May. 19th, 2009

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Okay, so Andrew and I met up for dinner and he gave me his JLPT2 study stuff so I can start thinking about that.  I got a new backpack -- pretty pink Coleman thing for 3,300. :D  I also found Freecell at the bookstore in Ueno station.  And then we had donairs for dinner.  Yum.  Though now I'm hungry and miserable.  We spent 2 hours in a phone shop discussing changing to Softbank since Andrew's contract with AU is up and he's getting jerked around. 

Ah, and it had been such a good day until then!

I ended up trading in points (which I didn't know what they were for anyway) and got a new handset... and I regret it so bad.  I switched to a different, cheaper plan so my bill won't get any more expensive even though I have to pay 840 yen a month to pay off the handset but still.  The biggest thing that I hate is that I can't put it in English.  I don't need it really but I want it.  But even without that... I don't think I like it.  The interface isn't as nice as mine (though you can download new ones, I just never bothered) and I don't like the buttons.  The screen pixelates the emojis and it makes all this fucking noise whenever it does anything.  I haven't gotten around to messing with the sound settings but I feel miserable after doing this (I should feel so happy to have new things!) and I have a massive headache right in the middle of my forehead and behind my eyes and I want to curl up and cry. 

It's only a phone!  I'm just worried I can't take it back.  I just wanted a new phone--even though I like the one I have and didn't really like any of the others.  I didn't like the others more than I like my own, not enough to change but I did anyway.  I should have looked at other models, gone to Yodobashi Camera or something and actually played with them and I would have seen right away.  I don't see why I can't take it back on Saturday (providing I can... I'm not canceling, just returning the hardware I don't want) when I'm out and about in Tokyo if I really, really hate it.  And I probably will.  It will be a bitch to trek from Hiroo to Ueno and then back to Shibuya or wherever I'm meeting Kumiko though.  UGH.

I feel so wretched.  Really, really awful.  The most aggravating thing--all the shit I downloaded on my other phone can't be transfered so I have to pay to get it all again if I want. DX  I better like the damn phone if I do that.

Yes, I realize how fucking lame I am that I am so upset about this.  That's what makes it even worse.  And I didn't even spend anything!

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