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Instead of spamming your flists, I'm just going to edit this entry as I watch 24hr TV.

This year's theme is "START! 一歩踏み出そう" (Start! Take the first step). The shirt, which I like and have been meaning to pick up, was actually designed by Pixar. They aren't broadcasting from Budokan this year. I wonder if they change locations every year? I didn't watch in 2007. Outside they had a hand shaking event where you can drop your pledge for the year off and the fangirls were going apeshit! And AKB48 was there but no one wanted to shake their hands. XD

I'm watching Massu's task right now. He's learning synchro with this boy with some muscle disorder challenge from a high school synchro team from Tokyo. He's finally gotten rid of that damn Cruella de Vil colouring, or at least it's faded so it doesn't look so bad. Massu is one of the guys in News that just kind of blends into the background for me. He's that cute one to the side. He's got a cute smile and a banging body. Arguably better than Yamapi's. He's ripped but surprisingly slim in his swim trunks (boo why doesn't he wear a speedo like the rest?); he looks bigger when he's wearing clothes. But the bright patterned pants have to go.

Becky is as adorable as ever. She and Shige went to Ibaraki to pick lotus roots in the pre-show. Sweaty Shige is just. You can say I will have sweet, sweet dreams tonight.

Tego's perm makes him more girlier looking than ever. And Yamapi is pretty but totally sounds like he's reading the cue cards... because he is.


News is performing Kibou ~Yell~ right now. And they are putting the lyrics on the screen as always. And the crowd is eating it up even though they kind of suck live. But that's not what's so bad.

"Get break & thuru
Fly to High Wiz News."


Yamapi's gone off to Ibaraki to interview folks and wow, he's got some personality for once! None of the old people he's talking to (except this housewife) know him and he's really frank with everyone. This makes for good TV. Throw Johnny's idols into the countryside where no one knows them. XD

Just finished watching the special drama. Waaahh I cried so hard at the end. Ryo did a fantastic job but Kuroki Hitomi! She stole the show. And Yamada wasn't bad either. It's beeing released on DVD too.

Now it's some segment headed by Cream Stew (who I've never heard of), Tutorial and Neptune. They'll show embarrassing footage of 100 comedians and celebrities. I don't think anything else interesting is going to be on until 7am tomorrow when they show the documentary of story behind the special drama. Too bad I'm not sleepy. It'd be a good time to turn in right now.

Damn Shige was ugly at 16.

Not again.

Apr. 6th, 2009 11:44 pm
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Just went to check the Shukudai-kun site to see what time broadcast is tonight and they posted this message. Again:


"Any mail saying they are a project from "Shukudai-kun" were sent as a prank, there is no such project being run by this show.  As this has inconvenienced many poeple, please do not send this mail to other people."

Around the same time last year there was an email floating around that was supposedly from Jun and they were doing an experiment on Shukudai-kun about how many times an email would go around the world or something.  I guess someone started another one.  It amazes me how freaking guilable people can be sometimes. 

Door to Door was good.  Heart-warming in the end but I cried lots as I thought I would.  Nino did a really great job on this; he should be proud of it.  I wonder what his next challenge will be.  I'm still rooting for a more adult, romantic role.  But I doubt that won't ever happen.

On a completely yet not so totally unrelated note: I am one degree of seperation from Shingo Mama.  My new friend Anna teaches him English at ECC.  She tells him he needs to shave because he'd look better but he says he won't because he's lazy. XD  I'm also one degree away from Tanimura Nana; she's friends with Blake (or at least wants to sleep with him--which isn't going to happen anytime soon).  Oh, small world.  When am I going to meet my celebrity?

I think I am getting seasonal allergies.  I'm sneezy and my eyes are itchy.  Of course I can't find my eye drops when I want them. :/

JUN GOT TANNED.  HE LOOKS SO GOOD.  And could maybe pass as a halfy.  Although, according to the synops, his char's dad was Filipino and his mom was Japanese... so why does his character have a Japanese last name?  Sho did something to his hair and he got thinner.  And paler?  If that is even possible.  Maybe he just looks super white cuz he's sitting beside Ohno.  Who's obviously been fishing lately. XD

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Today, I came home to find a sock I previously used to whack off on my bed with googly eyes and a mouth drawn on it with a note that read "because you can't find a real girl I made your current one prettier, Love Mom." FML

It was that 10 hour nap I took on Tuesday that fucked me up.  It's 2am and I'm not sleepy.  I want to watch more Hanadan but it takes like 2 hours to torrent an episode.  Voice it is!  Or reading more
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It's that weird inbetween stage where some shows are showing pre-haircut-Jun and some shows/magazines are showing post-haricut-Jun. It's really unfortunate. How did he ever think that helmet looked good?

Please tell me they don't dress themselves. )

I didn't realize that Arashi was on the cover of An-an last month. Yuckie is slacking because she didn't make a big stink about it the day it was published. And they all look so good! I'll have to order the back issue when it's available.
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So yesterday, on our trip out around town, Andrew and I walked from Asakusa to Ueno (which is only 15 minutes from Kappabashi-doori).  There's a gay sex shop near Ueno station that Andrew knows about so we went in to check it out.  We weren't even in there for five minutes before the clerks come up and tell us that I have to leave.  Andrew asked him why (and he had to ask his friend) and they said that it's a store for gay men only and women might make the other customer's feel uncomfortable so I have to leave.  Andrew even said, "でも、彼女は僕のおこげ。" (But, she's my fag-hag) and they still said no.  The shops in Shinjuku allow it but they don't.   Andrew told them they were discriminating straight to their faces but they didn't care.  Uglkjadfsadf.  What the fuck?!  Even straight sex shops, sometimes they don't allow women inside which is totally bullshit.  It wasn't like we were making a ruckus or bothering other people.  That's such crap.  I've never had that happen to me before.  What if I was a guy?  Would you come up and say "Are you gay?  No?  Sorry, then you have to leave."  Or what if I was MTF?  They just assumed.  Ugh.  Welcome to Japan.


Nov. 29th, 2008 10:10 pm
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I've only got the first 10 episodes of season 1... not all of it.  Nooooooooo.  Now I'll have to rent the rest of it.  There is only 2 episodes a disc... so I guess that saves me some money in rentals.  But still.  Fuck it.
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I had no idea people were getting ripped off left, right and centre -- or at least that's what people are leading me to believe.  I need to be more thankful for the fact that I live in Japan and don't have to go through these kinds of channels to get goods.  It really just disgusts me.

Ironically, I'm buying stuff that I can't get in Japan (English DS games) on eBay and the like.  The same perils apply. 

I don't sell; it's too much time and effort for me.  I would like to be able to let people get their mitts on the shiny mags and swag, but I'm not that nice of a person to do it for free.  No one does this out of the kindness of their own heart, unless they are already going (like I did for Honey and her Dream Alive bags) but even then.  Anything Japanese is a bitch to get outside this country and people know that and know they can make a killing if they find a niche.  And stupid fans overseas will pay. 

I couln't sell; seeing how much it cost to mail those three mags to [ profile] honeycorrupts made me ill.  I'm sure if you got good at the selling thing you would know the best/cheapest ways the ship but even still.  You can't argue with weight, especially when you're sending a copy of MISS that weighs over a kilo.  I didn't charge her anything except for the cost of the mags and shipping and for 3 she paid about 50$ when all was said and done.  Just for 3 magazines.  It already sucks that you have to pay so much for shipping alone, and then you go and throw assholes ripping people off in the mix.  It just makes me feel really sick and disappointed in humanity. 

Seeing all of this bullshit happening makes me want to go out and splurge on goods.  Concert DVDs! 

End of my little rant. :/  I'm gonna play some どうぶつの森 :D

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Wasn't on TV. LAME. They totally were angling for the Yamanote party, I knew it.  From what I could understand, they made it out like it was completely the fault/idea of foreigners to party on the train and that this random crazy holiday is the import of foreigners.  The comments at the end by this ancient fart were like "What's with those weird costumes?  Japanese people would never do that."  UGklajdfakj shit like that makes me so angry to live in this country.  You're 75 and set in your ways, dude.  Pull your head out of the ground.  You want this holiday?  Take it all, do it 100%.  You can just pick the parts that you like.  If you want Hallowe'en, you take the kids knocking on your door in cute costumes asking for candy as well as the punk ass bastards egging your house and TPing your trees.  That's reality. [/rant]

Got my new bed~  It didn't arrive until 4, as usual, and then I find out that I need a hammer to put it together.  So I had to run out for that but it's all good. It's not as short as I thought now that I have my futon on it.  The other mattress even fits underneath so I can hide that shit away.  Yeeah! 

I feel like I've completely wasted my Sunday waiting for this delivery and waiting for this show where they didn't even use our interview.  I did get some writing done so I suppose it wasn't a complete bust.  I should start thinking about my [ profile] je_holiday fic so that I'm not rushing at the end.  I could add a bit more detail to my [ profile] je_ficgames but I'm so over that one.  I can't even look at it anymore.  I feel like writing some letters but I just wrote Alison one and I'm holding out on Kevin until he writes me back.  It's been about two months since he's written me and I've sent him at least 3 since then.

I feel like I have something planned tomorrow but I don't know what it is.  I want to buy a toaster oven.  Finally.  

Ayumi was supposed to be/is in town this weekend but she hasn't gotten in touch with me.  She wanted to go to the Ghibli Museum either Thursday or Friday last week and I was totally down except I had work.  I don't think she has my address or number but she has my email.  I suppose I should send her a message to see if she wants to meet up tomorrow before she leaves. 

And I think I've become one of those people who I think are horribly pathetic and can't function/date in the real world.  Well, no more on that for now.

Oh, Mixi.

Sep. 20th, 2008 08:26 pm
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Sender: カリスマ市川市民
Subject: (*'。'*)
I wanna meet youわーい(嬉しい顔)

Reciever: カリスマ市川市民
Subject: Re: (*'。'*)
Oh really? うまい!
What about me is interesting? ぴかぴか(新しい)

Sender: カリスマ市川市民
Subject: (*'。'*)
Because I love Canada so muchぴかぴか(新しい)In addition, you are cuteハート

Reciever: カリスマ市川市民
Subject: Re: (*'。'*)
Have you been there?

Sender: カリスマ市川市民
Subject: (*'。'*)
No I haven't電球My favorite band is from CanadaハートI wanna go there sometimeるんるん

Reciever: カリスマ市川市民
Subject: Re: (*'。'*)
You should! I highly recommend it. 指でOK But I haven't been back for a year... and I won't go back for another year...
Who is your favourite band? Let me guess... (there aren't that many!) Sum 41.

Sender: カリスマ市川市民
Subject: Re: (*'。'*)
Reallyexclamation & questionDo you wanna go back to Canadaexclamation & question電球
I love sum41 tooるんるん
My most favorite band is SIMPLE PLANハートDo you knowexclamation & questionぴかぴか(新しい)

Reciever: カリスマ市川市民
Subject: (*'。'*)
Ahh Simple Plan! It reminds me of high school.衝撃 That was my second choice. I didn't realize they were so popular in Japan!

I do want to go back... but not yet.ほっとした顔 When I go back, I will go back to University, so I want to enjoy my life a bit more first.晴れ I will be able to go to Canada anytime so I want to see as much as I can.飛行機

Are you a student?

Sender: カリスマ市川市民
Subject: Re: (*'。'*)
Sounds good電球
SIMPLE PLAN's songs are famous in Japanグッド(上向き矢印)Especially,shut up and I'd do anythingるんるん

Yes,I'm a student 電球

Reciever: カリスマ市川市民
Subject: (*'。'*)
I don't know how popular they are in Canada anymore... I don't know what's going on in Canada anymore! 泣き顔

What are you studying? My major was English literature and Japanese culture. 目がハート It's kind of why I came to Japan.

Sender: カリスマ市川市民
Subject: Re: (*'。'*)
Honestly speaking,I want you to suck my dick

Reciever: カリスマ市川市民
Subject: (*'。'*)
Firstly, I have to give points for being straight forward about what you want. So, I'll be equally honest, you have to give some to get some. Are you going to spend some time on my vag?

Please send me a couple pics of your face so I can see if you're my type or not. And send me one of your cock to entice me a little bit further. And tell me your name so I know it's from you. Here's my email:


This is what Andrew talks me into doing.  And he did send me a pic... We are totally shallow and he's not that attractive.  And I have issues about my own confidence level and bet people probably say the same thing about me.  But oh that was just hilarious...

I made really delicious mini burgers for Andrew and I tonight.  :)  They were delicious!  And now I am going to sit down and write!  必死に!

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Nihon de wa, sore wa meiwaku desu yo!  Oji-san!  In Japan, that's troublesome, gramps!

Fuck... I am baffled by Japanese people sometimes.  I ran into one of the teachers from Daini elementary at Edogawadai station after teaching Keigo today.  She was waving to me as I came down the stairs and it took a few seconds to place her face.  She's one of the nice ones who joins in and "learns English" too when I go to her class. :D  She does grade... 5 I think?  Anyway.  We were chatting about our vacations, she went to Guam and I told her about Kansai.  We sat next to this old man who I thought looked a bit passed out whose phone kept ringing on the train.  I don't care, personally, but it's not something you see often and it was loud.  That was fine... but then he moves across to the other side and fucking is watching me talk to the sensei!  My Japanese isn't that terrible, god.  And she was pretty much just asking me questions cuz I was sleepy and not really feeling chatty but still.  And here I was complaining about not having any meiwaku Japanese stories (except for my crazy neighbour).  At least he wasn't leering at me.

Wrote about 50 words at work today.  We freaking exhausted again and busy.  My free first period was eaten up by a earthquake/firedrill.  Although I was smart and brought my book and/or marking to all my classes and read while the teachers did homework review and stuff.  Two first year classes tomorrow first thing and it'll be pretty much the same I think.  And then a break third but I need to make cards and prep stuff for elementary on Friday.  I also told Kaneko-sensei I would make example sentences for the new words because it's painful watching him try and think of stuff on the spot that half the time doesn't make sense or he doesn't bother to explain to the kids.  I don't know why he bothers... just go through the words and the definitions.  It's not like Nova where they can't use Japanese and you have to explain it with example sentences.  So I told him I would do that.  

I am so stuffed... Keigo's baachan gave me pears today.  One is nearly as big as my head.  O_O

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I spent the whole day in bed.

Literally, not metaphorically. I brought my laptop down off my desk and sat in bed all day reading Ryo/Shige fics from [ profile] tabai and hashing out this fic for [ profile] je_ficgames. It's coming along swimmingly now. I have enough problems with references when there are two boys involved, what the fuck am I going to do when there are three? I think it might be a bit OOC (from how I've written them in this sitauation, at least) to have them all penetrating each other so I might be remixing what I wrote for Eq 8 or something like that. Not so flowery and romantic but just fun experimental member ai. In more than one way. Tee hee!  Thanks be to [ profile] shourai who is helping me out with the wonderful feedback.  I can't wait to show you the finished product, missy!

I made an interesting salmon stew/soup thing for lunch today.  I took pictures and I'll post the recipe on [ profile] oishii_tabemono at some point.  I think it was a success though I wasn't really sure what I was making.  I got lazy and just had conbini sandwiches for dinner.

I got an email from work -- I'm to show up for Sports Day tomorrow at the usual time.  I didn't end up going in today but I emailed Noguchi-sensei earlier in the week asking her what I should do and she just replied with "Work starts on Tuesday, yoroshiku ne~" so I guess that means nothing special for me.  :/  I'll bring my camera and be nosy and take pictures.  It ends around 3pm so then I'll go home.  Andrew and Benben are having a curry party tomorrow night but I didn't commit to going; we'll see what I end up doing tomorrow.  Nova peeps are going to the Hub tomorrow night and I kind of want to go with them. 

I went to dinner with Nikki and Amanda last night and it was so great to see them.  Amanda's going back to England at the beginning of December and Nikki's leaving in January.  :(  Justin said he's planning to go back in the spring too.  Everyone is leaving!  I'm actually getting a bit... restless here too.  For Amanda and me, it's the same: we want/need to get back and do more schooling so we can get on with our careers.  For Nikki, she likes her job but she isn't a qualified teacher or childcare provider and doesn't get paid enough to deal with a room full of two year-olds.  

I just got a call from Andrew.  He didn't pass his entrance test for Todai again.  :(  He feels really shitty cuz he spent the last month studying his ass off and made it through to the interview and felt he did a great job and still didn't pass.  They say they accept 30 people a year but might make exceptions for 1 or 2 but this year they only took 27.  Does that sound fishy to you?  For those looking to study in Japan, I suggest you do it through exchange at your own university/college rather than try and get in the same way Japanese people do because it's a lot of hoop jumping, ass kissing and bullshit and then you still might not get in even if you do everything right.  日本へようこそ。

After watching this Shirly Phelps-Roper freakshow on YouTube and now more Japanese retard bureaucracy, I feel angry.

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Néojaponisme: TohoShinki Rages Against the Machine

(aka TVXQ!) are a popular Korean boy band and national heroes. An media executive working in Seoul tells me: “Korean internet users’ passion for TohoShinki is something similar in intensity to their belief that Dokdo is Korean land.” Now the group has crossed the Straight of Tsushima and taken over the Japanese music scene with the force of a Mongolian invasion. Their latest single 「どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?」 hit #1 on the Oricon chart a few weeks ago. Backed by the #1 record label Avex Trax and Korean music production powerhouse SM Entertainment, there is very little preventing TohoShinki from further dominating the Japanese music scene.

There is one area, however, that remains “off-limits”: TohoShinki are apparently blacklisted from TV Asahi’s long-running music show Music Station. According to a TohoShinki staff member’s blog, the band and their managers have been pushing the producers of Music Station extremely hard over the last few years to appear on the show. Now with three Oricon #1s in the bag — an extremely rare feat for a non-Japanese band — the excuses coming from Music Station are just not adding up.

Lest you see a sinister nationalist motive here, the blacklisting has nothing to do with Toho’s non-Japaneseness. Avex and SM also represent popular Korean female star BoA, who appears on Music Station and other Japanese TV shows regularly. There is only one reason why TohoShinki is not invited on Music Station: an intentional blockade from Johnny’s Jimusho, the production company behind Japan’s long-standing boy band monopoly.

Almost since the show’s inception in the late 1980s, Music Station has been the exclusive citadel of Johnny’s. Popular ’80s boy band Hikaru Genji appeared on the show almost every week. Johnny’s Jimusho’s other acts then rotated week by week, meaning that there were usually two Johnny’s act on every single show. This scheduling made some sense when Hikaru Genji was at the top of the pop charts. Around 1991, however, Johnny’s acts completely stopped charting on the Oricon. At this point, there was an almost “boy band hiatus” in Japanese pop culture: Hikaru Genji had peaked, SMAP had yet to take off, and most consumers rejected idol pop for “live house” rock bands. In spite of early ’90s consumers clearly signaling their disinterest in Johnny’s Jimusho acts, the company’s boy bands still appeared week after week on Music Station. The not-so-shocking conclusion: Japanese TV producers do not book talent based on their popularity as much as the TV station or producer’s organizational relationships with specific powerful talent companies.

This is still true 15 years later. Music Station is fiercely loyal to Johnny’s for unknown reasons and will generally ignore “what the kids are into” in order to put Johnny’s acts on the show. When Johnny’s boy band rivals like Da Pump or w-inds scored hits on the chart, Music Station would not offer them an invitation. So in the late 1990s, Fuji TV’s rival Hey Hey Hey Music Champ started to give these non-Johnny’s boy bands guest slots, and as a result, Johnny’s Jimusho completely boycotted Hey! Hey! Hey! for almost five years. When the main producer for Hey! Hey! Hey! changed around 2003, the non-Johnny’s acts were not invited back and suddenly Johnny’s Jimusho returned in full force. It’s either one or the other.

This kind of no-compromise, strong-arm financial tactics are the bread and butter of Johnny’s Jimusho’s business strategy. Any media company that does something against the wishing of Johnny’s will find themselves completely and utterly frozen out from use of product-moving Johnny’s talent. Since Johnny’s is a production office, rather than a media company, they have smartly forged financial bonds with every single record label and media conglomerate, meaning that any negative action towards Johnny’s will result in a direct loss of revenue for the offender. No one is exempt. Recently, a Kodansha gossip magazine reported on Ohno Satoshi (lead singer of Arashi) smoking marijuana (the horror!) and having a threesome in a karaoke box (the sound of little hearts breaking). Johnny’s responded immediately by forbidding all Kodansha magazines from using Johnny’s talent in any projects and retracting Kodansha annual publishing of Johnny’s Jimusho calenders, which are normally a revenue bulwark. Kodansha may suffer a decline in net sales from this action, making them wonder, in a very hostile market, whether such a story was really “worth it.”

Listening to Japanese business leaders and politicians, I know we are supposed to believe that Japan has always avoided a devilish American-style competitive capitalism motivated by profit. Everyone in Japan values “preserving social harmony at all moments.” Johnny’s Jimusho, however, is a perfect example of the corporate bullying that tends to easily dominate “harmonious” markets. Johnny’s also acts as a fierce conservative force, making sure that the industry does not change or embrace new technologies that would alter the current power balance. The relation between Johnny’s and Japan is like if your 75 year-old grandfather somehow had the power to set internet policy for Hollywood.

When you ask Japanese music insiders on what it would take for Japanese entertainment companies to change, the answer is always: “We are basically waiting for Johnny to die.” This is what strategy for industrial progress in Japan has come to: wishing the speedy demise of the king. I hope TohoShinki has the quiet patience and a few decades required to bring real change to the world of J-Pop.

W. David MARX
August 14, 2008

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My fucking batshit neighbour came calling last night.  I thought she figured out whatever the fuck her problem was or moved out since it's been a month or so since she bugged me last. 

I was at home, watching the Olympics and Dane Cook, my new man crush, and chatting with Yvonne when the door bell rings.  I go and check who it is -- it's that fucking lady from the third floor.  I didn't open it becuase why should I?  I can't understand what the fuck she wants and it only makes me angry.  It was nearly 10pm too!  What the hell?  Even jerk off people selling shit stop knocking around 8 or 9.  I thought she would go away (having the TV on doesn't mean I'm actually home, or maybe I was in the shower) but she rang twice more before getting the picture.



She came back this morning.  The door bell rang so I got up to check who it was -- maybe I was getting a package no one told me I was getting and they're delivering or something.  NO.  That would be fine but it's this crazy bitch again!  I checked the clock before crawling back into bed.  It wasn't even 8am yet!  Are you freaking insane?!  She tried to catch me once before work and I clearly didn't have time to talk to her then, so what makes her think that this time would be any different?

I swear, if she comes back one more time (and I bet she will) I'm actually going to tell her to fuck the hell off in any language I can manage.  Maybe she'll get the idea.


Aug. 19th, 2008 11:44 pm
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Malaysia scraps Avril Lavigne concert; show slammed as 'too sexy'

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 | 9:14 AM ET 

Avril Lavigne, seen here performing in Munich in 2007, will not get to start her Asian tour from Malaysia.Avril Lavigne, seen here performing in Munich in 2007, will not get to start her Asian tour from Malaysia. (Dave Hogan/MTV/Getty)

An Avril Lavigne concert scheduled for later this month in Malaysia has been cancelled amid complaints that the show by the Canadian rock singer is "too sexy."

The Arts, Culture and Heritage Ministry says it had decided not to permit Lavigne's planned Aug. 29 performance because it is unsuitable for Malaysian culture.

The decision came after complaints by the youth wing of a fundamentalist opposition party, the Pan-Malaysian Islamic party.

Kamarulzaman Mohamed, a party youth official, told the Associated Press on Monday that Lavigne's show was "considered too sexy for us" and would promote the wrong values just before independence day on Aug. 31.

Lavigne, who shot to fame with her 2002 debut album Let Go, had planned to launch her month-long Asia tour in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysian officials say the show's promoter, Galaxy Group, can request a new date for the concert.

Galaxy began advertising the Grammy-nominated rock singer's concert this month even though it had yet to obtain a government permit, which is mandatory for all foreign music shows. It said Monday about half the concert tickets had been sold.

Last year, R&B singer Beyonce moved her show from Malaysia to Indonesia, and Christina Aguilera skipped the country on an Asian tour after a controversy erupted over a dress code for foreign artists.

Malaysia requires all performers to wear clothes without obscene or drug-related images and be covered from the chest to the knees. They must also refrain from jumping, shouting, hugging and kissing on stage.

Still, members of PAS and other conservative Muslims often protest against western and even Malaysian music shows that they deem to be inappropriate.

The local organizer of a Pussycat Dolls concert in 2006 was fined $2,857 after the U.S. girl group was accused of flouting decency regulations.

I'm sorry... Avril is too sexy?  She's no more sexy than, say, me.  And to think a few years ago, she was like 'FUCK SKIRTS AND HEELS BITCHES' and rocked out in t-shirts and boy shorts.  Oh, how the times have changed.  Thank god I lived in Singapore.

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風の向こうへ is pure love. As much as I liked Truth -- orchestral inserts and great cinematography and editing always get me -- the dancing and energy were not there. I had only heard Truth on Maou's opening and Kaze once before on an NTV Olmypic previewither song once or twice before and haven't downloaded any rips or previews. I don't want to bother redownloading the HQ ones when they come out so I'll just wait. But I love Kaze. The video was the clincher. They just look like they are so into it and are having a blast.  But that retarded costumer made a come back.

First, a fucking cape...

And now a blanket.

Sweet Jesus! He looks like a prophet or something. I didn't really notice until he started waving his arms around. And Ohno is wearing ossan loafer. Someone needs a spanking.

♥ The song itself -- it's just too genki.
♥ The energy!
♥ Nino and his guitar makes my ovaries flutter.
♥ The simplicity of everything... maybe they had no budget after Truth. XD
♥ Ohno's falsetto!
♥ Sho's pants.  I want to make fun of them because unless you're an emo raver, boys should not wear skinny jeans.  But he some how makes them work... maybe I'm too distracted by his hands.

Edit: Where is my head today??  I forgot about VS (and Perfume were the guests -- that would have been sooo awesome to watch them fail) and the Olympics!  The opening ceremony is being broadcast on NHK at 1:50pm and Judo is on TBS right now.  Canada is getting pwned by Holland.  As to be expected.... It's mildly interesting but I don't know the rules of judo.and
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Johnny has outlawed gocons. Because apparently that's where they all get high and do dirty things with girls (and probably some boys). XD As if that's going to stop them.  Here's the gist of the article, but you should click the link anyway to see a most unattractive picture of Ohno.

"Shibutani Subaru's woman scandal continues and now Arashi's Ohno Satoshi's accusations of marijuana are being reported. Not only that, but unsettling reports of "moving along with one pretty girl after another" are starting to circulate.

Last year, accusations of Nakai Masahiro and marijuana were being murmured underground. And then there was the scandal of TOKIO's Nagase Tomoya and an adult video actress. In any case, rumors of women and drugs aren't dying out for Johnny's. Since then there has been even more potential for scandals to come out.

Now, if scandals come out Johnny's is disciplining their activities and urging them to exercise self-restraint.  So far, there hasn't been any rules on having drinking parties in private. The situation this is time is very serious.

It's been announced that group dates (gokon) are banned to all the talent belonging to Johnny.  (YES that's what it says.)  There are no exceptions. This was only the 2nd or 3rd rumor to come out for Shibutani and Ohno but any more than the sponsors and clients might go their seperate ways. And those at the top of the Johnny's Jimusho are afraid of that.

Young men in their prime only going hard after girls is becoming increasingly problematic. Next time, will the JE boys be able to win in the battle for their pleasure? We'll be watching."

Oh, JE is becoming more sordid by the moment!  And big Johnny is pissed off.  To top it all off, this was on the [profile] hazcheezburger  feed this morning:

More to come today: Maou mail translation and whining about housework.


Jul. 31st, 2008 11:06 am
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Not that I'm not grateful to the asshole stomping around upstairs -- or next door, I can't quite tell -- for waking me up before noon but grinding, scraping, thumping and all kinds of fuckery isn't the nicest sound in the world.  I was actually up before 11.  For sleeping at past 4am again, that's good, I suppose.  I need to make a point of sleeping right after Himitsu tonight, no matter how much I will be buzzing.  Or hope to be buzzing.  I don't remember what the preview was but I might be turning it off if they do more fucking Calorie Cowboy bullshit.  Or switching to Code Blue so I can get hot and bothered over Yamapi.  Himitsu's ratings have sucked big hairy balls for the past few weeks.  Yamapi's on Fuji at the same time -- are you surprised?  That kid has big star power all by himself that rivals all five of Arashi together.  But, Yamapi in scrubs?  You're asking for trouble.  Ahh my ovaries are fluttering.

The retardedness seems to have subsided.  Let's hope it stays that way. 

I must do laundry either today or tomorrow and get the house spotless before I go away.  I don't have any plans today or tomorrow so that shouldn't be a problem but I have been killing too much time on the computer (ahem, LJ) and shit isn't getting done.  I should go find the library and renew the books I have so I don't get overdue charges and also so I know where the branch closer to me is.  I wanted to get started on Chapter Eight for Eq but I am fucking lazy.  It might do me good to give myself a deadline -- tomorrow night -- and maybe I'll get something done.  I tend to write either 500 words and get stuck or write 1500 and a whole chapter in one go.  Eight should be easy enough, I know exactly what I want to happen but things never seem to go as smoothly as I think. 
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They're doing some weird game on Himitsu... and they said Ohno weighs 40kg right now.  Mr Plasma Screen is not a complementary nickname in my books.

He's 166cm (5'5") and 40 kilos (88lb).  He weighs half as much as I do.  And I'm only 2 inches taller than him.  With those measurements, he has a Body Mass Index of 14.5; normal weight should be 18.5~24.9.  D:  That makes me worried!  They list his weight as 51kg on Wiki.theppn but I don't know how old that information is.  But even then, that is a BMI of 18.5.  Only just normal (by which I think they mean "healthy") weight.  What happened to the toned althletic chubby-faced Leader we all know and love?  It is hard to believe he would have developed an eating disorder with his apparent love of food, but anything is possible.  I really and truly hope its merely a side effect of doing a dome tour, a serial drama, filming for three variety shows, and they're doing their Asian tour in the fall on the heels of Maou... It really does make me worry not just for him, but for all of them.  Yes, as a fan, but also as a human being.

Again, I don't know how old the information for the rest of the group is, but even still, they are all barely in the "normal" weight bracket.  Just barely.  Although, around YTM last year Sho was definitely not.  If Sho could bounce back from that, I am sure Ohno can too.  がんばって、リーダー!何かを食べて!

Japanese people are on the skinny end of the spectrum of the human race anyway, but there is also a problem with eating disorders that is severely unaddressed.  I saw a girl once in Edogawadai station who... it looked difficult for her to even walk, her sneakers seemed too heavy for her feet to lift.  She was literally skin and bones.  It was a severe case of anorexia surely and it was heartbreaking to see.  She was clearly not healthy, and only a high school student at most!  She wasn't the first I've seen, but was by far the worst.

This is making me think about my own eating habits (which I know are not great) and lifestyle.  I don't exercise (and surely they do) and I don't eat very regularly or well (but I'm sure they even less so).  I eat out about everyday with my convenience store breakfasts/lunches but do try to cook dinner at least.  I have tried the low/no carb thing but I can't do it.  I get hungry within an hour of eating if there isn't anything starchy on my plate.  I know you just have to tough through and after the first week it gets better but... I am weak.  I love food.  I don't understand how people can just not eat by choice.  I understand and have experienced not being able to eat from stress or just being so busy you get wrapped up and forget to eat, or don't even get hungry in the first place.  But even though I am not 100% happy with my figure, I can't imagine just cutting out food all together to solve that problem. 

I don't even know how much I weigh now exactly but I know I am technically "overweight" according to the BMI, hovering around 27.7.  When I was 16, 17 I had a healthy BMI of 22.5 and I maintained that for a lot of years.  And then I moved back to Canada and stopped being so active.  If I hate one thing about myself, its that I let myself go like that.  And I know, I keep telling myself this everytime I fall into a slump about my body, that I should do something about it now when there are only a couple (try 20) kilos to lose.  This wasn't a sudden change but I only really noticed the gain after my 3rd year of university and the discovery of beer.  I know I could lose the extra kilos and get back in shape if I tried.  And I really should.  I know it would make me feel better.  Why is there such a disparity between knowledge and action?  
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Sean is online for the first time in forever and we're actually having a real mature adult conversation.  Not an adult conversation because I would rather kill myself than know for a fact that my brother is having more sex than I am, but a civil exchange of thoughts and ideas.  It's... strange.  But nice.  Really nice.  We were never BFFs or anything but we used to actually hang out until we hit high school and he became emo and weird.  Maybe when I get back we could actually hang out over beers or something. 

Stupid Moment of the Day:

Sean says:
    so can you speak japenese yet?
Heather says:
Sean says:
Heather says:
    Well, I can understand a hell of a lot more than I can say but I get by
Sean says:
    i won $50 off a guy cause he bet me that japanesse isnt a language

That's Brampton in a nutshell.  It not even like it's some fucking hick town days from nowhere so I don't know why it's rife with so much stupid.  But that's just another glaring reason why I could never go back for any extended amount of time.  I will be moving in with the folks until I get school sorted out but then I will GTFO.  Vancouver is where my heart is.  Actually Sean is thinking of moving out there next year if nothing happens in Ontario (which nothing probably will).  That would be nice, I think.  We might actually hang out or something.

Wow... I feel really moved right now.  Which is weird because it was just a random conversation with my brother but it feels like we haven't talked in months.  Well, we haven't but we haven't really talked.  Like about our future plans and life and stuff.  Maybe we really have grown up.

Ao no Honoo is downloaded but I don't know if I want to watch it and get all emo with Nino tonight.  I am not tired and there are cookies in my fridge calling my name. 
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So I got off my lazy ass and went out around 3pm today.  My plan was to go buy a flash drive becuase I'm sick of emailing shit to myself at work all the time, pay some bills and shop.  Or think about shopping anyway.  I figured it would be a good time to go and sell some books and check out the library.  The library really isn't that far from Kashiwa station but there is a branch nearer to me that I should check out.  The main branch has English (and even some Chinese!) books.  Actually quite a large section but a lot of them are random (Tom Clancy, Danielle Steele and the like) that I wouldn't read in a million years but there were a few things worth picking up.  I got Eragon because my mom said Sarah read it and raved about it (although I wouldn't put much stock in a fickle 14 year old's opinion anyway) but it'll be a quick and easy read.  I also got a translated version of The Tale of the Heike because I obviously didn't get enough punishment from reading Mishima.  Let's try something older!  I actually read the first couple paragraphs and got a taste for it before I borrowed it so I know it won't be as painful.  And it piqued my interest because I wrote about it in my fic. 

I thought Book Off was pretty much right next to the library/City Hall but it's not.  It was another two blocks or so down but seemed like longer in this fucking heat.  I finally see it and get there and go to sell my books: one they won't take cuz the spine is flaking (IT'S OLD FOR FUCKS SAKE), one they don't want because it's... popular? and the other three they'll take.  How much did I get for 3 books?  SIXTY YEN.  YES.  Sixty fucking cents for 3 books - one of them was Mishima which was over 2000 yen when I bought it.  Fuck.  It's almost not even worth the trouble.  You can't even buy anything with 60 yen!  And on top of that I wandered around for like half an hour and couldn't find the foreign book section so maybe that's why they were so cheap.  I don't know.  Won't be making that trip again, that's for sure. 

Got my flash drive at Bic Camera and stood around for 30 minutes while the lady tried to get all my points together on one card.  Whoever set me up with both of them couldn't read my writing and put my name in all kinds of fucked up so maybe that was the problem.  Anyway, after lots of standing around like a retard, she issues me a new one and combines all my points and takes my money.  I was going to go and sit and write in Starbucks but there were no free seats and I was just too exhausted that I came home.  I could take a nap but that will just be bad news for me later so I guess I'll try some of these books I got.  Maybe they will entice me to write.

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