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Many thanks to [ profile] littlealex for reintroducing me to the whimiscal idiocy that is KAT-TUN. I am set for viewing until the "new" Himitsu no Arashi-chan starts at 10. :D

I really like my job sometimes. I ran into one of my favourite students on the way home yesterday. Minami-chan from the Araragi class last year, she graduated and is going to school in Chiba now (I think). She said she wished she could go back to first year and having English class with me again~ ♥ What a sweetheart.

I was looking over some worksheets from the third years (they are learning "It's ~ for (me) to..." right now). The best sentence ever: "It's easy for me to talk with girls." They also played Ashita no Kioku that day at lunch. :D

They played Kumorinochi Kaisei at lunch today! I also had 2 of the Himawari students (the special class at elementary school) in one class. They can't keep up with my speed and I feel bad but the girl (I don't know her name, it was the first time) enjoyed it. She said thank you especially to me after school. I wasn't even going that fast--numbers larger than 20 are still hard for them--but it's tougher for the Himawari kids. I wonder how they'll do later on.

There's going to be a principal's meeting in a few weeks, where a bunch of the neighbouring school principals will come to my school and watch me teach English with Yahagi-sensei (the English co-ordinator for grade 6 this year). We've decided to cut out a bunch of the current lesson because it's stupid and not very involving. I'm glad he shares my sentiments on some of the draw backs of this course.

I sent off the ballot for 見知らぬ乗客 today for [ profile] shourai, [ profile] vintage_belle and myself. I chose the matinee (14:00) on the 23rd of July. My logic is that weekday matinees won't be as busy because people will have to work or be at school still (maybe?)... You only got one choice, but you could say you were willing to take anything else that opened up to increase your chances. Lucky for me, I'm on holidays and have absolutely no plans for summer so I can (theorectially) go to any show. Fingers are crossed; we'll find out in 2 weeks.

It's 6pm. I'm going to make chicken teriyaki for dinner to go with my salad. No carbs... which is going to come back to bite me in an hour or something. Maybe I'll make some miso soup to go with it. I've still got some kimchi nabe left too.

I love my conbini. The wife is such a happy person. She made sure I realized I was buying mirin (I ran out) and then was kind of shocked that I was cooking... I guess I get dinner from there more often than I realize (or would like to admit). I'm going to make a teriyaki chicken sandwich for dinner. OH YES.
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So this week has been fucking shitty overall.  On Wednesday, Yao, the Chinese boy at school had 3,000 stolen from his wallet.  He thinks that it was Kobayashi, his helper/friend but of course denied it when asked.  But it was rather suspicious that Kobayashi started feeling sick and then went home early.  Luckily I had Chinese langague support installed on my computer so Yao could type and then translate to Japanese.  It wasn't perfect but better than me floundering in two languages I can't speak fluently.  I don't think the money was ever found.

Yesterday I had no classes because grade 6 are in Nikko.  I went to Toyoshiki and worked on my Japanese-singing-in-English thing for English club (and found so much good stuff!) and then to Ni-shou for 5th period.  Which ended up being 6th period but whatever because they had some kind of practice.  Naito-sensei had to leave early so I would be by myself.  Alright, that's fine.  I pretty much teach alone anyway.  But the fucking class were 15 minutes late and then took at least 5 minutes to put all their stuff away and no one had their book or nametags and they chatted the whole time.  And then when I gave them their work to do, which was pretty much just homework since they didn't even have time to write their names, I was one copy short.  So I went to the teacher's room to run off a copy and when I came back, one boy is lying on the floor at the back of the room clutching his stomach.  I thought maybe he was sick or something but I think another kid punched him.  I flagged down a teacher walking in the hall for help and ran for the nurse since I thought it was serious but I guess not.  And then the vice-principal was supposed to come and do the end-of-day aisatsu but he disappeared.  I didn't know what they were supposed to do (which ended up just being "Sayonara" and then they are free to go).  Ugh. 

I just get the feeling that no one takes me seriously.  I didn't yell at them like I usually would, but maybe I should have. 

This morning I wake up to a dozen crows outside my apartment.  They are flying all over the place and fighting in the street.  Where the hell did they come from?  They are huge.

I think I might try to get tickets to Nino's play this summer.  Anyone interested?  How many tickets should I try for?  Of course this has to happen when I am on a super tight budget.  If I don't score, I'll get my money back anyway.  It's right when I'm off work for summer!  I wonder what show time/date would be the least busy. 

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I went to bed at 9:30 last night. I got up at 6:30. I still feel a bit tired but the knowledge that I slept for 9 hours makes me feel refreshed. :)

Computer is not lagging anymore. Had no viruses but ughhhh the scan took 3 hours to complete. I shut it off last night and things seemed to have righted themselves. I think I should need to clean out my programs and files. There is so much junk on here that I never even use. I only have 6GB free! Maybe that has a lot to do with the poor performance of late.

Grade 6 is starting to learn numbers today. I'm going to have to find out who is running English club (or even if there will be one) tomorrow and have a chat with them about what I want to do. I figured we could just play name games the whole time and the kids can make their own name tags. I was really bad about learning names last year--and there were only 13 kids. I wonder if there's going to be a wrinkle in the schedule again, like there seems to be every week. Ah, I should also figure out what's going to happen next week when grade 6 goes to Nikko.

Everyone's biocycle must be screwed up: there is wank and emo everywhere. Maybe it's because spring is over. I dislike this humid weather with a passion! And it's only going to get worse from here on out. At least it's still cool enough that I don't need to turn on the air-con and can sleep with the windows open. At least it's sunny today!
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I feel refreshed after my nap. I didn't really fall asleep for the first hour so I set the alarm again for another 30 minutes but slept for an hour in the end. I've gotten lucky today: there was a huge rainstorm just after lunch but stopped when it was time for me to go home and then it started some time during my nap. I did hear some great rolling thunder though. Hopefully it's nice tomorrow so I can hang some laundry out. I love waking up to rain. ♥

Eigo Note 1 is retarded. I'm going to cut out most of the 3rd hour of the first lesson because it's stupid. I think it's kind of fun to get the kids to make meishi and exchange it with their friends -- I always approve of arts and crafts time. They really liked saying hello in different languages. Jambo and anyeonghaseyo is always a favourite.

I should make some rice so I can cook left overs. I want to try making chai mushi-pan tonight. Although I don't think I'll be have enough chai spices to be able to make it ever again. I'll have to go through my recipes and pull one together from all three of them. Exciting!

I've been reading [ profile] arashiroadtrip lately and it's fantastic. I wish I had gotten in on it. I love all of those writers and their styles compliment each other well. There's sex but most of it actually happens off screen which usually pisses me off but it works here--it's tantalizing and makes me want to read more. I'm more than half done!

Fucking Stormy Team is slow with Smile this week. I downloaded it raw but haven't even watched it yet, nor have I watched 2 with subtitles. I'll watch 3 with dinner so that I'm sort of up to speed with what's going on. Jun says we get to learn about Hana-chan's past this week.

Time for dinner! Yay leftovers!
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ALT meeting at Kashiwa Junior High.  The only upside is that I can leave my house at 2:20 and be on time.  Well, maybe not.  But it's like... I can throw a stone from my house and hit the school.  I hope it's only 30 minutes.  We're supposed to be talking about "What would you do if you were asked to use Eigo Note in English lessons?"  Um... I already am.  So you can see why I do not have high hopes for this meeting.  Unless Tatsuya talks about what we're supposed to do about this health check bullshit, I don't think we're going to talk about anything I don't already know.  

I really would rather just stay home and clean the shit out of my house. 


Apr. 24th, 2009 04:30 pm
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Work was blah today. I wish people would provide me a copy of the schedule if it's not the normal timetable. Each lesson was cut short and no one was fucking on time. I just made them do self-introductions anyway so it didn't matter much. Some kids were really good (you know they go to Berlitz or something on the weekends) and others not so good but everyone gave it a shot (except this one dude with anxiety issues). I went through the box of materials for each grade and sorted out cards and decorated the classroom a little bit with the alphabet which took a whole lot longer than it should have. I asked Shinozuka-sensei to recruit some kids to draw pictures for me so I can make a classroom English poster. I really hate that the room is so bare!

I'm waiting for Taechat to call me... he never sent me an email to say he wasn't coming to Japan so I'm assuming he is. I hate that I have to wait by the phone... not that I had any other offers on the table tonight but I don't want to get comfortable in case he does call and we meet up. But I suppose I shouldn't count on his calling and screw up my eating schedule, such as it is. Part of me hopes he doesn't call so I can watch Smile tonight.

I'm downloading the first subbed ep and the first of Quiz Show. This is going to take hours... Time for a conbini run to get snacks for reading Lydia's fic. :)

Eigo Note

Apr. 23rd, 2009 05:04 pm
I had my first run with the new grade 6 textbook today. And the fancy e-blackboard. It's great, unless a kid knocks the table and then I have to recallibrate it. I think I might just do that after each lesson or two just for the sake of keeping things working properly. :/ Aside from a few minor technical difficulties, it was pretty good. Despite not having ANY materials before hand or knowing what the fuck what going to happen, I jumped right in. It helped that I was using the textbook last year. I enjoy the new technology because it means I don't have to make cards or posters or anything anymore. Each kid has a book so they can follow and have something to look at and I don't have to waste paper photocopying. I've even got my own classroom! Well, it's not mine, it's the conference room but I'm the only one using it for class. It's really bare and boring, so I asked if I can hang posters. They might move classrooms around but it will make things brighter. I should recruit kids to colour alphabet cards for me to hang in the room.

This year is going to kill me. I've got grade 6 on Thursdays (6 classes) and grade 5 on Fridays (5 classes) and English club every other week, though I don't know when that is going to start. I'm not going to get any time to rest during the work week at all if Toyoshiki throws 4-5 classes a day at me too. I think I am actually doing more work than an actual teacher. They have periods where the kids go off and do other things, like art or music or just self-study. I don't get those. I did get a raise this year, but it's not that much. Tomorrow is a bit of a respite because the grade 1's welcome assembaly is 2nd period and then something else is going on during 5th. I can use that time to make posters and pretty up the classroom.

Everyone liked the sweets I brought from Korea. :D I made a great impression on everyone. And one of the new teachers, Futaba-sensei, is a cutie! The kids were all genki and into it but I need to get a bell to ring to make them shut up and save my voice. Maybe I should get a kitchen timer too. If I have to talk for 6 periods, 2 days in a row, I'm going to lose my voice pretty damn quick.

I'm a bonified resident of Kashiwa now; I got an invoice in the mail to pay residential tax. 12,000 yen. ;_;
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Really bad. Please to listen to these songs. They are only a selection of the ones from the new album (plus one that isn't). He's a fucking magician, a power house. He writes, plays and mixes all his own stuff. He's 6 months younger than I am (and exactly 2 years younger than our beloved Matsujun!) and just so amazingly talented. I really can't rave enough about this kid. His SoCal LA accent kind of is a bit grating at times but it's totally amusing to me whenever he says 'and' in his blog videos. He makes me want to go out and blog about random shit in Japan for the folks back home. The smelliest train in Chiba? Speaking of blogging, I haven't updated my Vox in a while. Not that anyone reads that or gives a shit.

Still no concert information, but I am going.

I am happy that I could finally find the lyrics for 車. I could actually catch most of them but I was like... is this really what I think he's singing about? He wrote about what happens when you don't buckle up. Yep. More to love. Kid even did the infamous Mentos/Coke experiment. He and Aiba would be great friends.

It's amazing--I know maybe 1/10th about this guy (or less) compared to Arashi but I feel more love for him that I (ever?) have for them. That's serious. I'm really in deep here; I have tried to get most of my friends to listen to him. Too bad Andrew and Justin only listen to pop and R&B. Won't even give him a chance. Oh, well. More Joe love for me! ♥

UGH I wish these fucking seasonal allergies would go away! I'm tired of sneezing. I should probably cook dinner, even though I ate 4 breaded goodies after work. Which was a total gongshow. I didn't do anything. Kaneko didn't get fired, but he's not a homeroom teacher anymore. Nakamura is still doing 3rd year and Imai is doing 2nd, Kaneko got demoted to 1st and a new pricipal. There are about 6 new teachers at Toyoshiki and another handful at Ni Shou and a new VP. I get my own desk at Ni Shou this year too! All my favourite teachers are still there. No Watanabe-sensei to look at but 3 or so new younger teachers who I might be able to be friends with. One of them wants English lessons?! So Kaneko told me. I'll see more about that on Monday, I guess. It's going to be a great year. :)

Meeting Blake for lunch before going to Ariel's violin concert tomorrow. I haven't seen him forever. He sent me a message today apologizing for a being a shit lately which I never expected. He hasn't gotten back to me yet about plans though. Smile is on in another hour and a half. I am going to try writing for this Rare Pair Meme to get out of my writer's block funk I've found myself in.


Mar. 13th, 2009 02:31 pm
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Another sombre ceremony. Aoki-sensei was crying from the very beginning and then again in the middle of reading the students' names and then at the end when they said they loved him and thanks. A lot of the girls were crying through the ceremony too. Jesus! It's not like you're moving countries, never to see each other again. God. Good anyway. And now pic spam!

Gosotsugyou Omedetou~ )

It's only 2:44. I think I will nap. I think I'll postpone my run tomorrow because it's windy as fuck outside and looks like it's going to rain. Don't start bad habits, Heather! I should try and go tomorrow morning before meeting Tomoko or before meeting Tempei except I don't know when he wants to go out. If that doesn't work, Sunday. Just do it!
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Today was the first snow of the year.  It was falling quite heavily but it had already rained this morning and it wasn't cold enough to stick.  It dusted the trees and some cars a little but it'll be gone by tomorrow, or have frozen overnight.  Thank god it's Saturday tomorrow and I have no plans to go anywhere.  I thought about going to see about renting the other 2 discs of Cashmere Mafia but I was just too damn cold.  Now that I'm home with the AC on, I don't want to go out again.

I slept in real bad for the first time this year today (8:50!).  Luckily, I didn't have any classes.  The grade 6's send off assembly was supposed to be periods 2 and 3.  I felt bad because I was going to be late for that too but when I finally got to work at about 9:40 I found out that it had been cancelled!  Too many kids were off sick.  One class had 8 absent.  Dude, I don't ever remember that man people getting sick at once when I was in school.  Something is seriously wrong here.  Anyway, so I didn't have anything scheduled at all until after lunch so I joined 4-5's PE class (HOLY CRAP I'm out of shape!). 

I was going to do calligraphy with them in 3rd period but Kunii-sensei said she had a new student from the Philippines and wanted me to come chat with her.  Her name is Nicole Anne and she's a sweet kid.  Came to Japan about a month ago; dad is Japanese, mom is Filipina and has 5 brothers and sisters.  One is older (she said 30!) and just got married in Canada.  She speaks Japanese and her English is passing but far from perfect and Tagalog.  She's also learning Chinese now she says.  She was telling me she didn't have any friends in Manila and used to get bullied a lot; she even showed me scars.  She also finished four months of 3rd grade work in a month.  I don't know much about the school systems in the Philippines, maybe someone can elighten me?  Is this normal?!  Anyway, she said she's got some good friends already and likes Japan even though she misses her aunts and cousins. 
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God I really hope it isn't TMJ.  That's the only jaw problem I know of (and still can't bring myself to google) but I don't want to have any chronic issues more than I already do!  :(  I really hope the doctor is helpful because I don't think this can wait a year until I go back to Canada (and then some while I get my fucking health insurance reinstated).  It's really hurting more today, I think.  Why did this happen so suddenly?

I think Nino sang Orion better than Mika.  I love the er hu/piano duet.  Too bad it's such bad quality.  Maybe someone else will have a better rip of it soon.  You should check it out. :) 

Got an email from my relative who is living in Lithuania about her trip to Egypt over New Year.  It didn't go very well. :(  I should send her an email during a free at work today.  And I want to write postcards.  I should send all the ones I don't like (haha) and clear them out so I don't have to throw them away when I move next year.  I'm still waiting for Kevin's letter.  He hasn't sent me one since ... I can't even remember now.  That's how long it's been and I'm sure I've sent him 3 in the interim.  So much for being a good penpal.  I haven't heard from Alison lately either but we've talked a bit on LJ so that's okay. :)  Maybe I'll write Heather even though I just wrote her an epicly long email last week?  I just feel like writing on paper for a change.  Does anyone want mail?  (AhemLydiacoughcough)

I want to see the new spots about the NYCC!  They haven't started to flood the internet yet although I think it was on Mezashi-なんとか TV today.  I wonder when they returned to Japan.  I should make sure I watch Zero tonight to see if Sho's there and if they report on the NYCC although I think that must be too soon?  Although news shows are a different breed.  

Dumb and Dumber are back from Cambodia/Thailand.  He said he bought presents!  I'll have to wait until Friday to get them though.  Is it only Monday?  We have a holiday this week so there's no school on Wednesday.  So stupid.  Why don't they move it to Friday and give everyone a long weekend?  

Send me email.  I don't want to be bored at work.  I accept fic. :D


Feb. 6th, 2009 07:37 am
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And hopefully it goes by quickly.  At least I'm doing two different lessons today so I'll have a little bit of variety.  Actually, elementary school goes by really quickly.  I've got 5 lessons today which sucks.  I don't get off easy at all this year.  Actually Hirakawa-sensei asked me if I (or the ALT) could come to Ni Shou twice a week next year.  I don't know if it's a Kashiwa BOE perogative or his personal one but this school loves English and want the kids to be fluent in it.  I guess I'll tell Tatsuya when I see him next week.  Can I really handle 1 more year of this? 

So apparently Ariel and I are going out this weekend.  She'd mentioned it on Sunday and I thought yeah, sure but then midweek I didn't really feel like it.  I should be watching my money and saving etc but that isn't really happening so much.  Not as much as it should but that's always the way.  I've got J:COM coming on Saturday morning for maintainence and then I wanted to get my hair cut.  It's that time again.  I want to wear my grey silk shirt but I haven't dry cleaned it since my bonenkai in December.  I don't know if there is any place around here that will do it in 1 day for a decent price.  There are a couple cleaners near school; I should go check it out for future reference anyway.  The little mom-n-pop place at the corner from me will probably take a week to do it.  We're going to try this place called Lex.  I asked my Japanse friends where's good and that's what they told me so we'll check it out.  Apparently famous people go there?

I found my old website archved too.  Some of them don't work and all the images are gone so you can't really tell what anything looked like.  My Ayumi one was really nice!  Damn.  And it had like 12 layouts.  I didn't realize. 

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