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My copy of the photobook arrived!  This is a great momento of the concert I got to see.  And the song... that is what I have been craving from Arashi for a while now.  Something layered, overmixed, fast-paced, energetic.  It reminds me of Cool & Soul.  But trust Sho to write something I can't freaking understand without a dictionary.  I'll have to transcribe the lyrics and pick out the meaning.  It took until they started rapping for me to believe it was actually something by them.  That is a great sign.  Best ¥2500 I ever spent. 

Got new flipflops from Tokyu Hands to replace mine but the vest I was going to get was gone today!  I should have just bought it yesterday when I saw it.  You snooze, you lose I guess.  Damn.

I got a recipe book today as well!  I was flipping through it on the train back from Keigo's and there are so many delicious looking things!  I think I should start a food blog for all the posts I write about food.  There are a good handful I want to try.  It's an "autumn recipe book" so I can use all the vegetables that are on the shelves now.  I sent an invite out to Nikki, Amanda and Sachiyo for them to come to dinner on Sunday but I bet they will all have plans already.   Andrew is useless to cook for because he hates all vegetables.  

It's 7pm... I should cook.  I got some fish yesterday and I have carrots that need to be eaten... I should look through my new book to see if there are any good salmon things I can make. :D  And then... more Zelda.  Or I might hanker down and read more Bill Bryson tonight.  Or maybe study.  Andrew registered for his kanken test, I suppose I should do the same.  Closer to home this time since we won't be tested at the same time anyway.

Michelle might be coming to Japan in the fall. Excited!  She said September but I don't know if she meant this September (as in, now) or next September.  

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This is huge. Just like Ohno. )

We headed into the Dome around 5pm and got in our seats and sat for an hour since we knew we'd be standing for the 3 hours of the concert. The stage was over home plate and we were sitting on the first base side. If we were watching baseball, it would have been a pretty good seat. We were in the first level of stands, but nearly at the back. Actually, the same seats as when I went to Koda Kumi in Tokyo Dome but closer to the stage. We had a good view of the right stage where they had a carnival tent in the set. There was a little hot air ballon on the top of the set that said "Arashi". I thought it would do something... but it was just for show. We actually could see right into backstage when the curtain was lifted near the end, but only saw crew running around. There was a screen on our side, and we could see the one at the back of the Dome, but not the one on the left. They weren't great seats, it would have been nice to be closer, but when they ran onto our side of the stage and road the floats around the Dome we could at least see their faces clearly. :D

I appologize, I took my camera (which they didn't take.. they had a desk set up at the door where you could hand it over voluntarily... as if anyone would) but didn't take any pictures. I knew from my Koda experience that my camera takes shit pictures with no flash and in a concert the flash doesn't do anything anyway. I was a bit scared to even try to take some video because I've heard that Japanese fans are nazi about that kind of stuff. But I took a little bit! :D This was our view of the stage from my shitty camera phone:

On the screens they had the album Dream Alive logo and played trailers for Kakushi Toride, Hanadan and Yatterman. They also did a teaser for 24Jikan Terebi which was cute. They asked each member "Who is the most likely to cry this time?"
Sho: That'll be Aiba-kun.
Nino: I think Aiba.
Jun: Aiba. (So blunt. XD)
Ohno: It'll be Aiba-kun, won't it?
Aiba: (AD: So everyone said it would be you...) Again? Ahh...
Then they all said something about the theme "Oath", Aiba made a pun which I didn't get but everyone else did. It was a laugh.

At 6pm people were still straggling in but the crowd started chanting "Arashi! Arashi!". The Japanese are nothing if not prompt. Soon the lights went off... and the music started up... it was an instrumental with a fast beat and then BAM some pyrotechnics and Aiba on stage!

Set List:
Move your body
Life goes on
Step and Go
Love so sweet
Everybody Zenshin
Take me faraway
Hip Pop Boogie
Hello Goodbye
We can make it!
Kitto Daijoubu

Ohmiya SK

Sakura Sake
Fight Song
a Day in Our Life
Gimmick Game
Green (made specially for this tour)
Once Again
theme of Dream-A-Live (Member Introductions)
Lucky Man
Hadashi no Mirai
Oh yeah!
Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono

[Encore 1]
Do my best
五里霧中 (Gori Muchuu)
Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi

[Encore 2]
One Love

[Encore 3]
Pikanchi Double

They all did a little solo dance before coming together in the middle of the main stage to open with Move Your Body. The screen on our side focused on Aiba and... I forgot who else, while the others were on the far screen so we couldn't see. They were wearing some hot black and silver costumes and sigh... what a good start. It started off with such high energy and pyrotechnics! I loved how we could see the swing of Aiba's ass from where we were sitting. XD Latin hips is right. They sang the first four songs and then did their "Hellos". Jun went first, "Hisashiburi! Iya... Hajimemashite~" "Long time no see! No... Nice to meet you~" because it was the first time playing at Nagoya Dome. Nino did his signature Irashaimaseee and Sho pumped up the crowd with several rounds of "Arashi" chanting.

After Sho ran backstage, the Juniors in hideous clown outfits came out and jumped around and the infamous female dancers had ribbons entertained the crowd until the curtain of the tent open and you could see this giant fucking merry-go-round horse. I knew it was going to be a carnival theme after hearing Theme of Dream "A"live but I was hoping it would be closer to Janet's Velvet Rope tour. Jun was riding the horse, Aiba on a box (a present?) that had screens embedded in the side which gave close ups, Sho on a heart with balloons inside it floating around, Ohno was on thing that looked like bubble tea or an ice cream float that spewed out bubbles. I don't remember the order in the middle, but Nino brought up the rear on a giant sunflower. All I can say about these costumes is: mutant clowns. The hideous mermaid thing from Time must have been recycled for these... I can't even describe how awful they were. Luckily, they were the worst. They stopped at the back of the Dome and the horse and flower elevated when they were singing but can't remember which song. They rode the floats around all around the dome and by the fourth song they'd made it back to the main stage and then finished off with Carnival Night. I took pride in knowing that I didn't need the letters on the screen to spell "Carnival" and pronounce the letters properly... damn the teacher in me. XD It was fun though, singing along with everyone.

The first solo was Ohno's. HOT doesn't even begin to describe it. He kept to the middle of the main stage and had some VTR footage behind him but I didn't even watch that. For the first third of the song, it was just him on the stage singing. He wasn't really dancing much at first but when he did..... omg those hips. The rolling... liquid is the best word to describe it. It wasn't as intense as I've seen other concert footage but he did some fun choreo with chairs and only had 2 back-up dancers but they were only there for about half the song. As if I didn't love it before... No blazer this time, but a gold sleeveless top and black pants. Classicly good looking.

Sho's solo was next and started with a short skit with some of the dancers way far left with a ghetto blaster. Then he came out in a rather... hmmmm costume. Nothing super heinous but nothing that exciting either. An ugly vest and a shirt tied around his waist was the worst of it. He made his way down the main stage to the end of the catwalk where he did most of the choreo with dancers. I think they fucked up at one part because the formation wasn't even but I didn't really notice. It was a good solo... but I read he was working with some dude on the choreo but it doesn't even stick with me now. Good perf but not really memorable?

Next costume change was classy blue (shiny) suits with dark shirts. They had little feather broaches (can't forget the feathers!) but I didn't even notice them until I caught it in the edge of the screen near the end of Sirius. They brought out a table and Matsujun and one of the girls did a bit of skit. He gave her a present but then one of the others grabbed him away? Or went off-stage with the girl? I can't remember now. Oh well. The boys did some pair dancing with the girls which was fucking hot. Arashi in suits are my favourite kind of Arashi but then you have them being manly and leading? I'm sold. When they sang Sirius they turned on the blue lights and moved to part of the stage on hydraulics that moved them to all different levels. The girls were dancing around them in white, doing some kind of ballet routine which was really quite pretty. I would have thought it would be nice and appropriate to have the constellation on the screens but you can't have everything. And here's the 7 seconds of (shitty) video I managed to take:

That blurry pixelated thing is Ohno... and you can kind of hear him singing?

Aiba's solo was just too cute! We saw girls wearing the same costume outside before the show and I remember thinking "WTF are they wearing?" but there were lots of people wearing outrages and matching things with their friends in their favourite members colour. Pinkish plaid shorts and matching hoodie with a white t-shirt. Something was on the back of the hoodie but I couldn't read it. He danced down at the end of the catwalk with background dancers (no stupid hands this time) and the crowd was doing his furi (um.. hand dance?) with him after the second chorus.

The next costumes were my favourite. Shiny pants. VERY SHINY. They were almost blinding because the lights were reflecting off them into my eyes. They all jumped onto their little trucks and the crew pushed them into the middle of the floor, all in a line across the middle of the dome for Kitto Daijoubu. I loved it! They were pushed to the middle and jumped onto the end of the catwalk for the MC.

I wish I had worked harder on studying Japanese because I think I missed a lot. :( They talked about baseball and couldn't figure out where home base was. Aiba talked about some team he was on called "Colours" (gayest name ever) and how even though the season was over, he kept it going? Nino mentioned being pitcher (for the Johnny's team, I guess). It was a bit of crock because Ohno hardly said anything during the MC. Aiba was a little chatterbox, as usual. They walked back to the main stage and Ohno and Nino disappeared. They talked about Jun's movie and asked who's seen it and a large chorus of people said yes! Then he asked something else and something else and everyone said yes... but I was lost. They asked who's seen Himitsu... Then they mentioned Freestyle and they prepared a special video. The lights go out and you see the gallery and some work and then Ohmiya SK pop out in front of the Ohmiya heads. I had a really hard time understanding it because they put on an accent (kind of like a gaijin? Haha). Yuji was taking the piss out of the guy who made the heads because it looks nothing like him. Nipple pinching (which looked real and like it hurt XD). Then they come out on stage and sing a song about Mikoshi (portable shrines)...? I don't even know. It was just pure ridiculousness. At one point in the skit Ohno is trying so hard not to laugh... Which made it even funnier. XD The other three came back out and talked about the character and showed a cute little animation with the caterpiller that turns into 5 butterflies. Aw. Kawaii.

After the video, the next song started and I could see faces on the screens but no bodies on the stage. Then this giant balloon comes out over the stage with the five of them suspended off of it, singing Sakura Sake. They were wearing orange costumes, just kind of regular clothes but orange. Aiba and Jun were flipping around and looking down at the crowd, Nino and Ohno were fucking around and Sho looked like he was hanging on for dear life. XD They floated across the Dome to the back stage and started singing Fight Song and Nino fucked up XD It was like he forgot to start singing as he was getting lowered. They sang fight song and riled up the crowd, doing flips and mucking around. I think the most I saw from Sho was kicking his legs a bit. I'm surprised he didn't drop his mic. When Nino got down he looked up and said, "Sho, you haven't done anything!!" and Sho just made a face back. Haha. On the back stage they sang Wish and a Day in Our Life. They jumped on the trucks and made their way back to the main stage while a giant blown up caterpiller was raised up and hung under the balloon.

Nino's solo... fkjadkfjadfladf. MAJOR HOT POINTS. Black and red costume, not too much sparkle. Pretty intricate choreo, I'd say. It's just such a hot song anyway but then when he sucks on his finger and drags it down his neck... PRICELESS. I can't really say much about his solo... It's probably the one I want to see again the most. JUST TOO HOT.

Jun came out next for his solo, and he started on the back stage. He wore a white suit with a waistcoat but no shirt. No sparkles! Maybe he had enough of them last time. He had both boys and girls dancing around him in white, it was very classy. They moved to the movable stage and stretched a white sheet over the audience, and the dancers had sheets too. They covered him up near the end and he popped out shirtless (uh.. that's supposed to be "naked", I guess) and finished off the song. I was expecting more after seeing the Hanadan island scene clips and pictures but at least he didn't look like a starving African child this year.

Ohno came out onto our side of the stage carrying a bag and gave a speech about it... something about the environment, do your part, blah blah, blah. The next song was called Green and they made it specially for this tour to go along with the bag. They are trying to be more "adult" I've heard (although how much more childish can you get with a carnival theme?) and they're being good idols and sending out a good message. It was a really sweet song. I actually understood some of the lyrics but I can't remember them now. :/ As they sang, they had VTR footage of greenery behind them. They all had kind of strange flashy costumes... Aiba looked like Captain America with red, white and blue. Maybe it was supposed to be a Union Jack... I don't know.

They sang Once Again and danced together on the main stage, it was a really good! And that was the song that Ohno said he wanted to dance together to. It was really well done. They sequeyed into the theme and did member introductions: Aiba did some back flips, Ohno made some really creepy faces, Nino did a "card trick". Then Jun introduced the juniors and dancers and I want to say he was speaking English but I couldn't tell. The first half of the show was actually quiet for a concert. I mean, I could still hear myself as I sang along but after the MC they turned it up a notch. For Hadashi no Mirai they jumped on the trucks and were positioned all throughout the crowd. I failed trying to do the furi... There were some Aiba and Sho fangirls next to us and they totally owned me. I didn't study hard enough. Haha. They made it back to the mainstage for Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono and then did their farewells before singing Your Song. To be honest, I didn't really like the song that much before I heard it live. I didn't even get around to translating the lyrics. But... to hear the entire room of nearly 50,000 people singing together... it was pretty amazing. I wonder what they felt like on stage, hearing that.

They go off, and the girls next to us start screaming "Arashi! Arashi! Arashi!" for the encore. It was miles better than Koda Kumi but the entire Dome couldn't get in sync. I want to know what that sounds like. They came out in the t-shirt and paint-splattered jeans for the encore and did Do My Best and Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi. For the second Encore, they came out in classed out pastel suits in their colours. Jun gave some shpiel about not singing A-RA-SHI and everyone went "Eehhhhh?" He looked a bit sheepish but introduced One Love and they sang that standing on the main stage. It's a really pretty song. Very mature. I am a bit sad they didn't do A-RA-SHI and it isn't often that you see a group still performing their debut song. If they were trying to go for the more "adult" image, I could see them not wanting to do it. But it's classic! But then again, maybe after 9 years, they secretly hate it. XD

Third encore, they ditched the suit jackets and came out to sing Pikanchi Double. That is probably my favourite song so I was happy that they ended with that. :D We had Sho and Ohno on our side of the stage and as Sho ran past Ohno he totally tried to cop a feel. In a huge way and we totally caught it. YES. That was the best way to end the show. The fangirls around us tried calling for another encore but I knew that was the end (hahaha... I sneaked a peak at a set list before hand...) so we booked it out of there. Luckily our aisle was right near the door so we were one of the first ones out. We hit a convenience store and rehydrated and waited for the crowds to disapate from the subway before heading to Yvonne's.

It was such a good show and they did a really good job but... I can't help but feel a little bit disappointed. Whether it was the audience being only so-so (better than Koda by MILES but nothing like the Time Con DVD audience) or that we were tired and grouchy, I don't know. Even the guys... they were energetic but I don't know. There were lots of families and kids and probably newbies. The lady right behind us had an uchiwa but looked positively board through the whole thing. Apparently, you don't cheer for ballads? You politely applaud. At the very end and after each encore, the crowd waved back and clapped politely but that's about it. What?? So I totally cheered, all by myself. In a crowd of nearly 50,000. And I would like to think that they heard me.

Great show and so happy that I got a chance to see them and be in the same room as them and all that mushy stuff but... I would love to go to Tokyo Dome. I've heard that those are the best shows and if the Time DVD is anything to go by, I'm sure it's true. Maaaybe I'll try again next year because you know they are going to do something big for their 10th anniversary but I don't know who I would go with. Maybe I'll go alone. X3 If I even get tickets. Maybe this show is only kind of meh because they want to do something extreme next year? Who knows.
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1. theme of Dream”A”live
Composition ・Arrangement: ha-j

2. Move your body
Lyrics: HYDRANT 
Rap: Sakurai Sho 
Composition: Mike Rose 
Arrangement: ha-j

3. Happiness
Lyrics: Wonderland 
Composition: Okada Mio 
Arrangement: Kitagawa Gin

4. 虹の彼方へ
Lyrics: Miura Tomokazu 
Rap: Sakurai Sho 
Composition: Yoshikawa Kei 
Arrangement: Suzuki Masanari

5. Do my best
Lyrics ・Composition: youth case 
Arrangement: Kitagawa Gin 

6. シリウス
Lyrics: UNITe 
Composition: Kobayashi Kenki 
Arrangement: Ishizuka Tomoki

7. Flashback
Lyrics: Okawa Takashi 
Rap: Sakurai Sho 
Composition: Imai Akinori 
Composition: Abe Jun

8. Dive into the future
Lyrics: UNITe 
Composition: Mattias Hakansson / Carl Utbult / Anton Malmberg 
Arrangement: Iwata Masayuki

Lyrics: Okawa Takashi 
Composition: Tada Shinya 
Arrangement: NAOKI-T

10. My Answer
Lyrics ・Composition ・Arrangement: Sasamoto Yasushi 
Rap: Sakurai Sho

11. Life goes on

Lyrics: Tada Shinya 
Comoposition ・Arrangement: Iwata Masayuki

12. Step and Go

Lyrics: Wonderland 
Rap: Sakurai Sho 
Composition: youth case 
Arrangement: Yoshioka Taku

Lyrics ・Composition: Sugiyama Katsuhiko 
Arrangement: Takahashi Tetsuya

14. Once Again
Lyrics: Wonderland 
Rap: Sakurai Sho 
Composition:Alfred Tuohey / Thanh Bui 
Arrangement: CHOKKAKU

1. Hello Goodbye
Lyrics ・Composition: 100+ 
Arrangement: Ishizuka Tomoki

2. Gimmick Game
Lyrics ・Composition: Ninomiya Kazunari 
Arrangement: ISB / Ninomiya Kazunari

3. Take me faraway 
Lyrics ・Composition ・Arrangement: R.P.P.

4. Naked
Lyrics: Megumi / Hirota Yuka 
Composition ・Arrangement: Yoshioka Taku

5. Hip Pop Boogie
Lyrics: Sakurai Sho 
Track making: COUNT FORCE

* I added the names of composers and writers but probably misread them all.  Don't take this as absolute truth by any means!


May. 31st, 2008 05:49 am
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So I managed to get to sleep around... midnight?  And was woken up by someone flyering my mailbox at THREE AM.  What the shit?!  Who does that?  Seriously.  Then I woke up with my first alarm all confused because I ended up setting one at 4:45 because I didn't know if I'd have enough time to do everything.  Ahh shit, I didn't eat breakfast.  That's why I'm so early.  Damn.  Oh well.  I think the nerves are starting to hit so I don't even know if I could eat.  I haven't gotten these nerves since I flew to Japan!  I did my morning rituals and stuff, tidied up, put the futon away etc.  It's a miserable grey day.  :(  But I'm wearing an unbelievably bright pink shirt to compensate.  I wasn't going to leave the house unti 6 and that's not for a few minutes yet... but oh well.  Might as well go!  I'll see if I Starfucks is open and grab some breakfast.  By breakfast, I mean coffee.
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So much for planning to be in bed by 10.  I am waking up at 5am, will be out of the house by 6am and at Shinjuku by about 7:10.  I should feel jittery and stuff but I think I will be paranoid until the bus leaves.  : /  I am still torn on what to wear (yes, I'm such a girl) and which bag to take.  I'm packing light and the backpack is always the best choice for comfort but its annoying when you just have a bunch of little stuff all jammed at the bottom.  My messenger bag is better for that kind of thing, and easier to access, but it hurts my shoulder eventually.  Although... I don't think I'll actually be wearing it and walking for extended distances.  Whatever.  I could just take a purse if I didn't bring any clothes... I washed my pj pants but they are still wet.  They are the only ones that would scrunch small enough but still.  Grrr.  I guess messenger it is.  It was actually cold tonight when I went out to buy my new Ipod (henceforth known as Kazushi) that I had to wear a jacket.  I find traveling in cooler weather much more comfortable so I hope it stays that way tomorrow.  Damn, it says rain in Nagoya... But that means it'll be cooler... but also that I should take an umbrella.  FUCK.  Oh well.

Anyway... I should try and get to bed.  I will be in the presence of glitter and glory tomorrow night!  My camera is charging to document as much as possible and I have an Ipod chock full of music and video (didn't quite get through all 20 something Arashi PVs... maybe half?).  I even went through I got album artwork but only for half because I got frustrated and bored. 

I didn't remember to get my book from work.  I guess that's a plus because reading in vehicles makes me sick.  Got in contact with work and I have to go to the office and pick up those fucking papers for immigration.  What the shit.  At least I'll be in Tokyo already so that's not so bad but still. 

Sorry Ro, I didn't watch Clerks II yet. :(  Sunday night, unless I'm dead from the gayness.

I would think I would be more tired since I felt like utter ass this morning, it being Friday and having sang Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes five times today.  It must be the adrenaline.
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虹の彼方へ / Niji no anata e / To the otherside of the Rainbow
嵐 / Arashi

Fui ni ukanda kanjou mo
Suddenly my emotions heighten
噛み砕いては笑顔で隠して 過ごす毎日
Kamikudaite wa egao de kakushite  Sugosu mainichi
Chewing to hide the smiles, passing through every day
ほんの些細な痛みと 言えずに秘めた弱さ重ねては
Hon no sasai na itami to  Iezu ni himeta yowasa kasanete wa
You could say that this trivial ache repeatedly hides my weaknesses
Nani ka wo tameratteru
Something is hesitating

そうさどんな答えも 地図にはないけど
Sou sa donna kotae mo  Chizu ni wa nai kedo
That's right, what kind of answer aren't even on the map?
その気になって 踏み出せたら 道は開けるさ
Sono ki ni natte  Fumidasetara  Michi wa hirakeru sa
If I felt like taking a step forward, the way would be wide open

※高く羽ばたいて 果てしない夢だって あきらめないように
Takaku habataite  Hateshinai yume datte  Akiramenai you ni
I want to fly so high because my dreams are limitless, I am never going to give up
いつか追いかけた 虹の向こう 目指していこう
Itsuka oi kaketa  Niji no mukou  Me sashite ikou
Someday I'll chase it, go with my eye on the other side of the rainbow
ずっとずっと描き続けた世界が きっとそこにある※
Zutto zutto egaki tsuzuketa sekai ga  Kitto soko ni aru
Forever, the world that is continues to draw will certainly be there

電話越し 君の言葉
Denwa goshi  Kimi no kotoba
Through the phone your words
同じ温度を感じてしまうから 答えに戸惑ってる
Onaji ondo wo kanjite shimau kara  Kotae ni tomadotteru
Since I can feel the same temperature, the answer is confusing
そんな僕らにだって 明日は待ってる
Sonna bokura ni datte  Ashita wa matteru
Because we're like that, tomorrow is waiting
負けたっていいさ 何回だって 立ち上がれるから
Maketatte ii sa  Nankai datte  Tachi agereru kara
Losing is fine, even many times, if you are able to stand up

高く羽ばたくよ 誰だって そうやって 誇り持てるように
Takaku habataku yo  Dare datte  Sou yatte  Hokori moteru you ni
Soaring so high, anyone can do that, just hold on to your pride
だから僕らの手 今を照らす光になろう
Dakara bokura no te  Ima wo terasu hikari ni narou
Because our hands are now becoming shining light
ずっとずっと抱き続けた想いは まだここにある
Zutto zutto idaki tsuzuketa omoi wa  Mada koko ni aru
Forever, the thoughts that is continues to embrace are still right here

Boku wa aruiteku tada tantan to
I'm walking and can't help being apathetic
dom di gi dom di gi di gi dom dom

Ima ga sanzan demo koshi tantan
The present is harsh but I'm on the alert
何万もの涙 虹へjump up
Nan man mo no shizuku  Niji e jump up
Thousands upon thousands of drops,  jump up to the rainbow

そうさどんな答えも 地図にはないけど
Sou sa donna kotae mo  Chizu ni wa nai kedo
That's right, what kind of answer aren't even on the map?
その気になって 踏み出せたら 道は開けるさ
Sono ki ni natte  Fumidasetara  Michi wa hirakeru sa
If I felt like taking a step forward, the way would be wide open

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After doing the translation for this song, I am liking it more.  It still makes me think "Olympic Spirit Song" when I hear the intro.

My Answer
嵐 / Arashi

※伝えよう Just My Answer
Tsutaeyou Just My Answer
Let me tell you, just my answer
ほとばしる汗 宙を舞う
Hotobashiru ase Chuu wo mau
Gushing sweat, the air dances
鍛えよう Body & Soul
Kitaeyou Body and Soul
Let's forge our body and soul
ゴール目指す心 All in one※
Go--ru me sasu kokoro All in one
Point your heart to goal, all in one

Minami kaze to shakunetsu no kagerou
A southern wind and the scorch of the shimmering air
頬をつたり行く汗も そのままでいい だってもう…
Hou wo tsutari iku ase mo Sono mama de ii Datte mou...
The sweat travels down your cheek, but just like that is fine...
射てつくような陽射し はねかえすBig Wave
Itetsuku you na you shi Hanekaesu Big Wave
The sunbeam that is able to shine through rebounds against the big wave
季節巡り行くlike relay 浮き足立つ大自然
Kisetsu meguri iku like relay Uki ashi datsu daishizen
The seasons go around like a relay, Mother Nature is ready for flight

約束 君となら 夢叶う 未来
Yakusoku Kimi to nara Yume kanau Mirai
If I make a promise with you, my dream will be fulfilled: the future
Yeah!! 土砂降り まるでスコール
Yeah!! Doshaburi Maru de suko--ru
Yeah!! A downpour, a complete squall
晴れたなら Rainbow 君との架け橋 Good luck
Haretanara Rainbow Kimi to no kake hashi Good luck
If it clears up, a rainbow; our bridge overhead Good luck
疑いなし Be my girl
Utagai nashi Be my girl
I have no doubts, be my girl


青い海に ちりばめた宝石

Aoi umi ni Chiriba meta houseki
A jewel inlaid in the blue sea
紺碧のしぶき微笑み 見守ってる木漏れ日
Konpeki no shibuki hohoemi Mimamotteru komorebi
The smile of the azure spray, I keep my eyes on the sunlight streaming through the trees
潮風吹く堤防 君と見たFuture
Shiokaze fuku teibou Kimi to mita Future
The sea breeze blows against the dyke, I saw the future with you
暑さ抱きしめてる砂 ビーチシートで覆う蓋
Atsusa dakishimeteru sagan Bi--chi shi--to de oou futa
Warmly embracing the sandstone, I cover my face as I sit on the beach seat

二人を映し出す 大空のスクリーン
Futari wo utsushi dasu Oozora no sukuri--n
The two of us reflected in the screen of the Heavens
Oh!! 駆け抜けてくよSeason
Oh!! Kakenuketeku yo Season
Oh!! Passing through the seasons
刻み込むMy heart 君との思い出 Timeless
Kizamokomu My heart Kimi to no omoide Timeless
Engraved on my heart, my memories with you are timeless
戸惑いなく Be your man
Tomadoinaku Be your man
I'm not embarrassed to be your man

△Shine on! 限りなく
Shine on! Kagirinaku
Shine on! Endlessly
個々に秘めている Possibility
Koko ni himeteiru Possibility
Separately keeping secrets, Possibility
Ride on! 君のPower
Ride on! Kimi no Power
Ride on! Your power
追い風味方に Fall in love△
Oi kaze mikata ni Fall in love
Allied by a favorable wind, fall in love

Kore kara bokura doushiyou
What are we going to do now?
Hito natsu zutto touhikou
People always make their escape in the summer
Suikomareru hitomi no
Eyes that are able to absorb
Kagayaki souzou yijou
More than brilliant flights of fancy
もういましかないんだ だって…
Mou ima shikanainda datte...
It's already gone, but...
Pazuru no you omoi hamatteku
As the puzzle I remembered the beach
潮風後ろ髪触ってた One day
Shiokaze ushiro kami sawatteta One day
The sea breeze touched the back of your hair, one day
This is my answer that I say.

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[profile] tinybluemarble  did a much better job of this than I, but I thought I would give it a go anyway.  I am not going to read hers until I post this because I want to see how close I got!  XD  I also took the liberty of fixing their English.

Life Goes On
嵐 / Arashi

出来すぎてんのさ その手のストーリー 夢見るだけ夢見てる
Deki sugiten no sa Sono te no suto--ri-- Yume miru dake yume miteru
To be able to accomplish such stories,  Dreams are only dreamt
はかどらない今日もWork 昼下がりの街角
Hakadoranai kyou mo Work Hiru sagari no machikado
I didn't make any more progress today at work, the street corner of mid-afternoon
とにかく素敵な人に会った 右も左もわからない
Tonikaku suteki na hito ni atta Migi mo hidari mo wakaranai
Anyway, I met this amazing person and I couldn't tell left from right
素知らぬ顔で今日も過ぎる 心はそうInside out
Soshiranu kao de kyou mo sugiru Kokoro wa sou Inside out
With that ignorant face today passes too, my mind is so inside out

一体どうしたらいいんだい? 揺れ動くこの想い
Ittai doushitara iindai? Yure ugoku kono omoi
How can we make the world better? This is a shaking thought
胸に抱えるタイマーがチクチクと うずくのも知らずに
Mune ni kakaeru taimu-- ga chikuchiku to Uzuku no mo shirazu ni
The time I'm carrying in my heart goes tick-tock and it hurts unconsciously

※Wow wow Day by day いつだってメロディーは繰り返す
Wow wow Day by day Itsudatte merodi-- wa kurikaesu
Wow wow Day by day, the melody is always on repeat
ときめく街で 手にしたラブソング
Tokimeku machi de Te ni shita rabu songu
In the bustling streets you can hear my love song
Oh lady 簡単にかない日もある
Oh lady Kantan ni kanai hi mo aru
Oh lady there are days after these difficulties
声にならないよ Come on baby
Koe ni naranai yo Come on baby
This won't become your voice, come on baby
Night and day 悩んで それでも進んで行く
Night and day Nayande Sore demo susunde iku
Even if you worry night and day, that will still continue
日々を掻き分け 伝えてMy love
Hibi wo kakiwake Tsutaete My love
Elbowing my way through the days, I will convey my love
Oh lady こうやって想像を塗り替え
Oh lady Kouyatte souzou wo nerikae
Oh lady I repainted my imagination
Nari yamamai kodou wo daite
My heart beat hasn't stopped ringing

そして 今日も Life goes on
Soshite Kyou mo Life goes on
And so, today too, life goes on

いつの時代でも共通のストーリー 夢見るだけ夢見てる
Itsu no jidai demo kyoutsuu no suto--ri-- Yume miru dake yume miteru
This is age where this story is common, Dreams are only dreamt
進みやしない今日もWork 日が暮れそうだ Yeah yeah
Susumi yashinai kyou mo Work Hi ga kuresou da Yeah yeah
I didn't make any advances at work, the day is already coming to an end Yeah yeah
巡り巡るよ君の笑顔が 西も東もわからない
Meguri meguru yo kimi no egao ga Nishi mo higashi mo wakaranai
Your face is circling around and I can't tell east from west
素知らぬ顔で明日は来る 言葉もそうInside out
Soshiranu kao de asu wa kuru Kotoba mo sou Inside out
With that ignorant face tomorrow comes, my words are also inside out

一体どうしたらいいんだい? 日々募るこの想い
Ittai doushitara iindai? Hibi tsunoru kono omoi
How can we make the world better? I'm daily collecting these thoughts
あきらめという大軍がだんだんと 迫るのも知らずに
Akirame toiu taigun dandan to Semaru no mo shirazuni
Without knowing that the forces of resignation approach gradually

Wow wow Day by day いつだって道は続いてる
Wow wow Day by day Itsudatte michi wa tsuzuiteru
Wow wow Day by day Keep following this road
出逢えた君に 歌うよラブソング
Deaeta kimi ni Utau yo rabu songu
When I met you, singing this love song
Oh lady 順調にいかない日もある
Oh lady Junchou ni ika nai ni mo aru
Oh lady There are days where nothing goes right too
答えはでないよ Come on baby
Kotae wa denai yo Come on baby
There is no answer yet, come on baby
Night and day 考えて これだって進んでる
Night and day Kangaete Kore datte susunderu
Thinking night and day, this has moved forward
遠い未来へ 繋がれMy love
Tooi mirai e Tsunagare My love
Connect my love to a distant future
Oh lady こうやって想像は止まらない
Oh lady Kouyatte souzou wa tomaranai
Oh lady Don't stop this imagination
Mata hajimari no kaze no daite
Embrace the wind that is starting again

そして 今日も  Love goes on
Soshite Kyou mo Love goes on
And so, today too, love goes on

終わらない愛の波動 僕もきっと君に伝えてみせるよ
Owaranai ai no hadou Boku mo kitto kimi ni tsutaete miseru yo
I'll tell you and show you this wave of a never-ending love
開始僅か3分先制 だけど後半劣勢逆転 Please please me
Kaishi wazuka san-pun sensei Dakedo kouhan ressei gyakuten Please please me
You get a short 3-minute headstart, but during second half things reverse, please please me


いつか いつか Everything いつか いつか Everything
Itsuka Itsuka Everything Itsuka Itsuka Everything
Someday, someday everything...
どうか 未来は Everything's alright
Douka Mirai wa Everything's alright
Somehow in the future everything's alright
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Had CEO day with Andrew.  Was super fun.  But didn't do any of the shopping I had planned to do.  Ate tonkatsu which I have been craving lately and took purikura.  Went to karaoke with Dan and Co.  Sang Sirius and rocked it.  Watch out Chelsea, we are totally singing all of Dream "A"live next week.  For reals.  Among other things?  "Taiyou no~ Namidaaaaaaaa~!"  I am moderately drunk right now, even though I dozed on the train home.  Managed to plan most of my epic but want to bounce off someone and still have some kinks to work out.  Who's going to be around tomorrow?   

My mojo is back.  For now.  Aw yeah! 
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I've seen a couple translations of this floating around, so I thought I'd give it a stab. I love bitter!Nino. He's so fun.

Gimmick Game
Vocals: 二宮和也 / Ninomiya Kazunari

Doushite darou anata no yubi ga watashi dake ni wa kitanaku meieteru no
Why is it that your fingers look so dirty only to me?
Dakara onegai sono kitanai yubi de watashi no karada sonna ni na de nai de
So please, don't touch me like that with those dirty fingers.
(ナンデダヨ) そりゃそうでしょ。だって
(Nande dayo) Sorya sou desho. Datte
(Why) It's like that isn't it. But
(ドウシタンダヨ?) その言葉、あなたにあげるわ。

(Doushitandayo?) Sono kotoba, anata ni ageru wa
(What went wrong?) Those words, I'm giving them back to you.

Mata chigau sekai de jibun dake manzokushite
In another different world, you only satisfy yourself
Sore de nande shiranu kao de watashi wo aiseru no?
So then why am I loved by someone who plays dumb?
Anata wa kyou mo mata "aishiteru" ga kusatteru
Your "I love you"s are still rotting today
Datte... (Omae shika aisenai yo)
But... (Only you can love me)
Anata no kubisuji, hora, usa ga mieta
On the back of your neck, look, I can see a lie

真面目な顔してその気はあるのになんでしてくれないの? 悲しい顔
Majime na kao shite sono ki wa aru no ni nande shite kurenai no? Kanashii kao
That feeling is there so why can't you do it with a serious face? Sad face...
Onozomi naraba namida gurai naraba nagashite mo ii yo. Nanka sore ppoi desho?
If you wish, it's alright if you cry a few tears. It's kind of like that, right?
(Nakanaide) Anata mo sou nano
(Don't cry) You're like that too
(Hora, waratte) Owari ni wa yasashii furi bakari
(Hey, smile) In the end, it was nothing but a kind pretence

出て行くのもいいけど, ねぇ、持って行ってよ
Date iku no mo ii kedo nee, motte itte yo
It's fine if you want to get out but, hey, take these with you
Nani mo kamo subete zenbu omoida mo zenbu
Anything and everything, entirely, all the memories, all of them
Anata ga iranai no wa watashi mo iranai no 
Whatever you don't need, I don't need either
Datte... (mou yamenishiyou na)
Because... (Let's just stop this already)
Watashi no kubisuji ni mo usa wa aru no
On the back of my neck there are lies too

Kowareta jikan ni modoreru nara ima nara subete wakaruno kana sono kotoba, shigusa, ai
If I could return to that broken time, would I understand everything now? Those words, actions, love

Nante kawaii furishite uso wo kite aruite
Despite the cute pretence, you're wearing your lies
Nande darou machi no iro ga kirei ni meieru no
Why is it that the colours in the streets look beautiful
Sore wa watashi ga kitanareteiru kara? Nano?
Is it because I am becoming dirty? Is it?
Demo sono sekai deshika ikikata shiranai no
But in that world, I don't know anything but this way of life

Sabishii furishite sugu ni namida nagasu no
With that a sad pretence soon you shed tears
Sureba hora kita. Tsugi no sekai ga mata
If you do that, look, it's here. The next world
(Sonna ni nakunayo mou)
(Don't cry like that anymore)
Kimi no kubisuji, hora, tsuba wo tsuketa (*)
The back of your neck, look, I've staked my claim

(*) Literally "I've spat on your neck" but that's not very sexy. Actually my nifty translator popped out "I put dibs on it". Apparently, "tsuba wo tsuketa" in Japanese means something along the lines of placing ownership on something/someone. Like dogs marking their territory? I suppose.
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Because I couldn't stand it anymore trying to figure out what he was trying to say in English.  After doing the translation, it's actually a pretty hot song.  If only someone else was singing it...  Leader? :D

Vocals: 松本潤 / Matsumoto Jun

もっと もっと… もっとNaked…
Motto  motto...  Motto Naked...
More, more... More, Naked...
もっと もっと… もっとNaked…
Motto  motto...  Motto Naked...
More, more... More, Naked...

すれ違うだけのシグナル 声が聞きたいけど
Sure chigau dake no shigunaru  Koe ga kikitai kedo
At the signal where we only just missed each other,  I want to hear your voice
会えない夜に 君からのメッセージ
Aenai yoru ni  Kimi kara no messe--ji
During the night we didn't meet, I got a message from you

一番欲しい言葉 知っているように
Ichiban hoshii kotoba  Shitteiru you ni
The words I want the most, I know them because
いつも 君を感じる
Itsumo  Kimi wo kanjiru
Always, I feel you

※Take off Take off
夜を越えて もっと自由に
Yoru wo koete  Motto jiyuu ni
The night is passing,  more freely
Kimi ni aitai...
I want to see you...
Naked Naked
何も言わず 抱き合うだけ…

Nani mo iwazu  Dakiau dake...
Without saying anything, just embrace each other...
それだけでいい 君と※
Sore dake de ii  Kimi to
With you, just that is enough

強気で嫌みばかりで 不機嫌にさせるけど
Tsuyoki de iyami bakari de  Fukigen ni saseru kedo
Stubbornly hating for no reason, you just pout to make me do something
不器用なだけ ウソよりかわいいさ
Bukiyou na dake  Uso yori kawaii sa
It's just awkward, it's much cuter than your lies

孤独な僕らは 傷つけあって
Kodoku na bokura wa  Kizutsuke atte
Our solitary selves damage each other
痛み感じ 生きてく
Itami kanji  Ikiteku
I feel the pain, it's so fresh

Deeply Deeply
もっとそばで 声を聞かせて

Motto soba de  Koe wo kikasete
I can hear your voice by my side more
Hanashi wo shiyou
Let's talk...
Naked Naked
何もいらない キスをしようよ…

Nani mo iranai  Kisu wo shiyou yo
We don't need anything else,  let's kiss...

Yawarakai toki kimi to
Soft time with you

Hikari wo keshitara  Kono te wo nigitteite
If light were to disappear, take hold of this hand
Owari no nai ai  Ima dake shinjisasete...
An neverending love, only now I am made to believe it...

Zutto zutto... Naiite waratte
Always always,  crying because of laughter
素顔のままを 僕に見せてよ
Sugao no mama wo  Boku ni misete yo
I want you to show me your unpainted face
Sotto sotto... Mimi wo ateru
Softly, softly... it reaches my ears
君のメロディー 僕だけのもの
Kimi no merodi--  Boku dake no mono
Your melody is something only for me


もっと もっと… もっとNaked…

Motto  motto...  Motto Naked...
More, more... More, Naked...
もっと もっと… もっとNaked…
Motto  motto...  Motto Naked...
More, more... More, Naked...
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Hello Goodbye
Vocals: 相葉雅紀 / Aiba Masaki

ご機嫌いかがですか? 元気にしてますか?
Gokigen ikaga desu ka?  Genki ni shitemasu ka?
How have you been?  Have you been well?
最近忙しくて 会えないけど
Saikin isogashikute  Aenai kedo
Though I've been so busy recently that we couldn't meet
考え過ぎは もう 体によくない
Kangae sugi wa  Mou  Karada ni yokunai
Thinking back, mm, I've been feeling unwell
深呼吸で 誰も彼もそう
Shinkokyuu de  Dare mo kare mo sou
Everyone needs to take deep breaths

今日も明日も 自由自在に
Kyou mo ashita mo  Jiyuu jizai ni
Today and tomorrow I want to
潤せるもの 見付けたいから
Uruoseru mono  Mitsuketai kara
Freely discover things that are enriching

※まわりまわる時よ この世界踊れ
Mawari mawaru toki yo  Kono sekai odoore
Time turns and turns, this world dances
めぐりめぐる星を いま両手に集めて
Meguri meguri hoshi wo  Ima ryoute ni atsumete
Now, I've collected the stars all around in both hands
誰のために歌うの? 君の声がよんでる
Who are you singing for?  Your voice is calling out
Dare no tame ni utau no?  Kimi no koe ga yonderu
全てが始まるHello Goodbye※
Subete ga hajimaru Hello Goodbye
Everything is starting, Hello Goodbye

着信履歴だとか 返事が来ないとか
Chakushin rireki da toka  Henji ga kinai toka
In the message log, the answer hasn't come
最近しばられて 肩こるけど
Saikin shibararete  Kata koru kedo
I've been so tied up recently, my shouldlers have grown stiff
ほんとのとこは そう 自由でありたい
Honto no toko wa  Sou  Jiyuu de aritai
Real things, yes, want to be free
変化球も たまにありでしょう
Henkakyuu mo  Tamani ari deshou
There's a ball with changing speed too, sometimes, right?

右も左も 四六時中も
Migi mo hidari mo Shiroku jichuu mo
Right and left, all day and night
揺るがないもの 手にしたいから
Yuru ga nai mono  Te ni shitai kara
Because I want to get steady things

愛し愛す人よ この出会い誇れ
Aishi aisu hito yo  Kono deai hokore
I'm proud of this meeting with a loved and loving person
ゆらりゆれる風を いまここから明日へ
Yurari yuraru kaze wo  Ima koko kara ashita e
The shaking and swaying wind goes from here to tomorrow
僕はどこに向かうの? どこへだってゆけるさ
Boku wa doko ni mukau no?  Doko e datte yukeru sa
Where will I go towards?  Anywhere is possible
全てを愛してHello Goodbye
Subete wo aishite Hello Goodbye
Everything is loved, Hello Goodbye

Haru mo natsu mo aki mo fuyu mo
Throughout all the seasons
Boku wa itsumo koko ni iru yo
I am always here
なぜだろう? 訳もなく涙あふれる
Naze darou?  Wake mo naku namida afureru
Why is it?  Without reason tears overflow
何も持たず ありのまま
Nani mo motazu  Ari no mama
The truth is I have nothing to hold

ご機嫌いかがですか? 元気にしてますか?
Gokigen ikaga desu ka?  Genki ni shitemasu ka?
How have you been?  Have you been well?
最近忙しいけど 会いに行くよ 会いに行くから
Saikin isogashii kedo  Ai ni iku yo  Ai ni iku kara
I'm going to meet you even though I've been so busy recently, Because I'm going to meet you

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Do my best
嵐 / Arashi

Tashikana koto wa mada nani mo nakute
There are things for certain that are still nothing
Shiawase ha kitto doko ka de matteru no
Is happiness is certainly waiting somewhere?
Kotae wo sagashite yume wo oikakete wa
Searching for answers and chasing after dreams
Omoi egaita mirai no chiketto wo motte
I have a ticket for the future that wants to sketch my memories
Wasuremono wo sagashi ni yukou
Let's go search for our forgotten things
光る瞬間を 愛する事で包み込みたい
Hikaru toki wo aisuru koto de tsutsumi komitai
I want to wrap up the shining moment in things that I love

Dakara dare mo ga nani ka tsutaetakute
Because everyone wants to convey something
Mada minu jibun wo sagashiteru
I'm still searching for my invisible self
Subete wa kokoro no naka ni aru you ni
So that everything is in my heart
Oikaketaru ano hi no yume ga atte
I've found the dream of chasing after that day
願い続ければ どこへだってゆける
Negai tsuzukereba toko e tatte yukeru
If you continue to wish, you'll can go anywhere
Zutto ashita e tsuzuke
Continue straight to tomororw

Memagurushiku mawaru hibi no naka de
In the midst of hectic, daily revolutions
Happiness is surely waiting near
Shiawase kitto chikaku de matteru yo
Arifureta kotoba saemo tokubetsu to ka
Even commonplace words are special
Minarerta egao ga fui ni itoshiku omoeta
Suddenly, I fondly remembered that familiar smile 

Mayou toki wa ue wo muite
When I hesitate, I face upwards
遠く響け 愛する人を包み込みたい
Tooku hibike aisuru hito wo tsutsumi komitai
It echoes in the distance, I want to wrap up the person I love

Dakara sunao ni kimochi de todoketakute
Because the feelings you want to deliver honestly
Bokura wa itsudemo jibun rashiku
We always seem like we're alone
Kokoro no nukumori tsutaete kuyou ni
So that we can convey the warmth of our hearts

Kake nuketeku mirai e yume wo motte
I have a dream of a running through the future
かわらぬ思いで いつも待っているよ
Kawaranu omoi de  Itsumo motteiru yo
I am always holding it in my unchangable thoughts
きっと誰もがDo my best△
Kitto dare mo ga do my best
Certainly everyone will do their best

ゆずれない思いだけ 胸に刻んで
Yuzurenai omoi dake  Mune kizande
Only the memories you can't let go of, engrave them in yourself
明日また会える 約束しよう
Ashita mata aeru  Yakusoku shiyou
We'll meet again tomorrow, let's make a promise
行く先を照らしてる いま愛しき日々 この手に
Iku saki wo terashiteru     Ima itoshiki hibi        Kono te ni
The future is illuminated, the present beloved days are in this hand

aide: (Arashi in Concert Glory)
嵐 / Arashi

夏の夕暮れを見つめてる 生温い風の中一人
Natsu no yuugure wo mitsumeteru  Namenurui kaze no naka hitori
Gazing at the summer twilight, alone in the warm breeze
どこかではしゃいでいる声が 聞こえていた
Dokoka de hashai de iru koe ga  Kikoeteita
I was able to hear a merry voice coming from somewhere
君といた長い月日は どこまでも終わることはなく
Kimi toita nagai tsuki hi wa  Doko made mo owaru koto wa naku
There was no end anywhere to the long time that I was with you
笑顔の向こう 歩いてゆける 気がしたのが昨日のよう
Egao no mukou  Aruite yukeru  Ki ga shitano ga kinou no you
You can walk to the other side of a smiling face, like the hunch I had yesterday

無意識に思い返してる 自分に気がついた僕は
Muishiku ni omoi kaeshiteru  Jibun ni ki ga tsuita boku wa
Rethinking in unconsciousness, I started to become aware of myself
Nani mo kawarenai mama de tachi tomatte...
Standing still, unable to change anything...

君が足りない日々 まだ慣れないまま ここまで過ごしてきた
Kimi ga tarinai hibi  Mada narenai mama  Koko made sugoshite kita
You're somtimes still not used to feeling restless daily, you've made it here
今さらまた君を探してる この胸に刺さったままの愛のカケラ
Ima sara mata kimi wo sagashiteru  Kono mune ni sasatta mama no ai no kakera
I've been searching for you for so long, the broken fragments of love are stuck in my chest

どしゃ降りの雨も降らずに 薄い水色の空の日
Dosha ori no ame mo furazu ni  Usui mizuiro no sora no hi
The day a pelting rain is continued to pour from a watery sky
駅前あの小さな店で 終わりにした
Eki mae ano chiisana mise de  Owari ni shita
It ended in that little shop in front of the station
冷めていく紅茶のなかに 浮かび上がる窓の景色は
Tsumetaiku koucha no naka ni  Ukabi agaru mado no keshiki wa
In my cold black tea, the scene in the window that rises to the surface is
思い出くらい 甘く苦くて 切ないほど燃えていた
Omoide kurai Amaku nigakute  Setsunai hodo moeteita
A memory, so sweet and so bitter, so painful it burned

伝えたいことが何もかも 間違っていったあの頃に
Tsuetai koto ga nani mo ka mo  Machigatteita ano koro ni
I want to convey anything and everything, I was making a mistake then
Modoreru nara ima sugu ni modoritakute...
If I was able to, I would return immediately...

気づいていた ただ素直になれたら 答えはひとつになる
Kizuiteita  Tada sunao ni naretara  Kotae wa hitotsu ni naru
I took notice but when I'm able to be honest, there'll become only one answer
呼びかければまだ君に声が届くような 行く当てのない愛の言葉
Yobikakereba mada kimi ni koe ga todoku you na  Iku atenonai ai no kotoba
The words of love that your voice still carries won't reach me if you call out

Bo-- to shiteru to "a..." matada
When I forget, I think "Each other..."
あの時の笑顔 現在もまだ
Ano toki no egao  Ima mo mada
The smiles of that time are still here
声またこだま おかしいのかな…
Koe mata kodama  Okashii no kara
Your voice echoes again, I wonder if it's weird...
Kimochi to wa mada mada sakasama (ha...)
And my feelings have still not reverted

Yakei no kirei na toko toka itte
I went to the places with the beautiful night views
Arikitari no kotoba toka nanka itte
I sort of said some ordinary words
視線合わせないままも 肩に手
Shisen awasenai mama mo  kata ni te
Our eyes didn't meet,  a hand on my shoulder
”なんか言って”困って 言ってたな あなたが…
"Nanka itte" komatte  Itte tara  Anata ga...
"Say something" I worriedly said...

Doori sugiteku kisetsu ga kimi wo tooku e tsureteyuku yo
The passing seasons take you along to a far away place
Doori sugiteku kisetsu ni boku wa nani wo mitsukeru no darou
With the passing seasons I discover something, you know

君が足りない日々 まだ慣れないまま ここまで過ごしてきた
Kimi ga tarinai hibi  Mada narenai mama  Koko made sugoshite kita
You're somtimes still not used to feeling restless daily, you've made it here
今さらまた君を探してる この胸に刺さったままの愛のカケラ
Ima sara mata kimi wo sagashiteru  Kono mune ni sasatta mama no ai no kakera
I've been searching for you for so long, the broken fragments of love are stuck in my chest

Kowareta mama no ai no katara
The fragments of a broken love
aide: (Arashi in Concert Glory)
When I first heard this song, I could have sworn they were saying "Tie me to the future".  Not as inspiring, but that would have made for quite an interesting song, don't you think?

Dive into the Future
嵐 / Arashi

Hey hey Dive into the future!
Hey hey Dive into the future!

All night long ウワのソラのまま 見つめた TV

All night long  Uwa no sora no mama  Mitsumeta TV
All night long I absent-mindedley stared at the TV
気づいたときにはもう 明け方の Sand Storm
Kizuita toki ni wa mou  Akedata no Sand Storm
When I took notice, it was already the sand storm of dawn
迷ってる訳じゃない Zigzag Lightning
Mayotteru wake ja nai  Zigzag Lightning
It's not a confusing situation,  Zigzag lightning
その時はもう近い 隠してた Passion Yeah yeah
Sono toki wa mou chikai  Kakushiteta Passion Yeah yeah
It was already close then, that hidden passion, yeah yeah

本能が知ってる Answer (誰でもそうさ)
Honnou ga shitteru Answer (Dare demo sou sa)
Instinct knows the answer (It's the same for anyone)
なんだって 止められやしない
Nandatte  Tomerare yashinai
Some things cannot be stopped

Hey hey  Dive into the future!  Baby 力込めて
Hey hey  Dive into the future!  Baby  Chikara komete
Hey hey  Dive into the future!  Baby  Put in all your strength
Yeah yeah これは Beginning そのまま走り抜けろ
Yeah yeah   Kore wa Beginning  Sono mama hashiri nukero
Yeah yeah  This is the beginning, run through without change
Hey hey つないだ手で Baby 明日をつかめ
Hey hey  Tsunaida te de  Baby  Asu wo tsukame
Hey hey  With these connected hands, baby, seize tomorrow
Yeah yeah まっすぐに Feeling 信じて 飛び込め Future
Yeah yeah  Massugu ni Feeling  Shinjite  Tobikome Future
Yeah yeah  Feeling straight ahead, believe and plunge into the future

Dive into the future!

訪れる夜には 必ず Sunrise

Otozureru yoru ni wa  Kanarazu Sunrise
When night visits, there will certainly be a sunrise
気づいた時にはもう オレンジの Sunset
Kizuita toki ni wa mou  Orenji no Sunset
By the time I noticed there was already an orange sunset
恐れることなど無い 僕らは Soulmates
Ozoreru koto nado nai  Bokura wa Soulmates
There is nothing to fear, we are soulmates
その時はもう近い 溢れ出る勇気 Yeah yeah
Sono toki wa mou chikai  Afurederu yuuki  Yeah yeah
It was already close then, that overflowing courage  Yeah yeah

本能が知ってる Answer (誰でもそうさ)
Honnou ga shitteru Answer (Dare demo sou sa)
Instinct knows the answer (It's the same for anyone)
もう絶対 あきらめやしない
Mou zettai  Akirame yashinai
Absolutely, I'm never going to give up

Hey hey  Dive into the future!  Baby 負けない Spirit
Hey hey  Dive into the future!  Baby  Makenai Spirit
Hey hey  Dive into the future!  Baby  An undefeated spirit
Yeah yeah 道はひとつ そらさずに前を向いて
Yeah yeah  Michi wa hitotsu  Sora sazu ni mae wo muite
Yeah yeah  There is only one road, turn ahead without detours
Hey hey 今ならまだ Baby 間に合う Do it
Hey hey  Ima nara mada  Baby  Maniau Do it
Hey hey  It's still "now", baby  You're just in time to do it
Yeah yeah 手に手を取って 未来を
Yeah yeah  Te ni te wo totte  Mirai wo
Yeah yeah  Take the future, hand in hand

阻む壁は乗り越えてゆけ Dive into the future!
Habamu kabe wa norikoete yuke  Dive into the future!
Go climb over that obstructing wall, dive into the future!
涙は隠さずにゆけ Dive into the future!
Namida wa kasazu ni yuke  Dive into the future!
Go without concealing your tears, dive into the future!
答えはもうここに Give me more!
Kotae wa mou koko ni  Give me more!
The answer is already here, give me more!

Hey hey  Dive into the future!  Baby 力込めて
Hey hey  Dive into the future!  Baby  Chikara komete
Hey hey  Dive into the future!  Baby  Put in all your strength
Yeah yeah これは Beginning そのまま走り抜けろ
Yeah yeah   Kore wa Beginning  Sono mama hashiri nukero
Yeah yeah  This is the beginning, run through without change
Hey hey つないだ手で Baby 明日をつかめ
Hey hey  Tsunaida te de  Baby  Asu wo tsukame
Hey hey  With these connected hands, baby, seize tomorrow
Yeah yeah まっすぐに Feeling 信じて 飛び込め Future
Yeah yeah  Massugu ni Feeling  Shinjite  Tobikome Future
Yeah yeah  Feeling straight ahead, believe and plunge into the future
Dive into the future! Dive into the future!
信じて 飛び込め Future

Shinjite Tobikome Future
Believe!  Plunge into the future
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OMGGG SHOO I HATE YOU RIGHT NOWWW. Only the Keio graduate would write words like "prodigal son" and "filial piety" in a fucking song. How do I translate that into English without it sounding like complete crap? Thanks, dude.

Hip Pop Boogie
Vocals: 櫻井翔 / Sakurai Sho

Hey! Hey! 俺ら山 風の登場
Hey! Hey! Orera yama Kaze no toujou
Hey! Hey! Our mountain, the wind's entrance
高嶺の方向 向けてまた攻防
Takane no houkou Mukete mata koubou
The direction of the high peaks, rotating the offence and defence again
Kekka nokoshitsu mada mada houtou musuko nakaderu "anata gata" koukou
In the end what's left is the prodigal son who's still playing "devotion to You" (*)

Jazz band, Hip Hop 取り込んで行く
Jazz band, Hip Hop torikonde yuku
Jazz band, Hip Hop, bound for confusion

是こそご存知のHipなPop (That's right)
Kore koso gozonji no Hip na Pop (That's right)
This, for sure, is hip pop that you know (That's right)
"Oto to kotoba tsumugi egaku geijitsu"
"Sound and words weave drawn art"
Ima made kore kara mo kono mentsu desu
Until now, from here on this is still Arashi. (**)

このメンツで(yeah) 届けるぜ(yeah)
Kono mentsu de (yeah) todokeru ze (yeah)
Within these members (yeah) I'm going to deliver (yeah)
Rekishi no pe--ji wo ima mekere
I'm turning the page of history
(World is mine)
時代is mine
Ji dai is mine
This era is mine
未来is mine
Mirai is mine
The future is mine
アマテラス照らす sunshine
Amaterasu terasu sunshine
Amaterasu illuminates sunshine

Daisotsu no aidoru ga taitoru wo ubaitoru
This "University Grad Idol" plunders that title
Maiku mochi pen mochi taitoru ubaitoru
Holding a mic and a pen I plunder that title
Hip-pop beat yo

Sute--ji ue shuushin koyou
Being on stage is a lifelong career

Michi naki michi wo aruiteku
I'm walking on an immoral road
Geigou sezu tada mai pe--su
Without flattery, just at my own pace
いま言える いまならば言える
Ima ieru ima naraba ieru
If I can speak now, I will
Maiteta tane tachi saiteku
The seeds I've sown are blooming

Somebody (yeah) Everybody (yeah)
いま時代が手の中に(yeah yeah)

Ima jidai ga te no naka ni (yeah yeah)
I've got this era in the palm of my hand (yeah yeah)
Pass da mic.
Pass da pen.
このmic and pen でRock the world※

Kono mic and pen de Rock the world
Rock the world with this mic and pen

こんなゆっくりでいいんだって こんな俺らだってでもいいんだって
Konna yukkuri de iindatte Konna orera datte demo iindatte
Going slow like this is fine too, This kind of us even is fine too
こんな景色まで見られるなんて こんな… こんなとこ来てたなんて
Konna keshiki made mirareru nante Konna... Konna toko kiteta nante
Until I can see such scenery, How... This kind of end has come
Kono tai sougen no saki ni wa nani ga motte iru no darou
At the end of this big meadow something is waiting
道がないなら創ればいい その先例え果てていたとしても
Michi ga nainara tsukureba ii Sono saki tatoe hate teita to shite mo
If there's no road you should make one from that point even if it's over

Kore ga saisho no taito na paionia
This is the first tight pioneer
Kitto warauze saigo ni wa
Who''ll certainly be laughing until the end
Kore ga saisho de saigo no paionia
This is the first and the last pioneer
Kitto warauze saigo ni wa
Who'll certainly be laughing until the end

飾りでなく 外野黙り込む lyrical idol 辺りを巻き込む
Kazari de naku Gaiya damarikomu lyrical idol Atari wo makikomu
Without decorations, the outfield sinks into silence, the lyrical idol involves the neighbourhood
Yea, a hip pop star


きっとずっと 一方通行
Kitto zutto ippou tsuukou
Certainly, always, one-way traffic
悪いが俺 先急ぐぞ
Warui ga ore saki isoguzo
It's bad that I'm in a hurry
(集合) 津々浦々 八百万の長
(Shuugo) tsutsu uraura yaoyorozu no chou
(Gathering) All over the country, myriads of leaders
Banbutsu ni yadori shi kamigami no ko
In all of creation the children of the gods are taking shelter
Hito no ue shita ni hito tsukuranu nara
If people can make their own highs and lows
Ore ga sono ten no itadaki itadaku
I'll recieve the summit of heaven
「しばらく…」とかでなく uh
「Shibaraku …」toka de naku uh
There's no such thing as "For a while..."
Ima mazu nani ga dekiru ka de shikamou kawaran
Now almost anything is possible, and it's already changing

What's going on?

Nanka chigau to omowanai kai
It's sort of wrong, don't you think?
What's going on?

Anna dai no otona ga
Such a big person in
What's going on?

Nonori ai taikai
A mudslinging contest (***)

Nante bokura wa mitakunaindai
We don't want to see that

こうなりゃもう… そう咲き乱れる
Kou narya mou... Sou saki midareru
Don't be like that... it's really blooming in profusion
Hongyo no katagata kao shikameru
The faces of the people in this business grimace

温室の雑草がマイク持つRAP SONG
Onjitsu no zassou ga maiku motsu RAP SONG
The rap song of a weed in the greenhouse with a mic

(※Repeat x2)

(*) This line was a bitch to translate...  Firstly, he uses "あなた方" which is like super polite for "you".  奥さん孝行 means  "devotion to one's wife" so I took "あなた方" 孝行 to mean "devotion to you".  But, I still don't think that's right...
(**) Thanks to [ profile] martinique617 for pointing out to me that メンシ is a reference to the members of Arashi.  It actually a word that comes from mahjong, meaning the faces of the mahjong tile.  (Reference here. Sorry, it's in Japanese though.)
(***) 罵り合い wasn't in my dictionary so I googled it.  What I found was a picture titled 罵り合い of two bears growling at each other.  罵る  means "to slur, to speak ill of", 打ち合い is "an exchange of blows" so I figured "mudslinging" was a good approximation.  If you have a definition, I'd love to hear it!
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Yay!  This one of my favourites from the album.  I'm glad I finally finished it.  It's such a positive message, I only hope I did it justice.  There were a few tricky lines that I'm sure I messed up, though.  D:

Once Again

嵐 / Arashi

※もう一度 僕らは今 動き出した未来へ
Mou ichido Bokura wa ima Ugiki dashita mirai e
Once again We have now started moving towards the future
漕ぎ出せ 胸に想い刻み込んで
Kogidase Mune ni omoi kizamikonde
Start rowing, Thoughts are etched on my breast
つかみ取れるさ 手を伸ばせば まだ
Tsukami torerusa Te wo nobaseba Mada
You can grasp it if you stretch out your hand further
忘れていた 夢がそこにある※
Wasureteita Yume ga soko ni aru
You had forgotten, Your dream is there

僕らずっと飛べなくて 空見上げ眺めてた
Bokura zutto tobenakute Sora miage nagameteta
Though we never flew, we gazed up at the sky above
何にも出来ず当てもなく ただ探し続けたあの頃
Nani mo dekizu ate mo naku Tada sagashi suzuketa ano koro
Doing everything aimlessly at the time when you only continued searching

Tohou ni kureta jikan dake sugite
I'm at a loss, only time passes
眠れない夜 重ねていたんだ
Nemurenai yoru Kasanete itanda
Sleepless nights are piling up
Obierta kyou no mukou gawa e
I was frightened to go to the other side of today
Tadori tsukeru hi ga kuru kitto
The days after the stuggling will surely come


確かなモノ見えなくて 問いかけてた Every night
Tashika na mono mienakute Toi kaketeta Every night
The certain things weren't visible, I asked questions Every night
周りも見えずに突き進み 夢中で駆け抜けたあの頃
Mawari mo miezu ni tsuki susumi Muchuu de kakenuketa ano koro
Dashing through visible surroundings, at that time I was running through my dreams

Furidashita ame ni kesareta koe wo
The voice erased in the falling rain
Mune ni kizami wasurenai you ni
I etched it in my breast so I won't forget
Waki okoru omi totomo ni
Together with my bursting thoughts
君に届く日が来る きっと
Kimi ni todoku hi ga kuru kitto
The day it reaches you will surely come

もう一度 僕らは今 駆け抜けてく未来へ
Mou ichido Bokura wa ima Kake nuketeku mirai e
Once again We are now running through to the future
描いた 夢はきっと思いのまま
Egaita Yume wa kitto omoi no mama
The sketched dreams are certainly just as you like
諦めるな 悔やむくらいなら もう
Akirameru na Kuyamu kurai nara Mou
If the surrendered mourning is dark, then
信じてきた 明日はそこにある
Shinjite kita Asu wa soko ni aru
Believe it'll come, Tomorrow is there

Miushinai kaketeta
I lost sight of you
“願いかけ 描いた夢”の先へと once again
Negai kake Egaita yume no saki e to once again
Towards before the "desired piece of a sketched dream" once again --> This line is sooo hard to translate, I'm sure it's wrong.
Ano koro idaku fuan datte
Even at that time, you held insecurities
無駄になんてなんない 待ってたって だって…
Muda ni nante nan nai Matteta tte Datte...
In futility there are no whys or whats, I said "I'll wait" but...
Yori takaku tobu tame ni hikaku shagamu koto datta bokura ni wa hitsuyou
It's necessary for us to squat low in order to fly high
だからどうかいまchanceをonce again
Dakara douka ima chance wo once again
So somehow or other the current chance came once again
そう何度何度もagain and again
Sou nando nando mo again and again
So countless times over, again and again


Stand Up!! 僕らは今 駆け抜けてく未来へ
Stand Up!! Bokura wa ima Kake nuketeku mirai e
Stand Up!! We are now running through to the future
描いた 夢はきっと思いのまま
Egaita Yume wa kitto omoi no mama
The sketched dreams are certainly just as you like
諦めるな 悔やむくらいなら もう
Akirameru na Kuyamu kurai nara Mou
If the surrendered mourning is dark, then
信じてきた 明日はそこにある
Shinjite kita Asu wa soko ni aru
Believe it'll come, Tomorrow is there
aide: (Arashi in Concert Glory)
声 / Koe
嵐 / Arashi

風の街に佇んだまま 振り向けばもう陽は落ちて消えてた
Kaze no machi ni tatazunda mama  Furi mukeba mou hi wa ochite kieteta
I loiter in the street of the wind now and then,  If my presence turns, my appearance will fall and vanish
Hajimaru shizukana yoru wo hitori de miteita
You looked at the quiet night alone as it starts
Kimi to itsumo machi awaseta basho wo sakete made toomawari
Until you can avoid our eternal meeting place you take detours
街の灯りが輝くたびに また僕は立ち止まる
Machi no agari ga kagayaku tabini  Mata boku wa tachi tomaru
Every time the street lamps light up,  I stand still

小さな嘘もわがままも いつも君のせいにしょうとした
Chiisana uso mo wagamama mo  Itsumo kimi no sei ni shoutoshita
Both small lies and selfishness, Always your faults were proven
空を見上げて何度も 思い出せば心が張り裂けそう
Sora wo miagete nando mo  Omoidaseba kokoro ga harisakesou
We've often looked up at the sky,  If you remember your heart was breaking so

サヨナラずっと君だけを 守りたかったいつまでも
Sayonara zutto kimi dake wo  Mamori takatta itsumade mo
It was always only you that wanted to protect "Goodbye" forever
無理に笑って忘れたふりしても 君をずっと忘れない
Muri ni waratte wasureta furishite mo  Kimi wo zutto wasurenai
I forgot the pointless laughter as well as the pretences,  I'll never forget you

触れた指と指で探す 君の気持ち 僕の想い
Fureta yubi to yubi de sagasu  Kimi no kimochi  Boku no omoi
Fingers that touched fingers, searching  Your feelings, my thoughts
どんな言葉もいらないくらい 心に手が届いた
Donna kotoba mo iranai kurai  Kokoro ni te ga todoita
Around how many words are no longer needed, the heart in my hands reached out

君には君の空があり 僕に見えたのは僕の空
Kimi ni wa kimi no sora ga ari  Boku ni mieta no wa boku no sora
Within you is your sky,  My sky can be seen in me
ふたり重ねたカタチが すこしずつ変わっていた あの頃は…
Futari kasaneta katachi ga  Sukoshi zutsu kawatteita  Ano koro wa...
The shapes we piled up, a small piece is changing,  Those days are...

声を枯らして叫んでた 届かないんだ この想い
Koe wo karashite sakendeta  Todoka nainda  Kono omoi
Your voice dried out by screaming failed to reach its destination,  These thoughts
君と誓った未来は途切れた あの日はきっと返らない
Kimi to chikatta mirai wa tokireta  Ano hi wa kitto kaeranai
You and the sworn future were interrupted, Those days certainly won't return

サヨナラずっと君だけを 守りたかったいつまでも
Sayonara zutto kimi dake wo  Mamori takatta itsumade mo
It was always only you that wanted to protect "Goodbye" forever
無理に笑って忘れたふりしても 君をずっと忘れない
Muri ni waratte wasureta furishite mo  Kimi wo zutto wasurenai
I forgot the pointless laughter as well as the pretences,  I'll never forget you

Enough for now~  I have to get ready to head out to Roppongi now!
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Move your body
嵐 / Arashi

鏡の中 映す世界
Kagami no naka  Utsusu sekai
The world reflects in the mirror
Itsumo doori wo kaeru Tonight
"The usual" will change Tonight

寝ても覚めても 夢見たいから
Nete mo samete mo  Yume mitai kara
Because whether I'm asleep or awake,  I want to see dreams
目指せGo to the floor
Mezase Go to the floor
Make your aim Go to the floor
Da da da da dance!

Hikari abiru Superstar
Superstar bathed in light
Sou tsugi wa kimi no tame ni
So the next one is for you
Koyoi marude Universe
Tonight completely is the Universe
Move your body!
遠慮知らずのBoys and girls
Enryo shirazu no Boys and girls
Boys and girls unaffected by restraint
Mou junbi dekiteru darou
We're already prepared

からだ揺らせMirror ball
Karada yurase Mirror ball
Your body sways, Mirror ball
Don't stop music!△

Super super super dupa star
歌う雨風のCrew "Wazzup?"

Utau amakaze no Crew "Wazzup?"
The crew of the singing driving rain, "Wazzup?"
そらの碧さ唸る様な深さ 翼まとう姿
Sora no aosa unaru yona fukasa  Tsubasa matou sugata
Look at the the blue groaning depths, a figure with wings
A messenger
戻れないんだもう 俺らとならまだまだいいんだろう
Modorenain darou  Orera to nara mada mada iin darou
But I can't return, Because with us it's much better, you know
ミラーボールとShake, shake ya body
Mira--bo--ru to Shake, shake ya body
With the mirror ball Shake, shake ya body
陽が昇り出し街立ち上がるまではMove ya body
Hi ga nobori dashi gai tachi agaru made wa Move ya body
Until the sun starts climbing and the town stands up, Move ya body

本能目覚めたい いつかMr. Perfect
Honnou mezametai  Itsuka Mr. Perfect
My instincts want to wake up, someday Mr. Perfect
人生賭けるDice 絶対はずせない
Jinsei kakeru Dice  Zettai wa zusenai
Bet your life on the Dice,  you can't back out no matter what

一度きりのChance 君がいるから
Ichido kiri no Chance  Kimi ga iru kara
There's only one chance,  Because you are here
ゆくせGo to the top
Yukuse Go to the top
Just go!  Go to the top
Che che che che check!

※両手あげてClap your hands
Ryoute agete Clap your hands
Raise both hands, Clap your hands
Ima hitotsu ni nareru toki
Now's the time when we've become alone
Koyoi marude Paradise
Tonight completely is Paradise
Move your body
胸を刻むBreak beats
Mune wo kizamu Break beats
My chest minces, Break beats
Mou tomeru koto wa dekinai
We just can't stop
Soul afureru Microphone
Soul floods the Microphone
Don't stop music!※

Che che che che check!  Da da da da dance!


いつかMr. Perfect

Itsuka Mr. Perfect
Someday Mr. Perfect
Kaeru Tonight
I'll change Tonight

Hikari abiru Superstar
Superstar bathed in light
aide: (Arashi in Concert Glory)
I'm on a roll.

シリウス / Sirius
嵐 / Arashi

一人でつぶやく 白い冬の朝
Hitoride tsubuyaku shiroi fuyu no asa
Muttering to myself, a white winter morning
涙の訳も空で 雪になったかな?
Namida no wake mo sorade yuki ni natta kana
The meaning of the tears become snow in the sky, I guess

Hitotsu hitotsu ushinateku youna koi ni fureteta
All alone, trembling like love about to be lost

ひとつだけ空に高く光る 僕の名前呼ぶ声
Hitotsu dake sora ni takaku hikaru  Boku no namae wo yobu koe
Only one shines high in the sky, a voice calling my name
遠ざかる星に愛を誓う     そこにいて迎えに行く
Toozakaru hoshi ni ai wo chikau  Soko ni ite mukae ni iku
Swearing my love on a the passing stars, I'm coming to meet you there
Ima sugu ni
Right now

誰かが言ってた 傷はいやされる
Dare ka ga itteta  Kizu wa iyasareru
Someone once said, wounds will heal
今日こそ待ち合わせた 場所で会えるかな?
Kyou koso machi awaseta  bashou de aeru kana
Will we be able to meet at our meeting place today, I wonder?

胸の奥が星つぶされそう わかってるつもりでも
Mune no oku ga hoshi tsubusaresou wakatteru tsumori demo
The inside of my chest seems like it could crush the stars,  Even though I know

ため息が白く空に解ける 奇跡を見た二人で
Tame iki ga shiroku sora ni tokeru  Kiseki wo mita futari de
My sighs melt into the white sky, we two people looking at a miracle
追いかけた季節 戻れるなら 二度とそばを離れない
Oikaketa kisetsu modoreru nara  Ni do to soba wo hanarenai
If the season I chased it could return, I'd never leave your side again
I love you

痛みも悲しみも 全部抱きしめたい
Itami mo kanashimi mo zenbu dakishimetai
The pain and the sorrow, I want to embrace it all

ひとつだけ空に高く光る 僕の名前呼ぶ声
Hitotsu dake sora ni takaku hikaru  Boku no namae wo yobu koe
Only one shines high in the sky, a voice calling my name
遠ざかる星に愛を誓う 二人でみた奇跡を
Toozakaru hoshi ni ai wo chikau  Futari de mita kiseki wo
The miracle was seen by two people swearing their love on the passing stars,
追いかけた季節 戻れるなら 二度とそばを離れない 
Okaketa kisetru Modoreru nara  Ni do to soba wo hanarenai
If the season I chased it could return, I'd never leave your side again
I love you

二度とそばを離れない 愛してる
Ni do to soba wo hanarenai, aishiteru
I'll never leave your side again, I love you

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