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So I didn't get tickets to his showcase and I made my peace with that. On Friday he write on Mixi that was going to play another show in Shinjuku on Tuesday and if you wanted to go, send your name in and they'd reserve you some tickets at the door. So I asked Ginny along because I know she's got a love for Japanese boybands and this isn't that far of a stretch and I haven't seen her for a while.

We met up in Shinjuku and grab some dinner and then try and find this live house. I thought I was smart because I printed out a map at work but the map was complete crap and we ended up walking around (not through, around) Kabukicho for like a hour before finding the place. If they had put the big love hotel on the map and we would have found it right away. Anyway.

We arrived at about 8pm and Joe wasn't scheduled to go on until about 8:50. We caught the end of this band from Kyoto and another which was really good. They're doing a one man show (which means... their own show) on the 2nd and I'm contemplating going but I'm going to be leaving the house at like 6 to go to the airport the next day so maybe not.

I saw some of the same people who were at Joe's show 2 weeks ago (and I know at least one recognized me) but there were quite a few more than last time. Even this 12-year-old kid with his mom! The set list was the same but he forgot the lyrics to one song and had a some technical difficulties with the computer but generally seemed more comfortable on stage than last time. He started doing some impressions (Hard Gay, guys.) and people were throwing some requests out like the donguri song (yeah, that one from Uta no Oniisan) and Nirvana. But what do he actually play? Some Michael Jackson: Bille Jean as suggested by me. And even moonwalked. I thought maybe that might be a bit off colour seeing as how, you know, MJ is no longer with us, but whatever. I win. Not to mention he totally saw me and pointed from the stage during the final song.

This time he had a little survey to fill out (name, age, gender, where you from, how'd you hear about me, what's your favourite song, what other artists do you like, etc) and merchandise for sale. There was stuff there and I had wanted to get a CD before but just never got around to it so I talked Ginny into lending me money. This was before I even realized he was sitting there at the table signing stuff.

We kind of jump the line by accident and hand him our questionnaires (which I may or may not have wrote too much in the "message" portion). I'd had 3 beers, that's my excuse. I appologize and blush like a beet and jump the back of the line (I forget how much my feet are hurting for a while) and when we get to the front, he's got the album I'd asked for (the last one~!) set aside and goes, "Heather, right?" (Insert squeel here.) So he asks me if I live in Japan and if I'm fluent and what I do for a living... it's like a 1 minute conversation but it was just. I don't want to reduce myself to the same level as those girls who were taking all these pictures on their phones and probably write him ganbare messages on his BBS and Mixi everyday. I'm not that bad. It sounds so fucking lame but this is a dream come true. I'd thought, what if I was able to get something signed? I never thought it would actually happen. I hope that when he gets to be super famous, he'll remember this Canadian fan in Japan that he met.

Bonus: I turned Ginny into a fangirl. She kept saying, "He's so hot!!" even after the show ended. Aftewards, we spent a good hour and a half chatting at the shrine about music and boys. It was so great!

The only thing that would make this better would be to wake up with a thank you note message from him on Mixi but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one. I think I've been lucky enough.

And now some pictures! )

And now after that night of sheer awesome, my feet are absolutely shredded. Damn you, new shoes! I would have been fine had it not been for effing getting lost in Kabukicho and walking in circles trying to find the damn club. And now, it's 1:56am and I'm totally not sleepy at all. I've done the 4 hours of sleep thing and it really is not conducive to work but what can you do? Luckily I've got 1st free and only 3 classes tomorrow. Maybe I can get another chunk of my remix done! I'm already at 1500 words.
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Just watched this week's Shukudai-kun. Who else thinks Aiba was trying to flirt with the guest? He totally stole the show! Him and his flirting and molesting Nino's face. They seemed quite relaxed this week. Vacation pays off. And Leader got a trim; he's starting to look a bit more like himself which is good. But that velour hoodie made a come-back; not approved.

I love that Aibaland game. I should institute that at a party. I want to host an 80s party with Andrew now after all the fun we had on Saturday. I just want to hang out with Erica again. That girl is a riot. I wonder if there's a way to embed video from Facebook? Hrm. No dice.

I put two giant cloves of garlic in my spaghetti. I was crazy delicious but now I can smell garlic everytime I breathe. That's a first. I feel full and satisfied. Too bad my (in)box doesn't feel that way. :O

Oh shit. I just found all of the last few cycles of Top Model. OH DAMN.
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This is huge. Just like Ohno. )

We headed into the Dome around 5pm and got in our seats and sat for an hour since we knew we'd be standing for the 3 hours of the concert. The stage was over home plate and we were sitting on the first base side. If we were watching baseball, it would have been a pretty good seat. We were in the first level of stands, but nearly at the back. Actually, the same seats as when I went to Koda Kumi in Tokyo Dome but closer to the stage. We had a good view of the right stage where they had a carnival tent in the set. There was a little hot air ballon on the top of the set that said "Arashi". I thought it would do something... but it was just for show. We actually could see right into backstage when the curtain was lifted near the end, but only saw crew running around. There was a screen on our side, and we could see the one at the back of the Dome, but not the one on the left. They weren't great seats, it would have been nice to be closer, but when they ran onto our side of the stage and road the floats around the Dome we could at least see their faces clearly. :D

I appologize, I took my camera (which they didn't take.. they had a desk set up at the door where you could hand it over voluntarily... as if anyone would) but didn't take any pictures. I knew from my Koda experience that my camera takes shit pictures with no flash and in a concert the flash doesn't do anything anyway. I was a bit scared to even try to take some video because I've heard that Japanese fans are nazi about that kind of stuff. But I took a little bit! :D This was our view of the stage from my shitty camera phone:

On the screens they had the album Dream Alive logo and played trailers for Kakushi Toride, Hanadan and Yatterman. They also did a teaser for 24Jikan Terebi which was cute. They asked each member "Who is the most likely to cry this time?"
Sho: That'll be Aiba-kun.
Nino: I think Aiba.
Jun: Aiba. (So blunt. XD)
Ohno: It'll be Aiba-kun, won't it?
Aiba: (AD: So everyone said it would be you...) Again? Ahh...
Then they all said something about the theme "Oath", Aiba made a pun which I didn't get but everyone else did. It was a laugh.

At 6pm people were still straggling in but the crowd started chanting "Arashi! Arashi!". The Japanese are nothing if not prompt. Soon the lights went off... and the music started up... it was an instrumental with a fast beat and then BAM some pyrotechnics and Aiba on stage!

Set List:
Move your body
Life goes on
Step and Go
Love so sweet
Everybody Zenshin
Take me faraway
Hip Pop Boogie
Hello Goodbye
We can make it!
Kitto Daijoubu

Ohmiya SK

Sakura Sake
Fight Song
a Day in Our Life
Gimmick Game
Green (made specially for this tour)
Once Again
theme of Dream-A-Live (Member Introductions)
Lucky Man
Hadashi no Mirai
Oh yeah!
Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono

[Encore 1]
Do my best
五里霧中 (Gori Muchuu)
Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi

[Encore 2]
One Love

[Encore 3]
Pikanchi Double

They all did a little solo dance before coming together in the middle of the main stage to open with Move Your Body. The screen on our side focused on Aiba and... I forgot who else, while the others were on the far screen so we couldn't see. They were wearing some hot black and silver costumes and sigh... what a good start. It started off with such high energy and pyrotechnics! I loved how we could see the swing of Aiba's ass from where we were sitting. XD Latin hips is right. They sang the first four songs and then did their "Hellos". Jun went first, "Hisashiburi! Iya... Hajimemashite~" "Long time no see! No... Nice to meet you~" because it was the first time playing at Nagoya Dome. Nino did his signature Irashaimaseee and Sho pumped up the crowd with several rounds of "Arashi" chanting.

After Sho ran backstage, the Juniors in hideous clown outfits came out and jumped around and the infamous female dancers had ribbons entertained the crowd until the curtain of the tent open and you could see this giant fucking merry-go-round horse. I knew it was going to be a carnival theme after hearing Theme of Dream "A"live but I was hoping it would be closer to Janet's Velvet Rope tour. Jun was riding the horse, Aiba on a box (a present?) that had screens embedded in the side which gave close ups, Sho on a heart with balloons inside it floating around, Ohno was on thing that looked like bubble tea or an ice cream float that spewed out bubbles. I don't remember the order in the middle, but Nino brought up the rear on a giant sunflower. All I can say about these costumes is: mutant clowns. The hideous mermaid thing from Time must have been recycled for these... I can't even describe how awful they were. Luckily, they were the worst. They stopped at the back of the Dome and the horse and flower elevated when they were singing but can't remember which song. They rode the floats around all around the dome and by the fourth song they'd made it back to the main stage and then finished off with Carnival Night. I took pride in knowing that I didn't need the letters on the screen to spell "Carnival" and pronounce the letters properly... damn the teacher in me. XD It was fun though, singing along with everyone.

The first solo was Ohno's. HOT doesn't even begin to describe it. He kept to the middle of the main stage and had some VTR footage behind him but I didn't even watch that. For the first third of the song, it was just him on the stage singing. He wasn't really dancing much at first but when he did..... omg those hips. The rolling... liquid is the best word to describe it. It wasn't as intense as I've seen other concert footage but he did some fun choreo with chairs and only had 2 back-up dancers but they were only there for about half the song. As if I didn't love it before... No blazer this time, but a gold sleeveless top and black pants. Classicly good looking.

Sho's solo was next and started with a short skit with some of the dancers way far left with a ghetto blaster. Then he came out in a rather... hmmmm costume. Nothing super heinous but nothing that exciting either. An ugly vest and a shirt tied around his waist was the worst of it. He made his way down the main stage to the end of the catwalk where he did most of the choreo with dancers. I think they fucked up at one part because the formation wasn't even but I didn't really notice. It was a good solo... but I read he was working with some dude on the choreo but it doesn't even stick with me now. Good perf but not really memorable?

Next costume change was classy blue (shiny) suits with dark shirts. They had little feather broaches (can't forget the feathers!) but I didn't even notice them until I caught it in the edge of the screen near the end of Sirius. They brought out a table and Matsujun and one of the girls did a bit of skit. He gave her a present but then one of the others grabbed him away? Or went off-stage with the girl? I can't remember now. Oh well. The boys did some pair dancing with the girls which was fucking hot. Arashi in suits are my favourite kind of Arashi but then you have them being manly and leading? I'm sold. When they sang Sirius they turned on the blue lights and moved to part of the stage on hydraulics that moved them to all different levels. The girls were dancing around them in white, doing some kind of ballet routine which was really quite pretty. I would have thought it would be nice and appropriate to have the constellation on the screens but you can't have everything. And here's the 7 seconds of (shitty) video I managed to take:

That blurry pixelated thing is Ohno... and you can kind of hear him singing?

Aiba's solo was just too cute! We saw girls wearing the same costume outside before the show and I remember thinking "WTF are they wearing?" but there were lots of people wearing outrages and matching things with their friends in their favourite members colour. Pinkish plaid shorts and matching hoodie with a white t-shirt. Something was on the back of the hoodie but I couldn't read it. He danced down at the end of the catwalk with background dancers (no stupid hands this time) and the crowd was doing his furi (um.. hand dance?) with him after the second chorus.

The next costumes were my favourite. Shiny pants. VERY SHINY. They were almost blinding because the lights were reflecting off them into my eyes. They all jumped onto their little trucks and the crew pushed them into the middle of the floor, all in a line across the middle of the dome for Kitto Daijoubu. I loved it! They were pushed to the middle and jumped onto the end of the catwalk for the MC.

I wish I had worked harder on studying Japanese because I think I missed a lot. :( They talked about baseball and couldn't figure out where home base was. Aiba talked about some team he was on called "Colours" (gayest name ever) and how even though the season was over, he kept it going? Nino mentioned being pitcher (for the Johnny's team, I guess). It was a bit of crock because Ohno hardly said anything during the MC. Aiba was a little chatterbox, as usual. They walked back to the main stage and Ohno and Nino disappeared. They talked about Jun's movie and asked who's seen it and a large chorus of people said yes! Then he asked something else and something else and everyone said yes... but I was lost. They asked who's seen Himitsu... Then they mentioned Freestyle and they prepared a special video. The lights go out and you see the gallery and some work and then Ohmiya SK pop out in front of the Ohmiya heads. I had a really hard time understanding it because they put on an accent (kind of like a gaijin? Haha). Yuji was taking the piss out of the guy who made the heads because it looks nothing like him. Nipple pinching (which looked real and like it hurt XD). Then they come out on stage and sing a song about Mikoshi (portable shrines)...? I don't even know. It was just pure ridiculousness. At one point in the skit Ohno is trying so hard not to laugh... Which made it even funnier. XD The other three came back out and talked about the character and showed a cute little animation with the caterpiller that turns into 5 butterflies. Aw. Kawaii.

After the video, the next song started and I could see faces on the screens but no bodies on the stage. Then this giant balloon comes out over the stage with the five of them suspended off of it, singing Sakura Sake. They were wearing orange costumes, just kind of regular clothes but orange. Aiba and Jun were flipping around and looking down at the crowd, Nino and Ohno were fucking around and Sho looked like he was hanging on for dear life. XD They floated across the Dome to the back stage and started singing Fight Song and Nino fucked up XD It was like he forgot to start singing as he was getting lowered. They sang fight song and riled up the crowd, doing flips and mucking around. I think the most I saw from Sho was kicking his legs a bit. I'm surprised he didn't drop his mic. When Nino got down he looked up and said, "Sho, you haven't done anything!!" and Sho just made a face back. Haha. On the back stage they sang Wish and a Day in Our Life. They jumped on the trucks and made their way back to the main stage while a giant blown up caterpiller was raised up and hung under the balloon.

Nino's solo... fkjadkfjadfladf. MAJOR HOT POINTS. Black and red costume, not too much sparkle. Pretty intricate choreo, I'd say. It's just such a hot song anyway but then when he sucks on his finger and drags it down his neck... PRICELESS. I can't really say much about his solo... It's probably the one I want to see again the most. JUST TOO HOT.

Jun came out next for his solo, and he started on the back stage. He wore a white suit with a waistcoat but no shirt. No sparkles! Maybe he had enough of them last time. He had both boys and girls dancing around him in white, it was very classy. They moved to the movable stage and stretched a white sheet over the audience, and the dancers had sheets too. They covered him up near the end and he popped out shirtless (uh.. that's supposed to be "naked", I guess) and finished off the song. I was expecting more after seeing the Hanadan island scene clips and pictures but at least he didn't look like a starving African child this year.

Ohno came out onto our side of the stage carrying a bag and gave a speech about it... something about the environment, do your part, blah blah, blah. The next song was called Green and they made it specially for this tour to go along with the bag. They are trying to be more "adult" I've heard (although how much more childish can you get with a carnival theme?) and they're being good idols and sending out a good message. It was a really sweet song. I actually understood some of the lyrics but I can't remember them now. :/ As they sang, they had VTR footage of greenery behind them. They all had kind of strange flashy costumes... Aiba looked like Captain America with red, white and blue. Maybe it was supposed to be a Union Jack... I don't know.

They sang Once Again and danced together on the main stage, it was a really good! And that was the song that Ohno said he wanted to dance together to. It was really well done. They sequeyed into the theme and did member introductions: Aiba did some back flips, Ohno made some really creepy faces, Nino did a "card trick". Then Jun introduced the juniors and dancers and I want to say he was speaking English but I couldn't tell. The first half of the show was actually quiet for a concert. I mean, I could still hear myself as I sang along but after the MC they turned it up a notch. For Hadashi no Mirai they jumped on the trucks and were positioned all throughout the crowd. I failed trying to do the furi... There were some Aiba and Sho fangirls next to us and they totally owned me. I didn't study hard enough. Haha. They made it back to the mainstage for Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono and then did their farewells before singing Your Song. To be honest, I didn't really like the song that much before I heard it live. I didn't even get around to translating the lyrics. But... to hear the entire room of nearly 50,000 people singing together... it was pretty amazing. I wonder what they felt like on stage, hearing that.

They go off, and the girls next to us start screaming "Arashi! Arashi! Arashi!" for the encore. It was miles better than Koda Kumi but the entire Dome couldn't get in sync. I want to know what that sounds like. They came out in the t-shirt and paint-splattered jeans for the encore and did Do My Best and Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi. For the second Encore, they came out in classed out pastel suits in their colours. Jun gave some shpiel about not singing A-RA-SHI and everyone went "Eehhhhh?" He looked a bit sheepish but introduced One Love and they sang that standing on the main stage. It's a really pretty song. Very mature. I am a bit sad they didn't do A-RA-SHI and it isn't often that you see a group still performing their debut song. If they were trying to go for the more "adult" image, I could see them not wanting to do it. But it's classic! But then again, maybe after 9 years, they secretly hate it. XD

Third encore, they ditched the suit jackets and came out to sing Pikanchi Double. That is probably my favourite song so I was happy that they ended with that. :D We had Sho and Ohno on our side of the stage and as Sho ran past Ohno he totally tried to cop a feel. In a huge way and we totally caught it. YES. That was the best way to end the show. The fangirls around us tried calling for another encore but I knew that was the end (hahaha... I sneaked a peak at a set list before hand...) so we booked it out of there. Luckily our aisle was right near the door so we were one of the first ones out. We hit a convenience store and rehydrated and waited for the crowds to disapate from the subway before heading to Yvonne's.

It was such a good show and they did a really good job but... I can't help but feel a little bit disappointed. Whether it was the audience being only so-so (better than Koda by MILES but nothing like the Time Con DVD audience) or that we were tired and grouchy, I don't know. Even the guys... they were energetic but I don't know. There were lots of families and kids and probably newbies. The lady right behind us had an uchiwa but looked positively board through the whole thing. Apparently, you don't cheer for ballads? You politely applaud. At the very end and after each encore, the crowd waved back and clapped politely but that's about it. What?? So I totally cheered, all by myself. In a crowd of nearly 50,000. And I would like to think that they heard me.

Great show and so happy that I got a chance to see them and be in the same room as them and all that mushy stuff but... I would love to go to Tokyo Dome. I've heard that those are the best shows and if the Time DVD is anything to go by, I'm sure it's true. Maaaybe I'll try again next year because you know they are going to do something big for their 10th anniversary but I don't know who I would go with. Maybe I'll go alone. X3 If I even get tickets. Maybe this show is only kind of meh because they want to do something extreme next year? Who knows.
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One More Love

I just watched MMA 69, the second Gokon Special. (The irony of having a group date for seniors at Arakawa Amusement Park and 69 was not lost on me!) I had to clip these because... why not? I can fangirl if I want to. They amuse me to no end. And... maybe it's just me trying to justify my retarded tendencies, but... don't you think each reflects their personality? Let's try and make this mildly objective.


OKAYOMFGHEATHER. I'm going to shut up now and watch another episode. I'll refrain from spamming with more videos.
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It's 7:45... I don't have to leave for 15 minutes but I have nothing to cook for breakfast (Yeah, haven't done that in months).  Conbini again... I wonder if I solely support my little Poplar convenience store because I go there daily.  Sometimes twice daily.  It's really pathetic. 

I think I'm going to beef up character profiles at work.  Maybe even with pictures XD because I don't have a printer at home.  Although I don't know if I'll be able to search for them or if the internet will be cunty and block everything.  I should rifle through my collection and send them to myself.  I'm getting a bit ambitious about what I can get away with doing at work.  Oops. 

Fuck, it's already half way through May?  Shit.  But this is a good week.  Friday is pay day and tickets are coming! 

19 days until Arashi!
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For sure downloading when Himitsu no Arashi-chan comes out tomorrow.  I was cackling through the entire show (except when I was trying not to look at the screen with the fucking bugs... dalfkja;dkfjasdlfk I've still got the creeps). 

Nino got to have fun wth killer whales; totally jealous. And take the piss out of Sho for having a boring aquarium segment.  However, the cream socks and the dark suit?  Someone call Stacy and Clinton, ASAP.  Ohno's hair... needs to go.  It looks like a wig or something.  It's so dried out from the bleach, it doesn't shine anymore!  Sad face.  I find it wonderfully ironic that I just wrote about the King of Pop the other day, and Ohno did MJ impressions.  Twice.  I serious love that man more with every passing day.  Watch out Sho, you're gonna get bumped out of first.  All you did today was sit and look pretty (with your spanky new haircut).  Nino was Ohno's pro this week.  XD  I died when they counted off.  Sexy man who does magic.  Jun and the bug cameraman... cool as it was, bugs freak the shit out of me so yeah.  No thanks.  Aiba's secret is that in his tansu he has an underwear corner and 1 in 6 have "Ninomiya" written on them.  HAHA.  And then proceed to check the underwear he's wearing.  Aiba flashed some skin this episode and looked pretty.  Come on Sho!  You're slacking here! 

Next week I think he goes and explores the underground of Tokyo?  Hm... interesting.  I saw something on the credits about Sakurai vs lady announcers?  Not sure.

Fangirling over.
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Why am I posting again?  I really need to find somethign else to do with my time.  I'm christening my TV by watching News Zero and Shukudai tonight. :D  Sho's hair is starting to get out of control... It's getting mulletesque.  But it looks like there is some red highlight action going on.  Hot!  He's interviewing 3 Olympic athletes.  I saw their star swimmer on a different program today: HOT.  He's interviewing swimmers: two girls and a guy.  A sport I actually understand!  I'm happy to see Olympic coverage getting into full swing (with or without Sho, sry).  The Japanese track suits look super cute~  Sakura of course.  I wonder what the Canadians have put together. 

Man, this guy Matsuda something is only 23... and the girls at 25.  One of the girls won gold in the 800 Free last Olympics.  Wow... Even Sho looks a bit star struck, if that's possible.

XD Aiba has a new AU CM for mother's day.  It's so cute~~  I finally got the "shovel" thing.  Talk = しゃべる (shaberu) = しゃべる (shaberu) = Shovel  OH those Japaneses, they're so clever.

Okay, I'm going to post this and stop writing.  It's got to be annoying for someone.  XD
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But before that...

ARASHI on MAY 31st!!

Fuck my computer is being a fucking righteous whore right now and pseudo-freezing up on me as I try and fangirl.  What gives?  I'm still in shock about getting tickets, I hadn't really expected to get them to be honest.  I'm kind of glad it's not Tokyo Dome because that places is fucking massive (not that Nagoya Dome isn't, but it's Tokyo Dome).  I have to spend more money on bus tickets and to get there and back, but it'll be a fun road trip with Chelsea and we'll crash at Yvonne's place.  I'm pissed off at the stupid bus company because they won't let me order tickets online so I have to call them tomorrow.  But at least then I can pay cash at Family Mart and not risk having my visa rejected because it's expired. 

Went with Amanda to the IES head office to sign my contract today.  Mr Oishi fucking yaked for an hour reading us out contract which, just like the last time, was totally unnecessary.  He said a few people were getting raises to reward their high performance but I'm exempt because I only worked since December.  Fuck that!  They're also splitting the year into two 6-month contract terms in case people want to bow out half way through or get sacked.  Works in my favour when I plan on leaving Japan in years time.  The pay is distributed a bit differently this year and we have all of August off.  What am I going to do with myself??  It would be a sweet time for traveling, but fucking expensive because everyone is off.  I might look at going back to Canada for a bit, but I doubt I'll be able to afford that.  They also told me (finally) that I'm back at Toyo Chu and Dai Ni Shou.  Excellent!  I'll also be at elementary school once a week for sure.  They want us to interact with the kids more, like participate in classes with them (like art, music, etc).  I'm so excited!  I want to learn shoudo (calligraphy) so I can do it with CUTE CHILDRENS!!!  I'm excited to go back to work.  :)

Afterwards we went to Azabu-juban and had a late lunch/early dinner at 4pm at La Boheme, this kitchy Italian restaurant.  It was super delicious but I was hungry again by 7pm.  Amanda and Nikki went there for lunch yesterday and had a set lunch for about 1000yen which included a glass of white wine.  Ours wasn't that cheap, lunch set ends by 2pm, but it was so delicious and the waiter spoke English.  Not that I can't handle myself in Japanese, but its nice not to have to try so hard sometimes.  Will definitely have to go back and try that.

I'm still reeling... I just can't believe it.  :D :D  I'm going to post on my family blog about it even though they have no idea about Arashi after restarting this beast.

More Prep

Jul. 14th, 2007 12:21 pm
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I got my visa from the Japanese Consulate today!  It's pretty... lame.  It's not even shiny or anything.  Only single entry, which might cause me grief if I want to travel.  And my picture looks fucking heinous.  But, oh well.  I should just accept the fact that I'm not as thin as I used to be.  I've definitely put 20lbs on since high school and it makes me sad.  I don't suppose that not going to work and lazing around at home will help with that problem...

I emailed Amy as well asking about housing and she said that they should be receiving the assignments early next week and will be forwarding them out ASAP.  That's good to hear I guess... only 3 more days until I (possibly) know where in Japan I'll be staying? 

Time to get dressed and do more purging from my closet.  I'm going to drive this bag-o-clothes over to Alison's place so I can get it out of my hallway.  Chris said he would bring me some boxes home tonight so I can start packing.  Ahh scary!

Also, just because I can:
I actually was wanting to create my own layout for this blog today, with Arashi as the theme, of course, but I thought that might be too fangirly and people who would be reading this wouldn't get it.  But who gives a hoot what they think anyway? :D
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I've spent the last few days going through all my shit: bills, paperwork, school stuff, clothes, books.  I'm doing my best to lighten as much as I can.  I even sold my old monitor the other day for $50.  I've started backing up files on my computer as well, starting with my pictures.  Once I have them on disc, I could just delete them... but only if I need the space. XD  I've deleted videos that I've burned to DVD because those take up the most room.  Really, I started doing that so I could download more... I'm only 2-3 episodes away from completing ProDai and KCE.  Bambino isn't done yet, subbing on that project is kind of slow.  Andrew suggested I burn the favourite CD's to my computer and leave them here.  I'm going to back up my mp3s as well, because I have a LOT.  And I should go through them and delete shit I don't even listen to anymore... which actually is everything except Arashi and KAT-TUN these days... :3  Haha.  I'm such a fangirl sometimes.  But its practice!  At least that's the excuse I'm using.

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