May. 8th, 2009

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I feel refreshed after my nap. I didn't really fall asleep for the first hour so I set the alarm again for another 30 minutes but slept for an hour in the end. I've gotten lucky today: there was a huge rainstorm just after lunch but stopped when it was time for me to go home and then it started some time during my nap. I did hear some great rolling thunder though. Hopefully it's nice tomorrow so I can hang some laundry out. I love waking up to rain. ♥

Eigo Note 1 is retarded. I'm going to cut out most of the 3rd hour of the first lesson because it's stupid. I think it's kind of fun to get the kids to make meishi and exchange it with their friends -- I always approve of arts and crafts time. They really liked saying hello in different languages. Jambo and anyeonghaseyo is always a favourite.

I should make some rice so I can cook left overs. I want to try making chai mushi-pan tonight. Although I don't think I'll be have enough chai spices to be able to make it ever again. I'll have to go through my recipes and pull one together from all three of them. Exciting!

I've been reading [ profile] arashiroadtrip lately and it's fantastic. I wish I had gotten in on it. I love all of those writers and their styles compliment each other well. There's sex but most of it actually happens off screen which usually pisses me off but it works here--it's tantalizing and makes me want to read more. I'm more than half done!

Fucking Stormy Team is slow with Smile this week. I downloaded it raw but haven't even watched it yet, nor have I watched 2 with subtitles. I'll watch 3 with dinner so that I'm sort of up to speed with what's going on. Jun says we get to learn about Hana-chan's past this week.

Time for dinner! Yay leftovers!
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I finished the last of my chai spice and it was the best batch ever. I'm attempting to make chai mushi pan with a modified recipe (the first one I tried which was a big fat failure) and we'll see how we go. The first ones are in the steamer now. :3 The last time they didn't rise and were really not good tasting which I think might have been because I didn't measure out the dry ingredients exactly. The recipe calls for 3:1 regular flour to strong flour but I have weak and strong. I didn't think the difference was that big but maybe it is. The consistancy seemed good this time so maybe it will work. I only used half the amount of sugar called for since the chai was sweet, and no soy sauce because... that just sounds gross.

It looks like Bito's going to take the fall for the school thing, according to episode 2. And only because these fucking cops have a grudge? deep buried mancrush? for him. I don't really get why he doesn't like to be touched--so what, the first girl you had a crush on kept saying you were dirty. You haven't touched anyone since then? Maybe he was abused or something. I think that might be asking for too much, even from TBS. And I don't really get why Hana is so enamoured with him. Chalk it up to her being 18, I guess. We'll see what develops tonight.
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Well, the mushi-pan rose nicely this time but there isn't much flavour. I couldn't tell that there was any chai in it at all. There was a strange taste though which is probably from the flour. I should have used all the sugar. Well, I will try it one more time with the original recipe and see how that turns out now that I know it will work. Maybe I should look for regular flour and see if that makes any difference. I don't know what else to change unless that's really what it's supposed to taste like.

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