Apr. 28th, 2009 05:26 pm
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Tomorrow is a holiday, Showa Day, so that means it's ~Wine Night~ for me!  I picked up a bottle of a Japanese wine to give it a try.  I was wavering between this Reisling from Iwate and this stuff called "Koshu wine".  I decided to get the most bang for my buck: the Koshu was 750ml for 780yen vs 500ml for 999yen.  I'll try the other on some special occasion.  I'm going to make spaghetti carbonara tonight and have a nice night in. :)  I'm looking forward to it. 

Nothing is on TV and I don't have a huge backlog of dramas to watch (though I am tempted to watch Quiz Show episode 2 raw since I am impatient) so I might try writing something.  I feel some ideas stirring; I spent my free afternoons at work yesterday and today researching child speech development and baby "milestones". 

Tomorrow will be a laundry and cleaning day since [personal profile] vintage_belle is coming to stay on Saturday.  Any idea when, Elle? 

I got an email from Sachiyo yesterday.  I haven't seen her since... Nikki left.  O_O  That was December.  We made a nail & dinner date after Golden Week.  I'm going to treat myself and see what this nail business is all about.

I want to suggest a feature for the lunchtime broadcast: Foreign Japanese Pop Artists.  I don't know about anyone else, but it really interests me to learn about people who aren't Japanese/weren't born here and are making it.  I have so many artists I want to recommend that might not be so well-known (free promo! since these are the kids going to be shelling out money to see concerts and stuff after I'm gone) but they only have enough time to play 4 songs, at most.  Inoue Joe is at the top of the list, m-flo featuring Monkey Majik -- two birds with one stone (though maybe I should get the original since I only have the remix), Utada (Apple & Cinnamon from the new album, though she doesn't need any promo).  There's also Ito Yuna, Def Tech, DBSK, BoA, Alan?  I don't have that many songs from those artists.  Maybe Ito Yuna's "Mahaloha" that feature's Micro from Def Tech.  Micro's actually Japanese but he's a returnee. 

It's partly for my own selfish reasons of wanting to hear music I want to hear, but I think it would be kind of inspiring to learn about these people who came to Japan and are working hard in a foreign country.  It is possible to become fluent in another language (and Japanese people seem to think their language is so hard).  And maybe one day, you can do it too!  I should also gather up some songs of Japanese artists who have made it outside of Japan, singing in English, for another day.  But those are much rarer; I can't think of any off the top of my head.
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Really bad. Please to listen to these songs. They are only a selection of the ones from the new album (plus one that isn't). He's a fucking magician, a power house. He writes, plays and mixes all his own stuff. He's 6 months younger than I am (and exactly 2 years younger than our beloved Matsujun!) and just so amazingly talented. I really can't rave enough about this kid. His SoCal LA accent kind of is a bit grating at times but it's totally amusing to me whenever he says 'and' in his blog videos. He makes me want to go out and blog about random shit in Japan for the folks back home. The smelliest train in Chiba? Speaking of blogging, I haven't updated my Vox in a while. Not that anyone reads that or gives a shit.

Still no concert information, but I am going.

I am happy that I could finally find the lyrics for 車. I could actually catch most of them but I was like... is this really what I think he's singing about? He wrote about what happens when you don't buckle up. Yep. More to love. Kid even did the infamous Mentos/Coke experiment. He and Aiba would be great friends.

It's amazing--I know maybe 1/10th about this guy (or less) compared to Arashi but I feel more love for him that I (ever?) have for them. That's serious. I'm really in deep here; I have tried to get most of my friends to listen to him. Too bad Andrew and Justin only listen to pop and R&B. Won't even give him a chance. Oh, well. More Joe love for me! ♥

UGH I wish these fucking seasonal allergies would go away! I'm tired of sneezing. I should probably cook dinner, even though I ate 4 breaded goodies after work. Which was a total gongshow. I didn't do anything. Kaneko didn't get fired, but he's not a homeroom teacher anymore. Nakamura is still doing 3rd year and Imai is doing 2nd, Kaneko got demoted to 1st and a new pricipal. There are about 6 new teachers at Toyoshiki and another handful at Ni Shou and a new VP. I get my own desk at Ni Shou this year too! All my favourite teachers are still there. No Watanabe-sensei to look at but 3 or so new younger teachers who I might be able to be friends with. One of them wants English lessons?! So Kaneko told me. I'll see more about that on Monday, I guess. It's going to be a great year. :)

Meeting Blake for lunch before going to Ariel's violin concert tomorrow. I haven't seen him forever. He sent me a message today apologizing for a being a shit lately which I never expected. He hasn't gotten back to me yet about plans though. Smile is on in another hour and a half. I am going to try writing for this Rare Pair Meme to get out of my writer's block funk I've found myself in.
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I need to stop sleeping over at places.  I never sleep well and I end up wasting the next day.  I met up with Ariel after my Cool Japan interview (which lasted 2 hours!) for dinner in Shibuya and then some karaoke and we ended up missing the last train.  The walk home to Roppongi was pretty nice.  Only about 40 minutes and the temperature was nice.  I meant to go grocery shopping today but that never happened.  Entourage took over again while I was doing laundry.  

I can't believe I'm starting my last year working in Japan tomorrow.  It will be nice to get back into a normal routine.  Cool Japan was sweet.  It wasn't really a typical interview, just some prospect people chatting about a couple of their future topics.  Hopefully I'll get called for at least one show.  That would be a sweet souvenir from my 2.5 years here.

I haven't stopped listening to Inoue Joe all week.  I need to buy his CD so I can look at the freaking lyric sheet.  And have something for him to sign in my wildest dreams.  Man, I haven't even felt like this about Arashi.  Not since Linkin Park in 2nd year.  It's amazing. :DDD

I'm having slight technical difficulties with the computer.  No viruses and spyware is clean so far.  I wonder what the fucking issue is.  I hope to god it's not hardware.  
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Just entered for the chance to win tickets to Inoue Joe's first showcase live. :DDD  Actually, it was already entered apparently?  Whatever.  No information available other than the show is on July 21st.  I finish work on the 16th.  *happy dance*  I will buy tickets ASAP as information comes out anyway (since they won't announce winners until 2 weeks before the concert).  I'll figure out what to do with the extras if I win.  I'm taking JR with me for sure. :D

It was a problem with Firefox apparently.  The staff people actually repsonded to my email, I am impressed.

Watching the last two episodes of Roswell season 1 and making a moogle.  Finally going to do one properly.  I've already got 3 legs finished!

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I found AAA at Shinseido. :D  I guess they just have the sample on the shelf only if they have stock.  I thought fuck it and just bought it.  Even though I'm seriously dipping into the funds now.  I can't spend anymore than absolutely necessary until pay day which isn't until next week and even then, isn't going to be a full pay because March was a short work month.  And I'll get like half for April too so I have to watch myself until May.  :(

WHAT THE HELL STINKS.  I just did the dishes last night and the moeru gomi is tied off.  I DON'T GET IT.

Anyway, no more spending.  The only thing I want to buy now is Inoue Joe tickets but concert information isn't released yet.  The venue isn't even set in stone yet.  I should give Ariel a head's up so she can come with me.  It's on a Tuesday, which kind of sucks ass.  But it's in July so maybe I'll be on 夏休み by then.  I'll know tomorrow after getting all the details from work.  I hope I get a raise.  Fucking perfect attendance last year, bitches! 

What should I watch tonight... AAA DVD?  Roswell?  I have 4 new episodes of Love Shuffle too.  And some Hanadan (I need a different name for the Korean one.  Isn't it Kbot-Nam?) too.  So much to watch, so little time!  Especially since I shouldn't stay up til 3am again tonight.  Gotta be out of the house at 1045 tomorrow.
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やっぱりスウィングが大好きだべ! It's been a long time since I've clapped at the end of a movie.  This makes me wish I had picked up an instrument when I was a kid.  All the kids in band got to go on awesome trips.  Speaking band, here's the brass band from my school.  Bonus points for anyone who recognizes the music.  I can't remember if I posted this or not. :/

If you are looking for a feel good movie with excellent music and a fantastic cast, watch Swing Girls.  The Japanese DVD comes with subtitles so I might try and find a used copy at Book Off.  It's well worth owning. :)  Lydia told me it was awesome and I wonder if that's because Ueno Juri plays the lead.  I love Hiraoka Yuta and Kanjiya Shihori.  Motokariya Yuika is in it too (she was one of the guest's from Shukudai-kun this past week).  I love watching movies and learning that I know (or recognize) more of the cast than I thought. 

Now I can go return my DVDs and pick up the things I forgot to get at the drug store yesterday: vasaline and eye drops.  I also should go to the post office and send off packages to Alison and Lydia.  I founds something random at the store, Rika, I think you'll love it.  XD

I checked the CD shop in Takashimaya yesterday for AAA but they were out too (unless you have to ask for it?  They're hoarding them behind the counter?) and saw the Inoue Joe is releasing his debut album today!  Titled "Me! Me! Me!".  I'm seriously thinking about buying it because I want to support awesome musicians my age.  AND!  I just checked his blog and he said he's having a concert in July!  I seriously want to get tickets.  They're giving away a bunch but the sign up site isn't working just yet.  I wonder where they'll be selling tickets through.   And when.
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Remember way back when, I posted my Name That Tune meme? Well, no one tried it but I thought I should post the answers anyway. In case you were curious?

Answers )

I've been listening to Inoue Joe's new single practically non-stop since I got it. I can't get the PJ Anthem out of my head!

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