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There was a million and one downloads for Saigo no Yakusoku and every promo spot for Tokujo Kabachi.

Where's all the stuff for Kobe Shinbun no Nanokakan? It got 19.3% in the ratings that night. Why haven't I heard anything about it? :( I really want to watch it. A) I really think Sho would be able to carry off the seriousness of the drama, B) I'm a sucker for natural disaster movies. Anyone seen links?

I watched Kabachi... I wasn't floored. I knew it would over-the-top acting but it's like they're just trying too hard. It's like The Quiz Show's and Ryuusei no Kizuna's cracky bastard child. Minus all the revenge and murders. If they didn't have all the stupid special effects and random quizzes throughout Kabachi, I might like it better... but I think a lot of the legalese goes over my head. I wasn't really paying attention either which didn't help. I could look at Sho in his v-neck sweater/blazer combo all day, but I don't buy Maki's character. And you can totally tell she's no smoker.

Maybe I'll be more into it when I understand what's going on.

And has anyone else noticed that Utaban got moved back to a mid-week slot? I guess they weren't doing so well on Sunday nights.
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Take leftover chicken, rice and kimchi. Fry it all up, season with some ketchup. Fry up an egg and tada! Kimchi omuraisu. I still have some cheddar so I threw some of that in as well. So delicious. I think even Andrew could eat this, it's hardly spicy at all.

I'm watching the final episode of Rescue and man, I just can't get into. I can't even remember what the hell was going on. So I got thinking about the dramas that are wrapping up soon and

Dramas I'm really looking forward to (like a virgin on prom night):
-- My Girl with Aiba Masaki & Yuuka (Oct 9 start; 11:15pm Fri, Asahi)
-- Tokyo DOGS with Oguri Shun & Mizushima Hiro (Oct start; 9:00pm Mon, Fuji) [Though I don't know why Hiro isn't the cop from America since he can, you know, actually speak English.]
-- Samurai Seventeen with Miura Haruma (Oct start; 9:00pm Sat, NTV)
-- Tengoku de Kimi ni Aetara with Ninomiya Kazunari & Inoue Mao (Sept 24; 9:00pm, TBS)
-- Reijigo no Kyaku with Ohno Satoshi and others (Oct 23 start; 1:05am, Fuji)

And Shige's in a drama SP? With Aibu Saki, no less. Girl sure gets around. Chichi yo, Anata wa Erakatta will be on TBS at some point this fall. I also saw somewhere that they're doing Bloody Monday 2 (in Jan?). !!! I hope that Hiroki reprises his role as J.

Now that this season is wrapping up, last season's dramas should be finished being subbed. I've heard great things about Mr. Brain (and I have never actually seen a Kimutaku drama :X) and I wanted to watch Atashinchi no Danshi for Yamada Yusuke and Horikitty. Anyone have any others to recommend?
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I just spent the last day rewatching Kizarazu Cats Eye and Nihon Series. I have World Series somewhere too, I probably haven't burned it onto a DVD yet. After watching this whole series I've started using really manly Japanese. It happens. I should finish watching IWGP, I think I only had 3-4 episodes to go on that one. I don't know if my ovaries can flutter anymore. Makes me want to just go off and do something really silly. Go to Kisarazu? My friend lives in Goi, I think that's near? Kind of, not really.

Awadflkjdf It would cost me 1300 yen one-way to get to Kisarazu from here. Goi is somewhere in the middle. Though, I have never been south of Chiba. Food for thought. Depends what Leigh is doing these days.

I finally found a clear folder to put my Anan magazines in. Of course they had to be difficult and print them at a non-standard size so I can't just get a regular cheapo folder from the 100 yen store. I don't actually have that many issues (only 4) and I decided not to rip up the more expensive magazines I own for posterity. I want to keep most of the stuff in them anyway. But at least I don't have to think about it anymore. I cut down my magazine stash a good half. Yay productivity!

I also finished my fic for [ profile] jentfic_remix. I've bugged Alex a ton for read overs and stuff but I'm still not sure. It's the tenses! I hope I've fixed them all. Anyway, I think it's really good and I'm happy with the outcome. I just hope the author of the original likes it too. I've almost forgot that someone is rewriting something of mine. I wonder which one they've picked!

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with [ profile] articulation and we're going to go around Kagarazuka (the area where Haikei, Chichiue-sama is set) and go to the Awa Odori and festival there. Excited! After watching Yassai Mossai all day yesterday, I am in a dancin' mood.

I've been kind of under the radar lately, after my weekend plus of drinking and more drinking I've been home recovering. I went out today to run some errands and get the automatic rent transfer thing set up but the fucking banks wouldn't do it. Mitsui-Sumitomo said they could only do it if it was from a Mitsui-Sumitomo account so I went to my bank and they said they could only do it if they had some kind of authorization from the company. What the fuck?! This is the third time I've had to redo it for my rent and now they're giving me shit. I don't want to fight with them or bother calling my landlords so I'm just going to have to remember to do it myself. What a pain!

I should get on making my dinner. Tonight is the first episode of Orthros Dog, Ryo and Takki's new drama. I don't really know what it's about but they were on every show last night doing promotions with it. I haven't actually seen Takki in anything since his scandalous teacher/student love story from like 1999 that I can't remember the name of. It looks like it's based on an anime or has some anime in it? I don't know but I'll watch it anyway.

Justin just asked me to hangout at Andrew's around 9. That might be fine for him since it only takes 20 minutes to get home, but it's totally not worth it for me. I have to leave by 11:30 to get home. I hate how I have to put a price on my time to see my friends, it really sucks. But I have to be careful especially with the super shit paycheck I've got coming for August.
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I wanted to watch it but I didn't know when it was on. Lucky me!

The first 20 minutes are promising and it actually looks like Yamapi can play basketball. It makes me want to play again... I wish I had done a sport seriously. Though OFS wasn't really top in terms of sports excellence. But how lame is the "star player dating the cheerleader" trope? But obviously that's going to end! Seriously, only in Japan are university students thinking about married. And have mom be all excited about it. I can't wrap my brain around it.

Aibu Saki and Yamapi have the same hair colour. XD

I'm going to enjoy this show if only for the fact that I know exactly what's happening on the court. And for the awesome cast.
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So, I just watched the final episode of The Quiz Show. Need to debrief and decompress. Cut for spoilery goodness.

Compliment sandwich. )

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