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Before work is dangerous bsns.
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I feel kind of ill... like in the "I haven't slept for 24+ hours" kind of way which is total bull since I went to sleep at 10:30 last night.  My body clock is fighting the adjustment, obviously.  I even missed the return of the Momo hair!  Although, pinning the fringe back is something girls do, Junko.  I speak as an authority on the subject.  I can't wait to see this in action.  

Holy crap.  Obama plushie.

I planned to get up at 6 so I could make breakfast but that idea bombed.  I should get something in me that isn't from the convenience store.  I bought yogurt and cereal at the grocery store yesterday.  I should make it my habit to go to the Maruetsu across the street from school right after work.  It's a pretty decent store, not cheap but no more expensive than any of the others.  At least the produce is fresh.  It does mean I have to carry it home but if I make a point of going every day or two I won't have that much to buy at any one time unless I'm planning a feast of sorts.  I can never be bothered to go out again once I get home and Matsuzakaya, though close, is kind of off the beaten path.  [/Random]

Two more sessions of Quiz Show today?  I feel so techy with that laptop.  It's tiny with a touch screen and pen, and wireless compatibility with the projector.  The speakers kind of suck but oh well.  They worked well enough yesterday.

Need to install new mood theme.  This one is boring me.  I have Aiba or Ohno saved somewhere.


Jan. 6th, 2009 11:52 pm
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My birthday is in 42 days.

I will be turning 24.

According to Daishoin Temple at Miyajima, Heisei 21 (2009) is going to be a year riddled with atrocity for me.  D:  Coincidently, it's the same for Andrew so I won't have to suffer alone.  That doesn't make me feel good about the coming year, even though I've done the temple and shrine pilgrimages and such to get as much good luck as I can. 

I really would like to be in a relationship this year.  That would be nice.
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...when I can't get Britney out of my head.  And like it. 

One of my little black dresses still fits.  It's my favourite of the two, so that makes me happy.  I'm going to bring it along and maybe wear it tonight if it's not too cold.  Otherwise, all black with red shoes and earrings for my fancy dinner tonight.  I'm starving now so I should leave early and get some lunch before going to Harajuku for class. 

Andrew was kind of ho-hum about shuji class next year.  :/

AHHHHHHH I BROKE MY EARRINGG.  NOOOOOO!!!  Where is the super glue?!?  My favourite pair of studs. T_______________T

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I love Happy Birthday. Maybe it's the YamaP paper cups at the end. :X

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Nishikato porn.
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kon² [Dear Science: Fuck you. Fuck you with something hard and sandpapery. xoxo Starr.] says:
-shakes head- Focus, Starr, FOCUS.

His gratitude came out in a slightly softer, lower, heavier tone; the thanksgiving encompassed more than just food, though he wasn’t exactly sure what.

This sentence made me think of both sex and turkey. Same sentence, two different random thoughts. Amazing. XD
Heather says:
kon² [Dear Science: Fuck you. Fuck you with something hard and sandpapery. xoxo Starr.] says:
Lmfaoooo. They were just two random thoughts, not together--

Nino: I've had sex and turkey together. Cranberry sauce may or may not have been involved as well.

But the part before the semicolon, I was like oh, yeah, that's definitely a sex tone. Like, his voice lowers, prelude to sex. (And then the small rational part of my brain was like NO IT'S NOT, KEEP READING. But then the rest of my brain,
the Arashi porn section, kicked that part in the shins and now it's crying in the corner and I haven't heard from it since) and then ... you said thanksgiving, and I was like turkey wut1/1/1
Thus, sex and turkey.
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I should start a hate list because I can't remember everything that I hate.  For one, I hate rain.  Well, that's not entirely true.  It's quite calming and rather refreshing to sit on my aunt's deck or front porch in the early Spring and listen to the rain falling with a good book.  Even today would be nice; I could stay inside and listen to the rain splashing in the puddles and air out my apartment (and maybe find the source of that god awful fucking smell in the kitchen) but nooooooooo.  I have to out in the rain and walk to work.  Not approved. 

Let me rephrase: I hate going out in the rain.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning to a fucking bitch of a storm (luckily no water leaking in my exhaust vent this time) but it's calmed down to a steady misty drizzle.  At least I won't be completely soaked to the skin by the time I get to work. 

I need to invest in a laundry basket.  It always seems like I have so much laundry to do, mere days after doing it, but I think its just because it's all over the floor, making it seem like there's more than there actually is.  And I should start putting my clothes away when they are dry instead of leaving them in a pile on my drawers.  There are a lot of things I should and shouldn't do... maybe I should make a list of those too. 

The One Love PV is out today, I'm in the midst of downloading it.  Some funky CG watercolour look this time.  I really wish they would go back to the bright colours (pre-Happiness) but that style suits the mood of this song at least.  Jesus, could the message be any clearer?  They are on the top of a wedding cake.  Subtle, boys.  Very subtle.  They filmed it before Nino and Jun cut their hair but after Ohno so everyone looks good.  Not my favourite video by any stretch but it's sweet.  Even the words, from what I can understand of them, are pretty for a love song. 

I'm nearly finished JPod.  I put it down for the weekend, I just don't feel like reading at home.  I do most of my reading when I travel (when it doesn't give me a headache) or at work.  I've got about 50 pages left, I'll probably finish it today.  I know that I have 5th period free... I think I have 1st off too?  I can't remember.  3 lessons again today, probably going to start doing verbs with the 1st years. 

Maybe I should leave now... it's 7.42am and I can go grab some breakfast and take my sweet time.  Maybe even take the bus.  If I can get there before the one before the 8am bus then I will wait and not feel rushed.  That fucker is never on time, and even less when it's raining.  What's the fucking point?  It only has to come from the station which is two blocks away, I don't understand.

I should clean this weekend (again).  I don't know why but Japan is so dusty.  I'm not surprised that the kids clean daily because after a week, everything in my apartment has a layer of dust on it.  I should go get a duster or something and clean, go through my clothes and get rid of shit.  Should also get an iron and maybe a toaster this weekend.  Although, I don't know where I could put a toaster over... I might have to move all my vanity stuff.  Where?  Hrm... good question.
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Chris sent this to me.  I was kind of grossed out but then I thought about the recent bout of retardation on the internet and it made me laugh.  I'm working my way through the remixes on the 25th Anniversary of Thriller album and this song is actually good.  And I don't even really like Akon.
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I just spent the last 2 hours fucking around trying to alter/create a layout that wasn't boring (aka LJ issued).  I had mild success but it didn't look as nice as I  might have liked.  Maybe I'm too used to this one.  Bah.  I want the ads to go away, but I guess you have to pay for that.  Whatever. 

Helped Kazuya move.  His house is super nice.  Sasazuka is a nice area of Tokyo.  Maybe I'll write a fic based there.  LOL.  Not that anyone will know what I'm talking about.  Taught Keigo, but nothing special today.  I think I need to come up with something new for him, he seems like he's getting bored easily.  Been in a funky mood all day, probably combo of PMS and shitty sleeps, although I did sleep at 9pm last night.  Had to wake up at 8:30am, and no doubt overslept so it didn't end up doing any good. 

Chelseeeaaaaa when/where are we meeting tomorrow?  I'm so excited, you don't even know.  Hot boys and ice cream are needed now more than ever.
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Okay, so I've been actually working on that last post for the past 2 hours.  Fucking Livejournal keeps losing my embed code and fucking up my formating.  But I win.  

Square One

Feb. 15th, 2008 07:22 pm
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Wow, that brings back memories... I used to love that show.

I got home around 5 after grocery shopping and have spent the entire afternoon dicking around the Arashi comm's and transcribing the lyrics from the Utaban performance.  Thanks be to Yvonne for telling me about that word processer because it makes looking up kanji by radical much easier than listening 46329 times to try and catch the word.  I just need to figure out how to turn on the furigana because they insist on using the randomest readings.  Jerks.

I should cook but I am forever faced with the same dilema: I don't want to do the dishes in the sink.  I also snacked on these delicious treats from Pesto bakery I picked up this morning.  Some kind of Okinawan thing made with black sugar... basically its bread soaked in molasses or something sweet and left to harden.  Like a giant, sweet, crunchy crouton.  Divine.  Will definitely be eating more of those in the future.  I am also sufficiently caffinated.  Thus, I am not hungry.  But I need to cook that chicken and daikon or it too, like everything I seem to buy, will go off before I can eat it.  If I cook it at least, it'll keep for a few more days and I can eat it later. 
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I had a sudden epiphany.  Why do I have 2 of the same journal?  That's kind of retarded.  Actually, really retarded.  So, in a split decision I'm going to semi-friends-only this journal because then I write about whatever I want and not worry about people I'm writing about reading it and then emailing me about it later.  Not that it's anything bad, just overblown paranoia. 

Things have been good lately.  Actually good.  Claire Wright would be all over that with her Red Pen of Doom "Cliche!" but it's a solid description of things.  I think I am finally getting over whatever illness has plagued me for the last month and my vagina has stopped raging too.  At least today.  My lesson with Keigo yesterday was fantastic.  We discovered Dr Seuss books in his closet.  Jackpot!  We read Hop on Pop which I had never read before, he just ate it up!  He couldn't read fast enough.  It's a really fun book, with lots of rhymes and simple words.  After that, I read him Green Eggs and Ham which is my next favourite book to The Lorax which he doesn't have.  But he liked that one even more!  His homework for the week is to practice Green Eggs and Ham and read it to me next week.  He wouldn't put the book down after I was done, he carried it with him all the way to front door to see me off.  What a cutie.  I'll have to bring my camera one day and take a picture with him.  Although I'm surprised that mom or grandma haven't snapped any because Japanese people are known to be shutterbugs and take pictures of anything. 

I borrowed a couple books from Keigo to copy at work so I can read them when I go to elementary school.  It's not as good as having the real thing on hand, but oh well.  And then I spent all day colouring Hop on Pop with these really foul permanent markers that gave me a headache by the end.  And holy fuck, Suess wrote a lot.  I never realized how long his stories are: sometimes going on 50 pages. 

Andrew didn't make Todai.  I've been trying to call him all afternoon but he's gone AWOL (a la Manuel, it seems).  Likely is he's gone to karaoke and his phone is dead.  That's normally the case.  He said he's working on an awesome birthday present for me.  I can't wait! 

I've also been stalking some icon makers on LJ and am getting the itch to get back into graphics/webdesign again.  I actually found a domain that will host but I don't have anything worth making a site about.  My old one became a blog but now I have two of those, I don't need a third. 

I actually got some comments on the work in progress I posted in the [profile] arashirabu community.  Excitement!  The other one didn't get any responses which makes me think it sucked, but I then realized how much I actually comment for the amount of stuff I read.  Must change that bad habit because comments are unadulterated love.  There are only two at the moment, but at least I know someone is reading.  I will write for those two people! 

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