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The last 100Q! The set is complete~ After this I might translate some of the other things in the pamphlets, like the cross-talks or random articles. All in good time.

Family Club Bulletin #48: 2010 Spring Issue

Sakurai Sho: 100 Questions & 100 Answers
  1. Full name: Sakurai Sho
  2. Occupation: Arashi
  3. Date of birth: 25 January, Showa 57 (1982)
  4. Height as of November 2009: 171cm (5.6ft)
  5. Weight as of November 2009: 56kg (123.4lb)
  6. Eyesight as of November 2009: 1.5 in both eyes.
  7. Handedness as of November 2009: Right-handed. Left-footed.
  8. An ability you think it’d be good to have as of November 2009: The ability to speak all the languages in the world.
  9. Please tell us your blood type with an adjective: A useless A-type.
  10. Your birthplace and one thing you'd boast about that place: Tokyo. It’s unexpectedly full of green.
  11. Please tell us three skills: Running. Slipping. Falling spectacularly.
  12. Please tell us two strong points of your personality: I’m easy to be with. I’ll laugh at almost anything.1
  13. Please tell us one weak point of your personality: I’m too easy to be with.
  14. What is the charm point of your outward appearance? My life-line is abnormally long.
  15. An unconscious habit? I touch my nose.
  16. An unconsciously used phrase? I’m starving.2
  17. Something you can’t calm down without? A watch
  18. What colour is your cell phone? Navy
  19. Your ideal time to get out of bed? 9:00 a.m.
  20. Your ideal time to go to sleep? 2:00 a.m.
  21. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Drink water.
  22. What do you do before sleeping at night? Turn on the humidifier.
  23. On a scale from 1 to 5, your ability to wake up is? 3. Occasionally, 1.
  24. What’s your ideal way to spend a day off? Take a trip.
  25. Average bath time? 30 mins
  26. In my room, here is comfortable!:How it’s organized chaos.
  27. Please tell us your ideal breakfast: Bread, eggs, milk.
  28. Do you have a specialty dish that you cook? Searching.
  29. What moment you are most likely to laze around in a day? The moment I get into bed.
  30. If you have something you’re obsessed with, please tell us: Choosing food at the grocery store.
  31. A treat that perks you up? Meat. It’s got to be meat.
  32. Food that brings you down? Coriander
  33. What’ s a delicious food you've discovered as an adult? Onions
  34. What (clothing) style have you recently gotten into? Anything other than double hoodies.
  35. Do you have a fashion item you buy unconsciously? Baseball caps.
  36. What makes you think, “Wow, my stress is gone~”? When I’m drinking sake with friends.
  37. What's the thing you are weakest at in the whole world? Being idle
  38. Please tell us your special skill: Jump rope charades.
  39. What’s your small daily happiness? Drinking coffee first thing in the morning.
  40. Something you keep in mind in your job: Not saying “It’s tough, it’s hard.” I don’t even think it.
  41. Something you’d like to try in your job: As of April 2010, there’s nothing.
  42. The greatest joy in your job: I feel happy when I’ve coloured someone’s life.
  43. Something you think is tough in your job: Nothing in particular.
  44. Something you think you’ve grown in: Studying righteousness daily.
  45. A skill you’d like to develop in your job: The explosiveness of my words.
  46. What’s your field of expertise? Japanese3
  47. What’s your area of weakness? Math
  48. What is work to you? My purpose in life
  49. What is Arashi to you? A precious treasure that has grown up with so many people.
  50. I like this about Arashi!: Doing unserious things in a deadly serious way.
  51. Sum up the charm of Aiba Masaki in one word: Innocence
  52. Sum up the charm of Matsumoto Jun in one word: Serious
  53. Sum up the charm of Ninomiya Kazunari in one word: Flexible
  54. Sum up the charm of Ohno Satoshi in one word: Talented
  55. Sum up the charm of Sakurai Sho in one word: Doesn’t know the meaning of ‘moderation’
  56. Actually, this part of Arashi is weak!: The top of the list here is we’re weak in competitions. (ex. the scrubber incident on Tokyo Friend Park II)
  57. When do you think, “I’m glad to be in Arashi”? When the 5 of us are together, talking about nothing and laughing like idiots.
  58. Until now, what kind of Arashi has it been? A harmonious Arashi.
  59. From now on, what kind of Arashi are you aiming for? A healthy Arashi.
  60. Something that’s made you happy recently: Being allowed to sit in the actual seats to watch the Vancouver Olympics opening ceremony.
  61. Something that was fun recently: Going drinking with the “Tokujo Kabachi!!” team.
  62. Something that was upsetting recently: Not being able to do a double catch in Falling Pipes.
  63. Something that’s been on your mind lately: There are many things about myself that come to mind.
  64. Something you’re wondering about now: Next week’s schedule.
  65. Do you have a jinx? Not in particular.
  66. What’s your favourite word? Thanks.
  67. Please tell us your favourite motto: Yes, we can.4
  68. What’s your creed: Walk with your head up.
  69. What’s the source of your smile? The smiles of people around me.
  70. What has someone said to you that made you happy? You really are stupid.
  71. When have you thought, “This person is really great~”? When I feel their selfless kindness.
  72. There is this kind of privilege for being my friend!: You’ll be quite taken care of.
  73. There is this kind of privilege for being my girlfriend!: You’ll be unexpectedly taken care of.5
  74. What’s your ideal male image? In between cool and passionate.
  75. What’s your ideal female image? Gentle and a little stupid.
  76. Please tell us one of your specialty date plans: Rather, you tell me, please.
  77. Something you want to try and give as a present to the person you like: That would be something that fits that person... That’s human.
  78. Words you’d like to try saying: I want to be close to you.
  79. A place you’d like to go once: The Pyramids.
  80. Something you’d like to try once: A trip around the world.
  81. One day, you suddenly turn into Aiba-kun! What do you want to try? Making someone smile.
  82. One day, you suddenly turn into Matsumoto-kun! What do you want to try? Being direct with someone.
  83. One day, you suddenly turn into Ninomiya-kun! What do you want to try? Feeling up someone.
  84. One day, you suddenly turn into Ohno-kun! What do you want to try? Sharing feelings with someone.
  85. What Arashi song exactly fits your mood right now? “Troublemaker”
  86. What Arashi single has left a deep impression? “a Day in Our Life”
  87. What Arashi album has left a deep impression? “HERE WE GO!”
  88. What Arashi concert tour has left a deep impression? “ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5x10”
  89. If there were 5 hours added to a day, what would you do? Study.
  90. If you weren’t in Arashi, what kind of job would you have settled into? I ended up not thinking about it.
  91. Please tell us your biggest past crisis: Right now, at this moment. This is extremely difficult, this questionnaire.
  92. Please tell us how you get out of a pinch: Try to face it.
  93. Please tell us one of the Seven Wonders of Sakurai Sho: My thumbs are abnormally straight.
  94. Please tell us one of the Seven Wonders of Arashi: The seating order in the green room got decided somehow and now it’s stuck.
  95. What’s the most necessary thing in your life? Failure and reflection.
  96. Please tell us the knack for enjoying life: Trying to achieve shattered resolutions.
  97. What’s the treasure only for you? Experience
  98. When do you think, “This is the greatest happiness!”? During concerts, when the audience and the members of Arashi are overflowing with smiles.
  99. If you were to give a title to this life, what would it be? “Let’s do it.”6
  100. What’s your greatest ambition in life? To raise up a storm.

1 Literally translated: My boiling point for laughter is low.
2 「腹減った」
3 「国語」 This “Japanese” is more like Japanese literature. Similar to the English we learn as native English speakers.
4 Written in English; Obama’s catch phrase from his election campaign. Tons of Japanese people (kids especially) know this phrase… for some reason.
5 He says 「世話焼き」 which translates to “bothersome person” but it connotes that it’s because they’re too mothering and worrying about you. Sounds right to me.
6 「ガンガン行こうぜ」
7 「嵐を巻き起こす」

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++ If you want to translate this into another language, you don't have to ask. Just credit properly and send me a PM with the link when you're done.

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Date: 2010-04-25 03:54 am (UTC)
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I seriously am thinking Sakurai is my favorite member. I think I've run the gambit of 'favorite'ing all the members, but he's sticking the most.

Thanks for sharing! I'm thinking I missed the other guys some how so I'm going to go read theirs now. Thanks for sharing! It was fun reading :}

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