Sep. 5th, 2008

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Sep. 5th, 2008 12:12 am
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Well, another blog.  Food blog.  Posts about food and recipes: [ profile] oishii_tabemono  So far, there is nothing there.  I will be moving/reposting the recipes I've posted here and then all new ones there.  Hopefully I keep up with it.  Wrote more for ficgames... fixed my little problem.  It's not panning out as I planned.  Maybe better?  Maybe worse?  I'll write a bit more and then see what [ profile] shourai  has to say about it.  So far, so good.

Perhaps it's bedtime... maybe I'll be able to wake up "on time" tmrw.  On time to... procrastinate more. 

I have 1 stamp on my Seishun 18 pass left... Andrew's busy (as usual) so maybe I'll take a day trip somewhere around Chiba this weekend.  I need to go into school tomorrow and find out at least what time I should show up on Saturday, if not what I'm supposed to be doing.  I have a feeling I have to be there in the balls of the morning and I am not looking forward to that.

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2008年9月5日 大野智

Hello it's Maou~!
At last we're at the final two episodes!!  We finally got here!  Both Ryou and Naoto are on the verge of mental breakdown...!  Amid that, all my costars are starting to wrap things up~ so I don't get to see my costars so much anymore~ LOL.  Of course, the shooting for the final episode isn't over for me yet!
So, episode 10!  This time,  the development of the waves are waiting again.  Ryou!  Naoto!  What on earth are you going to do!?  Don't tell me, Naoto and Ryou will finally--!?  How will Ryou handle the confession thrust upon him!?  There was tons of tension at the filming!  There's nothing to say!  The speech at the end will move greatly!  Stay tuned~!!

September 5th, 2008  Ohno Satoshi
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I spent the whole day in bed.

Literally, not metaphorically. I brought my laptop down off my desk and sat in bed all day reading Ryo/Shige fics from [ profile] tabai and hashing out this fic for [ profile] je_ficgames. It's coming along swimmingly now. I have enough problems with references when there are two boys involved, what the fuck am I going to do when there are three? I think it might be a bit OOC (from how I've written them in this sitauation, at least) to have them all penetrating each other so I might be remixing what I wrote for Eq 8 or something like that. Not so flowery and romantic but just fun experimental member ai. In more than one way. Tee hee!  Thanks be to [ profile] shourai who is helping me out with the wonderful feedback.  I can't wait to show you the finished product, missy!

I made an interesting salmon stew/soup thing for lunch today.  I took pictures and I'll post the recipe on [ profile] oishii_tabemono at some point.  I think it was a success though I wasn't really sure what I was making.  I got lazy and just had conbini sandwiches for dinner.

I got an email from work -- I'm to show up for Sports Day tomorrow at the usual time.  I didn't end up going in today but I emailed Noguchi-sensei earlier in the week asking her what I should do and she just replied with "Work starts on Tuesday, yoroshiku ne~" so I guess that means nothing special for me.  :/  I'll bring my camera and be nosy and take pictures.  It ends around 3pm so then I'll go home.  Andrew and Benben are having a curry party tomorrow night but I didn't commit to going; we'll see what I end up doing tomorrow.  Nova peeps are going to the Hub tomorrow night and I kind of want to go with them. 

I went to dinner with Nikki and Amanda last night and it was so great to see them.  Amanda's going back to England at the beginning of December and Nikki's leaving in January.  :(  Justin said he's planning to go back in the spring too.  Everyone is leaving!  I'm actually getting a bit... restless here too.  For Amanda and me, it's the same: we want/need to get back and do more schooling so we can get on with our careers.  For Nikki, she likes her job but she isn't a qualified teacher or childcare provider and doesn't get paid enough to deal with a room full of two year-olds.  

I just got a call from Andrew.  He didn't pass his entrance test for Todai again.  :(  He feels really shitty cuz he spent the last month studying his ass off and made it through to the interview and felt he did a great job and still didn't pass.  They say they accept 30 people a year but might make exceptions for 1 or 2 but this year they only took 27.  Does that sound fishy to you?  For those looking to study in Japan, I suggest you do it through exchange at your own university/college rather than try and get in the same way Japanese people do because it's a lot of hoop jumping, ass kissing and bullshit and then you still might not get in even if you do everything right.  日本へようこそ。

After watching this Shirly Phelps-Roper freakshow on YouTube and now more Japanese retard bureaucracy, I feel angry.

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Maou was so thrilling this week~~ I wish I wasn't watching episodes twice (with and without subs) becuase it feels twice as long.  I don't think I'll do that with Ryuusei no Kizuna (which I saw a promo for tonight!).  I'll watch it on TV when I can and then download all the episodes and watch it in one go.  Or just skip watching it on TV (Nino won't need the ratings) and just watch it when it comes out subbed.  If I'm lucky, it'll be the same as Maou where a new ep comes out within a week.  Nino looks foxy, Ryo looks kind of... gay with his long hair and Erika looks hot.  She kept her wavy hair. :D  Speaking of, where's my next episode of Code Blue? D:

I'll have to download this week's Maou episode ASAP~  I want to try and win a soundtrack or DVD box set. :D  $25 for a CD, $250 for the DVDs?  HELL NO.  I have prepaid postcards so I just have to get the information and send it off.  Why not give it a shot?

Ugh... so do not want to wake up at 6.30am tomorrow but I must.  And I should leave before 8 so I can go pick up a bento for lunch... I bet they won't miss me if I leave early if I get bored.  And I bet that will be the case.  We'll see.  It'll be fun to see all the kids again. 

I have noticed that half of my icons are Ohno icons.  Have I unknowingly become an Ohno fangirl?  :O  まさか!

Ughh.. I should try and sleep but I am not tired.  I knew that short nap at 6 was not really a good idea, even though I didn't even fall asleep.  Luckily I have a completed fic series to read. :3  

It's kind of wrong that I'm trying to talk Andrew into embarking on a career in adult films now that the Todai plan is out the window.  Or be the next Jero, except white.

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