Feb. 25th, 2009

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I've been waking up later and later.  What happened to the days when I got up at 6am just to fuck around on LJ before work?  I will make myself get into bed by 11 tonight; it was nearly 1 when I turned in last night.  Maybe that's the root of all this.

Oneemans was hilarous.  Kame has been hitting the gym hard.  It was like his head on a different body.  You can't see the nice arms at all in those suits in Kami no Shizuku though.  Shame.

I asked Kaneko sensei if he was going to come back to Toyoshiki next year (and the first time, he answered when the first day of school was... -___-;;) and he said he would unless he gets fired by the principal.  So even he knows he's on the chopping block.  That's kind of good to know.  I am a horrible person for hoping the knife comes down but it's really in the kids' best interest, if you ask me.

I really missed Blue Chip coffee right now.  You never realize how much you miss a good cup of coffee on the go until you can't get one anymore.  And Starfucks isn't good coffee.  But at least they don't put your coffee in a paper bag when you ask for it to go.

I want a new mood theme.  Maybe I should work on my own. :/  Shukudai theme?
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I either need to eat less rice or drink less milk or go for a walk or something after lunch because this drowsiness business is not cool.  Tomorrow there is no school lunch so I'll go out with the teacher for lunch.  I heard talk of everyone going for kaiten sushi but that might have just been the 2nd year teachers.  Last term they asked me but I'd brought my own lunch so I stayed back by myself. :( 

Today Kaneko had to ditch out of class to have a meeting with the principal and a student's mom.  I don't know why they couldn't have scheduled it during a free period or after school but they probably bend over for the parents and that's when she was free.  As if she has a job.  Whatever.  So he left me with the class alone and they just did their worksheets as usual.  Half of them didn't do anything but that's normal for the course.  Nagase... I love that kid.  He tries sometimes but he's kind of bad.  Half the time him and his friend (Ito?  Sato?  I can't remember) just go and wave me over.  Then they just point at their blank sheet and expect me to tell them the answers.  

N: Miss Heather Teacher!  Hint!  Hint!  Give me hint!
H: Which one?
N: Hint!
H: どっち?
I: どっちって。
N: Here. (Points to the top of the page.  Which wasn't what they were assigned to do.)
H: No, it's wrong.  Do 1, 2 and 3.
I: Noって。
N: I don't know!  Hint! (Continues pointing.)
H:  それじゃねぇ!こっち!

And then they proceeded to laugh at me (or with me?) for my manly Japanese.  I need to watch less Arashi/male talent.  Although Imai-sensei speaks like that too. XD  Sigh...  Half of the time they just guess words until I tell them it's correct.  That was my highlight of the work day.

I found my book. :D  Takeru is so pretty~  It's actually his second book and I almost wish I'd gotten the other one because it looked like it had more fun pictures in there rather than him just tromping around in nature.  But it might be the only glimpse of Hokkaido I'm going to get and I'm suddenly nostalgic for home.  It looks like it could have been shot in Alberta. 
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Remember way back when, I posted my Name That Tune meme? Well, no one tried it but I thought I should post the answers anyway. In case you were curious?

Answers )

I've been listening to Inoue Joe's new single practically non-stop since I got it. I can't get the PJ Anthem out of my head!

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