I am sad.

Dec. 17th, 2008 07:41 pm
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I cried today.  Three times.  I'm really going to miss Keigo.  It never felt like work or a chore to go and play for an hour.  His mom couldn't be there but she wanted to.  She gave me a gorgeous furoshiki and Keigo wrote a card for me.  He even drew the doll I gave him on it.  And his grandma gave me a small coin purse as parting gifts.  We took a few pictures together so I'm going to print them out and send them to him.  I forgot my camera so I just hope they turn out alright from my phone.  He didn't really seem to bent but grandma was sad and she said they'll always be there in that house ("Til we die," were her words) and I can call them anytime if I need help.  She hopes that Keigo will be able to meet me again in Canada one day.  That would be really nice. 

I'm really sad.  Really, really sad.

I'm going to have to not think about it because I'll start crying.


And other pictures I've taken on my phone but haven't gotten around to getting of: my new furoshiki which I covered my tissue box at work with.

And hamburgers that the kids made in home ec.

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I'm finding it startingly unfair that I live in the fucking country and yet I hear about/see all the Arashi gay after everyone else on the planet.  How's that for ironic?  I'm cho excited to watch Shukudai with my dinner after seeing Leaders :|| face all over the internet.  And then two episodes of Minami-kun.  Only 2 more to go!  And then!  And then... something.  More reading of fic maybe.  Or Final Fantasy. :D

I should write a card or something for Keigo since it's the last time I'll see the little guy tomorrow.  Unless his mom invites me for something in the future... doubtful but a girl can dream. 

I really need a haircut.  I keep playing with the dried out ends and it's annoying.  It's not even really permy anymore. :(  Oh well.  I just want it back to one colour again.  And healthy looking.

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I just finished reading Twilight.  It took me a grand total of 2 days.  And I just ordered the next one from Kinokuniya.  I don't know if there is a way to check instore stock or which stores have it on that website and I didn't really feel like hunting.  Plus they let you pay C.O.D. (for a 200 yen charge) instead of furikomi or credit card so I said what the hell.  And its only 1600-something.  I don't know when it will arrive but I should make sure I have cash in the house for it.  :D  Then I can pass it on to Andrew when I'm done with it.  Or maybe regift it for Christmas.  There are a total of 4 books in the series and a draft of the fifth got leaked on the internet so she decided not to publish it (yet).  If the next one (or three) are as addictive as this one... I almost feel ripped off when I pay 20$ for a book and am done it in 2-3 days.  Luckily I borrowed the first for free.  I really wonder if its just going to be three more books of "Change me!  I love you!"  "No, I won't!  But we'll be together forever!".  But no sex.  Because the author is mormon.  I think her intended audience are "young adults" so definitely no sex.  Poo.  We'll see how New Moon pans out.

My computer is being stupidly slow and I don't know why.  I even restarted it today.  I guess I need to do a spyware scan and clean up the registry.  It's starting to piss me off.

Keigo's mom wants to end our lessons. :(  My last lesson with him will be on December 17th.  I can't believe it's been over a year!  She said she wants him to concentrate more on his cram school and I guess English isn't that much of a priority.  I understand that.  I was starting to get the feeling like... he was bored?  He wasn't very into it this week.  And I'm not a real teacher.  I don't know what I should be teaching him or even how.  So it's probably for the best.  I will miss him though.  And the extra 200~250$ a month.  I just hope he keeps reading and can hold on to his English until he gets to middle school (not that school in Japan actually teaches kids anything) and that he keeps an interest in it enough to become fluent.  It was a great job.

Now that I've finished the book... what else do I have to do?  Write my own!  lol  I've been itching to write another chapter of Equilibrium.  But just haven't got the energy.  It feels like I've done a shitton of writing recently.  I'm definitely excited to see the feedback I get from [livejournal.com profile] je_ficgames and [livejournal.com profile] je_holiday.  :D

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Not liking this "post from work/email" thing. It fucks up everytime. What the hell? I posted from a Japanese computer; how can the UTF-8 encoding be wrong? Oh and my Rich text editor is back. That's lovely. What the fuck?

Today's lesson with Kaneko-sensei: he's trying to explain the difference between English and Japanese when you compliment someone. According to the textbook, Americans just say "Thanks" when they get complimented but Japanese people say 「そんなことないよ~」(~"That's not true") or something to that effect.

Kaneko-sensei: Oh, Watanabe-kun, you're so clever!
Watanabe-kun: Un.

Oh 14-year-old boys! I love them.

Ro: that story is freaking hot. I don't watch SPN but I might just start reading the fics. Because... woah. I want my porn to be like that.

Keigo was chatty today. Grandma gave me two slices of castella today. I'm still full. As if I needed two pieces... I should have shared half of one with Keigo. It's really bad: Watanabe-sensei lives in Edogawadai. So now, I'm going to be keeping an eye out for him when I go home from Keigo's house. >__< And some elementary school teachers live there too because they tell me they see me when I go to school on Fridays.

Today 2nd graders from the elementary came to visit. Some kind of field trip? They saw me on my way to my class and they all go !! Ah! Heather-sensei! and start waving at me. It's so cute! And then all the older brothers and sisters are waving to them during my class. Ahh... youth~
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First day back at work... and it was a pretty good day considering I did nothing.  They had no classes scheduled for me.  I had to go in freaking half an hour early so I could stand up for 30 seconds while they introduced me and I said "おはようございます。今年もよろしくお願いします。"  And then I sat at my desk all day.  I organized my stuff, wrote junk on my calendar, read through the first two chapters of all 3 textbooks to prepare...  They changed the whole seating arrangement.  Apparently, you have the same teachers for the whole 3 years of junior high (and probably the same in high school).  So now the 2nd year teachers sit in the 3rd year teacher's area, the 1st moved to second, and the 3rd moved to 1st.  There are few new faces (one new hot/young teacher).  The hot math teacher isn't kitty-corner to me anymore, but the other young teacher (who I think may be engaged?) sits there.  I sit beside Kaneko-sensei which I don't know if I am thrilled about.  He's not much of a talker, and he's also a homeroom teacher so he doesn't eat lunch in the staff room and is hardly ever there.  So I can pretty much do my thing and not have to worry about him reading over my shoulder (he probably would have trouble understanding anyway~). 

However... they don't have a computer for me this year.  Actually, there is no computer for the ALT.  It just so happened that some teacher didn't use their last year so they gave it to the ALT.  There is a communal computer which I could use, but I would have to have a reason to be on it.  Grrr.  Although, I don't think I've ever seen Kaneko-sensei use his.  It made for a very long day today.  I wanted to print off this form to get some Canadian swag sent from the embassy but couldn't.  I felt like doing some research and gathering resources for the coming year... but I would feel weird being on the computer for a long time just seeming to "surf".  And I can't save it on there, I'd suspect, so I'd have to get a flash drive (which isn't a bad idea anyway). 

Jun told me they are starting an elective "English Conversation" class this year and wants my help.  YAY!  A pet project for me.  In addition to going to elementary school once a week, whether or not I'm teaching, it'll give me something to look forward to and something to plan regularly.  Speaking of planning, Keigo said he wanted to learn kanji when I asked what he wanted to do this week.  >_<  What a nerdy child!  I love it.  It'd actually be a good way for him to built vocab.  He can speak and sound out words by himself, he just needs to build his vocab.  I should bust out my kanji book and make some flashcards for him.  He knows (or should!) all the grade one words and that's about 50 or something right there.  I'll do that at work over the next few days.  Good practice for me too. 

We also have a vice-principal.  I'm quite surprised because it's a lady.  I think about 80% of the upper eschelons of the Japanese education ladder are occupied by men (if I remember my wikipedia research correctly).  I don't even know her name!  I am a bit worried about what they're going to say to me tomorrow because I just put my timesheet on her desk and left at 4 when my day was done.  I think she was in a meeting with the principal and I didn't want to disturb just for a stamp.  Kitajima-sensei didn't mind.  He usually wasn't at his desk when I left at 4:30 so he would stamp it and leave it on my desk.  I hope she doesn't mind, or the Jun explains it.  The only saving grace for having to show up 30 minutes early is that they let me leave earlier. 

I went grocery shopping and made some amazing Thai green curry for dinner with the paste I bought when I went to Chinatown all those months ago.  I wonder if i could find it closer to home...  There's supposed to be a Southeast Asian market somewhere in Ueno but I haven't gone there to search for it yet.  I'm so full...

I think the 4 hours of sleep I got are taking their toll.. I'm ready to drop and its only past 8.  I have all these ideas kicking around my head for fics but I don't have the energy to write.  I watched my first MMA Jouka Machi episode and realized that they went to Odawara and Inuyama, both castletowns I went to in March!  If only I'd realized sooner, I would have known all the オススメ spots to go.  Oh well.

PS I love all the comments I got on my costume rant.  I crack myself up, I've read it like 18 times and even memoried myself.  It'll make it easier to find when I need a crack-filled pick me up.
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Monkey I had adamently claimed to hate children before I came to Japan, but after teaching Nova Kids, I realized they weren't that bad.  Or I realized that I can control them easily enough, given my mom personality.  A very loud countdown from 5 to 1 does wonders for getting them in check.  But then I started teaching Keigo in November; his mom responded to a teaching ad I posted on a Find-a-Teacher website.  I was a bit hesitant about teaching a kid, but he's a rock star.  I love this kid.  His mom took him to New Zealand for 4 months and he was in regular school so he picked up English on his own while she went to language school.  Kids are like sponges, its amazing.  This kid is only 7 and is better than all the kids I teach in junior high.

So once a week, I go to Keigo's house and we read books (or rather, he reads) and chat and do random activities in his notebook that I think up.  Today, I taught him how to use definite (the) and indefinite (a, an) articles.  We also did Fruits and Vegetables.  It's sweet because at the end of our lesson, his grandma comes up with a tray of snacks and coffee for me.  I'm usually too full to even eat dinner after our lessons!  I should return the favour and cook for them sometime. <3 <3
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I had a sudden epiphany.  Why do I have 2 of the same journal?  That's kind of retarded.  Actually, really retarded.  So, in a split decision I'm going to semi-friends-only this journal because then I write about whatever I want and not worry about people I'm writing about reading it and then emailing me about it later.  Not that it's anything bad, just overblown paranoia. 

Things have been good lately.  Actually good.  Claire Wright would be all over that with her Red Pen of Doom "Cliche!" but it's a solid description of things.  I think I am finally getting over whatever illness has plagued me for the last month and my vagina has stopped raging too.  At least today.  My lesson with Keigo yesterday was fantastic.  We discovered Dr Seuss books in his closet.  Jackpot!  We read Hop on Pop which I had never read before, he just ate it up!  He couldn't read fast enough.  It's a really fun book, with lots of rhymes and simple words.  After that, I read him Green Eggs and Ham which is my next favourite book to The Lorax which he doesn't have.  But he liked that one even more!  His homework for the week is to practice Green Eggs and Ham and read it to me next week.  He wouldn't put the book down after I was done, he carried it with him all the way to front door to see me off.  What a cutie.  I'll have to bring my camera one day and take a picture with him.  Although I'm surprised that mom or grandma haven't snapped any because Japanese people are known to be shutterbugs and take pictures of anything. 

I borrowed a couple books from Keigo to copy at work so I can read them when I go to elementary school.  It's not as good as having the real thing on hand, but oh well.  And then I spent all day colouring Hop on Pop with these really foul permanent markers that gave me a headache by the end.  And holy fuck, Suess wrote a lot.  I never realized how long his stories are: sometimes going on 50 pages. 

Andrew didn't make Todai.  I've been trying to call him all afternoon but he's gone AWOL (a la Manuel, it seems).  Likely is he's gone to karaoke and his phone is dead.  That's normally the case.  He said he's working on an awesome birthday present for me.  I can't wait! 

I've also been stalking some icon makers on LJ and am getting the itch to get back into graphics/webdesign again.  I actually found a domain that will host but I don't have anything worth making a site about.  My old one became a blog but now I have two of those, I don't need a third. 

I actually got some comments on the work in progress I posted in the [profile] arashirabu community.  Excitement!  The other one didn't get any responses which makes me think it sucked, but I then realized how much I actually comment for the amount of stuff I read.  Must change that bad habit because comments are unadulterated love.  There are only two at the moment, but at least I know someone is reading.  I will write for those two people! 

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