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#2 on Himitsu no Arashi-chan's まさかの結末 this week hails from Canada.

And of course it happened in Durham, Ontario. And I love how they are making fun of them in their commentary. XD I would too!

ムカツク! They are obviously running out of ideas if they have to stretch Mario out for 3 episodes. Original Mario looks so easy now. It's been years since I've played but I suppose you could say my マリオゲーム歴史 is 19 years. I must have been 5 or 6 when my parents bought the NES for my brother and me. It wasn't terribly long before we moved to Singapore and had to sell it. I never got much passed world 5 (with warping) and never remember actually beating the game. But give me fucking Ninja Turtles 4 and I can beat it every time!

I think they put out original Super Mario for DS. Too bad it will never get cheaper.

Fuck that.

Apr. 23rd, 2009 10:43 pm
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I can't believe I'm contributing to Himitsu no Arashi-chan's fucking ratings this week. What a bunch of lazy cunts! They don't have an episode for a month and then this week they just slash together previous episodes. They've played the same previews for next week's "special" about 5 times because they don't have enough shit to reply to even fill the 50 minutes! What a fucking rip off. I think there's barely been 15 minutes of new studio footage throughout the whole show. I am not impressed.

I really hope the announcer for this show gets paid big money. He talks more than anyone else on this damn show.

However, I am excited for the special next week. I want to see if Nino is as good at Mario as I am lead to believe a gamer of his calibre is.

Make that 6 times.


Feb. 26th, 2009 10:52 pm
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I will suck it up and get Himitsu in HD this week. It's totally worth it. Fantastic icon potential. Even though William Hung was featured. What the hell.

Ohno's got his cheeks back!

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On Himitsu, they showed a clip of some BBC show where these guys made a homemade rocket.  And they're shouting at it as it takes off...

"Seperate!  Seperate!"

And the subtitles say, "Surprise!  Surprise!" 


Why don't they employ some gaijin to proofread their stuff?  Seriously.
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Tonight's Himitsu no Arashi-chan was pretty much an after-school special on trans people.  It just reminded me oh so much of university when I was outreach coordintor for Pride UBC.  I ran an "Ally Workshop" with my friend for 2 years, actually.  Sho and Aiba escorted this girl around Tokyo as she talked about growing up and going to an all-boys school and how she dealt with being trans.

Now for a little vocabulary lesson because who actually knows what all those letters in the GLBTTQQIA* acronym actually mean?  I do.  Here's what you would learn if you went to our workshop!

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual... these terms define your sexual orientation.  Who do you like to sleep with?  People choose them based on their gender. 

Straight: people who have relationships and sex with people of the opposite sex: boys with girls, girls with boys.  Also known as heterosexual and, in most uptight conservative circles, the "normal" sexual orientation, which is here the term heteronormative comes from -- the assumption that everyone is, or should be, straight.

Gay: technically men who choose to have relationships and sex with men.  It can be and is used as an umbrella term for people who have same-sex relations (for both men and women). 

Lesbian: women who sleep with women.  Comes from a the Greek isle of Lesbos where the homosexual poet Saphos lived with other women.

Bisexual: people who have relations with both men and women, both the same and opposite sex.

Transgender: when the state of one's "gender idenity" (self-identification as man, woman or other) does not match one's "assigned sex" (your physical sexual characteristics).  The term doesn't encompass anything to do with your sexual orientation (i.e. who you want to sleep with). 

Transsexual: a person who identifies as, or desires to live and be accepted as, a member of the sex opposite to that assigned at birth.  Transsexual people can sort of be lumped into "pre-" and "post-operative" camps but after surgery most will just choose to identify as their chosen gender.

I still get confused as to which term to use...they are pretty fluid and very, very similar.  I think a good guideline is those who have or plan to transition genders are transsexual while those who just believe themselves to have differing gender identities and physical characteristics are transgender

Queer: a former derogatory term for homosexual folks, this word has been reclaimed by the GLBT community and is now used in an empowering and positive way.  Some people are a little touchy when non-GLBT people use it, however.  It is an all-inclusive umbrella term for people of gender and sexual minorities, but has a distinct political slant that not everyone likes.  (i.e. Andrew says he's gay, not queer because he hates activism but my old roommate would identify himself as queer and went to Pride every year.)

And now an embarrassing picture: a queer boy in his natural habitat, protesting GAP (Genocide Awareness Project) on UBC Campus.

Questioning: pretty self-explanitory.  You're not sure what your gender/sexual identity is and are working it out.

Intersex: the 20th century term for people born with ambiguous genitalia, or characteristics that don't fit into the cookie-cutter "male" or "female" catergories.  It used to be common practice for the doctor to look at a baby and give a best-guess at to what the baby should be and operate, sometimes without parental permission.  This, more often than not, caused problems for the child later in life if the chosen gender did not match their gender idenity.  The new line of thought is to leave the child alone and they will show their indentity as they grow up and can choose for themselves whether or not to have surgery.

Ally: people who support GLBT folks who don't identify as GLBT themselves.

*: the acronym keeps changing so some places just use the first 4 letters and *.  It's kind of ridiculous. XD

How do you be a good ally?  Reflect a persons language: if they identify as gay, use gay.  If they identify is intersex, use intersex.  If they don't indenify themselves... just ask.  Rather be a little awkward and ask, "What word should I use?" than be an ignorant douche.  You can be really aggressively active and speak up when you hear people using "gay" as a synonym for "stupid" and march in parades and fundraise and all that noise.  You can also be passive and do small things like wear a pin that says "ally" or have a rainbow stripe on your car. 

I hope you learned something! :D
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Ahhh why is there no one to annoy?  It's my late-night day and no one is online to bother!  I am catching up on my shows and writing a little.  I finished off the last scene and can move on to the next.  I hope I ended it well.  Drama!  I'm at 2,482 words, and maybe half done?  I think I could finish it tomorrow if I work hard.  I want write two more scenes into this chapter.  We'll see how we go.  I can't wait to see people's reactions to this one!

I watched Maou again with subs.  I got most of the gist the first time, but its always nicer to know exactly what is going on.  My comprehension is getting really good!  Imagine if I studied...  Also watched the first episode of Code Blue.  Dr Yamapi! <3<3<3  You are so cocksure, I love it.  I'm going to enjoy that show.  I will be downloading the soundtracks of both those shows; the music is so good!

I'm going to catch up with Himitsu now~  I still can't believe I missed it on Thursday.  They must have pushed it back but I checked the TV guide... oh well.  I can enjoy it better now that I don't have to worry about going to bed so soon and work the next day. 

I had something else I wanted to do... but I can't remember what it was.  
Edit: AHhhhh Childminder Arashi!  Ahhhh~  I think this might be better than Kodomo no Bangohan, which is my favourite Arashi segment.  Ahh!  And for someone who claims to hate children, Nino was doing qutie a lot of cuddling.  I want to take care of the childrens!!  The mama in me wants to come out.


Jun. 26th, 2008 10:52 pm
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Ahhh... not an episode of pure gold but there were some gems.  Sho proudly entered the set with his hands held high.  "Look mom/fans!  I'm okay now!"  Aiba and Nino do the AgeAge princess thing and Nino nearly busts a gut trying not to piss himself laughing.  Another installment of Hana yori Matsujun: Ojima Miyuki and Jun's "date".  I really couldn't tell if he was acting some of the time.  But the ENDING!  Priceless!

Miyuki: Tsukasa!  Watch out!  -shot-
Jun: ... -don't bleed on me-
Mao: Miyuki!  Miyuki!
Miyuki: -slumps on Jun- Take care of Tsukasa for me...
Mao: Un, I will.

Ahhh that cheers me up after my royally shitastic day and retarded emails from Tatsuya.  I managed to write a shiton as well, I'm up to 2,132 words.  Yahoo~ 

Finally heard from Stephen... isn't it supposed to be 3 days after the date?  Whatever.  I... fobbed him off with excuses.  Saying I'm busy (which isn't entirely a lie) and I feel kind of bad.  It's not like I didn't know we were gonna have sex before (and I know he did too, since he came prepared with condoms).  But staying straight up: "Hey man, the sex was great but I don't want to date you.  Let's just be friends."  Isn't that a bit harsh?  Mahh I don't know....... I don't really want to date someone for the sake of dating someone.  I'll be as bad as the Japanese.  It's not a lie, I am busy - Kamakura on Saturday and I have to clean and do laundry etc.  Having a shitty 9-5 really only means you can go out on weekends (if there are sleepovers involved, anyway).  But after watching Himitsu, I have a sudden urge to go bowling. 
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When I watch Himitsu I piss my pants with laughter.  This has been the best show yet.  XD  I'm quite impressed that they have managed to keep the same level of awesome each show, if not exceed the previous week.  Although, WTF is with the flashy set?  I'm still not clear on that. 

I thought it was going to be another bum episode when Aiba came out with his Ageha segment again but it got a bit better when Jun jumped on the bandwagon and they took this fucking scary chick from Yamaguchi-ken dressed up like Princess Barbie around Tokyo.  I will never ever understand Gal fashion and the amount of money you can (and inevitably will) spend on things.  Although you can get your DS pretty tricked out with bling for a couple hundred bucks. 

AND THEN.  XDDD  Sho and Ohno went and got certified to be child minders.  Certified.  They went and took the course and the test and got a certificate stamped and sealed with their names on it.  I'm impressed.  Sho and kids is seriously the cutest thing I have seen ever.  They went to the house of this actress (I think... she's in the entertainment world some how) and took care of their nearly-2-year-old daughter for the afternoon.  I don't know who was cuter, little Koharu or the boys.  I didn't really see Ohno do much, but damn, Sho has a way with kids.  It makes me wish I had been able to babysit more cuz I do actually like kids and can handle them well.  I should tell the elementary school I want to do some art classes with the kids and not pack my schedule so tight next semester.  :D  I want them to teach me calligraphy! 

Another one to download for the collection. 

Speaking of Ohno doing nothing... I watched the Johnny's Sports Festival 2003 today and got the urge to run around and get sweaty.  It's been 2 months since I went running, that one time.  I want to go again!  I should go and splurge on some Uniqlo shorts because running in sweats (even cut offs) in this heat and humidity is a death wish.  I was a bit disappointed because even Sho, the sports retard, scored a few goals in the soccer game but I didn't see Ohno do anything.  Except for make weird faces at the camera in the background.  That takes effort too, I guess.  It happened in October (around the Health and Sports Day holiday, I guess?) so I should keep an eye out for that and try to go this year.  :D  And also look into some Reysol or Giants or Tigers tickets.  I should organize that with Nikki and Amanda.  That would be so fun!  And I hardly ever see them anymore... 

I need to stop watching Himitsu on TV because, as wicked as it is that I can post a recap of it right away, it gets me pumped and buzzed on the sheer stupidity and rainbows so that makes it hard to fall asleep.  I wanted to write a bit but it's already 11 and I may or may not go out with Chelsea tomorrow so I should get rest.  Also going to see Andrew's host brother play a gig on Saturday and I need to make some room to study.  Yes, that's right.  I said "study".  The Kanji Kanken is in 2 weeks and though I am quite impressed with what I do know, there's a shitload that I don't and I need to practice.  If I flunk, it was only 1500 yen, but I have only ever failed one test in my whole life (grade 7 math?) and I kind of want to keep it that way.  Andrew and Ben planned their official housewarming for the day before... I'm not sure Andrew realized or not.

Finished JPod.  Go read it.  Now.  Srs.
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Just watched Himitsu and I needed to post.  They featured Vancouver Island!  Now all the Japanese people will think we have abnormally large seafood on the Island.  XD  It was nice to see clips of home... sort of.  Made me miss it~  And super cute animals!  They are still fucking around with the format though.  :/

Teaching Grades 1 and 2 tomorrow and then English club...  2 more days until Arashi!  I wonder if I'll be able to get any sleep tomorrow night.  I should swing by ToyoChu on my way home and grab my book.  I can't really read on buses because it makes me motion sick but I'll kick myself if I don't have something to read.  Maybe I should pick up a magazine for the trip.  I am really tempted to go out and buy an Ipod just so I can watch videos on the way up.  No jokes.  I need a new one and now is as good a time as any to buy one but I'm still scarred from Nova. 

Also have to figure out a way to cook this fish before I leave. 
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Hm. They changed the format of HnA this week.  I think it was kind of a filler episode.  There weren't any audience votes this time.  I don't know if anyone else noticed but they had cuts from about 3 different weeks. >_<  Watch carefully!  You see Riida with blonde hair and dark hair; Jun with flippy hair and then curly hair that is eating his face; and Nino before and after it got cut!  WHICH I LOVE.  It's kind of a toned down version of his Pikanchi Double hair?  I think?  Long in the front and spikey at the back.  I approve.  Aiba and Sho were the only ones who didn't change.  XD 

Aiba has his own segment now, "Aiba Magazine"... maybe he'll go check out a different magazine each week?  I'm not too sure.  I didn't really seem to get much of this week's episode.  ._.  This week was Koakuma Ageha, a "gal" magazine.  He stormed a photoshoot and got pretty with the models.  I want to lobby for more Aiba-chan in glitter.  XD  Sho played his strengths and went and talked to TBS announcers... やっぱり announcers speak more clearer more clearly than normal people!  But even Sho has a ways to go.  LOL  Nino went exploring Japan's underground.  And more secrets from Aiba-chan at the end!  OF COURSE Nino would listen to game soundtracks in the car.  He and Andrew would get along so well.  XD 

On Ro's recommendation I downloaded the new KAT-TUN solos.  I have only listened to Parasite so far, and it is total WIN.  That alone makes me want to see a concert.  And it reminded me of LP so I went and got Minutes to Midnight finally, after like a year.  What a bad fan I am...  I didn't even try to see them when they played in Saitama in November.  I'm going to finish Zettai Kareshi and sleep so I will take a listen tomorrow. 

Chelsea is coming over tomorrow and we're going to have a fangirl day!  Karaoke (pretty much ALL JE songs, I guarantee) and we're going to watch The Last Princess.  Even though we won't get most of it, I still want to see it.  It's an action movie - how much dialogue can there be?

EDIT: HOLY ESL BATMAN.  I really should spell check before I post so I don't have to edit 4 times.
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For sure downloading when Himitsu no Arashi-chan comes out tomorrow.  I was cackling through the entire show (except when I was trying not to look at the screen with the fucking bugs... dalfkja;dkfjasdlfk I've still got the creeps). 

Nino got to have fun wth killer whales; totally jealous. And take the piss out of Sho for having a boring aquarium segment.  However, the cream socks and the dark suit?  Someone call Stacy and Clinton, ASAP.  Ohno's hair... needs to go.  It looks like a wig or something.  It's so dried out from the bleach, it doesn't shine anymore!  Sad face.  I find it wonderfully ironic that I just wrote about the King of Pop the other day, and Ohno did MJ impressions.  Twice.  I serious love that man more with every passing day.  Watch out Sho, you're gonna get bumped out of first.  All you did today was sit and look pretty (with your spanky new haircut).  Nino was Ohno's pro this week.  XD  I died when they counted off.  Sexy man who does magic.  Jun and the bug cameraman... cool as it was, bugs freak the shit out of me so yeah.  No thanks.  Aiba's secret is that in his tansu he has an underwear corner and 1 in 6 have "Ninomiya" written on them.  HAHA.  And then proceed to check the underwear he's wearing.  Aiba flashed some skin this episode and looked pretty.  Come on Sho!  You're slacking here! 

Next week I think he goes and explores the underground of Tokyo?  Hm... interesting.  I saw something on the credits about Sakurai vs lady announcers?  Not sure.

Fangirling over.
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Are they having some really rough sex on a rickety bed upstairs?  Otherwise I am feeling like causing shit becuase its so damn loud.  But if it's in the name of orgasm, I'll let it slide.  Plus, the normal jboy doesn't last that long anyway.  Just got my new visa card by UPS.  I'm read to start spending!  Not.  I still have to pay off my old card, fuck.  But at least I have this one in case of emergencies and can actually use it in such a case.  Watching Heroes at the moment, halfway through episode 2.  I agree, Mohinder is hot.  He needs to shave though.

For my pleasure:

 本当に100発100中ですか? はい!
The go-getter?  The so-called slim-arm*? Is it really 100 out of 100? Yes!
何年くらいやってんですか?写真の暦は? 4年やっています!
About how long have you been doing this?  Your photography history? For 4 years.
結構短いっちゃ短いですよね? 短いっちゃ短いですね
Considerably, that's a short short time right? A short short time, yes.

How old are you now? 23 years old.
          Younger than me!?

This was just the best reaction evar.  I heart you, Aiba-chan.  Please never take the suit off.  I have no idea what to translate *this as.  It doesn't make sense to me.  Whatever.  That wasn't the point.  Did you enjoy it?  Back to Heroes.
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Wah... Secrets are great.  I think this was my favourite episode so far!  Aiba-chan is awkward with children, I love it.  And yay for Sho for getting full marks again.  They boys are branching out and talking to pretty girls. XD  Ohno-chan is living proof that Japanese people can't maintain blonde hair.  It's starting to go orangey, as bleached Japanese hair is wont to do.  Although with the amount of stylists and make up people they have on hand, you'd think he could keep it up.  I guess they are going to start giving Arashi secrets at the end, which will be interesting.  Although I didn't really get this one... I'll have to rewatch it when I download it.   His nails are cute?  O_o

I had a wonderfully nutritious dinner of raisin rolls with camembert cheese and avocado.  It was actually rather bland tasting.  And the avocado was off because I feel slightly sick.  I'm trying to drink a lot of water before bed and hopefully that'll help digestion.  I think this is the quickest I've gotten over a cold in a long time.  I don't want to tell Andrew that he was right about the water. 

Tomorrow I'm at Dai Ni Shou teaching Grade 5s.  I have 6 classes tomorrow, a full day.  Sigh... I'm recycling the lesson I did for the grade 5s last year about months and birthdays.  I really should go to sleep but I took an hour nap tonight to fend off the dizziness (that came from where, I don't know) and now don't feel that sleepy.  But as mom always said, just go to bed and try.  I won't fall asleep sitting in front of the computer, that's for sure.  I think its because I woke up late this morning; that always screws me over.  I woke up and then hit the snooze too many times and it turned off.  Then I started having a really hot dream about Wang Leehom (circa Heroes of Earth).  We were almost about to get it on and then I thought "OMG I don't have time for this!" and woke up and I had 25 mins to shower and get out the door.  Luckily I only had 3 lessons today and that stupid meeting.  What a waste of my time.  Tatsuya just came and told us what they were going to give us in terms of lesson plans which we can decide whether or not to use.  Why that couldn't have been done over email?  I don't know.

I'm going to get a haircut this weekend.  I'm due for one and my hair is driving me crazy.  I miss Tanis, she was amazing.  I'm going to have to make sure I get in to see here if and when I go through Vancouver this summer.  I need to get Sachiyo to translate a bit for me: I want them to cut my hair so that it accentuates the little bit of natural curl in my hair.  Tanis was amazing and I can only hope they do half as good a job as she did.  Japanese hair doesn't curl, so I don't know if they'll be able to do it.  People left and right have been telling me my hair is too short for a perm (and I keep telling them I just want waves, not actual curls) but the fact of the matter is, I don't have 10,000 yen (~$100) to drop on a haircut.  I figure one more clean-up cut and another 2 months and I'll be able to put it in a ponytail again and get a real nice style.  And by then, I'll probably have money.

Haircut maybe Saturday, Lake party Sunday, hangover Monday, baseball game Tuesday?  Sounds like a good Golden Week(end) to me!
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Just watched Himistu and t'was another great episode.  My favourite part was when Sho nailed Ohno in the shoulder.  I LOVED IT.  That's my first taste of his infamous temper.  And it wasn't staged either!  You could hear the impact.  Mmm manly and straight.  I love to see a little violence now and then.  And Ohno's faces... it's fun to watch just for those, if nothing else.  But... the hair... It still hasn't grown on me.  If It was a wee bit shorter, maybe it wouldn't bug me so.  It's almost like he's got wings sprouting in th back.  Sho-chan's secret was that he can't do cartwheels.  Although, honey, no one can do cartwheels in those pants.  Tight pants are meant for standing around looking smoking hot, not athletics.  So don't feel so bad.  And Nino!  That mouth of yours got you in trouble finally!  No Big Storm for you.  >>D

EDIT: I forgot about this until I was in bed but couldn't be stuffed to turn on my computer and add it.  The Meteorologial University from Nino's segment -- I FUCKING WALK PAST THAT SHIT EVERRRRYDAY on my way to work.  It's like 10 mins walk from my houuuuse.  XD  I get really giddy when I see things I know/live near on TV. 

I was going to post a "review" of the new arubamu but... I got distracted by lots of hot gyrating J-rockers thanks to [profile] sanctified_x.  Cheers, lady!   I do still want to because I have some how gotten it into my head from my recent spell of friending people that there are people out there who give a shit about what I say.  I'm no Perez Hilton or anything, nobody checks my blog 53 times a day to see if I've updated (sob sob) but I want to not be a complete fangirl and actually have something constructive and intelligent to say about it.  Maybe the break from academia is starting to get to me, finally.  Actually, I think it would just help me learn the songs and which is which in prep for the concert.  Not that it'll be hard to recognize/half-sing-a-long with the whole album by May 31st.  I've already listened to the whole thing 3 times today.  And the 微妙 songs are starting to grow on me.  Yay yay!

I think I'm going to try and make Sirius my new 十八番. ♥  Or Take me faraway which I can't stop listening to.  Need lyrics nao.

I'm forever grateful that Jun left those fugly glasses at home today, but I have a feeling they make a come-back next week.  Why can't you wear these??

You look totally foxy and devilishly handsome (dare I say!) in the red candy frames.  If only you weren't suffering through lunch made by Aiba and had a happy expression on your face, but I can't have everything I want.  XD  That and I didn't look that hard for a good screen cap either.  I just wanted to prove a point. 

Off to elementary for the first time this year tomorrow!  I hope to god they don't expect me to do any teaching... I am not prepared!  Although all the goodies from the Embassy came in the mail today so I can give them that to look at.  Or something.  I'll make them play Duck, Duck, Goose for the entire class or something.

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