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Man, having sex really is the best mood booster ever. I'm still happy a whole week later. God, just imagine me if I ever found myself in a relationship.

It feels so good to be able to write again. It was longer than I thought it would be too. I just hope this wasn't a fluke.

TFP2 was sweet today. Got to see a few new attractions. Ando Miki is kind of a bitch. XD But Asada Mao is a darling. I think they took the most medals I've ever seen. Koda Kumi and misono are the guests next week! :DDD Must watch!!

Now for more Nintendo! Come on, Leader!
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So, my ALT meeting was alright.  Short and sweet.  My afternoon of coming home to clean turned into an afternoon of drinking and then (apparently) me announcing to the bar that I was going to go home and have sex with Josh.  Which I did.  It wasn't conventional at all and I loved it.  Best 3 hours I've spent in a long time.  A few firsts (mostly for me) and even though I didn't (couldn't) come, it was awesome anyway.  I feel very empowered.

Elle, I apologize if my house is a sty.  I didn't get around to cleaning like I wanted to.  It's 1am and I am not sleepy so I will probaby just wake up and leave the house tomorrow morning.  

Busy work.

Jul. 13th, 2008 10:33 pm
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Today I:
-- Updated my profile.
-- Changed my layout.
-- Cleaned up my comms.
-- Finished Chapter 6.  It's either 2,355 or 3,041 words, I can't decide where I should cut it off and post.  In any case, it brings my total word count to 19,013. O_O
-- Looked through some fics on The List; didn't find anything spectucular and that made me sad.  Axed a bunch of stuff though.
-- Watched Maou, VSA, and some MMA.
-- Finished reading Forbidden Colors finally.  Now I can sell that fucking book.
-- Napped.
-- Sang some karaoke. 
-- Wrote Alison a letter.

I think I am trying to make myself feel better and not think that I fucked my whole day away.  Not literally, of course.  Although my vagina is building up a tolerance to marathon sex, I think.  I didn't hurt after Friday night/Saturday morning.  That's a good thing, I guess.  And for the record, there are people that use barriers (... saran wrap) to give head to a girl!  I am ... what did Yvonne say?  Anecdotal evidence.  And straight sex is just as wet sounding as gay sex. 

Okay, Heather.  It's time to stop.  

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