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2010-04-25 12:27 pm

FC Pamphlet #48: Sho's 100Q

The last 100Q! The set is complete~ After this I might translate some of the other things in the pamphlets, like the cross-talks or random articles. All in good time.

Sho-chan's answers actually feel serious. )

Nino's 100Q / Aiba's 100Q / Matsujun's 100Q / Ohno's 100Q

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++ If you want to translate this into another language, you don't have to ask. Just credit properly and send me a PM with the link when you're done.

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2010-01-19 09:28 pm
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No Kobe Shinbun? What gives?

There was a million and one downloads for Saigo no Yakusoku and every promo spot for Tokujo Kabachi.

Where's all the stuff for Kobe Shinbun no Nanokakan? It got 19.3% in the ratings that night. Why haven't I heard anything about it? :( I really want to watch it. A) I really think Sho would be able to carry off the seriousness of the drama, B) I'm a sucker for natural disaster movies. Anyone seen links?

I watched Kabachi... I wasn't floored. I knew it would over-the-top acting but it's like they're just trying too hard. It's like The Quiz Show's and Ryuusei no Kizuna's cracky bastard child. Minus all the revenge and murders. If they didn't have all the stupid special effects and random quizzes throughout Kabachi, I might like it better... but I think a lot of the legalese goes over my head. I wasn't really paying attention either which didn't help. I could look at Sho in his v-neck sweater/blazer combo all day, but I don't buy Maki's character. And you can totally tell she's no smoker.

Maybe I'll be more into it when I understand what's going on.

And has anyone else noticed that Utaban got moved back to a mid-week slot? I guess they weren't doing so well on Sunday nights.
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2009-11-20 07:33 am
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There goes my dream for big-eyed news caster babies~

Kobayashi Mao and Ichikawa Ebizou (a kabuki/TV actor) have just announced on the news that they are dating with the intent of marriage. I was never in the Sho/Mao camp and that rumor was like 2 years ago, but it would have been cute. Even if her voice does annoy me. It's too cute for a woman of 27.

But he looks like a nice guy (and isn't ancient like I see happening so much these days) in this interview. I wish them the best of luck!
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2009-06-20 10:07 pm
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The Quiz Show Ends

So, I just watched the final episode of The Quiz Show. Need to debrief and decompress. Cut for spoilery goodness.

Compliment sandwich. )
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2009-05-30 09:53 pm
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One episode left

Oooohhh the story's gotten deeper! All the links are slowly being made. Sho flailed a lot this episode but did it really well. I wonder if he'll be nominated for any awards for The Quiz Show. Next week is the final episode. Only 8? I can't believe it's so short. But I guess it was like Ota Oni; you can only push the story so far without any useless filler.

I already told Blake that I was a "maybe" for their 80s party next week. This is another reason for me to want to stay home. XD Oh, that's bad. Staying home to watch TV rather than going out with my friends... I will still stand behind the monetary excuse and be responsible. No one else is going to be responsible for my money but me.

I'm finally burning things off my xHD onto DVD. It's slow, tedious work. I'm going to have to trim a few things to get them to fit onto one single DVD. I don't really need to watch the opening credits of Ouran Host Club 26 times.

My writing muscle is still broken. :(

I made fantastic shouga yaki tonight for dinner. I will post the recipe later. I took the picture after I cut it all up so I get an F for presentation but whatever.
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2009-05-10 05:03 pm

I went a bit mental with the camera.

I got my nails done! I was a little bit thrown because it's in this swanky apartment over a Mos Burger. I called to make sure they were open because I was so confused and she was like "Oh, what time is good?" She wasn't busy so I didn't have to wait long but she's rented out a 1K apartment that she turned into her salon. It's very... gyaru. There's Laura Ashley and flowers and girly shit everywhere but she was really nice. I only had to pay 3800 or so and she said they'd last 2-3 weeks and then I should come back to get them filled or I can take them off. I'll see what they look like when they grow out a bit. They are subtle and girly and pink!

So I was trying to take a picture of my hair to document what it looks like right now and what I can do to make it better and whatever. And I went a bit mental... You can see the progression into retardation. I didn't end up taking a decent picture to see what my hair really looks like but... oh well.

Shutterbug )

I went to buy a hair magazine to see what styles are trendy now and what I want to get done next time and was looking for Freecell with Sho making soba in it. I couldn't find it (probably have to go to Kinokuniya for that) but I did pick up Wink Up. I don't usually bother with the idol magazines because I don't read them and the photo shoots are shit and boring. BUT. The June issue has Sho-chan on the cover and an individual photo shoot. WITH CHILDREN! It's so worth it. Even if he does look so totally airbrushed.

Toma is looking super buff in his clothes, even though I totally did not recognize him with his new hair. Is anyone watching his drama this season?
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2009-04-24 11:33 pm
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I have to give Sho props

For tackling some English dialogue in the first episode but it really did make me die inside. Just a little bit. His Rs need a lot of work.

All I could look at during his close-ups was the blemish they tried to cover up with make up. XD He's human like the rest of us, after all!

I love the homoerotic under(over?)tones at the ending.

I vaguely remember Yokoyama from Haikei Chichiue-sama with Nino but I love him in this show. Both of them put on really great performances. I just hope this bodes well for the rest of the series!