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I'm at work for 1 day and I have to skip 40 entries? Jesus. And it's like the same person cross-posting on 3 different communities. Fuck.

Work was entertaining. Kaneko found a lock for the latop (I knew there had to be one because it was locked up when I first arrived) so it's staying on my desk. :D Teaching with Imai-sensei was great fun. I'm really surprised how good all these kids are. I'll be sad I won't get to see them through to the end of 3rd year. Napped after school. Totally wasn't intentional! I hope I'm not fucked tonight (anymore than I already am).

What to do about dinner... I have left over curry but don't want to eat it. Or raisin rolls and cream cheese but that's more of a breakfast/late nite snack thing. I don't want conbini dinner again~ どうしよ~? Maybe I just have to suck it up.

I got in contact with Nelson. :D I need to write him an epic email.

Last night's Shukudai-kun looks kind of 微妙. No one is raving so I obviously didn't miss much. I'm still going to download it though, once Door to Door is finished.
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I should have gone to bed at 1130 when I was feeling sleepy instead of watching Shukudai-kun, hilarious as it was.  Ayase Haruka bugs me but watching them make boob jokes and gestures was well worth it.  However, it's now 2am and I'm not sleepy.  Not like I have anything on tomorrow but I should start trying to readjust my interal clock sooner rather than later.

I guess I definitely won't sleep in front of the computer so I should crawl back into bed. :/

Not again.

Apr. 6th, 2009 11:44 pm
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Just went to check the Shukudai-kun site to see what time broadcast is tonight and they posted this message. Again:


"Any mail saying they are a project from "Shukudai-kun" were sent as a prank, there is no such project being run by this show.  As this has inconvenienced many poeple, please do not send this mail to other people."

Around the same time last year there was an email floating around that was supposedly from Jun and they were doing an experiment on Shukudai-kun about how many times an email would go around the world or something.  I guess someone started another one.  It amazes me how freaking guilable people can be sometimes. 

Door to Door was good.  Heart-warming in the end but I cried lots as I thought I would.  Nino did a really great job on this; he should be proud of it.  I wonder what his next challenge will be.  I'm still rooting for a more adult, romantic role.  But I doubt that won't ever happen.

On a completely yet not so totally unrelated note: I am one degree of seperation from Shingo Mama.  My new friend Anna teaches him English at ECC.  She tells him he needs to shave because he'd look better but he says he won't because he's lazy. XD  I'm also one degree away from Tanimura Nana; she's friends with Blake (or at least wants to sleep with him--which isn't going to happen anytime soon).  Oh, small world.  When am I going to meet my celebrity?

I think I am getting seasonal allergies.  I'm sneezy and my eyes are itchy.  Of course I can't find my eye drops when I want them. :/

JUN GOT TANNED.  HE LOOKS SO GOOD.  And could maybe pass as a halfy.  Although, according to the synops, his char's dad was Filipino and his mom was Japanese... so why does his character have a Japanese last name?  Sho did something to his hair and he got thinner.  And paler?  If that is even possible.  Maybe he just looks super white cuz he's sitting beside Ohno.  Who's obviously been fishing lately. XD

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Shukudai pic spam because it's been a long while since it's been a good enough episode to warrant screen caps. And I also wanted to immortalize their scraggliness. When Ohno and Sho's hair grows out... it doesn't bother me and I don't really notice it. Or maybe they never let it get to such heinous lengths.

Congratulations on 100 episodes! )


Aug. 26th, 2008 12:51 am
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I'm downloading Shukudai-kun this week just to watch this fucking retard girl one more time and to watch Sho spit aojiru all over the stage. XD

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"But I'm not an entertainer," he says.  Way to be lippy and insolent is such a laidback manner.  I love you, Ohno.  And your gay sweater.  You need to pose like that more often.  Have my half-asian babies. 

I love kansai accents, now that I can recognize them.  They just make things seem so much funnier. 


May. 6th, 2008 01:56 am
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I finished the fic.  Go!  Read!  Be merry!  Fluff and smut?  Double your pleasure!

Shukudai-kun was a let down.  That doesn't mean I won't download it when it gets uploaded.  The drawing was hilarious but I was all pumped for paper hats after browsing The Television magazine.  I guess those are out-take photos?  But... Leader and Jun... wearing paper hats.  Sob sob.

How did it get to be 2am already?  Drinking three cups of coffee today probably had something to do with it.  Tomorrow is laundry day with my new machine.  :D  It's lame on a spectacular level how excited that makes me.
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So, about a month ago? I got forwarded mail from someone saying that Matsujun/Arashi no Shukudai-kun was doing a chain-mail project to see how many times the chain would go around the world or how many people it would reach or something.  Then they would announce the results on the show on April 24th.  I thought, "Mm this sounds cool and yet very suspicious".  I checked the date in the email and it turned out to be a Thursday so I knew it must have been bullshit because AnS broadcasts on Mondays. 

When I went to check the guest on AnS tonight, this message was on the website:


The next broadcast is May 5th!
=Concerning Chain Mail=
Recently there has been an increase in chain mail inquiries by someone claiming to be an "Arashi no Shukudai-kun" planner, but such a project is not being done by this show.  If you are a person who has received that kind of mail, it is a prank, so please stop sending the mail to other people.

XD  I can't believe it.  That just made my day, in some weird bout of schadenfreude. 

On a brighter note, on tonight's Shukudai-kun:
    Nishikawa-sensei's reckless (secret) talk leaves Arashi cringing?!
    In the first painting competition after a long time, the continuous miracles of Master Sakurai!

Sho "art"!   I can't wait.  I will even forgive the fact that the broadcast is pushed back half an hour again tonight.  I hope I will be finished writing by then! 

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