  93. Please tell us one of the Seven Wonders of Aiba Masaki: My hair grows fast!!
  94. Please tell us one of the Seven Wonders of Arashi: We haven’t even had 1 fight in 10 years.
  95. What’s the most necessary thing in your life? House, food, home
  96. Please tell us the knack for enjoying life: A natural body
  97. What’s the treasure only for you? My family
  98. When do you think, “This is the greatest happiness!”? The time I can sleep until I open my eyes the next day.
  99. If you were to give a title to this life, what would it be? “I think I tried hard!!”
  100. What’s your greatest ambition in life? To be peaceful

1 1982 in the western calendar.
2 1.0 = 20/20. Boy doesn't need glasses at all! (Thanks, [ profile] elizajet!)
3 Game for Nintendo DS.
4 あっ!? ヤベぇ。
5 ぞくぞくする感じ. The definition I found for ぞくぞくis “tingly” so I guess he’s referring to soaking in a hot bath.
6 He says 2の線, I have no idea what that means.
7 かっこいい
8 イケメン
9 五臓六腑
10 When a team wins an important game/tournament (especially baseball) in Japan, they shake beer cans and spray them all over each other. Much like in car racing, the winner sprays champagne.
11 ナンパ. Or maybe it’s boys?? XD

Nino's 100Q

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