May. 31st, 2009 11:51 am
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I have decided to suck it up and use my new phone. I figured out how to transfer most things onto my SD and move it over, including my good ringtones. The keitai arrange wouldn't so I had to download that again, and redo all the pictures in the address book, but small beans. I think I am coming to terms.

Out of it

May. 31st, 2009 10:33 am
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I'm so out of it. I took Friday off for Elle who came down and spent the day before flying back to the States yesterday. I'm glad I just called Tatsuya directly, instead of the office (and the real boss, Mr Oishi) like last time. He didn't guilt trip me or anything. He was a bit concerned whether I would go in on Monday which was kind of sweet. He was only worried because he's coming to watch me during 3rd period. FUCK. I don't even know what my schedule is for next month. I hope to god it's not a 1st year class. All that needs to be said is this: 2nd and 3rd year are almost done chapter 2. 1st year has barely started chapter 1. It's been 2 months. What the shit. I'm holding my breath.

I didn't do much of anything yesterday after Elle left. I burned some videos, watched some videos, deleted some videos, played some FF4, napped. All around good time. It's muggy and nasty out there again today. Not approved.

I'm going to call Alison at noon (8pm in Van) and catch up with her. JC actually stopped by my parents house with donuts like he said he would! ♥ I love my best friend! The whole crew was there too, even Sean! Mom's probably going to write me and say, WTF.

Does anyone know of an .mp4 video trimmer? 13 episodes of Merlin will not fit on one DVD, only by a couple mb and I'm not havin' it! I want that shit all together! I downloaded some random one but the gay trial would only let you convert 50% of one file. Help?
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I made a post on CL for this stupid phone.  Hopefully someone will bite.  Flist people in Japan (I think there are like 3 of you...)--do you know anyone who wants a new handset?  If I don't get any offers in a month, I guess I'll have to suck it up and use the fucking thing. 

I just had a really delicious basil and chicken sandwich from the bakery across from my doctor in Hiroo.  I feel better with some read food in me.  And I got a cinnamon and cranberry (!!) scone.  It's been ages since I've had anything cranberry.  I'm feeling good because I'm finally starting to see results.  I should hope so, after 7 visits and 80,000 yen. 

It's only 2:15 and it's hot and sunny out.  Maybe I should go take a walk and get some vitamin D.  That should cheer me up.  I should do my laundry and then I'll probably just vegetate until 9pm.  Maybe I'll play some Final Fantasy or read Wicked, both of which I'm almost finished.  I should watch Yasashii Jikan but Computer doesn't like to play videos so much these days.  It freezes up and I need to put it to sleep for things to run properly again.  Maybe it's MSN's fault things start lagging.  I don't even have it on as much as I used  to; no one talks to me. 

In any case, I don't feel like crying anymore.  I'm patiently waiting for [livejournal.com profile] littlealex's sexy fic.

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I can't return this fucking phone.  I don't understand.  I'm frustrated because it doesn't make sense -- I'm the customer, I'm not satisfied with the product, I want to return it.  Why can't I?  I haven't even paid for the stupid thing yet.  At ALL.  So what's the big deal?  I don't "own it" yet.  I don't want it.  I don't care if my phone bill isn't going to change since I went down to a cheaper plan; I don't want to pay for something I'm not going to use. 

But I'm more frustrated that I can't explain myself or full understand what they are saying to me.  I went to the place I got the phone and they were like "Oh, I'll change it to English for you" but you can't, idiots.  Don't think I haven't tried; I'm just pretending to be that clueless.  And then they tell me they can't do anything.  You sold it to me!  Why not?  It's not like I'm canceling the contract or anything.  So I went to the AU shop in Kashiwa on the way home and they said the same thing.  I'm not canceling my contract.  Ahh, but I am canceling the upgrade becuase if I give back the phone, they won't get 20,000 yen from me over 2 years.  I probably haven't paid off my last phone yet anyway so now they are getting double.  The guy told me the only thing I can do is cancel everything, which costs 10,000 yen and then get a new phone and number, for another 20,000 yen.  IGULSKDFASDKj.  It's only been 5 days since I got the stupid thing.  Isn't there some kind of grace period where you can cancel things?  I'm sure there is in Canada.  I want to think there is, but I've never been in this situation.

So I could either learn to like this new phone and use it, even though I just got new ringtone and layout for the old one (which I fucking should have waited to get... UGH).  Or try and sell the fucking thing on CL.  It must be an old model because the stupid thing isn't even listed in the May catalogue.  

GOD FUCKING DAMN ASSHOLES.  I am so not happy right now.  This is fucking bullshit

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I'm going to return the phone on Saturday.  The only thing I really, really like is the front window but you can't push any button to read it, it has to be a certain one.  It's cute to be able to see "メールあり" but it was annoying making so many mistakes when I was typing my texts at work.  It's nice and new but otherwise it isn't selling me.   I just hope that the guy doesn't give me grief since I'm going to be by myself.  I've changed back to my old phone and it just feels so much more comfortable.

I even got myself a new layout set up and Inoue Joe ringtone. xD  The new phone gets to stay home until Saturday when I take it back.  I should reset it and just stick it in the box.  Then it will be out of the way and ready to go back.  I just didn't like it.  It's as simple as that.  しょうがない。

I'm hungry.. I should check the food I bought on Monday.  I wonder if those veggies are any good still.  I don't know what I want to eat.  It's been I don't know how long since I did the dishes.  Terrible.  I want to try making 甘露煮 but I have to simmer the fish for at least an hour.  Maybe tomorrow.

Also going to check out Uniqlo for a new skirt and print some pictures.  I feel much better after making up my mind.
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Well, I did find some cool things about my phone.  I can switch the little window to show tomorrow's weather or my fortune by holding # and it flips through them automatically.  I like the time window in front and the lights.  The functions on the main menu are better; I don't have to search for the infrared functionin sub menus anymore (though I had it as a shortcut on my old phone on the standby screen).  It's red and matte which I like. 

I'm so-so that the screen doesn't swivle, but I didn't really use that much anyway and it's become a bit wobbly on my old phone.  The standard ring tones are all really boring and I don't like any of them.  The icons are kind of plain and the emoji all look pixelated and ugly.  It runs slower--I have to go through more commands to send a fucking email and takes time to open and load things.  The camera is 3.2 megapixels instead of 2.1 but I don't use my phone for taking good pictures and the upgrade is negligable. 

I don't feel as miserable as I did last night but I still don't like it as much.  It doesn't seem like an upgrade, especially not interms of the screen.  But maybe that's because it's Toshiba and not a Casio.  I'm giving myself until Saturday and then I'll decide whether or not to take it back.  
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Okay, so Andrew and I met up for dinner and he gave me his JLPT2 study stuff so I can start thinking about that.  I got a new backpack -- pretty pink Coleman thing for 3,300. :D  I also found Freecell at the bookstore in Ueno station.  And then we had donairs for dinner.  Yum.  Though now I'm hungry and miserable.  We spent 2 hours in a phone shop discussing changing to Softbank since Andrew's contract with AU is up and he's getting jerked around. 

Ah, and it had been such a good day until then!

I ended up trading in points (which I didn't know what they were for anyway) and got a new handset... and I regret it so bad.  I switched to a different, cheaper plan so my bill won't get any more expensive even though I have to pay 840 yen a month to pay off the handset but still.  The biggest thing that I hate is that I can't put it in English.  I don't need it really but I want it.  But even without that... I don't think I like it.  The interface isn't as nice as mine (though you can download new ones, I just never bothered) and I don't like the buttons.  The screen pixelates the emojis and it makes all this fucking noise whenever it does anything.  I haven't gotten around to messing with the sound settings but I feel miserable after doing this (I should feel so happy to have new things!) and I have a massive headache right in the middle of my forehead and behind my eyes and I want to curl up and cry. 

It's only a phone!  I'm just worried I can't take it back.  I just wanted a new phone--even though I like the one I have and didn't really like any of the others.  I didn't like the others more than I like my own, not enough to change but I did anyway.  I should have looked at other models, gone to Yodobashi Camera or something and actually played with them and I would have seen right away.  I don't see why I can't take it back on Saturday (providing I can... I'm not canceling, just returning the hardware I don't want) when I'm out and about in Tokyo if I really, really hate it.  And I probably will.  It will be a bitch to trek from Hiroo to Ueno and then back to Shibuya or wherever I'm meeting Kumiko though.  UGH.

I feel so wretched.  Really, really awful.  The most aggravating thing--all the shit I downloaded on my other phone can't be transfered so I have to pay to get it all again if I want. DX  I better like the damn phone if I do that.

Yes, I realize how fucking lame I am that I am so upset about this.  That's what makes it even worse.  And I didn't even spend anything!
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I went to bed at 9:30 last night. I got up at 6:30. I still feel a bit tired but the knowledge that I slept for 9 hours makes me feel refreshed. :)

Computer is not lagging anymore. Had no viruses but ughhhh the scan took 3 hours to complete. I shut it off last night and things seemed to have righted themselves. I think I should need to clean out my programs and files. There is so much junk on here that I never even use. I only have 6GB free! Maybe that has a lot to do with the poor performance of late.

Grade 6 is starting to learn numbers today. I'm going to have to find out who is running English club (or even if there will be one) tomorrow and have a chat with them about what I want to do. I figured we could just play name games the whole time and the kids can make their own name tags. I was really bad about learning names last year--and there were only 13 kids. I wonder if there's going to be a wrinkle in the schedule again, like there seems to be every week. Ah, I should also figure out what's going to happen next week when grade 6 goes to Nikko.

Everyone's biocycle must be screwed up: there is wank and emo everywhere. Maybe it's because spring is over. I dislike this humid weather with a passion! And it's only going to get worse from here on out. At least it's still cool enough that I don't need to turn on the air-con and can sleep with the windows open. At least it's sunny today!
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I need to stop sleeping over at places.  I never sleep well and I end up wasting the next day.  I met up with Ariel after my Cool Japan interview (which lasted 2 hours!) for dinner in Shibuya and then some karaoke and we ended up missing the last train.  The walk home to Roppongi was pretty nice.  Only about 40 minutes and the temperature was nice.  I meant to go grocery shopping today but that never happened.  Entourage took over again while I was doing laundry.  

I can't believe I'm starting my last year working in Japan tomorrow.  It will be nice to get back into a normal routine.  Cool Japan was sweet.  It wasn't really a typical interview, just some prospect people chatting about a couple of their future topics.  Hopefully I'll get called for at least one show.  That would be a sweet souvenir from my 2.5 years here.

I haven't stopped listening to Inoue Joe all week.  I need to buy his CD so I can look at the freaking lyric sheet.  And have something for him to sign in my wildest dreams.  Man, I haven't even felt like this about Arashi.  Not since Linkin Park in 2nd year.  It's amazing. :DDD

I'm having slight technical difficulties with the computer.  No viruses and spyware is clean so far.  I wonder what the fucking issue is.  I hope to god it's not hardware.  
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I am downloading all my mail again from Gmail. All the mail I've sent from 2005. Some of my old essays that I sent to profs/friends are coming up. Holy crap. Maybe I'll post the good ones.

Bad karma?

Mar. 23rd, 2009 09:15 pm
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So I went to play some Animal Crossing and my game had disappeared. So I started a new one but it said "Cannot save. Restart and reinsert cartridge" and then my old game was back.

I opened up Thunderbird to compulsively check for Lydia's love letter that she said she was sending and all my settings and mail were gone. It and Firefox update automatically and usually everything is fine. NOT COOL, HIGHER BEING. I ain't havin' it. Not that there was anything super important but I have stuff there that I don't have saved in the Gmail website inbox (what is that called anyway?).

I am quite cross about this.

I also have a big zit on my chin. I'm not 15. What the hell is going on.

To stay up til 12 or to sleep. That is the question.
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LJ you ate my fucking entry I HATEYOUUUUU.
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So I got fucking pissed with this bullshit lag my compy had going on when there were no problems with the registry and no spyware.  So I thought, had to be a virus, right?  So I tried scanning and left it on (cuz it's taken 3 hours before...) and it's stalled after scanning only 1000 files.  I try and try and it stalls after a few thousand.  So I went to Zone Alarm and was looking for help and apparently I'm not the only one with issues.  They know about it and are trying to fix it.  It was fine before I upgraded.  Other people are having performance issues with version 8 so I downgraded and we're working good again. :D  Video playback skips a little bit but at least it's watchable for the most part.  (Which might be due to the scan running.)

Sigh... I hate computers so much sometimes.

I'm going to make Oneeman's hayashi rice again tonight.  And try not to burn the onions this time.  I just hope the beef is still good.  I froze it but it's looking kind of brown and not from being cooked. :/ 

Went to buy a frame for my 7 lucky god's picture and the one I got was too small!  Just barely.  They must have used some weird fucked up non-standard paper size for it.  Now I have to go back to Bic.  But I looked at cameras and am going to buy a new one next pay check anyway.  I'm looking at one similar to Justin's or a pretty girly one.  The one Justin has is a bit more powerful but the other is pretty (and comes in like 8 colours) and cheaper.  I just need to go back and make sure they fit my memory card.  I know Justin's does but this model is one after it.  I don't know about the Z model.

Fujifilm FinePix F60fd
Colours: black, silver
Size: 59.2×92.5×22.9mm
Weight: ~163g
Lens: 3x optical zoom, 12.0 megapixels
Screen: 3.0" colour LCD
Memory: internal ~25MB, xD, SD, SDHC cards
Video: AVI, motion JPEG, 640×480px, 320×240px, 25 frames/sec, audio
Fujifilm FinePix Z250fd
Colours: red, white, pink, black
Size: 55.7×92.0×20.0mm
Weight: ~134g
Lens: 5x optical zoom, 10.0 megapixels
Screen: 2.7" colour LCD
Memory: xD, SD, SDHC cards
Video: AVI, motion JPEG

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I got Firefox 3 finally and we are already off on the wrong foot.  To get the damn thing to work I have to turn off the program control on ZoneAlarm and I really shouldn't have to.  Hopefully when I restart this monster it will work properly.  It's on the list of allowed programs so I don't know what's the big fucking deal.  D<

Got a bit of X'mas shopping done.  I'm going to customize a shirt for Andrew.  I need to do some testing -- gotta see if 100 yen black ink bleeds when you wash it.  Otherwise I'll have to hunt specially for fabric paint.  I'm thinking of an argyle pattern or something... I'll have to research.   UGH I hate X'mas.  It's so goddamn stressful.  The only time I have to shop is really next Sunday before my furoshiki class and the weekend just before X'mas but I am going to be fuckng pooooped from working.  I'm dressing up stockings for everyone so that will be part of their presents, especially for Takeshi and Tama since I don't really know them enough to know what they would like. 

Also bought boots.  Motorcycle-like boots with a buckle around the ankle.  I was hestitating since they only just fit--they're roomy at the toes for once, but snug around the ankle.  :O  There's a shocker.  I They were only 5000yen so I figured why not.  I've wanted to get boots cuz my feet freeze in my cons.  I'm going to wear them around the house for a while and see if they stretch a bit.   If they start cutting off circulation, we'll have a problem.  I'll try and return them if they don't work out.  I don't think I can stuff my jeans into them (they aren't zip-up) but they fit well underneath.  But I personally think stuffing your jeans into boots looks kind of retarded anyway.  

I thought I had something else to say... but I don't remember. 

I feel sleepy.  It's only 9.  I'm an old lady.

The internet is out to get us.

[livejournal.com profile] honeycorrupts was complaining about every upload site being a bitch and now I'm experiencing it too. The downloads are at a snails pace, taking 3+ hours, if they even download at all. For everything! Megaupload, Sendspace... MediaFire pages won't even open. What is going on? It can't be my connection if I'm not the only one with problems. It's bugging me. I'm running low on DnA!

It's only 6:45 and I feel sleepy. I've got a long day tomorrow... maybe I could nap before Himitsu. I wish they had a proper website with 次回放送 information. :/


Aug. 19th, 2008 06:18 pm
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Ugh... I think I need to eat better.  I have noticed that my moods just nosedive.

Went to Akihabara with Jenna today... met up with Andrew for an hour before he went off to Avex.  I impulse shopped and bought a DS from Book Off for $120 but have no games for it.  I should tell mom to take a look at EB Games and see if they have anything used for a decent price and ask her to send it to me.  I should look at Ebay too.  I'll look at it as an investment.  I used my Arashi ticket refund to buy it so it's not like I am spending any more mony.  Or that's what I keep telling myself.  Anyone got any good RPG recommendations?

I have been itching to write something since Jenna arrived but haven't had the time to sit down without feeling rude for ignoring her.  I'm not in the mood to write angst... even though I am feeling pretty angsty myself.  I'll catch up with fandom and watch all these freaking Truth performances and stuff that I've downloaded and hopefully that will boost my mood.  I want to get this chapter done (I want to say it's halfway) before the end of the week.  I've got 2 weeks of vacation left but it feels so busy!

20th/27th - Keigo's lessons
23rd - Fireworks (This Heart's Rendition concert, which I won't be going to)
26th - Kashiwa City English Speech Contest
28th - Fireworks at Yuka's place in Shinagawa
29th - Yvonne's coming aka Slutty Times
30th - Hakone Onsen Trip/24Hr TV starts (which I'm probably going to miss the beginning D: ...I just hope I don't miss Jun's drama, which is on at 9pm)

Luckily I have the whole first week of September off as well, although I should drop in at school and see what's happening on Sports Day and what time I need to show up and what they'll have me doing.

Alexandre Despatie made it to the finals for 3m Springboard.  :D  It's on at 8:30pm Beijing time, 9:30pm Tokyo and Terauchi made it through for Japan they should be broadcasting it, hopefully live.  The semi's were live so I am hopeful. 

Technology is hating me.  Computer overheated yesterday, iPod is not playing songs properly today.  Maybe they aren't the right formats?  I don't think so because some of the songs from the same album/single play just fine.  It is extremely frustrating and I am trying not to chuck the damn thing out the window.
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Went to pick up Justin and my tickets today and all the reserved seats were booked for the night of the 1st AND 2nd!  D:  So I booked for the 3rd... I was going to do the 31st but I didn't want to impose too much on Yuka.  I should have just done it.  Or gotten off my fat ass and done it sooner.  Bah.  Now I am toying with the idea of taking the Shinkansen there, even though we already got the reserve tickets because I want to spend as much time there as possible.  And it'll probably be the only time I'll take the Shinkansen.  I'm still debating.  I emailed Yuka and we'll see what she says.

I need to stop taking naps in the middle of the day.  It's terrible.  I will just lie down for like an hour and doze right in the middle of the floor (but this time on my futon) for no reason.  I wasn't even especially tired or sleepy but had nothing else to do.  XD  I watched some fanvideos on YouTube for some reason and suddenly want to see Nino do an epic romantic role.  I think that would just be *melt*.  Amazing.  As far as I know, he hasn't done anything like that before.  I think it would be a good stretch of his acting chops.  But we'll see.  I doubt this drama rumor will be anything along those lines. 

Okonomiyaki for dinner with Justin!  But in Warabi. :/  Which is an hour away.  Fuck.  But I hardly see him and it's not like I would be doing anything epic at home tonight.  Though I was going to try cooking cod for dinner, just like Matsui-san from the GRA episode on cod. 
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I come home and I'm ready to drop at 8pm.  I stick it out til 10 and then go to pass out.  And I can't.  What the fuck?  I'm exhausted but I can't fall asleep.  Shit. 

My feet are completely shredded by my shoes.  All of my shoes, it seems.  I wore some old flip flops today that I brought with me from Canada and now I seem to have blisters?  Sort of.  They must be really deep because there isn't a bubble on the surface but just feels like a build up of fluid near the arch that I can't drain.  It's kind of uncomfortable to walk but not painful.  We'll see how we go tomorrow.  Maybe I'll just have to drop more to numb the discomfort. 

Got a recommendation today from someone... I didn't really think of what would happen if someone recommended something but we didn't put it up.  I have tried to get passed the first chapter (I had enough trouble with the first paragraph) but I can't.  I really have a hard time taking something seriously when they can't even get their gender references correct.  It's quite bloody confusing.  It's just.. not good enough.  Starr?  What do you think?

Well... I cleaned house today.  Finally, I tackled the bathroom and you could eat off that shit now.  I'm so proud of myself.  It wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be, thanks to my mold killer.  Although I thought I might pass out from the fumes at one point -- even with the ceiling fan going.  Might have been a bit of overkill with the spray.  Whoops.  Met up with Justin and went to find the Tokyo Daibutsu (Buddha), the 3rd largest sitting Buddha in Japan.  It's somewhere in West Tokyo but we managed to find it as well as the Akazuka Botanical Garden where I painted a little picture as a keepsake.  The old ladies were so cute.  I am quite impressed with my skills.  I'll have to take a picture of it. 

I was supposed to go to Ben and Andrew's tequila party but I just didn't have the energy.  And I can't stand stuffy rooms with too many bodies so I wouldn't have had a good time anyway.  I went home and maybe I should have gone to sleep at 8 anyway.  Hrmdfsa.  I guess I could finish watching the first episode of HYD2.  I wanted to watch House but I think I need to restart my computer because the freaking device manager keeps crashing so I can't change the region.  :/
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I figured out that explorer crashed only when I tried to access videos from my external HD and the DVD drive.  This was the solution.
Now that's taken care of, I can organize my files and clean off the desktop.  I want some new pretty wall paper.  Any favourites you would care to share?  Right now I have Ohno from the Amatsukaze pamphlet but it's too dark.  :/ 

Time to clean up and shower.  I smell.
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My computer is being a supreme bitch and I don't know why.  This is the third time in a week that it has just... turned off.  Twice tonight.  It's plugged into the wall, I checked all the connections, we're good.  The battery is pretty much useless now so I took it out after the 2nd time and we'll see how we go from there.  If the connection gets knocked out now, it'll shut off but I don't move the damn thing so it shouldn't be coming loose.  And even if it did, a little thing should pop up that tells me I'm on batteries now, there's 5% left, etc, but it doesn't.  This is very worrisome.  I'm in the process of backing up all my music (videos and pictures are already done) because I don't not want to lose everything.  This beast is only 2 years old, what's the fucking deal?  But I guess laptop life is considerably shorter than desktops.  The Staples dudes said 5 years was a long time, even for a desktop, when mine finally died in 2006.  I'm scanning now, but I'm pretty sure it's not a virus.  Is it because my computer is over-heating?  If so, it's a pain, but easily fixable with a book.

Siiiiiigh.  This is so not what I need right now. 

I got an email from Cleaveley, my advisor and friend from first year, and she asked if I'd gone to see a counsellor yet.  Maybe it was a mistake to tell her about my meltdown.  Although, she is the most "trained" for it, having been a rez advisor for like 5 years and has probably dealt with something like this before, or been trained on some kind of procedure.  It's the smart response, "Get help" but not really what I wanted to hear.  It always comes down to money.  I just don't have the money to go see someone.  Although if I didn't spend on other useless things like drinking or going out or shopping for a while, I could manage to go to at least one session.  I am too logical and have too much common sense to let this go; I know I should nip it in the bud and get it taken care of now before it blows out of proportion and I really hurt myself or something later on.  But when I feel fine now, I can't see the point of going... you know?  I don't even think I do. 

We have some random teacher's meeting tomorrow afternoon so I get to "leave work" early.  I thought it was just an ALT meeting, but its every teacher.  It must be some Board of Education meeting or something?  IES hasn't been very forthcoming with the details.  At least Amanda will be there so if it's completely stupid I'll have someone to roll my eyes at. 

I started writing a fic today at work. :D  I want to work more on it now but I don't want to open too many things while I'm transferring because it will slow things down to a glacial pace.  I've got lessons 1-3 periods tomorrow and then I'm free to go to this meeting, I think.  I'll have time to write a little before maybe.  I finished watching Honey & Clover finally as well.  I don't know what I was expecting, but I was disappointed at the end.  I guess because I always want a happy romantic endings and this is definitely not one of those stories.  Oh well.  Toma was good.  That's really the only reason I watched it anyway.  I need my Mago Mago fix before bed.  Hurry up transfer!  Hurry up scan!

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