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So [ profile] iaoiua did this and I thought it was interesting (and I'm almost there at remembering which order all the vowels of your username go in, Jenny!). My history with music is wide and varied and I'm kind of shocked how late Arashi came into the mix. I thought it was a lot earlier than it was but upon some googling today, apparently not.

It really makes me wonder when people really start getting into music. I saw so many kids at the Arashi concert and don't think I really got into a group until middle school.

Early 90s: We moved to Singapore in 1992 and before that the only music I listened to was Fraggle Rock on 7" vinyl (oh yes).

1993: The first CD I ever got was Mariah Carey's Music Box in grade 3 and my brother got Michael Jackson's Dangerous. Though I think it was really just my parents buying them and I assumed the one with the girl on it was mine.

1994: I got my first CD player when I was in grade 4 and the first real CD of my own I remember getting was Vanessa-Mae's The Violin Player. To this day, it's still one of my favourites, along with Storm from 1997.

1996: When I got into middle school, all the girls in my class were into Take That. I never really got into them because I didn't really like those girls and I didn't really get it. But my brother got the Spice Girls first album for Christmas one year (who gave him that, I have no idea) and all the girls in my class loved it. At that time All Saints and the Backstreet Boys came out as well. Grade 6 was the Girl Power era. And Hanson. Can't forget Hanson. Mmmbop! The first Japanese music I'd heard was the theme song to Street Fighter (which I never really knew the name of) and Amuro Namie's Concentration 20. My friend copied her tape for me and I listened to it a lot (even though I distinctly remember thinking she couldn't sing that well).

1997-8: I think it was grade 7 when I really started getting into music seriously. That was the year of Savage Garden, Vanessa-Mae, Hanson (I even have their VHS Tulsa, Tokyo, and the Middle of Nowhere that my friend gave me; we used to look up anti-Hanson sites on pay-by-the-second dial-up internet at her house for the lolz), and the Moffatts. Green Day, The Offspring, and Oasis were on heavy rotation at my school dances but I didn't start really listening to them years later when I stole my brother's CDs. I don't even own What's the Story (Morning Glory) but I know most of the songs off that album.

1999-2000: The age of Napster: Limp Bizkit's Significant Other, Blink-182's Enema of the State, Sugar Ray's 14:59, Enimem's The Real Slim Shady, Ricky Martin's Ricky Martin, the Red Hot Chili Pepper's Californication, Smash Mouth's Astrolounge, Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory. I bought Our Lady Peace's Happiness... Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch when it came out after adopting Clumsy (1997) from my brother (also still a favourite) but it wasn't that good. I went to see my very first concert with my friend Clare, the Stereophonics with Coldplay as the opener. Britney came onto the scene that year and I didn't mind her song Baby One More Time since it was on MTV constantly, but after the mysterious boob explosion she had, I was not buying it. I never bought her music and admitted to liking her songs in university but I did have Christina Aguilera's debut album. My friend Saki was scribbling Sakurai Sho all over her math notebook but I had no idea who that was.

2001: I met my friend Sam working at Spageddie's Italian Kitchen and got into swing music in a bad way. My mom says that the only other person in our family who liked swing/big band was some schizophrenic cousin of hers.

2002-3: We moved back to Canada and I kind of got thrown around. Singapore is (or was) very heavily biased towards British artists so I was pretty behind in things on the other side of the ocean. In grade 12, my friends and I were pretty much into the alternative rock music scene: Avril Lavigne and Finger Eleven, Good Charlotte and Linkin Park especially. Meteora is the soundtrack to my grade 12 year. We also listened to quite a bit of techno thanks to Limewire and all the Gino kids in my school but couldn't list any songs that made it past that era. I got my first Asian song that year: a remix of Koda Kumi's Kingdom Hearts theme real Emotion but it stopped there.

2003-6: I'm having trouble remember what I listened to in university now. I think there was a lot of revisiting: Oasis, Michael Jackson, Queen, the Chili Peppers, Green Day, Jamiroquai. I saw Linkin Park in concert in 2004 which was just so amazing. It was a lot of club dance music: Eric Prydz' Call On Me, Ministry of Sound, Justin Timberlake's Future Sex Love Sounds. I also started watching Taiwanese dramas in 2006 and was listening to Wang Leehom's Shangri-La and Heroes of Earth, F.I.R.'s Fairyland in Reality and Tank's Fighting and Keep Fighting. (Just realized he released a third album this year--must get!)

Late February, 2007: I went to see Letters from Iwo Jima with Manuel and when I got home, I looked up the actor who played Saigo and thought the name "Arashi" was familiar... and then I remembered my friend and her math notebook. I watched Kitto Daijoubu on Youtube and a few other videos and I was hooked. I became friends with Andrew at the beginning of that year and he gave me a mixed CD full of stuff but I mostly got into Koda Kumi and some Hamasaki Ayumi songs (I've never liked more than a few of her songs but they're mostly the older stuff from Loveppears, duty and I am...).

2007-present: After moving to Japan and getting into watching Jdramas, I fell headfirst into Johnny's. After Arashi was KAT-TUN; the first song I liked was Signal. Shortly after that came NEWS; I got their first album but nothing really grabbed me until weeeek. Amuro Namie made a come back with Play and I completely got into J-pop: AAA, Orange Range, GReeeeN, EXILE (it was Choo Choo Train at karaoke), Homemade Kazoku, SEAMO, BoA (her English album and last couple Japanese releases), m-flo, Kobukuro & Inoue Joe. This year I started getting into K-pop (finally): Big Bang and Tohoshinki, Epik High, SHINee and Super Junior only very recently.

My top ten artists overall since 2007, according to my
  1. Arashi (2,995 plays; !!)
  2. NEWS (383)
  3. Wang Leehom (370)
  4. Inoue Joe (348)
  5. Koda Kumi (334)
  6. BIG BANG (273)
  7. EXILE (267)
  8. Homemade Kazoku (215)
  9. KAT-TUN (210)
  10. Briney Spears (169; I swear it was the latest album)

My top ten albums overall:
  1. Arashi - Time (367)
  2. Arashi - Arashic (247)
  3. BIG BANG - Number 1 (220)
  4. Homemade Kazoku - HOME (215)
  5. Arashi - One (189)
  6. Britney Spears - Circus (140)
  7. Inoue Joe - IN A WAY (120)
  9. EXILE - CATCHY BEST (107)
  10. Inoue Joe - Closer (single) (99)

The top ten songs are all by Arashi. XD We can make it!, Song for Me, Kitto Daijoubu, Niji, Sakura Sake, Taiyou no Sekai, Cool & Soul, Kotoba yori Taisetsu na Mono, Pikanchi Double and, of course, A.RA.SHI.

I wonder how things are going to change when I move back to Canada? I don't listen to the radio anymore and I hardly listen to (new) English music. Luckily I can still get my Jpop fix from halfway across the world. :D And by my calculations, I've only been an Arashi fan for almost 3 years. I feels like it's been so much longer than that...

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I remember someone got me What's the Story(Morning Glory)- I loved the album ..but not entirely a fan of Oasis. Path to Arashi for me was also from Letters of Iwo Jima. Sadly I am a child of the 70's. ABBA whilst I was growing up, then it was Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and my only ever boyband apart from Arashi was Duran Duran (shoot me now hah!)

One of my favourite albums (apart from Arashi) is a recording of Saint Martin's-in-the-Field rendition of Mozart's Requiem.

Random is random I know. Hope things are going ok for you!

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