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So, I went to get my nails done again.  My nails grow super fast.  So I wanted to go get them filled in but she ended up doing them all over again.  She gave me a 10% discount because they had grown so much in only 2 weeks, but I still had to pay 6,600 yen.  Shit!  I went for a slightly darker pink this time so now you can actually see the gradation.  I feel so girly!

So the next time I take money out of the bank, I'm going to be dipping into my savings.  I am putting myself under house arrest until pay day except for Andrew's birthday next week.  I love how I suggest a quiet hang out dinner at home and it's turned into a huge outting.  I should have just made the plans myself instead of asking for opinions.  This is what happens when Blake takes the helm.  I talked them out of doing nomihodai (who the hell is going to drink enough to make it worth it on a Monday except for Andrew?) but it's still going to be 3,800 or something for dinner.  I am kind of bitter because I didn't even spend that much on my own birthday and no one organized or paid for me.  Correction: Really bitter.  So I'm giving myself a budget of 20,000 yen until next payday.  I bought some more cereal and milk so breakfast is covered -- I have coffee at work so I shouldn't buy any on the way to work.  Lunch is covered.  It's really only dinner I have to worry about.  I should take a good look at what's in my kitchen and plan to use what I've got.  It'll have to buy less and use things up and I've had for ages.  What can I use soybeans for?  I should check my Cooking Navi.

I'm reading Fast Food Nation right now.  Super interesting.  I wonder if it's going to ruin my love of McDonald's forever.  Although I watched Super Size Me and I was alright after about 2 weeks. 

Picture from the other day:  Kumi and I reunite after 10 years!  I was stalking people on Facebook and seeing how so many people I used to work with or go to school, or even from childhood, have gotten so huge.  Like, I shouldn't throw stones because I'm not the smallest girl but it took me a while to even recognize them, they'd put on so much weight.  Fuck losing the wait, if I can maintain what I am, I'll be happy.

I wrote an email to mom and dad today and updated them on the move home/school plan.  I'm kind of weirded out by the fact that I am hoping to get into U of T or York so I can live at home for a while.  I've been out of the house for 6 years now and only seen my family about 2 weeks once a year on average since then.  It's not so much that I miss them... I mean, I do, but it's more like I feel kind of guilty.  I know mom wants to fix up the house to sell it (eventually) but dad isn't home that often and she's tired from work.  It's probably about time for me to repaint the basement again.  And I don't think the living room has been done yet either.  I know the biggest reason that I hate Ontario is because I don't have a social network there.  But once I get a job or get back into school, I'll meet people.  I'm not too worried about that.  Or I'll take up a hobby or something.  I found out how to get certified by the BC Teacher's College if you study outside the province so it's just a matter of getting it transferred and then finding a job in BC.  What I'm scared of, though, is going to school in Ontario and getting stuck there. 

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Maximum spam )

I spent way too fucking long on that.  It's 12:45am already... ugh.  But it was fun going through old pictures. :)  I have been watching beauty vlogs on YouTube... tutorials and such on various things.  I watched this chick cut her bangs and so I did mine.  Now they aren't going to piss me off, for a couple weeks at least.  I want to cut my hair... I hate the colour and it just feels icky.  If nothing else, I need a trim at the very least because the ends are dry and disgusting but I want to get a style that's just wash 'n go.  Japanese magazines are useless because I don't like most of the styles and the pictures are all teased up and styled so of course, it won't actually look like that once you get home.  And I'm not Asian so my hair won't behave the same way.  Alison!  You know me!  If you see any styles I might like, send them to me please?

Time for bed.  Come on eyes!  Be good for me tomorrw!

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Congratulations to Yuka and Yuto! I wish you health and happiness for your new life together.

What a night. Wow...

I'm kind of reeling. It wasn't even my wedding. Haha. It's just a huge shock because this is proof that I'm really an adult and at that age where my friends are going to start getting married and buying houses and making babies.

I don't even know what there is to say that will be of any interest to anyone here... Haha. It wasn't what I thought it would be like, for one thing. Maybe it's a Japanese thing? I thought it would be more like the wedding receptions you see in the movies: a sit-down dinner with speeches and stories from the wedding party and then dancing afterwards. Not even close.

They had the ceremony and small reception earlier that day (they played the video of it at the party, so I got to see it even if I wasn't there) with family and close friends. There were only about 50 guests. This party had at least 100 guests, all friends from work and school of the bride and groom. There were a dozen tables set out in the hall with food and drinks and a few chairs lined up against the walls. There was a table at the front of the room for the bride and groom and screens on either side where they had a slide show of pictures.

The happy couple arrived at 5:15 and there was a big toast and then a slide show about each of them: when they were born, where they grew up, etc. But not really about how they met or their relationship, which is what I expected. Even though they got married, it was still like they were two seperate people. Yuka sang a few songs, there were a couple games, there were a shitton of photos taken and then by 7:30 it was over. The bride and groom said good-bye to everyone as they left, thanking them for coming, and gave us a small gift of candy. Short and sweet and simple.

The only people I knew there were Aya and Yuito, Yuka's brother. They only knew me so we stuck together the whole night. I hardly got to talk to Yuka at all--only for a couple of minutes and there were other friends around too but that's how I found out she's pregnant! All these girls were touching her stomach and she was like, "I'm 5 months, but you can't hardly tell right?" That's how I found out. I didn't even meet her husband until I was leaving.

I have my own opinions about this whole situation... not all of which are positive. Yuka looked gorgeous and really happy and she's a strong woman and wouldn't (I don't think) do anything in her life that she didn't want to. But all the circumstances and just the rush of it all--I don't think they'd even been dating for a year yet and the fact that she's 5 months pregnant--makes me think it was a shotgun wedding. You can't help but think that way. When I talked to her at New Year, she sounded like she just wanted to get married, needed to get married, not necessarily that she wanted to get married to him. I don't know. Maybe she was just being modest about her relationship and didn't want to gush about it.

Anyway, I really hope they'll be happy together. She's due in October and I'll still be here so I'll get to meet the baby. :D I'll be an auntie! And now for some pictures:

Afterwards, Aya and I left and ended up running into one of her aquaintances at the station. Chinese guy from Richmond! We chatted for about half an hour and exchanged numbers. I'm all about making new friends these days. Then went to Nichome and met up with Andrew and Ben for drinks. It all went downhill from there... too much too fast. But they said I looked pretty. :)

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I got my nails done! I was a little bit thrown because it's in this swanky apartment over a Mos Burger. I called to make sure they were open because I was so confused and she was like "Oh, what time is good?" She wasn't busy so I didn't have to wait long but she's rented out a 1K apartment that she turned into her salon. It's very... gyaru. There's Laura Ashley and flowers and girly shit everywhere but she was really nice. I only had to pay 3800 or so and she said they'd last 2-3 weeks and then I should come back to get them filled or I can take them off. I'll see what they look like when they grow out a bit. They are subtle and girly and pink!

So I was trying to take a picture of my hair to document what it looks like right now and what I can do to make it better and whatever. And I went a bit mental... You can see the progression into retardation. I didn't end up taking a decent picture to see what my hair really looks like but... oh well.

Shutterbug )

I went to buy a hair magazine to see what styles are trendy now and what I want to get done next time and was looking for Freecell with Sho making soba in it. I couldn't find it (probably have to go to Kinokuniya for that) but I did pick up Wink Up. I don't usually bother with the idol magazines because I don't read them and the photo shoots are shit and boring. BUT. The June issue has Sho-chan on the cover and an individual photo shoot. WITH CHILDREN! It's so worth it. Even if he does look so totally airbrushed.

Toma is looking super buff in his clothes, even though I totally did not recognize him with his new hair. Is anyone watching his drama this season?
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I meet up with [personal profile] vintage_belle and [ profile] capncosmo today in Ueno. We went around the park and got picked up by random Japanese boys. I gave the hot one my number so we'll see if he calls. We did a bit of shopping, eating and karaoke. Good times! When I'm not so hurting for money, I'll make a trip up to Tochigi and/or Maebashi and we can be nerdy about JE there too. I will watch Yatterman before then so we can discuss is it in a pseudo-academic fashion. XD

I'm watching AAA finally. I bought it days ago and I'm just watching it now... I should have just waited until pay day to buy it for that matter. I'm not even halfway through but I have to say, Aiba did better than he did on the original recording of Hello Goodbye, I think. And man are they ever fit! Running around that stage, which is huge from what I am imagining. Makes me want to get off my fat ass and go for a serious run. I really love this version of Subarashii Sekai. :)  I am trying to spot Tatsuoki amongst the backup dancers.  I don't even know if he was one, but it would be so cool to be able to point that out to everyone.  What I wouldn't sell, give, cut off to be able to stand at the top of the National Stadium and look at the Tokyo skyline like that. It stirs butterflies in my stomach just seeing it on my TV. I kind of wish I had taken a serious interest in music. I want to know what the rush of standing in front of those thousands of people who came to see you.  I got a taste of that once in university when I was doing first year orientations and jumped up on the stage of the Chan Centre to help teach the faculty chant.  I didn't even have a mic either.  I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with having mini concerts in my living room and the karaoke box.

I just realized I managed to grab 5/6 of the purikura we took. And they are surprisingly huge.  But not actually all the same size.  I think the emailed ones are the smaller ones.  I'll remember that for next time. 

We needed more planning of our poses. :/ )

I'm hungry again.  Already?  I guess it's 10:30 and I didn't eat lunch.  Okay, back to watching the concert. :D 

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Pic Spam )
So that was my trip to Iwatsuki.  It's only 50 minutes away on the Tobu Noda line, and is famous for it's doll makers.  The last couple pictures are from the display on the train platform.  It was a bit too late to go look in many shops when I was leaving, but most of them made the samurai armour ones.  I didn't see many dolls for girls, but I didn't honestly look that hard.

I thought there would be a plaque or something in the park that said "This is where Itwatsuki-jo used to be" but if there was, I couldn't find it.  There were two gates still standing, however and quite a few signs.  I haven't deciphered them yet.  I also went to some of the temples and shrines around the castle because they would have been there since the Edo period when the castle was built. :)  I will definitely go back and make changes to Equilibrium to build up the town now. 

I was going to caption all the pictures, but I can't be bothered. :P  The 4th picture is of the old Han office (before Ken [prefectures] there were Han) which used to be a samurai school.  I went in and saw the rooms and talked to the attendant who told me about it all.  They learned reading and kendo but not writing, apparently.  And it was the kids jobs to do chores like keep stuff clean and pull out the storm shutters.  The area where the castle used to be--the Hon Maru, Ni no Maru, and San no Maru and the most of the moat--are now all residential areas.  They still have the same names though!  There were only two gates, the Otemon and another at the back, but now there's a paved road going right through the middle.  Only a little portion of the old castle grounds is the park, the Shin Guruwa (新曲輪).  And as I thought, no valley.

I loved going around the temples though.  I remember reading about Japanese funeral/burial rites when I was writing Nagase's death and read about how the funeral industry in Japan is such a cash cow.  Obviously but the size of some of those tombs!  It's cheaper to just put the spouse's (or entire family's) names on the tomb at the same time so they paint the living relatives' names with red paint until they die.  There was even a pet tomb.  I think the ones with bubble wrap still on are new?

New hair cut. :D  Not really so new because I've had it before but it's lookin' good now.  I'm sad my usual guy wasn't there, but I asked them to pass on the kimchi to him.  It's the first time he wasn't there!  Usually he is on Saturdays.  Maybe he switched with someone.  I'll go back at the beginning of next month and get my bangs trimmed for Yuka's wedding.  UGH I'm SO WHITE.  I took like 5 pictures to get one that didn't look gross.  I'm still having trouble finding foundation to buy. :/  Maybe I should take what I've got to the store and ask them to give me the closest thing.

Cut for your pleasure. )

That's just Day 1.  I'm putting off Day 2 since that took so freaking long to edit.  I should pilfer Justin's pictures too because he took a shitton more than I did.  I slept for another 5 hours this morning and got up when some ladies rang my bell at 10am trying to convert me to Jesus.  It's been a year since they've come around but I didn't answer the door this time.  I learned my lesson.  Watched the first episode of Korean Hanadan and it's interesting.  They've gone through like the first 2 episodes of the Japanese one already so I wonder what they're going to do to make it stretch on for another 24 episodes.
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Today went by a little too fast. I wanted to take a picture with Otsuka-san because she's a sweetheart and is retiring but I was too caught up in organizing my shit and cleaning out my desk. I wrote her a letter thanking her for taking care of me (I'm so Japanese) and gave her one of the mushi-pan I made last night. They taste better on the second day.

Andrew's been a busy bunny, organizing and co-ordinating our trip. We're going to take a tour to the demilitarized zone on the border of North Korea. Ben wants to go to the gay clubs (because he doesn't do anything else). We'll do a couple palaces and of course, shopping! We're going to meet up on Wednesday night to make an itinerary.

I decided to read [ profile] je_secrets for kicks. I'm bad, I hotlink.

God, this is so true. )

That's enough. I kind of want to nap now. It's only 6pm. What am I going to make for dinner?


Mar. 22nd, 2009 09:54 pm
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I feel recharged after my relaxing day. It went by much slower than usual. I thought it was like 3 after I took my shower but it was only 1230.

Oh no he didn't. )

Made a new mushi pan flavour today. The texture is really nice but it wasn't as cinnamony as I would have liked. I'll tweak the recipe and try again.

Cinnamon Tea Mushi-pan )

Andrew took video yesterday at the park. XD Don't tell Ariel. She is so into him.

And now I have episode 5 of Love Shuffle to watch! ♥
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They're doing a live broadcast of Himitsu this week, it's a World Baseball Classic special.  Nino looks like he's explaining things to Sho and Sho keeps saying "Sugoi" and looking amazed in the little screen up top.  I don't know where the other three are.  The commentors keep stalking about "Samurai Japan", whatever that is.  I can't understand most of it.  They're replaying the game that was on earlier, only because Japan won.  Japan v Cuba and Japan is up by 2 runs right now after the 4th inning.  They're playing in Petco Field.  Where is that?  (Makes me want to watch KCE again!)


I put on my kimono. :D  It looks good.  Except I need the proper undergarment with the collar.  It looks strange without.  Needs more structure.  The colours I picked for the obiage and obijime look really pretty.  The ones with flash look too shiny but you can't really see without flash.  Damn this fucking light in my room, makes everything look crappy.  I'll have to watch some YouTube videos while I'm putting it on tomorrow so I tie things properly.  And tie the back part higher (I have a cheater than Yuka's grandma made and her mom gave me. :D)  Can you guess how many layers and ties it takes to wear a kimono?  Ugh.  Yukata's are so much easier.


Nice play, Ichiro! 


Mar. 13th, 2009 02:31 pm
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Another sombre ceremony. Aoki-sensei was crying from the very beginning and then again in the middle of reading the students' names and then at the end when they said they loved him and thanks. A lot of the girls were crying through the ceremony too. Jesus! It's not like you're moving countries, never to see each other again. God. Good anyway. And now pic spam!

Gosotsugyou Omedetou~ )

It's only 2:44. I think I will nap. I think I'll postpone my run tomorrow because it's windy as fuck outside and looks like it's going to rain. Don't start bad habits, Heather! I should try and go tomorrow morning before meeting Tomoko or before meeting Tempei except I don't know when he wants to go out. If that doesn't work, Sunday. Just do it!
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I sent Lydia a letter to thank her for her present and she asked me if I was left handed. That's the first time anyone has ever asked me about my handedness based on my writing so I decided to post some samples. :)  Click for full-size.  They should be bigger but I guess Photobucket resizes things when you upload?  God, I love my new camera.

First a meme combo:

1. Write your LJ username
2. Write your two favorite bands/artists at the moment
3. Write I ♥ k-pop/c-pop/j-pop
4. Write the name of your favourite person of all time (e.g. MJ)
5. Write down your recent favourite person (e.g. Obama)


1. Write your name
2. Left or right-handed?
3. Favourite letters to write?
4. Least favourite letters to write?
5. Write the sentence: "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog."

And now for some writing samples from my fic notebook.

First, the birth of Equilibrium -- my initial outline.  It's such a mess.

For Baby part 2:

And for something truly awful, the set list from the first Dream Alive concert in Nagoya, written on the bus on the way home.

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I don't know what it is. Dissatisfaction maybe. Mee goreng didn't turn out as well as I would have liked. I bought fresh noodles on sale yesterday but I think they needed to be boiled first because they ended up just sticking together in a doughy lump. :/ The flavour was fine; I loved the burst of sourness of the tomato. I'll be eating left-overs for dinner tomorrow.

My recipe book is awesome. :D I want to try making chawan mushi so badly! I need to get a couple mushi cups so I can try. It's kind of a lot of work though but I want to get the most out of my steamer pot. I will want to take it back to Canada with me because a) there's nothing wrong with it and b) I'll only have to buy a new one when I get there so why not just spend a little to ship it home. Authentic Japanese steamer pot! Or something.

I've noticed my brain has been straying more to "when I leave Japan". Which is still a vague approximation of "next Spring" at best. I am putting more thought into what I'm going to do with myself when I get back and I wonder if I'll really feel satisfied with my life. When I was younger and growing up in Singapore I remember thinking, "If only I was in Canada, I could do/see/buy x, y, z" but then when the time came for us to leave, it felt like back pedalling. Canada is somewhere I'll always be able to go back to (pending funds) and I know it; it's familiar and I'll be able to fit in right away. But going back there... it kind of feels like a downgrade. I didn't really know that's how I felt until just now, I haven't been able to put a label on that. I don't feel that way about Vancouver so much, but definitely about Brampton. I'm actually looking forward to moving "home" and living with my parents again... even if it does mean having to live in one of the seven circles of hell for a few months.

I'm only thinking as far ahead as finishing my B.Ed which, if all goes accordingly, will be 2011. What am I going to do then? I'll be 26. As if that has any meaning or bearing on anything at all.

Picture of the day: Brown Sugar Choco Mushi Pan ♥  Holy crap this picture is huuuuge. o_o;;

I can't get Inoue Joe's "PJ Anthem" out of my head.

Now on the subject of work: I gave the firsties a quiz today about the last chapter of the book (Whale Rider) and basically they just had to copy the answers out of the book.  It was mostly to see if they understood the question. 

1. Why did Paikea's grandfather want a boy?
Because, "Only a boy can lead the village."

That's what most kids wrote and I told them that you don't put a comma after because.  

3. What did Paikea believe?
She believed, "Even a girl can lead the village."

Then they asked me why there's a comma after believed but not because and I couldn't think of an answer that they would understand.  I explained that in the 3rd question you could replace believed with said and it still means the same thing and you need a comma in that case.  And you know who's speaking.  The textbook doesn't specify who is talking (or if it's even a spoken line) for the first question but there's no comma anyway so I don't know why they were putting one in.  

Which is more correct?

Because only a boy can lead the village.  or  Because "Only a boy can lead the village."   I told one class if you use quotations, capitalize the first letter of the speech but don't if there aren't any.  And we never use a comma after because unless you are inserting something else and that's way beyond their level.  That's technical native speaker grammar now.  Anyway, it kind of stumped me because I didn't know what best to tell them other than, "Just because."  I think I've gone and confused myself even more now.


Jan. 12th, 2009 12:04 pm
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So, Justin and I decided to go to Hiroshima randomly for three days from the 2nd to 4th of January. Not really the smartest idea since everything was jacked up for the new year but we have money and time so we thought, why the hell not. So we went. It was a great trip. :D I won't go into too much detail even though I have pamphlets and info about everything. This post is image-heavy, you are warned. Click for bigger! For more pictures, check Photobucket. Justin took twice as many pictures as I did so take a look at his too.

I can't believe this took me 2 hours to write. )

Now, I should do the dishes. Or something pseudo-productive.
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So I got fucking pissed with this bullshit lag my compy had going on when there were no problems with the registry and no spyware.  So I thought, had to be a virus, right?  So I tried scanning and left it on (cuz it's taken 3 hours before...) and it's stalled after scanning only 1000 files.  I try and try and it stalls after a few thousand.  So I went to Zone Alarm and was looking for help and apparently I'm not the only one with issues.  They know about it and are trying to fix it.  It was fine before I upgraded.  Other people are having performance issues with version 8 so I downgraded and we're working good again. :D  Video playback skips a little bit but at least it's watchable for the most part.  (Which might be due to the scan running.)

Sigh... I hate computers so much sometimes.

I'm going to make Oneeman's hayashi rice again tonight.  And try not to burn the onions this time.  I just hope the beef is still good.  I froze it but it's looking kind of brown and not from being cooked. :/ 

Went to buy a frame for my 7 lucky god's picture and the one I got was too small!  Just barely.  They must have used some weird fucked up non-standard paper size for it.  Now I have to go back to Bic.  But I looked at cameras and am going to buy a new one next pay check anyway.  I'm looking at one similar to Justin's or a pretty girly one.  The one Justin has is a bit more powerful but the other is pretty (and comes in like 8 colours) and cheaper.  I just need to go back and make sure they fit my memory card.  I know Justin's does but this model is one after it.  I don't know about the Z model.

Fujifilm FinePix F60fd
Colours: black, silver
Size: 59.2×92.5×22.9mm
Weight: ~163g
Lens: 3x optical zoom, 12.0 megapixels
Screen: 3.0" colour LCD
Memory: internal ~25MB, xD, SD, SDHC cards
Video: AVI, motion JPEG, 640×480px, 320×240px, 25 frames/sec, audio
Fujifilm FinePix Z250fd
Colours: red, white, pink, black
Size: 55.7×92.0×20.0mm
Weight: ~134g
Lens: 5x optical zoom, 10.0 megapixels
Screen: 2.7" colour LCD
Memory: xD, SD, SDHC cards
Video: AVI, motion JPEG

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Happy new year~ I feel like I haven't slept in days. And... well, I kind of haven't. I have been home for a total of about 4 hours in the last 3 days. It's been a ride. I'm exhausted from sleeping on people's floors. I'm dizzy and sick from lack of sleep so I'm going to doze while I was a load of laundry. I haven't checked Livejournal in 2 days. I'm afraid of how many posts I have to wade through. But I have to do it tonight because I'm going to HIroshima tomorrow for 3 days. When did I decide to go? About three days ago. Let's start the new year by spending a ton! I got home and I thought I would have more nengajo but I only had 4. Two from students, one from Sho-kun/Japan Post (I'll photograph it later) and one spam.

I need to pass out for a while. But I feel great. The year of the cow is my year! It better be good.

More coherent update later.

It's later. I didn't really sleep but I don't feel like barfing from being tired now. For a while. It's 9 and I haven't even started packing yet but I've been angry at LJ because for the last hour it hasn't been loading. I want to write some kind of though provoking post but I think I'm not in the mood now. No, I'm a liar. I will. But first, a year-end recap:

Uda-Sado-Heather Reunion Dinner; lots of pictures in herre )

New Year's Eve )

New Year's Day )

Now for The Things I Did in 2008.
    Didn't get laid off
    Saved $2000
    Spent... way more than $2000
    Went skiing for the first time in Nagano
    Tried to see Ohno's Freestyle exhibition but failed (twice)
    Saw old friends from Singapore in Japan
    Met awesome new friends from LJ in Japan
    Went to Nagoya to visit Yvonne
    Big penis festival in Kawasaki
    Saw Arashi in Nagoya
    Saw my first movie alone (HanadanF)
    Went to Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe and stayed with Yuka
    Took the Kanji kentei and passed level 9
    Had Jenna come visit and stay with me
    Went to Sawara for the Autumn Festival
    Went to Karuizawa with staff from school (for free!)
    Started writing fic 
That's just what I can remember/wrote on my calendar. That's a pretty substatial list, I have to say. I'm going to do this fic meme that's floating around about what I wrote this year but I don't have the time right now. It's 9:40 and I still haven't packed! I'm out of here at 7:30 tomorrow morning. There goes any writing I had planned to do today. I've been replaying the scene I'm working on in my head constantly trying to figure out how to get to the next part. It's hard. :(
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At least I don't completely hate it now.  We'll see what happens. 


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Went and got my hair did today. I won't be doing anything but a cut for a long time. I went in for a cut and colour today since the blonde had to go. They told me it was an hour wait (I got there just after 11) so I came back at 12:15 but it wasn't til nearly 1pm that I got into a chair. No problem. I've waited that long before. So I told him I wanted a trim - 1-2cm off since I haven't cut it since August; to which he replied, "Why?!" - and colour and he said cool, thought about what to do and then said let's rock. He said that when the colour fades in a few weeks, there would be a difference because half of my hair was bleached and the other was natural. Anyway, after the girl dried my hair... the top was a nice golden brown but the bottom was.. like black. Really dark brown. It would have faded out to the same in about 2 weeks he said but he wanted to dye it again. So they did and this time I had 2 people working on me and then in the end it came out nice. A polished up tone of my natural colour. By the time I got out of there, it was 5pm. Holy fuck.

The upside of getting coloured at the salon: if it looks shitty, they'll do it again on the spot for free.

I'm 75$ poorer, but I look like new hotness. :D  Now with picture:

Now all I want to do is sleep. Or play Nintendo. I have to wrap this gift for tomorrow but couldn't find fucking wine wrapping anywhere. Found proper fabric paint so I can start on Andrew's shirt; I now need a ruler and tape to put the design on. Then paint, iron, wash. Luckily I have 2 days left.

Wrapping is done.  Man, wrapping bottles is a pain in the fucking ass.  I feel like a bit of a cheap ass for just buying a bottle of Canadian Club but it was supposed to be 1000 yen present and dude, I would fucking love to get this present.  I was going to go for shochu but I don't know about sake.  But I do know that CC&G is awesome.  Also wrapped it in my new furoshiki for transport!

I am sad.

Dec. 17th, 2008 07:41 pm
aide: (Sorry. Emo time.)
I cried today.  Three times.  I'm really going to miss Keigo.  It never felt like work or a chore to go and play for an hour.  His mom couldn't be there but she wanted to.  She gave me a gorgeous furoshiki and Keigo wrote a card for me.  He even drew the doll I gave him on it.  And his grandma gave me a small coin purse as parting gifts.  We took a few pictures together so I'm going to print them out and send them to him.  I forgot my camera so I just hope they turn out alright from my phone.  He didn't really seem to bent but grandma was sad and she said they'll always be there in that house ("Til we die," were her words) and I can call them anytime if I need help.  She hopes that Keigo will be able to meet me again in Canada one day.  That would be really nice. 

I'm really sad.  Really, really sad.

I'm going to have to not think about it because I'll start crying.


And other pictures I've taken on my phone but haven't gotten around to getting of: my new furoshiki which I covered my tissue box at work with.

And hamburgers that the kids made in home ec.

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