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Today was Johnny's Mail Day at my house.  My anniversary present came: it's smaller than I thought but so cute.  Tickets also came!!  We're on the 3rd baseline and pretty near the back of the dome, but we're halfway up the front block.  It's going to be great!

The guy who killed that Nova teacher 2 years ago is on the news again.  They are saying he's changed his look so many times which is why he hasn't been caught yet.  He's had (or is going to have) surgery so that's making it hard.  I wonder if that's the whole reason.


Some expected and unexpected answers. )

Nino's 100Q / Aiba's 100Q

I've turned off emailing of comments, so my inbox doesn't get spammed. 
++ If you want to translate this into another language, you don't have to ask. Just credit properly and send me a PM with the link when you're done.

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"For me fashion links directly to music," he says. "I even care what color underwear I wear. When I'm tired, people ask if I use vitamins and supplements and stuff, but I just wear red underwear to remind myself 'today I'm going to be hot!'"

Smart man. I need to invest in some great power underwear. The rest of the article is here. I think he is one of the artists I would most like to meet. Not only is m-flo amazing and I love Verbal's raps, but he's not even Japanese. People say that BoA was one of the first Korean artists to open the door in 2002 but people always forget that Verbal and m-flo have been rocking out since before 1999.

I want to see more groups like Monkey Majik and Def Tech here in Japan. More (visibly) foreign artists making music in Japanese. There's Jero doin' his Enka and that's great but he's also part Japanese. The only other non-Japanese artist I can think of now, Himeka, was tapped for her appeal to anime fans: not that she can't sing, but I don't really see her getting a big foothold in the Japanese market. And then there's this girl from Britian that I can't even find the words for. If only we could all get famous by posting videos of ourself jumping around our bedrooms. Wouldn't life be grand?
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So, this is what I spent my entire night two nights doing: compiling all the regular activities done by each group as of right now. I was curious as to how many things Kimutaku actually advertises because I can't go anywhere or watch 5 minutes of TV without seeing his face. So here are all the TV shows, radio programs, commercial campaigns and magazine spots. It's kind of weird cuz I translated some titles but transliterated some others. Whatever. This doesn't include special magazine articles, features, dramas or appearances that are one-time things, only regular work. Otherwise, Arashi would have seriously killed me.

I bet you won't waste nearly as much time reading as I did doing this. )

Here are some of the tallies:
Most TV shows (group): Arashi (3)
Most TV shows (individual): Kokubun Taichi (6) -- I thought it would be Nakai but he only had 5.
Least TV shows (group): Tackey & Tsubasa (0), NEWS (0)
Most CM campaigns (group): NEWS (3)
Most CM campaigns (individual): Kimura Takuya (9)
Least CM campaigns: Kanjani 8 (0), Imai Tsubasa (0)
Most regular magazine features: Arashi (8)
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Take leftover chicken, rice and kimchi. Fry it all up, season with some ketchup. Fry up an egg and tada! Kimchi omuraisu. I still have some cheddar so I threw some of that in as well. So delicious. I think even Andrew could eat this, it's hardly spicy at all.

I'm watching the final episode of Rescue and man, I just can't get into. I can't even remember what the hell was going on. So I got thinking about the dramas that are wrapping up soon and

Dramas I'm really looking forward to (like a virgin on prom night):
-- My Girl with Aiba Masaki & Yuuka (Oct 9 start; 11:15pm Fri, Asahi)
-- Tokyo DOGS with Oguri Shun & Mizushima Hiro (Oct start; 9:00pm Mon, Fuji) [Though I don't know why Hiro isn't the cop from America since he can, you know, actually speak English.]
-- Samurai Seventeen with Miura Haruma (Oct start; 9:00pm Sat, NTV)
-- Tengoku de Kimi ni Aetara with Ninomiya Kazunari & Inoue Mao (Sept 24; 9:00pm, TBS)
-- Reijigo no Kyaku with Ohno Satoshi and others (Oct 23 start; 1:05am, Fuji)

And Shige's in a drama SP? With Aibu Saki, no less. Girl sure gets around. Chichi yo, Anata wa Erakatta will be on TBS at some point this fall. I also saw somewhere that they're doing Bloody Monday 2 (in Jan?). !!! I hope that Hiroki reprises his role as J.

Now that this season is wrapping up, last season's dramas should be finished being subbed. I've heard great things about Mr. Brain (and I have never actually seen a Kimutaku drama :X) and I wanted to watch Atashinchi no Danshi for Yamada Yusuke and Horikitty. Anyone have any others to recommend?
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Here's the cross-talk from the FC bulletin this month. I'm going to do last month's one next.

Family Club Bulletin #45: Late Summer Issue

The ARS Times: volume.02
Today’s Arashi Free Talk about…

Read more... )

PS: Yuckie-chan has scanned this so if you want to see what it looks like, look for it on her community (if you're a member).
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I had hoped it was an email from the concert dept saying the hotlines were live... it was this instead:

It's Matsumoto Jun:D

This is a thank you mail because
our best album "All the BEST! 1999-2009"
has reached over a million in salessparkles

Thanks to everyone's support, it's a first since our debut!
The first, you guys!!
We've reached a millionpeacenosign

Thank you so much:D

From now on, we're going to work together
with our staff to vigorously make music
that many people can listen to and enjoydash

sparklesThank yousparkles

So cute! But it looks so ghetto with shitty Docomo emojis.:<

Who's eating bran cereal with yogurt for dinner? I am. Although it's more like... brany-yogurt-mush now.
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The new issue of the fan club pamphlete came in the mail today. I bring you Aiba's 100Q! It was so much faster than last time since I already had the questions translated. Does anyone know where I can find AU/Docomo emoji gifs? Much appreciated. I also made some edits to Nino's 100Q and fixed some mistakes I found. Aiba's interview was at times more enjoyable than Ninos. I definitely had some laughs.

Translation notes at the end.

Aiba is genki, even on paper. )

Nino's 100Q

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Aso is out. The Liberal Democratic Party is out.

I don't really know what the difference between the "Liberal" Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of Japan is, but it's a change from the the last few decades of power so there should be some changes.

Holy shit.

I'm just seeing the votes now, the LDP has 93 seats while the DPJ has 283 so far! And Sho-chan looks hot despite having held a concert tonight. I hope he has a day off tomorrow. I wonder which way he voted (cuz you know he did). I wonder if the rest of Arashi voted. Apparently, this year was expected to have the highest reported voter turn-out. I wonder when this will be over; this news coverage has been going on since 9pm. When will they all get to go home?

I finally caught up with my RL Sho-chan and his girlfriend and had dinner and went to some karaoke. Good times! His gf is such a cutie. She wants to meet up once a month (I guess she likes me that much), but I'll wait for her to contact me. She's a hair stylist so maybe I can get her to do my hair from now on?

Time to sleep! Stupid typhoon looks like it's going to ruin my plans for tmrw.
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(I'm just going to edit this entry again. Save your flists.)

So the theme of this years 24hr TV is "Start! Take the first step~" and so Shige learned to play the steel drums. He went to Trinidad & Tabago to meet these two girls who play and made his own drum. The girls came to Japan for the performance and they did a medley and ahh~! It was so good! I want that on video! Shige was so moved by his own performance, he cried. Aww~ And I agree with Yamapi, he better continue to play. I'd try to get to a News concert just to see that!

So they've raised some 800,000,000 yen so far but seriously, I wonder how much they spend on this charity event. They've got Matsushima from Othello going all over Japan visiting World Heritege sites (though that's probably by a network-owned car), they've sent Shige off to Jamaica, they've got a few boats up in Aomori/Hokkaido for the girl swimming the channel, they've got Oshima and another guy and a bunch of kids in Sri Lanka searching for jewels. Not to mention renting out the Tokyo Big Site location and paying all the staff... I really wonder if there is much to donate to charity after all is said and done. Maybe Lydia can enlighten me since she knows more about television production than I do.

I'm going to have to start watching Newsfan's releases more closely for 24hr releases. I want that Shige part! And his English was totally adorable.

And I think this is becoming my favourite icon of all time. :D

Nagura Jun of Neptune went to Fukushima prefecture on his darts tour. I love how people greet each other in Japan! And I notice it all the time in daily life here, just saying hello to people on the street. And they have no shame about asking your age. It's a lot different from western culture. I heard somewhere recently that in Japan, asking someones age is a way of showing that you are interested or care about them and you want to be more familiar with them. One granny said the thing she wants to start is learning how to use a computer. So cute!

It's time for Ryo's dart tour of Japan and he's off to Nagano prefecture somewhere. I think this is the first time I've actually heart his Kansai accent. I think it suits him more than standard Japanese. His face was priceless when he met some jr high students who were Yamapi/Koyama fans. Poor guy. XD And none of the old folks know who he is. Haha.

Thoughts on 24Hr TV 32 so far...
It's not as tear inducing as last year's was. Of course there are a lot of "I was in a terrible accident/got cancer/was born with this disease/disability" stories that have been touching but each of the News member's tasks aren't so moving. I guess with a theme like "Take the first step," it's more happy.

News is also a kind of boring personality... from what I can tell, they're just standing around a lot. And they are so obviously not used to this kind of job. They miss their cues a lot and talk over each people on the video feeds a lot but they have gotten visibly better as the show's gone on. For a while this afternoon, all they did was check in with the swimmer (Yamapi's job) and the runner (Tegoshi's job) and played the plea for donation video.

I guess I should take a shower while there's nothing interesting going on. They're going to do the Dance Koshien contest now. I see some MJ inspired groups.

Daigo and Keila are leading a blind boy who wants to climb Mt. Fuji. I always enjoy Daigo's antics. Especially when he's doing air guitar with sounds in the middle of a forest. Poor kid.. he's so exhausted and they are already half way up. He got altitude sickness! They climbed the mountain the same day as that big earthquake recently. The plants were shaking so much... and they showed footage of an office in Shizuoka. Damn. I've never seen/felt such a big quake. The guide says that Fuji hardly ever shakes during a quake, so it really was a big one.

Ahh~ I feel like crying again. T___T

Horiuchi Ken's task was to go to India and teach a village to make paper! These kids had never seen paper before and wanted to write and draw. It was really intersting seeing how they could make paper with things they've got. I remember trying to make paper from newspaper with my friend when I was a kid. The kids looked so happy! And they drew a picture on a big sheet that they made and sent it over.

Coming up is Koyama's task, I think. He went to learn sign language and is going to perform a shadow show with some kids. :D I need to pay more attention to Koyama. ♥

There's some discussion going on about the ethics of arguably the largest charity event in Japan (at least that I know of) on [ profile] aramathedidnt. After hearing about DBSK's court happenings on Asian Pop Addict and how they're trying to get out of their exclusivity clause and just how much money they probably make (10-15% of all revenue??), it makes me wonder about Japan. And suddenly it makes sense why half of Arashi still live at home. Hell, it's why I'm moving back home.

Speed is on again this year? Boo.

Koyama and the kids were amazing. Japanese sign language looks much easier than American and he's gotten really good at it. He's crying too as are all the parents... I'm really touched. That's another video for the collection. I recommend everyone to watch that cut if you can find it.

They've got Shoten doing a 24hr TV special? Boo. I guess even NTV can't pre-empt something as institutionalized as Shoten.

7:15p (but actually written at midnight and drunk so pardon)
FINALLY Yamapi's task! Of course, they left the best for last. Yamapi decided to start scuba diving because of a promise he made to his childhood friend who was in an accident that left him in a wheel chair. They promised to go scuba diving so his friend could take a picture of a manta ray. Okay, so to be honest, Yamapi has always been kind of dull to me (despite being fucking hot) but here... he just shone. He really cares about his friends. And him calling his friend Shu-chan, and being called Tomo by his friend was just heart-warming. And omg, as if I didn't want to go to Okinawa before... just gorgeous. The pictures Shu took in the water with Yamapi are going to be treasured forever.

After the VTR his friend read a letter he wrote to Yamapi, thanking him for the opportunity to go diving and that he knows he's busy but he should try and get his diving lisence so they can go again and take a picture of a manta ray (what Shu wanted to do originally) and Yamapi's trembling lip and his cheeks turning pink as he tried not to cry was just priceless! And then afterwards, his comment... as if I had any doubt he was straight before. xD

Oh, and Kame had shown up before--like, WTF. But it was so they could sing Seishun Amigo for Shu-chan. Touching!

And then I went drinking so I don't know how it ended, but I don't think Imoto made it to the end of her marathon. And it looks like the Democratic Party of Japan is out!
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Instead of spamming your flists, I'm just going to edit this entry as I watch 24hr TV.

This year's theme is "START! 一歩踏み出そう" (Start! Take the first step). The shirt, which I like and have been meaning to pick up, was actually designed by Pixar. They aren't broadcasting from Budokan this year. I wonder if they change locations every year? I didn't watch in 2007. Outside they had a hand shaking event where you can drop your pledge for the year off and the fangirls were going apeshit! And AKB48 was there but no one wanted to shake their hands. XD

I'm watching Massu's task right now. He's learning synchro with this boy with some muscle disorder challenge from a high school synchro team from Tokyo. He's finally gotten rid of that damn Cruella de Vil colouring, or at least it's faded so it doesn't look so bad. Massu is one of the guys in News that just kind of blends into the background for me. He's that cute one to the side. He's got a cute smile and a banging body. Arguably better than Yamapi's. He's ripped but surprisingly slim in his swim trunks (boo why doesn't he wear a speedo like the rest?); he looks bigger when he's wearing clothes. But the bright patterned pants have to go.

Becky is as adorable as ever. She and Shige went to Ibaraki to pick lotus roots in the pre-show. Sweaty Shige is just. You can say I will have sweet, sweet dreams tonight.

Tego's perm makes him more girlier looking than ever. And Yamapi is pretty but totally sounds like he's reading the cue cards... because he is.


News is performing Kibou ~Yell~ right now. And they are putting the lyrics on the screen as always. And the crowd is eating it up even though they kind of suck live. But that's not what's so bad.

"Get break & thuru
Fly to High Wiz News."


Yamapi's gone off to Ibaraki to interview folks and wow, he's got some personality for once! None of the old people he's talking to (except this housewife) know him and he's really frank with everyone. This makes for good TV. Throw Johnny's idols into the countryside where no one knows them. XD

Just finished watching the special drama. Waaahh I cried so hard at the end. Ryo did a fantastic job but Kuroki Hitomi! She stole the show. And Yamada wasn't bad either. It's beeing released on DVD too.

Now it's some segment headed by Cream Stew (who I've never heard of), Tutorial and Neptune. They'll show embarrassing footage of 100 comedians and celebrities. I don't think anything else interesting is going to be on until 7am tomorrow when they show the documentary of story behind the special drama. Too bad I'm not sleepy. It'd be a good time to turn in right now.

Damn Shige was ugly at 16.
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I just saw this posted on [ profile] aramatheydidnt. This kid is going to go far in life if he's that good at 9 years old. And unlike most child stars, it's nice to see that he still acts like a kid. :)

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So I've been telling people that I've been crocheting something fun. And here it is!


It's Mokona Modoki! :D For those who don't know, he's a CLAMP character from Magic Knight Rayearth and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. I found this pattern on the internet but it was written so bad, I'm surprised he came out so good. I'm going to rewrite the pattern so I can make another one. I wanted to find a nice shiny bead for his head but I couldn't so I had to settle for a button. But he still looks cute as hell.

The original pattern comes from Cut Out + Keep.

How to make your own Mokona! )

So, I thought I'd get my internal clock back on schedule last night. I was tired so I went to sleep at 11pm and set the alarm for 10am. More than enough time! I figured I'd wake up earlier than that anyway and I could get on with my day. Well, I did: I woke up at 4:30am. But I wasn't havin' that so I just rolled over and went back to sleep. And then the alarm went off and I thought about waking up but I was having a really awesome dream so I didn't. I ended up sleeping til noon again. >_> Oh my. 13 hours of sleep! I won't be getting that much for sure tonight since I'm going to Yokohama tomorrow with the sexy friends. (I'm totally borrowing that from you Lydia.) I think we'll be meeting at 11am somewhere--regardless of where it is, I'll have to be up by 9 at the latest.
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☆ Inoue Joe's new single is going to be a tie-in to a beauty contest on NTV.  Not that he's got any sort of pre-ordained "image" like JE does (wholesome hot boys who don't have girlfriends, what?) but this makes me think he is a huge pimp.  Look at all the boobies!

☆ 五円 (five yen) sounds like ご縁 (karma) so that's why people throw 5-yen coins into the donations boxes at shrines: for good karma!

☆ I have been going through and working on my Clean Up iTunes project.  I didn't realize I had so much alternative rock.  Do you know what nu metal is?  It's a heavy metal subgenre that'sbasically a mash-up of grunge, alt-rock, funk metal, hip hop and industrial music.  It was pioneered by bands such as P.O.D., Korn, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park.  I feel so hardcore right now.

Sho's hair

Jul. 3rd, 2009 08:03 pm
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The more I see it, the more I don't mind it.  I figured out what it is: it makes his face/head look bigger when it's short.  It's styled nicely for MSute tonight.  But Nino's is like a throw back to the monstrosity that was the Step & Go era.  And his jacket looks like a bad leisure suit . :/ 

The first time I remember to watch Music Station in a while and I am rewarded. :D  Oooh choreography!
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OMG OMG OMG.  I'm still like :DDDDDD after the concert which is awesomesauce.  I want to blog extensively like I told Lydia I would but really, it's a pretty short story.  I should get to bed ASAP cuz tomorrow is going to suck balls but I need to rehydrate anyway.

I only wish this picture was mine.


Okay, so I manage to get home earlier than expected, showered, hair curled and all dolled up in record time.  Got to Shindaita at 5:50 and waited for JR, who in typical gay man fashion was late.  He got there around 6:35 and then we went to find some eats and went to the show.  This live house only opened in March so everything is still shiny and new.  It's directly across from the station so super convenient.  There really isn't much else in Shindaita but its only one stop from Shimo-Kitazawa, the old hipster hub of Tokyo, JR tells me.

The first band, Haushinka was interesting.  A mix of punk, rock and metal.  They did some Beatles and Ramones covers, very lively and entertaining.  The second band was Rally the Bird. these two guys, one on drums and one on guitar that were pretty blah.  Pretty nice arrangements and the singer had a nice voice--it's just too bad we couldn't really hear was he was saying.  And pretty much no crowd interactions.  Boo.

THEN JOE! :DDD  I went to the bathroom before he came out the start setting up but JR said all the girls screamed.  LOL  When we got there there was maybe 2 dozen people but there was a fair crowd by the time Joe got to the stage.  He opened with Nowhere and then played Pa-pa-pa.  Then he says, "Where are you guys from?" into the mic after his song in English.  JR and I were the only visible foreigners in the crowd, but we couldn't help but ask, "Who, us?" 
"Oh, Canada."
"Awesome. Rock on!" 
Though being the only two white people in a sea of Asians, dead centre, is kind of hard to miss.  But it just makes me feels so amazing because that is absolute, undeniable proof that he saw me there and took notice. :DDDD 

And I bet you all the rest of the girls in the audience--ie the whole audience were jealous as fuck!  Especially the one in pink right at the front who spent his entire set waving her hands and jumping up and down.  I guess it's not done in Japan to sing along at shows but I didn't care.  I knew all the words and JR made fun of me but whatever.  He sounds just as good live as he does recorded and he's damn cute.  As if I wasn't already in love with him before.  He also played Closer, Maboroshi and his new song coming out this month, Go.

I had hoped that he would come out and mingle afterwards like the first band (they passed around comment sheets to everyone!) but no dice.  I guess because he's on the up and up he (or his management) doesn't want to mingle with fans for security reasons?  I don't know.  JR and I hung around after a bit, had another beer and played with the door-girl's dog for a while afterwards but no sign of my future-ex-husband. 

All I can say is that he's very personable on stage.  Some of the girls were calling out things, "Kakkoii~", "Ganbare~", "Oishii?" when he took a drink of water, and he just rolled with it.  He hasn't got a big head about his fame (yet) which is nice to see.  I wish all the best for him in the future.  Now I can say I saw him before he got big, from 6 feet away. 

Sweet dreams for me tonight!
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Click for bigger.
Sometimes the fanclub has their act together and sends a preprinted form and sometimes they don't so you have to pick up a blank payment form (払込取扱票 harakomi toriatsukai hyou) from any Japan Post branch and fill it in by hand. 
  1. Fanclub account number - 00180-7-605272.  Align the third section to the left so that the first cell (from the left) is empty.  
  2. Total ticket price - [(Ticket price x # of tickets) + ¥500 fee]
  3. Payee's name - Arashi Concert Department (嵐コンサート事務局)
  4. This is the area you write all your information, as laid out in the instructions sent by the fanclub. It's pretty much the same everytime. You need to number everything as well: (1) The name of the concert/tour, ie. 嵐 国立コンサート2009, (2) FC number (8 digits)  - A00000000, (3) # of tickets, (4) You have to write it out that way because the people in the office music be dumb... (Price x # of tickets) + ¥500 = total price, (5) Phone number and/or email address
  5. (6) Which show(s) you are balloting for. Sometimes they give you 3 choices, sometimes not. Write the concert code of the shows.
  6. (7) Your address, (8) name, (9) phone number
  7. The stub on the right is your copy but you still should write it out all nice. They change information they want you to write in the tiniest info box in the world but this time they want your address, name, phone number, # of tickets and the concert code of your number one choice. They don't specify more, but there's no room for more.
I'm not going to post this to any communities but if you want to share it around, go for it. 
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So instead of doing anything productive tonight (making gyoza from scratch, writing, beta reading), I translated. There was too much "Omfg, I can't believe I have to do this crap," thinly-if-at-all-vieled sarcasm not to. :D

Maybe I'll translate the cross-talk from the Everything video shoot next. They talk about how it looked like a skate park and these kids at the location were shouting "Ossan, bye-byeee~!" to Ohno the whole time. XD
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As with everything else, everyone's heard of this before me.

After all my classes are done for the day, I check my phone and have this email from Andrew: "Michael Jackson's dead." I was speechless. Apparently it was on the news in the morning, Niwata-sensei said, just a couple of seconds before the caster moved on to some news about Aso Taro. Is that all we can spare for someone, as fucked up as got in his later years, is the icon of a generation (or two)?

I only got to know of Michael Jackson around the time of his Dangerous album, which you could say was the last good work of his career. He ever really did anything phenomenal after that, but I great up listening to his music. Everyone my age (and older) knows the King. Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad are legendary. He's sold (and still selling?) an estimated 750 million records with 13 number 1 singles. He's won 13 Grammys. He's been an entertainer as long as I've been alive. He invented the Moonwalk. He's influenced countless musicians and dancers across the world. I bet you Ohno is pretty upset by the news. It's such a shame that he's going to be remembered as much for his scandals--the boys, the Ranch, the baby-dangling--as he will for his music and career. He was only 50.

I haven't been able to find much coverage on his passing but there are some statements from the executives at Sony on his website on what a wonderful person he was. The cause of death is unknown, but it's presumed to be cardiac arrest. They were scheduled to perform an autopsy today. And just before he was supposed to perform fifty sold-out concerts in London starting next month.

Rest In Peace
Michael Jackson
August 28, 1958 - June 25, 2009
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I got the official announcement email from Johnny's web today. I haven't even looked at the comms but this is more for my information than anyone else's. Apologies to anyone for reading this for the sixty-second time.

Cut to save your flist! )

Well, the fact of the matter is I can't afford to go to the stadium show. If tickets were only 5,000 yen, like they were last time, maybe. But 7,000 is a lot and I'm going to Singapore. I would love to go to Tokyo Dome. It's close to home and I sure that it would just be fantastic show. Lydia will also probably be here! I wouldn't mind go to Nagoya. I've been there once, I know my way arond and what's the best way to get there and back. Tokyo is the most balloted venue, I think so I think there's a better shot at winning Nagoya, but it's the last venue. And the last shows are always the best.

I've got til the end of July to figure this out. I think I have more friends who want to go than tickets available. And I wouldn't want people to make plans to come all the way here from overseas especially for the concert and then have no tickets.

Now that it's official, I really want to go!
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I think I've figured out why I don't get Arashi news first (like you think I would, living in Japan)--I don't stalk 2ch or read any of the newspapers. But that's what LJ is for.

I love best-of albums. This one, I will pay money for. I wonder what kind of extra goodies they will include. The last few releases have come with a DVD. Maybe some kind of mini-documentary? And a concert~ I'm not surprised? Well, after the rumors before, it was bound to happen. Rumors don't just start from nowhere. And it's pretty much the same as was reported before. I'd love to stay in Tokyo for a show, rather than have to travel somewhere. But I can't afford a concert in August with Singapore in the mix. Maybe Tokyo Dome? Yvonne won't be in Nagoya anymore for me to crash but if I had a friend or two (or three) to travel with, that would be fun too. We could find somewhere to crash or just take a bus back to Tokyo afterwards. Since I've been to a show in Nagoya already, I know we could make it on time for the bus back. And it's the last show and if all my years in theatre are anything to go by, the last show is always the best. :) We'll see what happens with ballots.

Is it too early to ask who wants to go with me? LOL Never to soon to start planning, I guess. If the first show is in August, then balloting should be starting soon. It's only 2 months away. I'll probably get the FC announcement in the mail in the next few days. Come on, Johnny. I'm overdue to win something!

Long day of grade 6 today. At least they are an energetic bunch for the most part. Some maybe too energetic... At least the day will go fast. And then I have to go pay all my bills. Good-bye, 80,000 yen.

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