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It was a hard thing to get up and out to work this morning. It was the worst head cold I've had in a long time and I don't understand where I got it. Unless sleeping all night with the AC on at Andrew's was the cause since I don't do that at home because no one else was feeling gross. I was wavering between hungry and nauseated all the way until lunch and then I felt better. I napped through first and second periods and that helped a bit too. And I read Lipstick Jungle the rest of the day. Very productive. Kaneko fucked up the schedule on day 1 which is par for the course so I had no classes at all. He gave each first year two or three while all the second have three or four. It's going to be a very long three weeks.

It's been a while since I fangirled )

Tomorrow is supposed to be shit weather.  What the hell, February.  What the hell.


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God I really hope it isn't TMJ.  That's the only jaw problem I know of (and still can't bring myself to google) but I don't want to have any chronic issues more than I already do!  :(  I really hope the doctor is helpful because I don't think this can wait a year until I go back to Canada (and then some while I get my fucking health insurance reinstated).  It's really hurting more today, I think.  Why did this happen so suddenly?

I think Nino sang Orion better than Mika.  I love the er hu/piano duet.  Too bad it's such bad quality.  Maybe someone else will have a better rip of it soon.  You should check it out. :) 

Got an email from my relative who is living in Lithuania about her trip to Egypt over New Year.  It didn't go very well. :(  I should send her an email during a free at work today.  And I want to write postcards.  I should send all the ones I don't like (haha) and clear them out so I don't have to throw them away when I move next year.  I'm still waiting for Kevin's letter.  He hasn't sent me one since ... I can't even remember now.  That's how long it's been and I'm sure I've sent him 3 in the interim.  So much for being a good penpal.  I haven't heard from Alison lately either but we've talked a bit on LJ so that's okay. :)  Maybe I'll write Heather even though I just wrote her an epicly long email last week?  I just feel like writing on paper for a change.  Does anyone want mail?  (AhemLydiacoughcough)

I want to see the new spots about the NYCC!  They haven't started to flood the internet yet although I think it was on Mezashi-なんとか TV today.  I wonder when they returned to Japan.  I should make sure I watch Zero tonight to see if Sho's there and if they report on the NYCC although I think that must be too soon?  Although news shows are a different breed.  

Dumb and Dumber are back from Cambodia/Thailand.  He said he bought presents!  I'll have to wait until Friday to get them though.  Is it only Monday?  We have a holiday this week so there's no school on Wednesday.  So stupid.  Why don't they move it to Friday and give everyone a long weekend?  

Send me email.  I don't want to be bored at work.  I accept fic. :D

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Don't go buying bread products after work because then I won't be hungry until 9pm and then won't feel like cooking (though I managed to make the strangest ramen/noodle thing from whatever I had in my fridge: yakisoba noodles, shoyu nabe tsuyu, momen tofu, cha xiu, tomatos?).  I am in love with Nagase.  I would marry that man.  Shove off Aibu whatsherface.  You're not hardcore enough for him.  And I need to make a point of watching Domoto Kyodai too.  Sunday nights?  I think that's when it's on.  

I haven't gotten around to rewatching Marathon yet... but I did see the news clip for Door to Door.  I'm really looking forward to this special.  I wonder how long it will take to be subbed.  Stormy is probably doing it and how long did they take to do Marathon?  Ugfkjgfs.  

It's Ariel's birthday tomorrow.  Justin and I are going over and we're going to cook dinner and watch Mean Girls. :D  I don't know what I'm going to do for mine... if anything.  It's on a Thursday and I think my liver could use a rest still from my last drinking experience.  The only good thing about that night is that I didn't barf. 

I don't even know when Andrew and Ben are getting back from Cambodia.  I think next week sometime.  Asshole didn't even text me to say they were leaving. 

I should join Justin on his Sexy Body diet.  Ideally, I'd like to go back to Canada 10lbs (or 10kg?) lighter and have everyone be like "Wow! You're so hot now!"  Or something.  But I love carbo-loading.

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That Nino graduated from high school.  I swear that wasn't on the Japanese wikipedia before.  He went to a private high school in Sumida-ku.  That kind of makes me love him more because... I think everyone should finish high school.  I will always look down on my brother because he didn't and I know he could have.


Jan. 20th, 2009 05:19 pm
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Was there this much whining about Jun going to the States for the Last Princess screening?  I think not.  But maybe I blocked it out.

I think I might be the only person who likes Jun's new hair.  Cuz it's the hair I want. :>  Only in Japan can boys pull of those kinds of hairstyles better than girls (aka me).

I'm hungry.  I should cook now I guess.  I'm going to concoct chicken spinach gratin from scratch, of my own invention.  Or rather, changing a recipe I already have.  I just hope the chicken is still good.
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Finally watched Odoriki SP5.  Does anyone else think the vacuum experiment was a repeat?  I am fairly certain they did that on an A no Arashi at one point or another.  I love Sho in Oxford shirts and v-neck sweaters.  Who else heard him squeek 「分かってる!」  I loved it. 

Caught up with Bloody Monday.  Otoya (aka Sato Takeru) is my new favourite eye candy.  Not to mention Narimiya Hiroki.  Mmm.  But what's with Otoya!?  He can't be on the bad side! ... He's turning 20 this year. ;_;  Does that make me a pervy old lady for thinking he's hot?

Haven't caught up on G no Arashi yet but it's the stupid Air Guitar saga which I didn't care for the in the first place and doesn't exactly need subtitles anyway. 

It's 11:30... I'm not really sleepy.  But that could be due to the half a box of chocolate I ate.  And now I feel sick for it.  That's a bit of a stupid move on my part... I guess we'll see if I still have allergies or not.  Not much I can do if I still do. 

There are so many dramas on this season that I want to watch.  There's one on nearly everyday and they all start next week!  I hope a lot of them get subbed.  For the most part, all the primetime ones do.  I wonder who's picked up Ohno's new drama?  No big buzz about that lately and it starts in a week.  I'll have to do some poking around this weekend.

No word back from Bruno about Saturday either yet.  I'm getting the feeling nothing is going to happen.  Going to Roppongi is really a bust unless you plan on staying out all night.  I don't mind going with him, even if it's just the two of us after Tomoko goes home but yeah.  I'm losing my ambition to go as always happens when things don't get planned.  I don't like leaving things til the last minute. 

Bah.  Well, I've got a fucking long ass day tomorrow.  I don't even know what my goddamn schedule is.  I didn't even bother making one and they expect me to teach right off the bat tomorrow.  D<  Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll have forgotten and not scheduled me anything.  Not likely since I even had to teach today.  Kaneko is back and as featherbrained as ever.  The kids totally have no respect for him.  They were never that noisy when I was teaching them.  I wouldn't stand for it.  They know he will.  In any case, I just made a review worksheet for them anyway... and if we go through it fast, then we'll play Alphabet Chain.  Even if the older kids like that game.  I'm really wanting this semester to be over already.  At least for elementary school.  I don't really like being the teacher.  Or at least, give me a fucking cirriculum to work with.  It's one thing to give me a textbook but that doesn't really tell me what they are supposed to learn, especially since there is no way they will finish even 1/10th of the book anyway.  Ugh.  It's totally frustrating.

I just realized I haven't done my health check yet.  That was I supposed to do in April.  Oops.  If you want me to do it, fucking schedule it for me and tell me when and I'll be there.  Fucking retards.  I'm going to forget about it again unless they press me for it.  Maybe I'll get away with not having it this year~  Or maybe come time to renew my contract they'll dock me or something.  Touch wood.

もう疲れた。 寝るよ~ 早起きから。 おやすみ。

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God, I don't know how uploaders do it. I was ready to throw my fucking computer out the window for being so fucking slow. I hate MU with a firey passion of a thousand and one suns. Not even kidding.

Uploaded music by my future ex-husband Inoue Joe. Please to enjoy! :D

How can you not love a man who makes his own iPhone?

Now to try and kil this goddamn fucking Dark Elf. Die motherfucker!!
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I'm finding it startingly unfair that I live in the fucking country and yet I hear about/see all the Arashi gay after everyone else on the planet.  How's that for ironic?  I'm cho excited to watch Shukudai with my dinner after seeing Leaders :|| face all over the internet.  And then two episodes of Minami-kun.  Only 2 more to go!  And then!  And then... something.  More reading of fic maybe.  Or Final Fantasy. :D

I should write a card or something for Keigo since it's the last time I'll see the little guy tomorrow.  Unless his mom invites me for something in the future... doubtful but a girl can dream. 

I really need a haircut.  I keep playing with the dried out ends and it's annoying.  It's not even really permy anymore. :(  Oh well.  I just want it back to one colour again.  And healthy looking.

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Next week on Hey!x3:
  • misono
  • Koda Kumi
  • Arashi (talking about Shanghai)
  • Britney Spears


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Translated the Nikkan Sports press release:

Ohno Satoshi in the comedy, "Uta no onii-san"

Popular group Arashi's leader, Ohno Satoshi (28), will take on the challenge of a singing guy role, it was announced on the 7th. He will play the lead in TV Asahi's serial drama "Uta no Onii-san" (next January 16th start, 11:15).

Songs and dance, Ohno has gotten high praises for showing his acting sense on the stage, and he was in the limelight for the lead role in his serial drama "Maou".  It was a difficult role as the "defender of the weak" lawyer who, on the other hand, killed people for revenge.

The producer of this new drama, Kawanishi Taku(?), said on the casting, "Amidst the few lines of "Maou", Ohno's acting with his subtle facial expressions was the highlight. This time as well, I want him to show the breadth of his skill."

The story is a comedy of a man who, by some strange chance, becomes an uta no onii-san on a children's program, his struggles and growth. Along with his acting power, Ohno's personality supported his being chosen for the role. His characteristic pokerface with little emotion. It's a joke amongst the member's of Arashi to call him "old man" and he is known for his gentle personality. Being the high tension image singing guy from start to finish is quite far cry from the guy who, after all, has said, "I don't like kids that much." Producer Kawanishi said, "From the start, it's a story who's protagonist is a helpless singing guy struggling. It's shocking to see the character feeling forced and made to do something."

Without delay, Ohno was in a photoshoot with his uta no onii-san look. "This costume is really flashy... It's like I've returned to Johnny's Jr.," he laughed, blushing. He was enthuastic and said, "This is completely different from my last drama, "Maou", being a comedy, I'm looking forward to how I'm going to act. Seeing the figure of the hard-working protagonist, I think it would be good to be able to encourage those people who can't do the jobs they want to do."
2008.12.08 06:47am posted @ Nikkan Sports

I thought I sounded really retarded translating it as "Singing Brother" so I called him a singing guy.  You call the young guys working at Esso the "gas stand no oniisan" and the young lady working at the bakery the "panya-san no oneesan". It's just how you politely refer to young adults in Japanese. The same in chinese -- you call them 姐姐 and 哥哥 but we don't really have something like that in English. 

<S>And I am thinking that it's going to be aired at 11:15AM, not PM as I have seen else where. It say's "afternoon 11:15" in Japanese but apparently, if my school is anything to go by, it's "afternoon" after 10am. If it was 11PM, they would have said 夜23時。 Though I could be wrong because it doesn't really seem like something that would be on during the daytime. Whatever. It will probably be subbed super quick like the last anyway. </S>

Johnny's web says 11pm.  Yayyy I can watch it real time!  I might be able to understand this one.  XD

What is next for this guy?! When is Junbug's next drama? I wonder.
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1.  Got my hair permed again. :D  Even my wonderful stylist said it's cute!  Pics from tomorrow's party.
2.  Am contemplating a trench coat but I want it to fit properly if I'm going to pay $100~$150.
3.  OHNO IN GLASSES.  I always think they are fake because of the convex or concave or whatever makes the lenses look that way when Jun wears his black ones (the red ones never did that).  But... maybe it's because he's ... far-sighted?  Or is he near-sighted?  I'm terribly near-sighted and my lenses don't look like that.  BUT UGH.  Round frames suit Ohno's chubby face so well.  I will download this Mステ just so I can look at him in glasses whenever I want.  It's the first time I've ever seen him wear them. 
4.  One of the guys from Yuzu is cute.
5.  Destini's t-shirts came today!  But I wasn't home.  They delivered at 7:20; I got home at 7:40.  HOW IRONIC.
6.  Nabe for dinner!

BOO He took them off.  Wear themmmmmm. 

Sho saying 加油 is damn hot too. 

Okay.  No more flailing.  I promise.

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もし僕があの日 少し違う未来を選んだとしたら
揺れている窓に映る 見慣れた日々に問い掛けてる

人は誰も憧れ傷つき ただひとつ選んだ現在(いま)を
大切にしながら きっと生きている

ありのままで もう一回歩き出そう 悲しみ越えて
誰のでもない 名もなき道を
明日もそう 夢に 向かって 悩んで 笑って 笑って
今ここにいる 僕が僕の全て それだけは変わらない

もし僕があの日 君に強がりもせず素直でいれたら
ふと胸に浮かぶ思い 切ないけれど今は愛しい

人は誰も出会いとは別れに それぞれの思い出重ね
新しい明日を ずっと生きてゆく

僕は僕の 人生も運命も 抱きしめてゆこう
ひとつひとつが 輝くために
春夏秋冬を 走って 走って 走って 走って
確かな事は 僕が創った道 それだけは変わらない

そう 未完成で 立ち止まった不安を 儚くも過ぎ去った時間
この誓いで未来を 切り開く様に この思いが届きますように
今以上に 自分のこと 信じるよ

ありのままで もう一回歩き出そう 悲しみ越えて
誰のでもない 名もなき道を
明日もそう 夢に 向かって 悩んで 笑って 笑って
確かなことは ひとつだけ

僕は僕の 人生も運命も 抱きしめてゆこう
ひとつひとつが 輝くために
春夏秋冬を 走って 走って 走って 走って
今ここにいる 僕が僕の全て それだけは変わらない
Moshi boku ga ano hi sukoshi chigau mirai wo eranda toshitara
Yureteiru mado ni utsuru minareta hibi ni toikaketeru

Hito wa daremo akogare kizutsuki, tada hitotsu eranda ima wo
Taisetsu ni shinagara kitto ikiteiru

Ari no mama de mou ikkai arukidasou kanashimi koete
Dare no demo nai, namonaki michi wo
Ashita mo sou yume ni mukatte, nayande, waratte, waratte
Ima koko ni iru, boku ga boku no subete, sore dake wa kawaranai

Moshi boku ga ano hi kimi ni tsuyogari mo sezu sunao de iretara
Futo mune ni ukabu omoi setsunai keredo ima wa itoshii

Hito wa daremo deai to wa wakareni, sorezore no omoide kasa ne
Atarashii ashita wo zutto ikite yuku

Boku wa boku no jinsei mo unmei mo dakishimete yukou
Hitotsu hitotsu ga kagayaku tame ni
Haru natsu aki fuyu wo hashitte, hashitte, hashitte, hashitte
Tashika na koto wa, boku ga tsukutta michi, sore dake wa kawaranai

Sou mikansei de tachitomatta fuan wo hakanaku mo sugisatta jikan
Ari no mama no jibun wo ukeiretara
Kono chikai de mirai wo kirihiraku you ni, kono omoi ga todokimasu you ni
Ima ijou ni jibun no koto shinjiru yo

Ari no mama de, mou ikkai arukidasou kanashimi koete
Dare no demo nai, namonaki michi wo
Ashita mo sou yume ni mukatte, nayande, waratte, waratte
Tashika na koto wa hitotsu dake

Boku wa boku no jinsei mo unmei mo dakishimete yukou
Hitotsu hitotsu ga kagayaku tame ni
Haru natsu aki fuyu wo hashitte, hashitte, hashitte, hashitte
Ima koko ni iru, boku ga boku no subete, sore dake wa kawaranai

What if I had chosen a future that was a little different on that day?
My shaking reflected in the window, I ask the everyday that I've gotten used to

Every person is damaged with longing, there's just one chosen future
So value it importantly, go on living without fail

With truth start walking through the pain once more
It's not the same for everyone, this road with no name
It's the same tomorrow, in your dreams face your troubles laughing, laughing
The present is here, I am my everything, that alone will never change

What if I had been honest with you instead of bluffing on that day?
The unexpected rising emotions in my heart are dear now though they're painful
For every person meeting means a pile of various memories when you seperate
Keeping living for a long time in a new tomorrow

I am going along embracing tightly my life and my fate
So that each one can shine
I run, run, run, run through the four seasons
It's a certainty that I created this road, that alone will never change

So, uneasiness that's halted incompletely is transient and passed time
If I can accept the me as I am
I could cut through the future with this oath and reach these desires
From now on, I believe in myself

With truth start walking through the pain once more
It's not the same for everyone, this road with no name
It's the same tomorrow, in your dreams face your troubles laughing, laughing
There is only one certainty

I am going along embracing tightly my life and my fate
So that each one can shine
I run, run, run, run through the four seasons
The present is here, I am my everything, that alone will never change
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Shit, if I convert Haneru Tobira for my iPod I will draw so much attention to myself as I cackle on the train. I think Ohno/Aiba should now henceforth be called the Obaka Pair. And there must be fic.

It's 2:30. WTF. I can't sleep. I won't sleep definitely now after watching that. Ugh. Thinking too much. At least my computer isn't lagging like a mother fucker anymore. After cleaning the registry. Ugh...

Forgot to take my stack of CSI DVDs back to the store. Japan is fucking harsh with late fees. 20$ in late charges after only 2 days. And yet, I returned a book to the library almost a week late and they didn't bat an eyelash. Bought a bunch of magazines too: TVFan and Anan for me (I'm going to post their top 30 loveable guys list tomorrow when I finish decoding names) and a fashion mag for Alison. She wanted Fruits but I couldn't find it when I went to the store. I swear I saw it last time but maybe they only print a few copies each month. This one had a freebie with it so hopefully she likes it.

I really am not happy with LJ lately. Way back when there was no rich text editor and now it's gone again after so many years. It pissed me off becuase it added in all this fucking junky code into my entries that was totally unnecesarry but it was so much easier to go CTRL+I or CTRL+B when I wanted to format. And the beta profile is hideous. DNW.

When are my hormones going to get back to normal? I hate being this bitchy all the time.

I'm doomed

Sep. 18th, 2008 07:29 am
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I've fallen into the pit of no return named D no Arashi.  I started watching... 2-3 days ago and I'm on episode 21 already.  So many things to love... the bad suits, the awesome music (I wonder if they realize the irony when they were playing St. Anger during the prison episode), the great catch phrases on Leader's sign during the credits....  Ahhh~

1 more day before elementary.. it's going to be the lightest day of the semester and I'm still dreading it.  Grade 4 and 5.  Only three classes I think?  Today, 4 classes but I'm teaching til the end of the day.  I think it's a Wednesday schedule (screwy cuz of the stat on Monday) and I thought only Tuesday had 6 periods.  I'm confused.  Maybe it'll be cancelled way because the 3rd years had/have tests?  Some kind of test yesterday so maybe it's a multiple day thing.  No one tells me, I just have to go with the flow.

Thankfully, first is free. :D

I think I will stop by the rental office tonight and talk with someone there in person.  They aren't the office that leases my apartment but it's the same company anyway.  I'll tell them about the leak when it rains because the typhoon is supposed to hit Kanto on Saturday.  I don't want to be stuck in my house with water pouring in through the exhaust.  That also puts a damper on any fun this weekend too.  And I need to grocery shop so I don't starve.  Fucking weather.
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The other post is here.

2008 -
2007 - Strange Stories in the World Spring Special Edition 「Sainou Dama」*, Yamada Taro Monogatari, (M) Kiiroi Namida
2006 - (M) Honey and Clover*, (M) Kisarazu Cat's Eye World Series, (S) Beautiful Game*
2005 - ~Yankee Boukou ni Kaeru~Time of setting off, the dream of the juvenile delinquent*, Gekidan Engimono 「Ishikawa-ken Gosan-shi」*
2004 - Special 『Naasuman』, Gekidan Engimono 「Unlucky Days ~ Natsume's Wild Idea」*, Tokio e Chichi no Dengon, (M) Pikanchi Double, (S) West Side Story*
2003 - Yoiko no Mikata*, Ikebukuro West Gate Park SP,  Engimono 「Hae Torigami」*, (M) Kisarazu Cat's Eye Nippon Series
2002 - Shounen Taiya 「Aoki-san ya no Oku-san」, Kisarazu Cat's Eye, (M) Pikanchi
2001 - Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Otoko
2000 - 2000 FNS 127,000,000 People 27 Hour TV Yume Rettou ~ Kazoku Ai Love You~ Drama Special 「Tou-san」
1999 - V no Arashi
1998 - (S) Johnny's Fantasy KYO TO KYO Preview Show
1997 - (S) Johnny's Fantasy KYO TO KYO
1996 -
1995 -

2008 -
2007 - (M) Kiiroi Namida, (S) Wasurerarenai Hito*
2006 - Double Kitchen, Kuitan Special Hong Kong Zenbu Tabechau zo! (extra)
2005 - (S) Tsubome no iru Eki*
2004 - (M) Pikanchi Double
2003 - Yoiko no Mikata (guest), 「Gaigo Kazuko-- Hana, Saki makka--」, Engimon 「Kuruu ga mama」*, Yankee Boukou ni Kaeru
2002 - (M) Pikanchi*, Shounen Taiya 「Aoki-san ya no Oku-san」
2001 - Mukoden, Shounen Taiya 「Gypsy」
2000 - The Worst Date in the World*,
1999 - Ppoi!, Hot-blooded Love Road 「case1: O-type Saggitarius BOY」, 「case3: A-type Scorpio BOY 」, Scary Sunday #5 「Ugokasuna!」, V no Arashi
1998 - (M) Shinjuku Shounen Tanteidan*, Shounen-tachi
1997 - Bokura no Yuuki Miman Toshi, (S) Stand By Me*, (S) Johnny's Fantasty KYO TO KYO
1996 -

2008 - (S) Puu Series Episode1 Amatsugaze*, Maou*
2007 - (M) Kiiroi Namida, Yamada Taro Monogatari (guest)
2006 - (S) Tensei Kunpuu*
2005 - (S) Bakumatsu Banpuu*
2004 - (M) Pikanchi Double, Yonpun no icni no Kizuna, Gekidan Engimono 「Katte ni Nostalgia」*, (S) True West, (S) West Side Story
2003 - Yoiko no Mikata (guest), (S) Sengo Kupuu*
2002 - (M) Pikanchi, Shounen Taiya 「Aoki-san ya no Oku-san」*, Engimono 「Mishio」*, (S) Aoki-san ya no Oku-san*
2001 - Speed Star, (S) Shounentai Musical PLAYZONE2001 “Shin Seiki” EMOTION
2000 - The Worst Date in the World 「the 4th Date: Devil's Christmas ☆ Kiss」*
1999 - V no Arashi, (S) SHOW-geki '99 MASK, (S) Shounentai Musical PLAYZONE'99 Good bye & Hello
1998 - (S) Johnny's Fantasy KYO TO KYO Preview Show, (S) Johnny's Fantasy KYO TO KYO
1997 - (S) Johnny's Fantasy KYO TO KYO, (S) Johnny's Fantasy KYO TO KYO All Johnny's Jr. Show, (S) SHOW-geki '97 MASK,
1996 -
1995 -
1994 -

I decided to add in stageplays because I felt so sad that Ohno's list was so short. D:
SHO: 15 dramas, 6 movies, 4 stageplays (9 leads)
AIBA: 16 dramas, 4 movies, 4 stageplays (7 leads)
OHNO: 10 dramas, 3 movies, 14 stageplays (10 leads)

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I was talking with [ profile] honeycorrupts the other day about who had done more dramas, Nino or Matsujun?  So I went and found it.  Compiled from J-web, the "official" record of their works.  I translated some of the longer titles into English.  This is the complete list of dramas and movies up until the end of 2008 as of right now.  They might spring something on us later. Edit: Now with stageplays!

2008 - (M) The Last Princess*, (M) Hana Yori Dango Final, Myuu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru*
2007 - Hana Yori Dango Returns, (M) Boku ha Imouto ni Koi wo Suru*, (M) Kiiroi Namida, Bambino*,
2006 - Imakiyo-san*, (S) Byakuya no Valkyrie*
2005 - (M) Tokyo Tower, Hana Yori Dango, Proposal: The Happiest Words in the World 「Episode 1 : Fireman's Love」*, (S) East of Eden*
2004 - (M) Pikanchi Double, (S) West Side Story
2003 - Yoiko no Mikata (guest), Gokusen Graudation SP, Kimi wa Petto
2002 - (M) Pikanchi, Gokusen, Gokusen SP
2001 - Kinda Ichi Shounen no Jikenbo*, Mukai Arato's Animal Diary ~Pet Roshinante's Calamity~
2000 - Worst Date in History 「the 2nd Date: Poor Handsome Boy vs Rich Princess」*
1999 - V no Arashi, Hot-blooded Love Road Episode 2 「case2: A-type Leo BOY」, Episode 11 「case11: B-type Gemini BOY」, Scary Sunday #10 「Furugiya」*
1998 - BOYS BE…Jr. 「Climax! "I want to be in love" Syndrome」*, Hitsuyou no nai Hito, (M) Shinjuku Shounen Tanteidan
1997 - Insurance Investigator Shigarami Taro's Casebook: Murder Case, Mou Hitotsu no Shinzou, Bokura no Yuuki  Miman Toshi, (S) Stand By Me, (S) Johnny's Fantasy KYO TO KYO All Johnny's Jr. Show
1996 -

2008 - Maou (guest), Ryuusei no Kizuna*
2007 - Haikei Chichiue-sama*, (M) Kiiroi Namida*, Yamada Tarou Monogatari*, Marathon*
2006 - Sukoshi wa, Ongaeshi ga dekita kana*, (M) Letters from Iwojima, (M) Tekkon Kin Kuriito (voice)*,
2005 - Yasashii Jikan, (S) Riyuu naki Hankou*
2004 - (M) Pikanchi Double, Minami-kun no Koibito*, (S) Shibuya kara Tooku Hanarete*
2003 - Netsuretsu teki Chuuka Hanten, (M) Ao no Honoo*, Stand Up!!*
2002 - (M) Pikanchi
2001 - Handoku
2000 - Namida wo Fuite
1999 - V no Arashi*, Hot-blooded Love Road Episode 1 「case1: O-type Sagittarius BOY」*, Abunai Houkago*, Scary Sunday #8 「Koko datta ka」*
1998 - Amagi Goe, 26 Yoru Mairi, Akimahende!
1997 - (S) Stand By Me, (S) Johnny's Fantasy KYO TO KYO,
1996 -

MATSUJUN: 22 dramas, 8 movies, 5 stageplays (12 leads)
NINO: 19 dramas, 6 movies, 4 stageplays (16 leads)

(M) is for movie
Bold is things they worked on together or did the same
* is a leading role (as noted by Japanese Wikipedia)

Matsujun wins in total works produced but Nino's had more leads. :D  Quality over quantity.
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My copy of the photobook arrived!  This is a great momento of the concert I got to see.  And the song... that is what I have been craving from Arashi for a while now.  Something layered, overmixed, fast-paced, energetic.  It reminds me of Cool & Soul.  But trust Sho to write something I can't freaking understand without a dictionary.  I'll have to transcribe the lyrics and pick out the meaning.  It took until they started rapping for me to believe it was actually something by them.  That is a great sign.  Best ¥2500 I ever spent. 

Got new flipflops from Tokyu Hands to replace mine but the vest I was going to get was gone today!  I should have just bought it yesterday when I saw it.  You snooze, you lose I guess.  Damn.

I got a recipe book today as well!  I was flipping through it on the train back from Keigo's and there are so many delicious looking things!  I think I should start a food blog for all the posts I write about food.  There are a good handful I want to try.  It's an "autumn recipe book" so I can use all the vegetables that are on the shelves now.  I sent an invite out to Nikki, Amanda and Sachiyo for them to come to dinner on Sunday but I bet they will all have plans already.   Andrew is useless to cook for because he hates all vegetables.  

It's 7pm... I should cook.  I got some fish yesterday and I have carrots that need to be eaten... I should look through my new book to see if there are any good salmon things I can make. :D  And then... more Zelda.  Or I might hanker down and read more Bill Bryson tonight.  Or maybe study.  Andrew registered for his kanken test, I suppose I should do the same.  Closer to home this time since we won't be tested at the same time anyway.

Michelle might be coming to Japan in the fall. Excited!  She said September but I don't know if she meant this September (as in, now) or next September.  

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Got this idea from [ profile] trivialaffair... some "official" list of the hottest guys in Japanese entertainment was released and that's where it came from... yeah, anyway. Enjoy the eye candy.

I think I like a Kinki Kids song... I'm watching their performance of Secret Code on M-Ste now... it's jazzy and Dot is wearing specs so I just like it automatically. When did they learn to sing?

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Are you surprised that 4/5 Arashi members are there? Haha..

Um.. pictures are taken from all over... mostly [ profile] boys_paper  scans and random google searches. I do not claim to have done any work.

While I'm spamming you... I found this while rewatching some Shukudai-kun. It's been a while since I found any Ohno's cock pictures:

Now I want to download some AAA and Hoshimura Mai's single and wait for Maou~!
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Néojaponisme: TohoShinki Rages Against the Machine

(aka TVXQ!) are a popular Korean boy band and national heroes. An media executive working in Seoul tells me: “Korean internet users’ passion for TohoShinki is something similar in intensity to their belief that Dokdo is Korean land.” Now the group has crossed the Straight of Tsushima and taken over the Japanese music scene with the force of a Mongolian invasion. Their latest single 「どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?」 hit #1 on the Oricon chart a few weeks ago. Backed by the #1 record label Avex Trax and Korean music production powerhouse SM Entertainment, there is very little preventing TohoShinki from further dominating the Japanese music scene.

There is one area, however, that remains “off-limits”: TohoShinki are apparently blacklisted from TV Asahi’s long-running music show Music Station. According to a TohoShinki staff member’s blog, the band and their managers have been pushing the producers of Music Station extremely hard over the last few years to appear on the show. Now with three Oricon #1s in the bag — an extremely rare feat for a non-Japanese band — the excuses coming from Music Station are just not adding up.

Lest you see a sinister nationalist motive here, the blacklisting has nothing to do with Toho’s non-Japaneseness. Avex and SM also represent popular Korean female star BoA, who appears on Music Station and other Japanese TV shows regularly. There is only one reason why TohoShinki is not invited on Music Station: an intentional blockade from Johnny’s Jimusho, the production company behind Japan’s long-standing boy band monopoly.

Almost since the show’s inception in the late 1980s, Music Station has been the exclusive citadel of Johnny’s. Popular ’80s boy band Hikaru Genji appeared on the show almost every week. Johnny’s Jimusho’s other acts then rotated week by week, meaning that there were usually two Johnny’s act on every single show. This scheduling made some sense when Hikaru Genji was at the top of the pop charts. Around 1991, however, Johnny’s acts completely stopped charting on the Oricon. At this point, there was an almost “boy band hiatus” in Japanese pop culture: Hikaru Genji had peaked, SMAP had yet to take off, and most consumers rejected idol pop for “live house” rock bands. In spite of early ’90s consumers clearly signaling their disinterest in Johnny’s Jimusho acts, the company’s boy bands still appeared week after week on Music Station. The not-so-shocking conclusion: Japanese TV producers do not book talent based on their popularity as much as the TV station or producer’s organizational relationships with specific powerful talent companies.

This is still true 15 years later. Music Station is fiercely loyal to Johnny’s for unknown reasons and will generally ignore “what the kids are into” in order to put Johnny’s acts on the show. When Johnny’s boy band rivals like Da Pump or w-inds scored hits on the chart, Music Station would not offer them an invitation. So in the late 1990s, Fuji TV’s rival Hey Hey Hey Music Champ started to give these non-Johnny’s boy bands guest slots, and as a result, Johnny’s Jimusho completely boycotted Hey! Hey! Hey! for almost five years. When the main producer for Hey! Hey! Hey! changed around 2003, the non-Johnny’s acts were not invited back and suddenly Johnny’s Jimusho returned in full force. It’s either one or the other.

This kind of no-compromise, strong-arm financial tactics are the bread and butter of Johnny’s Jimusho’s business strategy. Any media company that does something against the wishing of Johnny’s will find themselves completely and utterly frozen out from use of product-moving Johnny’s talent. Since Johnny’s is a production office, rather than a media company, they have smartly forged financial bonds with every single record label and media conglomerate, meaning that any negative action towards Johnny’s will result in a direct loss of revenue for the offender. No one is exempt. Recently, a Kodansha gossip magazine reported on Ohno Satoshi (lead singer of Arashi) smoking marijuana (the horror!) and having a threesome in a karaoke box (the sound of little hearts breaking). Johnny’s responded immediately by forbidding all Kodansha magazines from using Johnny’s talent in any projects and retracting Kodansha annual publishing of Johnny’s Jimusho calenders, which are normally a revenue bulwark. Kodansha may suffer a decline in net sales from this action, making them wonder, in a very hostile market, whether such a story was really “worth it.”

Listening to Japanese business leaders and politicians, I know we are supposed to believe that Japan has always avoided a devilish American-style competitive capitalism motivated by profit. Everyone in Japan values “preserving social harmony at all moments.” Johnny’s Jimusho, however, is a perfect example of the corporate bullying that tends to easily dominate “harmonious” markets. Johnny’s also acts as a fierce conservative force, making sure that the industry does not change or embrace new technologies that would alter the current power balance. The relation between Johnny’s and Japan is like if your 75 year-old grandfather somehow had the power to set internet policy for Hollywood.

When you ask Japanese music insiders on what it would take for Japanese entertainment companies to change, the answer is always: “We are basically waiting for Johnny to die.” This is what strategy for industrial progress in Japan has come to: wishing the speedy demise of the king. I hope TohoShinki has the quiet patience and a few decades required to bring real change to the world of J-Pop.

W. David MARX
August 14, 2008

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S: Arashi's new single "truth/Kaze no Mukou e" goes on sale today!

A&M&N: Of course, "truth"'s image colour is red x black.

S: The video clip has that kind of feeling, eh.

M: And there's some lily white also.

A: I see~

S: Red, black, white.  What about the star of "Maou", Ohno-san?

O: Purple!

S: The need for a 4th choice has come out.

O: Purple... it creates a kind of mixed up feeling, but actually it's red here! LOL

N: Which one is it~

S: Well, the video clup is pretty cool...

O: Before the chorus?

S: Yea!

N&O: It's great~

M: I like it too!  It feels great to dance to.

S: It's good whether you listen or watch it.

A: Surely, that's exactly it!

M: And it's been quite a while since we've danced so hard and that's the point, I think!  So, what is the image colour for "Kaze no Mukou e"?

A: White.

S: I'd say white too.

O: Silver!  Wasn't the video clip kind of silverish?

M: It's got a whitish-silverish feel.

N: I say white too.

S: Why?

N: Because the video clip... was white.

S: Of course, that image is strong.

M: But even the Olympics are like that too, there are so many colours in white and that image is strong.

N: And this song has that kind of image?

M: Yea, it feels like the various colours in white are lifting you up.

S: Isn't the highlight of the video clip the five of us dancing together, and the feeling?  I would definitely want to listen to this before a match!
A: For everyone it'd be a fight, I think.  Like, before club activities, or like before fighting with your mom. LOL

N: Hey! You shouldn't deliberately fight with your mom. LOL

S: Before a match on those kind of days! LOL

O: I think for me, it'd be when the match is over.  It'd be a kind of refreshed feeling.

A: It's because when you listen together, can become good friends.  I think it's the kind of song that you listen to in the morning to get energized.  If you can get the evergy for one day, it's good.

N: It feels really good to be listening to it!

M: If it's a song that becomes synonymous with this year's Olympics, we'd be so happy!

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