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Today went by a little too fast. I wanted to take a picture with Otsuka-san because she's a sweetheart and is retiring but I was too caught up in organizing my shit and cleaning out my desk. I wrote her a letter thanking her for taking care of me (I'm so Japanese) and gave her one of the mushi-pan I made last night. They taste better on the second day.

Andrew's been a busy bunny, organizing and co-ordinating our trip. We're going to take a tour to the demilitarized zone on the border of North Korea. Ben wants to go to the gay clubs (because he doesn't do anything else). We'll do a couple palaces and of course, shopping! We're going to meet up on Wednesday night to make an itinerary.

I decided to read [ profile] je_secrets for kicks. I'm bad, I hotlink.

God, this is so true. )

That's enough. I kind of want to nap now. It's only 6pm. What am I going to make for dinner?
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I've been waking up later and later.  What happened to the days when I got up at 6am just to fuck around on LJ before work?  I will make myself get into bed by 11 tonight; it was nearly 1 when I turned in last night.  Maybe that's the root of all this.

Oneemans was hilarous.  Kame has been hitting the gym hard.  It was like his head on a different body.  You can't see the nice arms at all in those suits in Kami no Shizuku though.  Shame.

I asked Kaneko sensei if he was going to come back to Toyoshiki next year (and the first time, he answered when the first day of school was... -___-;;) and he said he would unless he gets fired by the principal.  So even he knows he's on the chopping block.  That's kind of good to know.  I am a horrible person for hoping the knife comes down but it's really in the kids' best interest, if you ask me.

I really missed Blue Chip coffee right now.  You never realize how much you miss a good cup of coffee on the go until you can't get one anymore.  And Starfucks isn't good coffee.  But at least they don't put your coffee in a paper bag when you ask for it to go.

I want a new mood theme.  Maybe I should work on my own. :/  Shukudai theme?
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Got this idea from [ profile] trivialaffair... some "official" list of the hottest guys in Japanese entertainment was released and that's where it came from... yeah, anyway. Enjoy the eye candy.

I think I like a Kinki Kids song... I'm watching their performance of Secret Code on M-Ste now... it's jazzy and Dot is wearing specs so I just like it automatically. When did they learn to sing?

Start the Countdown )
Are you surprised that 4/5 Arashi members are there? Haha..

Um.. pictures are taken from all over... mostly [ profile] boys_paper  scans and random google searches. I do not claim to have done any work.

While I'm spamming you... I found this while rewatching some Shukudai-kun. It's been a while since I found any Ohno's cock pictures:

Now I want to download some AAA and Hoshimura Mai's single and wait for Maou~!
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Shut up.  It's a fucking hot song and you can bite me.

Vocals (and lyrics :O ): 赤西仁 / Akanishi Jin

Don't know where you're from
Never seen you around
But that don't mean nothing to me
Just want a taste of that...

Drop that shit life...

She stood there waiting alone
Green eyes her shoulder exposed
Smiling and biting her straw
She gave me one look, I froze

Her sexy inviting eyes
My hands on her hips as we grind
She whispered in an accent unknown

"Just let go, let the music take control babe
Move your body, nothing crazy
So take it slow, there's so many things I want you to know
I ain't leaving you, cuz I'm yours tonight"

*I can tell you want me too
And every time I think of you
That luscious drink your lips produce
I can taste that sweet LOVEJUICE

I can tell you want me too
And every time I think of you
That luscious drink your lips produce
I can taste that sweet LOVEJUICE*


Classy like none of these hoes
Pretty little frame under her clothes
Those lips as red as a rose
Vibing to the beat from the Bose

Don't rush the night is still young
Take it to the room and sex things up
I can see you call out my name, saying

"Dont stop, more" I'm trying to see how your lips feel babe
All we need is body language
And now I know, I'm falling for you and I just can't lie
I won't go nowhere cuz I'm your man tonight


See, I've been all around the world but I ain't (seen nothing x2)
Like you, don't matter where you're from, it don't (mean nothing x2)
See, I've been all around the world but I ain't (seen nothing x2)
And now I got four minutes to take you back, girl we can (be something x2)


I can tell you want me too
That luscious juice your lips produce
I can tell you want me too
That luscious drink your lips produce
I can taste that sweet LOVEJUICE

I can taste that sweet LOVEJUICE
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Hm. They changed the format of HnA this week.  I think it was kind of a filler episode.  There weren't any audience votes this time.  I don't know if anyone else noticed but they had cuts from about 3 different weeks. >_<  Watch carefully!  You see Riida with blonde hair and dark hair; Jun with flippy hair and then curly hair that is eating his face; and Nino before and after it got cut!  WHICH I LOVE.  It's kind of a toned down version of his Pikanchi Double hair?  I think?  Long in the front and spikey at the back.  I approve.  Aiba and Sho were the only ones who didn't change.  XD 

Aiba has his own segment now, "Aiba Magazine"... maybe he'll go check out a different magazine each week?  I'm not too sure.  I didn't really seem to get much of this week's episode.  ._.  This week was Koakuma Ageha, a "gal" magazine.  He stormed a photoshoot and got pretty with the models.  I want to lobby for more Aiba-chan in glitter.  XD  Sho played his strengths and went and talked to TBS announcers... やっぱり announcers speak more clearer more clearly than normal people!  But even Sho has a ways to go.  LOL  Nino went exploring Japan's underground.  And more secrets from Aiba-chan at the end!  OF COURSE Nino would listen to game soundtracks in the car.  He and Andrew would get along so well.  XD 

On Ro's recommendation I downloaded the new KAT-TUN solos.  I have only listened to Parasite so far, and it is total WIN.  That alone makes me want to see a concert.  And it reminded me of LP so I went and got Minutes to Midnight finally, after like a year.  What a bad fan I am...  I didn't even try to see them when they played in Saitama in November.  I'm going to finish Zettai Kareshi and sleep so I will take a listen tomorrow. 

Chelsea is coming over tomorrow and we're going to have a fangirl day!  Karaoke (pretty much ALL JE songs, I guarantee) and we're going to watch The Last Princess.  Even though we won't get most of it, I still want to see it.  It's an action movie - how much dialogue can there be?

EDIT: HOLY ESL BATMAN.  I really should spell check before I post so I don't have to edit 4 times.
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We just had another earthquake.  Not as scary this time, but I am also up and awake this time.  It was right here in Chiba-ken but only a 4.5.  The one the other night was 6.8.

Watching the new KAT-TUN PV.  I have so many snarky comments.  The song is actually... good?  Well, it's KAT-TUN so I wouldn't go that far but its definitely catchy.  The video has decent dancing!  Actually, I think Koki probably pwns they all because he looks like he was holding back.  Kind of like Leader when Arashi perform.  The costumes... rivaled the atrocities of the Time con.  What the hell is with Kame and the rolled up pants and spats look?  You are not fucking Oliver Twist.  Jin had brain extentions in a pony tail.  Enough said.  Those other guys.. at least Junno looks like a Japanese person again with his hair cut and colour, and might even pass for straight. 


I need coffee.  Maybe then I wouldn't be so amazed by the shaking.  Although since we don't have earthquakes in Canada (the kids were shocked to hear that yesterday), I don't think I'll ever stop being amazed/scared.

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