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(I'm just going to edit this entry again. Save your flists.)

So the theme of this years 24hr TV is "Start! Take the first step~" and so Shige learned to play the steel drums. He went to Trinidad & Tabago to meet these two girls who play and made his own drum. The girls came to Japan for the performance and they did a medley and ahh~! It was so good! I want that on video! Shige was so moved by his own performance, he cried. Aww~ And I agree with Yamapi, he better continue to play. I'd try to get to a News concert just to see that!

So they've raised some 800,000,000 yen so far but seriously, I wonder how much they spend on this charity event. They've got Matsushima from Othello going all over Japan visiting World Heritege sites (though that's probably by a network-owned car), they've sent Shige off to Jamaica, they've got a few boats up in Aomori/Hokkaido for the girl swimming the channel, they've got Oshima and another guy and a bunch of kids in Sri Lanka searching for jewels. Not to mention renting out the Tokyo Big Site location and paying all the staff... I really wonder if there is much to donate to charity after all is said and done. Maybe Lydia can enlighten me since she knows more about television production than I do.

I'm going to have to start watching Newsfan's releases more closely for 24hr releases. I want that Shige part! And his English was totally adorable.

And I think this is becoming my favourite icon of all time. :D

Nagura Jun of Neptune went to Fukushima prefecture on his darts tour. I love how people greet each other in Japan! And I notice it all the time in daily life here, just saying hello to people on the street. And they have no shame about asking your age. It's a lot different from western culture. I heard somewhere recently that in Japan, asking someones age is a way of showing that you are interested or care about them and you want to be more familiar with them. One granny said the thing she wants to start is learning how to use a computer. So cute!

It's time for Ryo's dart tour of Japan and he's off to Nagano prefecture somewhere. I think this is the first time I've actually heart his Kansai accent. I think it suits him more than standard Japanese. His face was priceless when he met some jr high students who were Yamapi/Koyama fans. Poor guy. XD And none of the old folks know who he is. Haha.

Thoughts on 24Hr TV 32 so far...
It's not as tear inducing as last year's was. Of course there are a lot of "I was in a terrible accident/got cancer/was born with this disease/disability" stories that have been touching but each of the News member's tasks aren't so moving. I guess with a theme like "Take the first step," it's more happy.

News is also a kind of boring personality... from what I can tell, they're just standing around a lot. And they are so obviously not used to this kind of job. They miss their cues a lot and talk over each people on the video feeds a lot but they have gotten visibly better as the show's gone on. For a while this afternoon, all they did was check in with the swimmer (Yamapi's job) and the runner (Tegoshi's job) and played the plea for donation video.

I guess I should take a shower while there's nothing interesting going on. They're going to do the Dance Koshien contest now. I see some MJ inspired groups.

Daigo and Keila are leading a blind boy who wants to climb Mt. Fuji. I always enjoy Daigo's antics. Especially when he's doing air guitar with sounds in the middle of a forest. Poor kid.. he's so exhausted and they are already half way up. He got altitude sickness! They climbed the mountain the same day as that big earthquake recently. The plants were shaking so much... and they showed footage of an office in Shizuoka. Damn. I've never seen/felt such a big quake. The guide says that Fuji hardly ever shakes during a quake, so it really was a big one.

Ahh~ I feel like crying again. T___T

Horiuchi Ken's task was to go to India and teach a village to make paper! These kids had never seen paper before and wanted to write and draw. It was really intersting seeing how they could make paper with things they've got. I remember trying to make paper from newspaper with my friend when I was a kid. The kids looked so happy! And they drew a picture on a big sheet that they made and sent it over.

Coming up is Koyama's task, I think. He went to learn sign language and is going to perform a shadow show with some kids. :D I need to pay more attention to Koyama. ♥

There's some discussion going on about the ethics of arguably the largest charity event in Japan (at least that I know of) on [ profile] aramathedidnt. After hearing about DBSK's court happenings on Asian Pop Addict and how they're trying to get out of their exclusivity clause and just how much money they probably make (10-15% of all revenue??), it makes me wonder about Japan. And suddenly it makes sense why half of Arashi still live at home. Hell, it's why I'm moving back home.

Speed is on again this year? Boo.

Koyama and the kids were amazing. Japanese sign language looks much easier than American and he's gotten really good at it. He's crying too as are all the parents... I'm really touched. That's another video for the collection. I recommend everyone to watch that cut if you can find it.

They've got Shoten doing a 24hr TV special? Boo. I guess even NTV can't pre-empt something as institutionalized as Shoten.

7:15p (but actually written at midnight and drunk so pardon)
FINALLY Yamapi's task! Of course, they left the best for last. Yamapi decided to start scuba diving because of a promise he made to his childhood friend who was in an accident that left him in a wheel chair. They promised to go scuba diving so his friend could take a picture of a manta ray. Okay, so to be honest, Yamapi has always been kind of dull to me (despite being fucking hot) but here... he just shone. He really cares about his friends. And him calling his friend Shu-chan, and being called Tomo by his friend was just heart-warming. And omg, as if I didn't want to go to Okinawa before... just gorgeous. The pictures Shu took in the water with Yamapi are going to be treasured forever.

After the VTR his friend read a letter he wrote to Yamapi, thanking him for the opportunity to go diving and that he knows he's busy but he should try and get his diving lisence so they can go again and take a picture of a manta ray (what Shu wanted to do originally) and Yamapi's trembling lip and his cheeks turning pink as he tried not to cry was just priceless! And then afterwards, his comment... as if I had any doubt he was straight before. xD

Oh, and Kame had shown up before--like, WTF. But it was so they could sing Seishun Amigo for Shu-chan. Touching!

And then I went drinking so I don't know how it ended, but I don't think Imoto made it to the end of her marathon. And it looks like the Democratic Party of Japan is out!
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Instead of spamming your flists, I'm just going to edit this entry as I watch 24hr TV.

This year's theme is "START! 一歩踏み出そう" (Start! Take the first step). The shirt, which I like and have been meaning to pick up, was actually designed by Pixar. They aren't broadcasting from Budokan this year. I wonder if they change locations every year? I didn't watch in 2007. Outside they had a hand shaking event where you can drop your pledge for the year off and the fangirls were going apeshit! And AKB48 was there but no one wanted to shake their hands. XD

I'm watching Massu's task right now. He's learning synchro with this boy with some muscle disorder challenge from a high school synchro team from Tokyo. He's finally gotten rid of that damn Cruella de Vil colouring, or at least it's faded so it doesn't look so bad. Massu is one of the guys in News that just kind of blends into the background for me. He's that cute one to the side. He's got a cute smile and a banging body. Arguably better than Yamapi's. He's ripped but surprisingly slim in his swim trunks (boo why doesn't he wear a speedo like the rest?); he looks bigger when he's wearing clothes. But the bright patterned pants have to go.

Becky is as adorable as ever. She and Shige went to Ibaraki to pick lotus roots in the pre-show. Sweaty Shige is just. You can say I will have sweet, sweet dreams tonight.

Tego's perm makes him more girlier looking than ever. And Yamapi is pretty but totally sounds like he's reading the cue cards... because he is.


News is performing Kibou ~Yell~ right now. And they are putting the lyrics on the screen as always. And the crowd is eating it up even though they kind of suck live. But that's not what's so bad.

"Get break & thuru
Fly to High Wiz News."


Yamapi's gone off to Ibaraki to interview folks and wow, he's got some personality for once! None of the old people he's talking to (except this housewife) know him and he's really frank with everyone. This makes for good TV. Throw Johnny's idols into the countryside where no one knows them. XD

Just finished watching the special drama. Waaahh I cried so hard at the end. Ryo did a fantastic job but Kuroki Hitomi! She stole the show. And Yamada wasn't bad either. It's beeing released on DVD too.

Now it's some segment headed by Cream Stew (who I've never heard of), Tutorial and Neptune. They'll show embarrassing footage of 100 comedians and celebrities. I don't think anything else interesting is going to be on until 7am tomorrow when they show the documentary of story behind the special drama. Too bad I'm not sleepy. It'd be a good time to turn in right now.

Damn Shige was ugly at 16.
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More J-web email translations instead of writing...

Maou Mail #9 )

24HTV Mail )

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I wrote this in an email to [ profile] honeycorrupts and thought... why the hell not post it on my journal.  It will remind me to write people who need to be written.  I missed some parts and just guessed at others because he talks so damn fast.  :/  But you get the idea.  F-list の皆さん、大好きです!

"You guys are probably really shocked, but actually the person most shocked is me. ...
This year's theme is 'Vow'.  When I thought about it, I remembered these words.  Four years ago, in this very place, Aiba-kun said, "We have to get to the top."  In order to make those words come true, these last few years we've worked our asses off (or something to that effect). ...
If it wasn't for these four people, I wouldn't have been able to do it.

"Leader: thank you for being the one to look after the four of us.  It really hurts to be alone, you're able to screw around with us ... and that's why you're the leader.  That's what I've always thought.
Leader, I'm glad I met you. (And I swear he sounds choked up here~~)

"Sho-kun: you really are a person who can read the atmosphere, whether it's violent or stupid.  Only a really smart person could do that.  And so, for the sake of everyone, just follow your big heart. 
Sho-kun, I'm glad I met you.

"Aiba-kun: we're always together, aren't we?  Always, always.  You make us terribly worried sometimes for your safety so when I heard you were going to do a variety show on your own, I was a bit anxious, but you've become a person who won't fail and you've given it all you've got.  Just follow your self truly in your work. (?)
Aiba-kun, I'm glad I met you.

"Jun-kun: when I first me you, I thought you were cool and scary but you are actually a warm person.  You more warm and gentle than ten gentle people combined.  Just follow that warmth.
Jun-kun, I'm glad I met you.

"Of course, these five people meeting unexpectedly and after ten years, this is our pride.  ...  Arashi is something like that.  Lastly, making programs and records together til the end, supporting each other during the busy times til the end, waiting for each other at the homes we've made til the end, always aiding each other til the end.

"The six people of Arashi: I love you.

"I'm so grateful, thank you.   --Ninomiya Kazunari"

... Who is the 6th person?  Or.. 5th and 6th since I don't think he's thanking himself.  Sho says something about the staff and crew so maybe that's it.  Managers?  Anyway.  So sweet. 

Edit:  Better translation here.  Thanks [ profile] waxrose!
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やっぱり今年相葉ちゃんも泣いたんだ。  XD

Ahh Nino, you have a way with words.  I think I need to be more forthcoming with my gratitude towards people.  I had thank-yous for f-list friends a while back, and that list has grown since then, but the sentiment remains the same.  I don't friend people often on LJ because ... well.  The basic reason is that I'm freaking lazy.  Anyway. 


I should write some letters.  The list of people I can claim are close friends seems to have dwindled significantly since I left Canada and I'm falling behind on my correspondance with Heather and JC.  I haven't heard from either in a while though school starts this week so I shouldn't be surprised.  But it should be said when you meet someone who affects you... and the years pass and before you realize it four or six years have gone by.  

I've clearly let the sentiment of 24hr TV get to me.  It's nearly over... Edo Harumi is on the final stretch, about 500m to go.  I feel for her immensely.  The weather has turned crappy again so she's running in pouring rain and her body is breaking down.  Not because of the speed or the stamina -- I think she walked a good length of it -- but her feet and knees.  I know it's a "charity run" but she might have been better off concentrating on the run rather than waving at everyone and bowing on the way.  But she looks happy to have finished. 

The stage is papered in faxes of support and well wishes for everyone.  Ohno's art project looks amazing, I can only hope to be that inspired.  The amazing things you can do when you have a large, if not unlimited, budget at your disposal.  Haha.  I'm sure all the boys are really satisfied with their work on this project.  If I caught the numbers right, they raised about 3.6 million dollars!

I shouldn't watch charity shows like this: I'm too weak.

24 Hr TV

Aug. 31st, 2008 12:25 pm
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Ahhh the tears are flowing again! Ohno's hard at work with his figures and Edo Harumi is still running... and this blind girl is still swimming across the channel between Aomori and Hokkaido. Ganbare!

Aiba's task was so cute. I felt so moved... I probably will cry all day with this on. There's still 8 hours left. Holy crap. That's a lot of Zelda to play. XD I found the schedule but... they aren't really following the times by the looks of it since Aiba's task was supposed to be on around 11:30. I should get Nino's task and watch that while they're doing other stuff.

The gays have made their entrance! They look prettier than Arashi.

So far, they've raised 1 7442 4221 yen (= $1,744,242.21)! I don't know if that's the total, or just from the calls and online donations during telecast or if that includes everything from donation boxes at the sponsor stores and merchendise. That's still pretty impressive and there is still all day left.

Woah, Tegoshi you look super tanned. Oh, he, Becky and Daisuke (from Kakushi Toride no San Akunin with Junjun) were supposed to go treasure hunting but because of all the rain we've had in the last day, the river is flooded so they can't. :( So I guess they'll go do something else. Revenge?

4:30pm:  Watching this makes me feel... awful.  Just watching these people who have such hope for life, for themselves or their families, and living with something I can't even imagine.  I can't understand what most of these diseases are because of the kanji but just seeing some of these people... I just feel awful.  I just don't understand how the boys aren't crying their hearts out at some of this stuff.  The older guy who is co-hosting is blubbering away... well, Aiba's vow was not to cry this year and so far he's doing well. 

It makes me feel like I don't do enough.  Enough of what?  I'm not even sure what I can do.  It just seems so unfair.  I was so upset last night about something so stupid and irrelevent and what about people living with something they can't change and won't get better?  It makes me want to cry just writing this because I can't do anything.  I don't know what I would feel like if I actually knew someone in that situation. 

I should stop this now because it's just wallowing.
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I wanted to watch 24hr TV, I really did.  I wanted to see Jun's drama even though the medical speak would go over my head but I'm only just able to tune in now.  It's probably around 2 hours so it must be nearly over.  Hakone was fun but I only had four hours of sleep.  The onsen was fun but a bit much?  What made things worse, is that my phone died.  I also forgot the earphone attachment so I'd have to depend on subtitles on my phone's TV but then the batteries died.  I had two bars this morning but it died around 4pm.  We left Odawara on the 7.20pm train but I didn't realize it takes 3 hours to get back from there.  I saw some guy watching on this portable TV.  I knew I would miss the first part, Aiba's task I think, but I thought I would make it back for the drama.  I kind of feel like... if i can't watch from the start, why watch at all?  It'll probably be subbed in the next week or two so I could watch it then. 

To make matters worse, the weather has been crappy beyong belief.  I don't think I've seen so much water fall from the sky, ever.  It's really fitting for this drama...

"I want to die."
"So die!  It would better if you did." 

i feel like I want to cry.  I feel depressed and a bit angry at having my plans screwed up (though centred around TV: I know how lame that is) and having lack of sleep and now, after I get home, I'm starving.

It was pouring buckets when I got off the train and eventhough I had an umbrella, it was fucking useless.  It was a cloth umbrella, which dries quickly, but is by no means waterproof so I was being dripped on all the way home.  I was also soaked from the knees down.  My shoes, my feet, my shorts...  And I get home and find my fucking kitchen soaked.  My fucking exhaust leaked all over the kitchen again.  It's still pouring so it must have been worse or someone came and covered it up sometime today.  I just can't bring myself to be bothered to mop it up.  

I wonder if I should just take a nap and then come back to 24hr TV later.  Even though I know it will be up for download tomorrow (or maybe within hours) it doesn't feel the same as watching it live on TV.  

I don't know what is wrong with me today.  It started so well... Maybe being around two lovely couples today... and getting an note from Stephen saying he's back...  Things never work out the way you want them to, eh?
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All of this good TV coming on in August is really chipping away at my drive/desire to find a flight home for the summer.  Arashi on NTV's 24hr TV?  Yes, please!  This year's theme is "Oath ~ The most important promise".  I saw Aiba's and Nino's tasks from the last time 4 years ago and I was bawling like a baby.  Can't wait!  I'm going to translate their comments get home from work.

Main Personality Comment

相葉 / Aiba

I feel really excited to be able to do 24hr TV again this time.  Because it is a program where strong energy to face an unknown reality can help you find understanding from the experience.   I want to experience it with my whole body!

松本 / Matsumoto

I think that when we participated in 24hr TV 4 years ago, it was the densest day in my life up to that point.  This year, I'm looking forward to being able to taste that experience again.  Everyone in the audience, the people participating are going to do their best to make it a deeply moving day.

櫻井 / Sakurai
2008年、前回に引き続きオリンピックイヤーであると同時に洞爺湖サミットなど、様々な『誓い』が交わされる年でもあります。日本中はもちろんの事、世 界中の様々な方と共に、これからの未来へ続く『誓い』を交わしたいと思います。嵐にとって、また視聴者の方々にとって前回(2004年)以上のアツい夏に なりますよう精一杯頑張ります。

It's been 4 years since 2004.  I think it is an honour to be able to return to 24hr TV for a second time.  In 2008, a successive Olympic year at the same time as the Doya Lake Summit, various 'Oaths' are being exchanged.  Of course within Japan, but also together with various people within the world, I want to continue to exchange "Oaths" for the future.  For Arashi, moreover for the members of the audience, we're going to make it a hotter summer than last time (2004) and we'll work hard with all our might.

二宮 / Ninomiya

I'm really happy to be able to come back and participate in 24hr TV again.  I want spend 24 hours happily with all of you.  We're going to work hard to deliver to everyone a seemingly stormy 24 hours.

大野 / Ohno

24hr TV after 4 years, it's really like a dream to be able to taste that impression again!  I want to make a really wonderful 24 hour space with the present Arashi and everyone.  To help many people's happiness, even 1 person, I want to do it with all my might.

Yuji is supposed to be bringing me his washer tomorrow Monday.  I forgot because I haven't heard from him since Monday or so.  Should really figure out when that's happening so I can be home/help.  Maybe the haircut will have to wait.

HnA 4 is out and downloaded!  I'll watch that again when I get home too.  :D 

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