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No Kobe Shinbun? What gives?

There was a million and one downloads for Saigo no Yakusoku and every promo spot for Tokujo Kabachi.

Where's all the stuff for Kobe Shinbun no Nanokakan? It got 19.3% in the ratings that night. Why haven't I heard anything about it? :( I really want to watch it. A) I really think Sho would be able to carry off the seriousness of the drama, B) I'm a sucker for natural disaster movies. Anyone seen links?

I watched Kabachi... I wasn't floored. I knew it would over-the-top acting but it's like they're just trying too hard. It's like The Quiz Show's and Ryuusei no Kizuna's cracky bastard child. Minus all the revenge and murders. If they didn't have all the stupid special effects and random quizzes throughout Kabachi, I might like it better... but I think a lot of the legalese goes over my head. I wasn't really paying attention either which didn't help. I could look at Sho in his v-neck sweater/blazer combo all day, but I don't buy Maki's character. And you can totally tell she's no smoker.

Maybe I'll be more into it when I understand what's going on.

And has anyone else noticed that Utaban got moved back to a mid-week slot? I guess they weren't doing so well on Sunday nights.

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arashi_on have it i think the user zomboid? :D i just fin dling, i think i will be great too hahaha

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Hm. I checked but I guess she didn't tag it properly because I didn't come across it. I'll have to have another look.

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ahah since i bookmarked it.

and i think i agree mostly which what u said abt kabachi. the weird effects and fonts are -____-
lol is it because its on a sunday they have to make it more "family"-like

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I don't mind the funny effects or quizzes so much since I got the feeling the whole drama was supposed to be that sort of comic-type. I really have trouble with legalese, though, and I spent a lot of the first episode finding my attention straying. Ah well, we'll see how it goes.

I did notice about Utaban, mostly because I actually have seen it without making notes to myself to watch it. I like it better on this lovely random Tuesday time - my TV will definitely be on for me to catch it.